Weight Watchers! Fall/Winter Menswear Trends.

21 Oct

While you are watching your waist and chest in that gym mirror (and not watching your belly on that sofa) I’ve been rewatching runways show from NYC, London, Paris and Milan Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-15. There are a few trends to take notice of to get that extra bit of motivation to do another rep to really pull of the latest mode attire. I did a small round of things that stuck out to me from every designer’s collection.

Many fashion crooners may not care for trends but we all need to have some reference point or a helpful reminder that what we are wearing isn’t completely off key. Being tacky is subjective but being out of season is quite awful.

Statement Coat

The Statement Coats: Designer’s such as Custo Barcelona, Opening Ceremony showcased animal print or very structured coats and jackets, while Dior Homme, Siki Im and Raf Simon drew all over theirs and Sacai, Frankie Morello, and Missoni went with capes or blankets to fashionably fight the cold this season. Even some designers played with omber, geometrical shapes and appendages (Neil Barrett, Valentino and General Idea.) The reason being that your coat is the first and sometimes only thing people see when we walk into the room or on the street therefore it’s only befitting to make your outerwear the main attraction of your ensemble. One thing undoubtedly, designers put a lot of creativity into their menswear outerwear with long, short, cropped, ornate, minimalist, enveloping or streamline creations. Don’t skimp on purchasing the best coat this season even if it’s the only one you buy. You want your coat to be stylish but full of your personality no matter the length, color or genre, so take your time or just indulge. A full closet equals and an empty belly.


Neoprene: If you have leather in your closet, great! However, don’t go out and buy more the new must have textile designers are using to create masterpieces this fall/winter is neoprene. Simply leer at Robert Geller, Alexander Wang and John Galliano collections and you will see the weather, sweat and other intense chemicals proof textile manipulated into some funky sweatshirts, leggings and shorts. Whether you appreciate an eccentric vibe or a urban appeal this versatile but strong fabric can be whatever you want. I absolutely enjoy when fashion is taken to the next level yet still understandable and exciting. The exaggeration each designer did with neoprene should thinspire you all for new workout clothing or some dope sidewalk looks. A very futuristic and clean look that can give volume without losing comfortability.

Black Blucher

Black Blucher: While every other male shoe lover are obsessing over and Instagraming their new Chelsea boots no wardrobe is complete without a strong black Blucher (or oxford). Nicole Farhi, Cerruti 1881 and Duckie Brown accompanied their wonderful collections with either a dapper, chunky or dainty shiny Blucher. A good black shoe is classic but a good black shoe with character is NOW. Add some charisma to your streamlined minimalist look with a standout shoe that is simple in color but flamboyant in architectural design. The intricate the shoe the better. As we all know black goes with everything and this shoe is the perfect way to grow up your look without forgetting your youth.


Camel: Last year it was all about the camel coat (a la Kanye West), it’s only natural that this season the color of the moment is camel. Carven, AMI and Salvatore Ferragamo based their entire runway garments around the smooth regal airy masculine hue. Camel is a color that is so fall and pairs well with any color. Don’t believe me? Head over to Vouge.it and revisit all the fall/winter 2014-15 collections, there you’ll witness for yourself my brilliance as every designer included the color from Fendi to Lou Dalton. Camel is a color that add importance to a look. It’s doesn’t clash nor does it irritate the complexion, camel is a color one can wear year round but ideal for fall. Albeit, a boot, bag or coat add come camel to your clothing rotation.

Loose Structure

Loose Structure: Who says going baggy has to be sloppy? E. Tautz the Tour De Force of this silhouette did a breathtaking job of creating active/solid shapes with the midas touch of intricacy. Even non refine designers created their versions of the open anatomic form  such as Agi & Sam and Andrea Pompilio. To achieve this look (this is where your neoprene may come in handy) keep your shirt simple and lithe while you do a long or cropped oversized outer piece paired with a cropped nicely pressed wool or silk pant. Of course adding a chunky shoe…oh and don’t forget a strong but flowy scarf. Loose structure is the new layering where you can play with soft fabrics like silk, mesh or jersey up against heavy crafted fabrics like wool, mole hair or neoprene. When in doubt turn to Burberry’s f/w collection, notice Christopher Bailey’s motion and take with length, textile and size.

Fighting For The Last Meal.

18 Oct

The greatest fight of the century will be going down November 6th at every H&M location across the US. I am ready to fight every other fashion loving sportswear gym clothes wearing but never working out fatty next month as I cop the Alexander Wang neoprene sweatshirt, running tights and sweat pants.

This diffusion line with Alexander Wang and H&M is set to be the biggest high-end low-end collaboration since H&M tapped Donatella to create a capsule collection in 2011. What makes this collection exciting is Wang’s young, hip and very talented American modern design style that young buyers recognize but haven’t the money to afford his runway clothing and H&M is just the place for Alexander to expand his name and not lose his luxe as a high-end designer.

