“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 11

30 Oct

If you could get full and stay fit off workout mantras then Entry 11 of “Junk Food Journals” will definitely keep you from devouring all the Halloween candy and tide you over till Thanksgiving. These hale bodied strapping men have all the knowledge and supreme thinpsiration on how to keep at and obtain the body of your dreams.

If you are a person just beginning your fitness journey or have gotten lost then binge on this! After reading these hearty entries I got a little more clarity on my currently fitness funk. From the aspirational to simply maintaining, each of these guys have a goal they are set on achieving. Its very motivating to know the bodies you admire the most started just like you.

Savor this quote,

“Be a better you mentally, physically, and health-wise than you were the day prior.” -Donnie Dae

MarkAnthony (1)

MarkAnthony (2)

MarkAnthony (3)
Hi! I’m MarkAnthony Ball-Ortiz (IG: AntonioTheStark). I’m 23 years old and living in Washington, DC. Growing up I’ve always been active, I played soccer, hockey, water polo and did karate. I became interested in weight training in high school when I made the varsity team. From there it’s been a very long on and off process. Since joining the Military in 2010, I’ve been addicted to going to the gym and staying fit. I workout 6 times a week with Sundays being my rest days. My overall fitness goal is to be Mr. Olympia in the Men’s Physique division.

Workout Philosophy: “Even Mr. Olympia had to start somewhere.”

*mind you, I eat 6 times a day because I have to gain weight. To be honest, my diet is a mix of what I’ve found from bodybuilding.com and some men’s physique friends.*

Breakfast:2 eggs, oatmeal, a bagel and a protein shake.

Lunch: Grilled chicken/salmon, brown rice and asparagus.

Dinner: Steak, rice, corn (cos I like it) and broccoli.

Cheat Day: Sundays… pizza and wings.

Diet Trick: NEVER missing a meal. Forcing yourself to eat sucks but you HAVE to. It’s a key part to fitness.

Problem Area: Chest. I have no weight in that area so gaining a chest is near impossible. I have to routinely do chest every other day.

Key to Discipline: I always ask myself, “how bad do you REALLY want this? You want this rain/snow/cold weather stop you from being Mr. Olympia?”

Workout Routine:
-M: Chest, Tris, abs.
-Tu: Back, bis, abs.
-Wed: Legs w/ body weight chest exercises. (IE: push ups, dips, etc.)
-Thurs: Shoulders, abs.
-Friday: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training.)
-Sat: Chest, tris, abs.

Timothy Morrison (1)

Timothy Morrison (2)

Timothy Morrison (3)
Hey, it’s Tim here (IG: Thelasttitanofmars.) DMV native. 25 Years Old. My fitness journey started about three years ago, I was unhappy and needed a change and so I joined a gym and it’s been the best thing to happen to me since. Fitness is life. “I live and love to eat everything. Like a food fanatic”

Workout Philosophy: “Go as hard/fast as you can for as long as you can.”

Breakfast: Oatmeal- steel cut preferably. Slow digesting and full of protein. Add a little fresh fruit for flavor.

Lunch: Tuna salad, sandwich wraps or whatever. Quick to make and easy to prepare for when you haven’t meal planned. Go for the chunk white albacore!

Dinner: Chicken or salmon and a little brown rice and broccoli. Broccoli is my favorite.

Cheat Day: usually Sunday. I am careful not to overindulge these days so it’s usually something small.


Problem Area: Lower back.

Key to Discipline: “You want to look good naked right…”

Workout Routine:
-M: Hamstrings Glutes Tri.
-Tues: Back and Biceps.
-Wed: Chest.
-Friday: Shoulders calves forearms.
-Sat: Go forth and play.

Donnie Dae (1)

Donnie Dae (2)

Donnie Dae (3)
My name is Donnie Dae (IG: Donniedae) I am an artist involved in filmmaking, writing, and modeling. I am an ectomorph (which means it is hard for me to gain weight) and am very much into fitness. Beyond being an artist and gym-rat, I love to read and watch movies (preferably surreal or old black and white horror films), and I am a big comic book geek (especially love my indie books)!

Workout Philosophy: Take pride in your body & self and improve yourself. Be a better you mentally, physically, and health-wise than you were the day prior.

Breakfast: I tend to have a big bowl of oatmeal with chocolate protein powder. If I have some time in the morning, about two hours later I’ll either make eggs or peanut butter sandwiches, about 4-5 of them. I also like to have some fruits (at least the ones I’m not allergic to).

Lunch/Dinner: I tend to stick to meats, mostly chicken. I love grilled chicken. I also have brown rice. I stay away from white rice, it helps that I don’t like the taste of it. If I had chicken for lunch, I’ll probably have fish (or tuna) based dinner. Or if I had fish for lunch, I’ll switch it up with some chicken. I also like to have some veggies. Here and there I’ll have me a beef or chicken patty and I love me some jerk chicken (which I don’t have as often as I’d like)!

Cheat Day: I tend to give myself a cheat day every once or twice a month. I’ll probably have a few slices of pizza or the spicy chicken meal from Wendys with a large frosty and large fries, haha. If I go to a diner, you can bet I’ll be having an order of fries with my meal (which is usually a bacon burger). I’m not really a fan of sweets, so cookies and cake or junk food is not an issue for me. My taste buds don’t seem to care for them so that works in my favor. Same with juices and soda. I don’t generally like juices too much and I hate soda. I tend to generally stick to mostly water. Despite the high sodium, I also love V8 veggie juice.

Diet Trick: As an ectomorph, I have to eat a lot in order to maintain any gains of mass. That also means that I have to consume a good amount of protein. Protein drinks and casein protein powders are a part of my Diet Tricks. Also, I tend to carry a large bottle or jar of nuts with me to consume in between meals or when I’m hungry and outside. If you really know me, especially in my personal life, you’ll see me a lot of times consuming peanuts from a jar as if I’m drinking from a bottle. I’ve even inspire people to do the same, haha.

Problem Area: My legs are by far my problem area. They are stubborn as all hell, especially my calves. I can be very self-conscious about them. But I’ve been working on them a lot more and trying to intensify my leg workouts. There has been progress but they don’t develop as much or as fast as my upper body. I will say, though, that within the past few months I have grown to love working out my legs and the usually dreaded “Leg Day” for most people has become my “Favorite Days of the Week.”

Key to Discipline: Well I know I suffer from having a male body image issue or complex, whoever one brands or calls it. I was teased as a kid for being skinny and even up to college I would still be bothered by comments about my body (even though I still worked out). That has affected me to this day where I look into the mirror and still see that skinny frail kid so I’m always trying to “perfect” my body or get bigger in some form. I can be a little self-deprecating but I do know I have come a long way and that helps me to push and keep motivating myself.

My best friend and workout partner is also a key to my discipline. Days I may not have the drive, he pushes me and I’ve come a long way due to that. My pops is also a fitness guy and he was the one who got me into weight lifting and exercising to begin with, so he also acts as a motivator.

Another key to my discipline is also having pride in myself. While I may see that skinny kid, I can still see myself in another form where I can say that I do love my body and I love how I’ve been able to sculpt it. I love to do research on fitness and that helps with motivation, especially looking at my peers around me in the modeling world/circle. Being into modeling has pushed me not only due to my peers, but also fans or the people who look up to me and follow my work. I’ve had plenty of messages from people who tell me I inspire them and motivate them and that makes me feel good because as an artist, hearing you inspire someone really makes you feel great and makes you feel like people understand you in a certain fashion.

My advice for Discipline: Be proud of yourself, even if you may not feel your body is on point. Be proud of yourself but push and push to be a better person mentally and physically than you were the day or two priors. Keep breathing, keep appreciating, keep learning, and keep growing. Hell, even think of yourself as a Sex God who needs to maintain his or her power, if that helps.