Just when I thought I was over another overtly sexual 90’s hip hop inspired sportswear collection Wang created one that is not only edgy and boss but it’s a style that all sized people like to wear. How many time have you went out on a Saturday or Sunday and seen half the city running their errands in sweats and sneakers as if they just left spin class? Pretty much everyone love comfort clothing, Wang understands that, he just took his personal current structured urbane modern aesthetic to give a more hard fashionable remix to the on-the-go fashion choice.

I hate using the word “edgy” to describe collection because its so structural urbane modern minimalist active-wear.

I love workout clothing to actual workout in that’s why this collection will be ideal for my winter gym attire. Neoprene is the fabric of the season and looking like a contestant in the 90’s obstacle course show “American Gladiators” is the look of the season. Comfort, structure, style and sex appeal are working in harmony with this collection. The best part is that low-end H&M shoppers don’t fell cheated on experiencing a high-end designer’s fashions and high-end shoppers don’t feel embarrassed or put off by donning a diffusion line.

It’s very rare that you can please all audiences that’s why it took a young current designer to speak to the fashion culture of today. I am so ready to workout now, just looking at all these garments on these taunt models makes me want to do an extra set of squats.

As far as the actually show itself, wow! With a star studded audience and runway the marketing powers at be are bankrolling the promo on this collection. If you don’t believe take a gander at every magazine this month and I’m sure you’ll see ads or editorial spreads detailing the collaboration collection. The moment du jour of the show was a performance by Missy Elliot the queen of workout music and lover of tracksuits showing of her new weight loss.

Checkout the full menswear collection.

Thinspiration: “In The Path Of A Lightning Bolt”

15 Oct

Deric for Vange (1)

Fitness + Fashion = Forever Fasting!

One thing I love more than being thin is dressing thin. By know you know I have an infinity for fitness attire, but not just a pair of heather grey gym shorts and white Hanes tee. I love walking into the gym, yoga class or running through my neighborhood in a well coordinated perfectly fitted style sweat resistant ensemble.

Looking great while I workout gives me that extra boost of energy to get out of bed and perfect my form while onlookers take in my well thought out but efficient gym look. It’s like back in school when you use to take random unnecessary trips to the trash basket or pencil sharpen during class just to make sure everyone saw your new outfit.

While everyone is out gearing up their fall/winter wardrobes for office, work and the sidewalk I’ve been scouring the web and end-of-season sales at the local sporting-goods stores to curate my fall/winter cardio looks. As I was coming up with reasons to take new running routes and show up those broads in my 6 a.m. spin class I landed on this editorial of the best dressed athletic guy with the most awesome guns in the world-  model Deric Mickens.

Photographer Casey Vange captures In The Path Of A Lightning Bolt story featuring the fully loaded Deric Mickens at Soul Artist Management styled by Anthony Pedraza in pieces from Third NYC collection.

Not only is Deric’s triceps are amazing and of course his pecs but his obliques are like works of art. At one point in the editorial I thought they were apart of the attire. This gorgeous man is just as appealing as the gear he is donning. I am on the hunt to the perfect modern warm-up set and this white number by Third NYC is my point of reference. I’m salivating over the lines, structure and sex appeal of these garments and how they still somehow are active-wear.

Menswear as a whole right now is all about incorporating sportswear into your daily look, from sneaker with suits to joggers with leather bombers. Between Deric’s body and Third NYC apparel if this doesn’t get you motivated to workout just embrace your jiggle because no one else will.

Deric for Vange (2) Deric for Vange (3) Deric for Vange (4) Deric for Vange (5) Deric for Vange (6) Deric for Vange (7) Deric for Vange (8) Deric for Vange (9) Deric for Vange (10) Deric for Vange (11) Deric for Vange (12) Deric for Vange (13) Deric for Vange (14)

How to Ditch Your Back Jiggle Without A Gym.

13 Oct

Skinny To Do List

Shredding, cinching, and shrinking your body can me boring and exhausting, many reasons while you’re still built like a tub of lard. Getting to your goal weight or building the body of your dreams is a lifestyle change where you exchange your bad habits for good habits.

A lifestyle, (the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group) isn’t just about going hard in the gym or depriving yourself of the things you want for a limited of time just to get fat again.

Notice all the fit people streaming down your timeline? Notice how all their posts are them either out doing high energy activities, spending all their money on powders and equipment, at the gym or posting kitchen pics? It’s because they are living the life their bodies are displaying. I know how hard it can be to stay on the skinny course so, I had to make small changes in my life that will work for me and not against me even when I’m not counting calories or living in the gym.

Here are a few reasons your “diet” isn’t working. If your current habits to a better physique aren’t like mine then no wonder your pants still fit horrible.