Workout Routine: I work out for about 3-6 days a week. On one day I’ll focus on biceps and back while I focus on chest and triceps (or shoulders) the next day. Abs and leg work outs for whichever of those days. But that being said, those being my general “base” routine days, I tend to switch my routines around in order to confuse my body and get results. I try to switch the different work outs for body parts that way those parts don’t get too accustomed to a specific work out. I also like to give myself a “Neglect Day” which is where I’ll use that day to work out on body parts that I find myself neglecting or I have neglected that week for a particular reason. I’ve been doing legs about 2-3 days a week now (or whenever my legs recover, I jump back into a leg work out). I’ll also mix calisthenics with weights or sometimes just do a body weight and calisthenics day. Before each and every work out I stretch for about 20-30 minutes and try to improve on my flexibility.

Weighing Yourself.

29 Oct


Here’s the skinny about really being secure… It’s not about not being jealous, envious or having self-pity. It’s about knowing your faults albeit, recognizing or assessing them yet being 100% OKAY with someone not being able to accept them.

I’m a person that no matter how dismissive I can be or find most people’s P.O.V. benign or delusional I do enjoy talking, sharing ideas and helping other young men build their confidence. Even with this site, I know I write a lot about being fit and dressing great that may come off to others as if I have body image issues. However, that is so far from the underlying attitude of this site that I’m willing to run the distance between the two because I’m sure to burn a few 1000 calories.

I honestly wholeheartedly believe that everyone should and deserve to be the best possible YOU they can be, even if it’s being the best at your job, as a lover, a dressers, a friend, mentally, emotionally or physically.

We all should thrive to get to a point of our lives to where no one can point out our faults and we fester in that angst causing immobility of self progression.

Here recently I was conversing with a young black gay man about confidence and security. As I was giving him my opinions about dating, sexuality and self worth he simply asked me, “how did you get so confident?” At first I was taken aback by the question because in all my self-realization I know for sure I still have things to work on and that the failure of learning is basically giving up on life, although I still had an answer.

The reason I speak so “matter-of-factly” on things is because I’m completely secure with myself. Being secure didn’t merely come from liking what I see in the mirror, it also in part of learning from mistakes, always being honest with myself and most importantly being able to be alone with myself.

Security is protection, and to be able to protect yourself you have to equip yourself with artillery that will help you survive. Those things are developing common sense, an education and being street smart. Yes you should have self worth but in order to have that you have to be honesty and understand all the good, bad and mediocrity about yourself.

Because I’m constantly learning and challenging myself I know that there is nothing about me that someone can say that will make me fall down a foxhole of dark despair from which that comment came from. Security is about knowing that your contribution is important regardless of a contradictory opinion.

Building my self-esteem was (still being) developed by thinking objectively. I use every opportunity to grow, whether it’s a failed relationship, poor test grades or a less than great work review. I have to try to understand what the other person is thinking in order to see myself in a different light to push myself to be better. Along with having great parents, outspoken friends and accepting life as it is, I had to really get in touch with ME. Not every judgment of you should be put under major scrutiny (that’s how self doubt is grown) but when more than one person has pointed out something about you maybe it’s time to reevaluate. I can’t let other people’s opinion about me get me down, however I can use it to elevate myself. Security is more than knowing what you bring to the table; real security is when they don’t take from your table then what’s your reaction after that.

You can’t make someone like you because you like them, you can’t fault someone for not reciprocation interest but you can switch up your approach. Go after something else, be more than just your shortcomings and deal in facts.

Doubts are devised in opinions, which lead to insecurity; clarity is mastered in facts that mature security.

Be open and real with yourself; only you know what you are capable of, therefore how can someone dictate what you are. Look outside yourself to really see yourself. My idea of security is less about walking in a room and being the most confident, fit or intellectually but knowing that I matter.

I know that others may not view me in the same light as I view myself and I’m 100% okay with that. Whether I’m giving an ultimatum, being turned down or severing ties with someone I’m secure in who am to make that leap and get past it.

Keep Growing!

À la carte

28 Oct

Autumn Bloom (1)

I adore this time of year! While autumn is the premier season of fashion, it’s also the best blooms of the year. From the effervescent trees along my jogging trails to my neighbors planting their mums, ornamental grass, pansies and purple kale there are a kaleidoscope of colors and beauty all around me. Even in my closet, as I was rifling through my stuffed racks I realized I have a lot of vibrant gorgeous sweaters from last fall with tags still on them as well as sweaters I’ve had for years that I barely wear.

These awesome sweaters are at perfect bloom for me to start pulling them out for people to see. The white Perry Ellis sweater I’m wearing my dad bought it for me back in 2005 and every so often I pull it out because it’s so simple and so autumn. It plays well up against the colors that surround me and goes with every pair of jeans I own.

I live down the street from a plant nursery which was a perfect place to see my sweater in action. Here I paired it with a pair of stone washed denim and a crisp pair of chucks I was gifted from the people a Fingerhut. It’s hilarious how the closer I’m getting to thirty the elderly my habits are. Check me at a plant nursery shopping for plants and shopping from Fingerhut catalogs… help me now!

Photographed & Edited by: Theodolph Mason

Autumn Bloom (12)Autumn Bloom (7)Autumn Bloom (5)Autumn Bloom (6)Autumn Bloom (4)Autumn Bloom (10)Autumn Bloom (8)Autumn Bloom (11)Autumn Bloom (9)Autumn Bloom (3)
Sweater: Perry Ellis (had since 2005)
Denim:511′s Levi’s Dillard’s $39.99
Shoes:Converse FingerHut (gifted)
Bag:Bleecker Legacy Weekend Tote Coach $558
Accessories:(bracelets from all over)

Thinspiration: “Back to The Future”

27 Oct


Upon being my thinspiration tall slender granite skinned model Corey Baptiste is also my skinspiration. There hasn’t been a photo of him yet even where his skin isn’t short of perfection. There are three things in this world I aim to keep tight; one being my face, two is kind of a no brainer; my waist and a strong three will be my wardrobe.

The latest issue of August Man photographer Chiun-Kai Shih and stylist Gregory Wein took all three aspect of what a man like me ultimate life goal is all about. I’ve never seen a man’s waist look practically invisible while still filling out a suit making me want everything in each pic. Corey Baptiste just gets what it is to be a gentleman in today’s era.

While I’m on the subject of fusing past aesthetics with present sensibility, gloss over the convergence of the modern precise tailored suiting with the pristine vintage subway cars. Both the suiting and scenery plays well together as they are sleek, clean with great personality.

Fashion is all about setting an atmosphere no matter the venus. This season when getting dressed keep in mind where you’re heading and the landscape as you are heading there as to how you want your look to play against the world. I get very enamored with men of all style choices whom look just speaks out. A really great ensemble or personal sense of style will always be noticed no matter where you are.

No one should blend in but who want’s to stick out like a sore thumb. Own your style and give onlookers a show.

But first, I’m stealing this look of those grey Thom Browne trousers with the camel coat and burgundy sweater by Bally. Simple yet effective.

After being amped by these images reviewing my closet before I go shopping has an all new meaning of “Back to The Future” for me.

BackToFuture2 BackToFuture3 BackToFuture4 BackToFuture5 BackToFuture6

The Purge! Clogged Pore Sequal.

23 Oct

Urth010Photographed & Edited by: Theodolph Mason

No, this isn’t my Halloween look preview; it’s my new skincare treatment.

With my 29th birthday rapidly approaching one of the many useful things I’ve learned in my late twenties that I wish I would have learned earlier is how important and useful scrubs are. Along with my daily facial wash and weekly masques a scrub is the unlimited workout for my skin.

A scrub conditions, tightens and detoxify my skin just as a 2 hour crossfit session does to my midsection and glutes.  Not to mention, a scrub used with your pre shaving treatment can help you get a closer shave and rid you of dull skin. I’ve been so focused on keeping my body tight as I go into this new chapter of my life with all these abs, squats, and strength and arm challenges that I have been neglecting keeping a fresh youthful glow.