  • Opt for olive oil and stop buy buying butter for forever! Olive oil is less calories and better for your skin and digestive system.
  • Notice how fast-food restaurants colors are red, yellow and orange? It’s because those colors incite hunger so eat at home on small blue plates. Blue have been researched and shown to suppress your appetite and a small plate keeps you from over filling.
  • Before I go out to dinner or eat a meal I prepare at home I fill up on water. Drinking more water the fewer calories you ingest and sometimes you are more thirsty than you are hungry.
  • Scrap the sauces and buy more spices other than salt, pepper and Lawry’s. Switch to cracked pepper and sea salt as well as, hot spices speed up your metabolism. Spices aren’t processed with less calories than sauces and they taste better.
  • I haven’t had soda or a drink that wasn’t 100 % juice since 2006 it has helped me shed 25lbs and you need to do the same. I mean its soda do I really have to go in on this tip?
  • Switch to honey or agave, you don’t need sugar or creamers. Honey and agave is better for you and taste amazing! I put in in everything from tea, oatmeal to cakes and waffles.

At Work & Home:

  • I have fallen in love with my Samsung Gear Live watch and Nike Fuel Band (even with abandonment of it’s creators) reason being is that they give me goals and accountability even when I’m working. I walk more at work, stand up instead of sit and take the stairs all to reach my daily goal. Sometimes I use my fitness ball instead of a chair at my desk to build my core.
  • I make to-do lists for everything even my chores. Again with accountability I spend my time and a hell of a lot of calories attempting to get my house in order and running around the city. So don’t put things off or pay someone else to do it. Not only will it help you lose weight, save money but give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Start grocery shopping and don’t buy junk you know you don’t need. Grocery shopping keeps you out of the Chipotle line and saves you money. As well as, every adult should know or be learning how to cook. If it’s not in your house you won’t be tempted.
  • Walk walk walk! I live a mile from my grocery, gym and other neighborhood stores and I use every opportunity to get more miles in by leaving my keys at home when I need to get some things for the house, send a package or get out the house when I’m having cabin fever.
  • Stop taking the easy route. Unless you’re crunched for time it’s ok to bike to the gym or movies or walk to lunch instead of driving around the corner.
  • As in almost every fitness post I stress getting out and doing other things than going out to dinner or a club for entertainment. There are so many festivals, parades, competitions and high energy classes or sports to partake in that will have your metabolism burning crazy without ever once dragging yourself to a gym or putting off those crunches before bed.

In all, if you aren’t willing to make these small but impactful changes as your new habits then stop complaining about that back jiggle.

Get off your a**!

9 Oct

My core is like the worst thing on my body to get control of, no matter how much I stay away from carbs, dairy and do yoga 3 times a weeks (btw I need to pay this month’s membership fee.) However, I can’t complain too much because I still can fit my 31 waist denim but I like most we are our own worst critics and sometimes I feel like I can do better.

I’m sure many of you go through the same thing as myself of wanting to obtain a goal but haven’t a clue where to start, why else would you be here. Well, that’s why I’m here to thinspire the focus-less. Half the batter is just getting up.

One of my most savored but difficult workouts is abs. I hate doing them until I’m doing them (ironic I know.) It’s making the time to do them, don’t seeing instant results and the actual physical energy those goes into it that is my downfall. If you don’t know where to start and not ready to commit to a program, fitness club, supplements or spend money that will only go in vane because you don’t feel like you are where you need to be to start (backwards I know) then, start here with 8 minute abs with Jamie Alderton.

This ab routine has been my go to when I have slacked off or in a great grove. The workout is very easy, quick and effective. You can do it in the comfort of you own home without the self induce embarrassment of being in front of other in a gym.

Jamie is also the creator of www.grenade.com a site dedicated to the “War on Fat.” He has diet programs, fat burners supplements and of course workouts that I have used to pretty nice results. But the main focus is this video. I suggest you favorite this and just clear some space in your living-room or bedroom and get those abs you need for your slutty Halloween costumes!

Getting fit is all about getting started. So get off your fat a**!

You’re welcome!

Who Needs a Gym Membership Anyways?

8 Oct


Living this thin lifestyle we are bombarded and aided with different equipment, solutions, classes, pills and videos that promote a thin waistline, a plump butt and hard abs but do we really need all of it? Whatever happened to simple calisthenics in your living-room and cooking sensible meals in your kitchen?

Even though these things may help us on our skinny journey but sometimes we can get lost in the gimmicks and promises of slimmer jeans when we are searching for something that will work consistently for our own personally lifestyles. Same with menswear and personal style.

Yes our clothing is basic and sometimes monotonous; reasons why over-the-top and avante garde designers gain so much praise and hyper-beast when they present ostentatious collections each season. Reviewing a few collections from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 I was stuck on Telfar‘s ss15 show.