Praises to smooth skinned skinny Jesus himself because it was he who brought Urth SKIN SOLUTIONS FOR MEN in my life. Made in Los Angeles, formulated for the specific needs of men, Urth’s comprehensive line of face, body and shaving preparations offers a multitude of botanical-based solutions to satisfy man’s quest for great-looking, healthy skin. For the past 14 days I’ve been on a new challenge of my own testing out Urth’s SCRUB Green Tea & Rice Deep Cleansing Treatment.

I must admit, this scrub is pretty impressive, refreshing and effective! Now, I try a lot of facial products for myself and to be able to recommend quality items for men who take care of their skin or trying to correct it.

This small dense 2fl oz ($25 or 4fl oz for $38) Scrub with ingredients of walnut shell powder, rice, rosemary oil, green tea and vitamin C among many other organic ingredients, helped unclog my pores and diminish a few blemish marks I had from razor bumps. I used this treatment everyday in the shower (though it’s recommended to use 2-3 times a week) paired with my regular face wash. It has a strong tingle which is the eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil and a really gritty consistency allowing only a dime size to get a deep down scrub lifting the dead skin and impacted oil. What I really enjoy of this product is that its made with a lot of natural ingredients and if you read any of my skincare posts I love treating my skin with nature’s remedies.


I recommend you doing dry face dry hands when applying the scrub to get a more profound cleanse.  I’ve even use it as a mask. After about a week I noticed a real improvement in my skin tone, tightness and feel. To be honest scrubs are great at helping fighting wrinkles. Just look at how vibrant my skin is. This product really works and has hands down became one of my new go to skin regime, you can feel it in action as it goes on and while you’re working it across your face. After you wash it away go back over your face with a toner to get a strong visible fresh faced result.

Check this scrub out and other products from GetUrth.com

Weight Watchers! Fall/Winter Menswear Trends.

21 Oct

While you are watching your waist and chest in that gym mirror (and not watching your belly on that sofa) I’ve been rewatching runways show from NYC, London, Paris and Milan Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-15. There are a few trends to take notice of to get that extra bit of motivation to do another rep to really pull of the latest mode attire. I did a small round of things that stuck out to me from every designer’s collection.

Many fashion crooners may not care for trends but we all need to have some reference point or a helpful reminder that what we are wearing isn’t completely off key. Being tacky is subjective but being out of season is quite awful.

Statement Coat

The Statement Coats: Designer’s such as Custo Barcelona, Opening Ceremony showcased animal print or very structured coats and jackets, while Dior Homme, Siki Im and Raf Simon drew all over theirs and Sacai, Frankie Morello, and Missoni went with capes or blankets to fashionably fight the cold this season. Even some designers played with omber, geometrical shapes and appendages (Neil Barrett, Valentino and General Idea.) The reason being that your coat is the first and sometimes only thing people see when we walk into the room or on the street therefore it’s only befitting to make your outerwear the main attraction of your ensemble. One thing undoubtedly, designers put a lot of creativity into their menswear outerwear with long, short, cropped, ornate, minimalist, enveloping or streamline creations. Don’t skimp on purchasing the best coat this season even if it’s the only one you buy. You want your coat to be stylish but full of your personality no matter the length, color or genre, so take your time or just indulge. A full closet equals and an empty belly.


Neoprene: If you have leather in your closet, great! However, don’t go out and buy more the new must have textile designers are using to create masterpieces this fall/winter is neoprene. Simply leer at Robert Geller, Alexander Wang and John Galliano collections and you will see the weather, sweat and other intense chemicals proof textile manipulated into some funky sweatshirts, leggings and shorts. Whether you appreciate an eccentric vibe or a urban appeal this versatile but strong fabric can be whatever you want. I absolutely enjoy when fashion is taken to the next level yet still understandable and exciting. The exaggeration each designer did with neoprene should thinspire you all for new workout clothing or some dope sidewalk looks. A very futuristic and clean look that can give volume without losing comfortability.

Black Blucher

Black Blucher: While every other male shoe lover are obsessing over and Instagraming their new Chelsea boots no wardrobe is complete without a strong black Blucher (or oxford). Nicole Farhi, Cerruti 1881 and Duckie Brown accompanied their wonderful collections with either a dapper, chunky or dainty shiny Blucher. A good black shoe is classic but a good black shoe with character is NOW. Add some charisma to your streamlined minimalist look with a standout shoe that is simple in color but flamboyant in architectural design. The intricate the shoe the better. As we all know black goes with everything and this shoe is the perfect way to grow up your look without forgetting your youth.


Camel: Last year it was all about the camel coat (a la Kanye West), it’s only natural that this season the color of the moment is camel. Carven, AMI and Salvatore Ferragamo based their entire runway garments around the smooth regal airy masculine hue. Camel is a color that is so fall and pairs well with any color. Don’t believe me? Head over to Vouge.it and revisit all the fall/winter 2014-15 collections, there you’ll witness for yourself my brilliance as every designer included the color from Fendi to Lou Dalton. Camel is a color that add importance to a look. It’s doesn’t clash nor does it irritate the complexion, camel is a color one can wear year round but ideal for fall. Albeit, a boot, bag or coat add come camel to your clothing rotation.

Loose Structure

Loose Structure: Who says going baggy has to be sloppy? E. Tautz the Tour De Force of this silhouette did a breathtaking job of creating active/solid shapes with the midas touch of intricacy. Even non refine designers created their versions of the open anatomic form  such as Agi & Sam and Andrea Pompilio. To achieve this look (this is where your neoprene may come in handy) keep your shirt simple and lithe while you do a long or cropped oversized outer piece paired with a cropped nicely pressed wool or silk pant. Of course adding a chunky shoe…oh and don’t forget a strong but flowy scarf. Loose structure is the new layering where you can play with soft fabrics like silk, mesh or jersey up against heavy crafted fabrics like wool, mole hair or neoprene. When in doubt turn to Burberry’s f/w collection, notice Christopher Bailey’s motion and take with length, textile and size.

Fighting For The Last Meal.

18 Oct

The greatest fight of the century will be going down November 6th at every H&M location across the US. I am ready to fight every other fashion loving sportswear gym clothes wearing but never working out fatty next month as I cop the Alexander Wang neoprene sweatshirt, running tights and sweat pants.

This diffusion line with Alexander Wang and H&M is set to be the biggest high-end low-end collaboration since H&M tapped Donatella to create a capsule collection in 2011. What makes this collection exciting is Wang’s young, hip and very talented American modern design style that young buyers recognize but haven’t the money to afford his runway clothing and H&M is just the place for Alexander to expand his name and not lose his luxe as a high-end designer.

Just when I thought I was over another overtly sexual 90’s hip hop inspired sportswear collection Wang created one that is not only edgy and boss but it’s a style that all sized people like to wear. How many time have you went out on a Saturday or Sunday and seen half the city running their errands in sweats and sneakers as if they just left spin class? Pretty much everyone love comfort clothing, Wang understands that, he just took his personal current structured urbane modern aesthetic to give a more hard fashionable remix to the on-the-go fashion choice.

I hate using the word “edgy” to describe collection because its so structural urbane modern minimalist active-wear.

I love workout clothing to actual workout in that’s why this collection will be ideal for my winter gym attire. Neoprene is the fabric of the season and looking like a contestant in the 90’s obstacle course show “American Gladiators” is the look of the season. Comfort, structure, style and sex appeal are working in harmony with this collection. The best part is that low-end H&M shoppers don’t fell cheated on experiencing a high-end designer’s fashions and high-end shoppers don’t feel embarrassed or put off by donning a diffusion line.

It’s very rare that you can please all audiences that’s why it took a young current designer to speak to the fashion culture of today. I am so ready to workout now, just looking at all these garments on these taunt models makes me want to do an extra set of squats.

As far as the actually show itself, wow! With a star studded audience and runway the marketing powers at be are bankrolling the promo on this collection. If you don’t believe take a gander at every magazine this month and I’m sure you’ll see ads or editorial spreads detailing the collaboration collection. The moment du jour of the show was a performance by Missy Elliot the queen of workout music and lover of tracksuits showing of her new weight loss.

Checkout the full menswear collection.


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