This was a fresh spin on unisex basics. This collection is a very bare minimum clean mode medley. I appreciate how each of these garments can be the foundation of any aesthetic or simply stand alone as good everyday wear. The word wearability can sometimes be a bad word when referring to a designer’s well worked and very creative designs however, this word is perfect for Telfar. When you see these clothes you are again reminded how easy style should be and how cool it can be. It’s hard to pull of the effortless look, let’s face it some people are just blessed with good genes/jeans. But that doesn’t mean those who aren’t can’t look just as great.

Menswear to me is about pushing boundaries without going off the deep end. Like building the perfect body with dressing you have to start with great essentials and infuse other things that may work for you. Such as, this color pallet, its cool, light and complementary to just about any skin tone. The denim is the X factor to me with the interesting cut-outs and the fit is relaxed making it easy and flattering to many different body builds. Not every look we don have to be so fitted and pristine, sometimes a little slouch is good. The last two looks of the show are my favorite and of course the shoes. A very androgynous placid collection that is the perfect starting point for any novice fashion enthusiast.

It’s okay to drop all the excess, focus on looking great and find what works for you that you can keep up with. Also, the hard bodied black males don’t do anything to damages this collection. Which reminds me I need to do arms & chest during today workout!

Go Be Fat With Your Man.

6 Oct

Travis Smith by James WhiteTravis Smith by James White for HERO magazine

Am I the only one that always proclaim that the minute I lose this weight, tone these thigh or build this chest that I’m never putting on clothes every again? I understand why muscle boys cut up every shirt that makes it into their closets, even their winter attire consist of deep V- necks and extra small cowl-necks to display their cut physique.

I’m a fan only because I know how much time in the gym, deprivation in the kitchen and discipline at catered functions goes into chiseling a chiseled body. With all that focus you deserve the right to walk around in barely there attire. After all it’s great daily thinspiration for us onlookers, right.

Take dating for instance, I’m a very understanding, supportive no fuss friend when it comes to my close friends getting new mates. You’ll never hear me complaining about my friends being boo’d up, canceling plans with me for their lover or ignoring my phone calls (if they even attempt to call) as they become immersed in their new romance.

As a friend and a participating dating person I am aware of the stress, mistakes and wanting for companionship that we deal with in this crazy dating world.

I’m pro romance, my only caution is that they maintain their midriff because we all know the pounds that comes along with being in a relationship. Besides, when the relationship is over it’s going to be hard to find another suitor with a gut. I guess that’s why revenge exercise exists.

I get that when you have finally find someone that turns you on mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically that’s all you want to do is be with them. Your friends can only give you so much that a person who knows you intimately gives more. Otherwise, all that calorie counting and subtracting goes in vain.

I even understand and I’m that friend that will be there with open arms and a buddy pass to the gym when the love affair is over and you need a friend again. Friends are the family you get to choose but being in a committed relationship is the ultimate goal for some.

I always tell my friends the moment I get a man I’m never answering the phone again! I know when I don’t hear from my friends it must be going good, it’s that late night phone call of them crying that I’m scared of.

I will admit it took me a while to be so perceptive. I was like many of you bitter fatso’s when my friend would disappear the moment they went steady. I no longer had my clubbing buddy, gym partner or sidekick to get in trouble with not realizing that I was focusing too much on being with my friends and not creating my own family. I think that today’s independent society has shamed people or romantics into not wanting or exclaiming their want for a relationship or to be all about their significant other.

Cut to today, with all my friends getting married and birthing babies our infamous getaways have turned into long, noisy and sometimes boring anniversary and birthday parties. I’ve totally mastered the consuming effect that relationships have. All that time away they were off building a wonderful next chapter to their life and it was time for me to do so as well.

Now that I’m dating and found someone that is seemingly the guy for me I completely see how one can get lost and forget the outside world. When you’re dating someone that is really patient, responsive and ken to your personality and desires (vise versa) its automatic that you would want to spend all your time with them.

I now know firsthand that when you’re really enjoying your relationship it’s like being on your own private island that you don’t want to leave. If you pick your mate well you then have someone to talk to about your friends and family, someone to go out with or on trips that isn’t your friends and to share the emotional and finical load that don’t come with friendship. Or simply someone to lay up with. Let’s face it, you can’t screw your friends, and if you are then that isn’t your friend and you both are delusional.

Relationships are engulfing due to the security and adventure that comes with it. I believe it’s perfectly fine to drop your friends for a lover. I can’t begin to explain the things a healthy relationship can do for you that friends can’t. Friends are a great support system but to not understand your friends absence whenever they are dating is selfish and greedy. You shouldn’t want your friend to be lonely like you. Yes, there is balance in between the two but there also should be acceptance from you as a friend.

I remember the day when my married friends would die to hang with me and I would send them home with the tagline “go home to your man, don’t be out here struggling with me because the second I find someone to go home with you’re by yourself.”


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