Lean Leap

16 Apr

Summer Sandals
Is it me or is winter acting like a fat kid with a chicken bone and just won’t let go? It’s near Easter and snow was on the ground this morning as I was heading out for my dreaded morning run. When I went back into the house to change running shoes to a more solid shoe befitting of the current terrain I had a THIN.k moment.

(THIN.k = basically thinking thin or whenever I have a fashion epiphany)

While running I like to daydream on future fashion purchases to keep me motivated. Today’s calorie drift was all about new shoewear, for obvious reasons. Of course I need running shoes according to my Nike + app I’ve put over 300 miles on my Under-Amour running shoes. However, those can wait because what I really want are sandals.

Sandals are the quintessential spring/summer staple whether they’re a flip-flop, strap or slide. Last couple of seasons it has been all bout the gladiator or Greek style sandals though, those styles aren’t completely out there door I’ve taken to a few new arrivals and revamps for spring/summer 2014.

From retro sporty Velcro shoes from your childhood (90′s kids not babies) to dressy unisex fashion statement footwear of the moment here are the sandals I’m purchasing this season.

Camper Himalayan
Sporty: Camper have captured the essences of any child who grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and VR Troopers with their upbeat fun yet very fashionable collection of Velcro colorful sandals. The pair I’m raving about are the HIMALAYAN. These shoes are so ss/14 MSGM, Frankie Morello and DSquared2 without the hefty price tag, at $190 with other exciting styles and color starting at $60. Similar to the Marc Jacobs ss/14 sandals these Japanese inspired shoes will add personality to whatever look you don this summer (skinny Khakis, flora tees or sheer/mesh tops.)

Asos Jerusalem Sandal
Androgyny: I  remember perusing the new issue no. 31 of VMAN magazine featuring the most fantastic footwear story, photographed by Dan Forbes and styled by Julian Antetomaso (above gif) that was walking a fine line of gender bending. Androgyny is big this season (refer to: Kid Cudi’s Coachella crop top) and that goes for your kicks too. Designers such as, Phillip Lim 3.1, Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino are perfecting the blend of masculine and feminine footwear. Although, at $450 that recipe need a bit more work, turn to ASOS for an awesome exotic unisex sandal. The Jerusalem Sandals Aviv have multiple hues that are a refreshing spin on last summer’s gladiator and $122.29 is a very convincing reason to stick your toes in and test the ambidextrous waters.

Birkenstock by Birki
Casual: For a more hipster breezy approach to sandals an old favorite that many love to hate is back, the Birkenstock. It’s funny that as a kids I would literally cry when my dad would take my brother and I to Payless ShoeSource to purchase these for us to wear throughout summer. Cut to today; all the rage! Now I don’t remember them being $120 but that’s hypebeast for you. High-end designers are even collaborating with the brand i.e. Trina Turk, Shades of Grey and Céline. I have my eye on the camo print Birkenstock Santiago by Birki at Zappos because they aren’t the predictable classic black or brown.

Zara Leather Sandal
Dressy: For those who say you can’t be taken seriously in a sandal obviously didn’t give that same dumb speech to David Hart, Marni, Dries Van Noten, or Bally’s. They have taken leather, toes and ankles to new heights and strapped us up along for the ride- literally! When in the office or attempting sandals during dinner or with slacks this is how you do it. Zara are this kings of being ‘thinspired’ by runway designers without weighing the consumers down with a huge bill. A good pair of LEATHER CROSS-OVER sandals go a long way. Secure, sophisticated and swanky this is how you dress up in the heat at $79.90.

Staying FIT.

15 Apr

Staying Fit

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

If you can remember to brush your teeth every day, make your barber or nail appointment there’s no reason for you to skip the gym or give up eating the right things to speed up your metabolism and shrink your waist.

As we settle more into spring it only means summer is getting closers and for those who have just started a new diet/workout regime or reaching a plateau on a current one you’re not alone. I enjoy being able to shop from the front of the rack like the next man. I mean, there’s a certain kind of joy I savor when my ‘fat’ clothes become sleepwear.

However, I too “Skinny-Savant” hate getting there. I hate doing abs until I’m actually doing them; I pretend my 7 a.m. alarm is a part of my dream’s soundtrack to prolong me having to get up to exercise as well as, it’s getting harder and harder to not clean out the fridge with my tongue during my late night craving rampages.

What I do like is being naked during the summer; if you’re having trouble staying committed to your current workout plan and/or finding that needed discipline to eat properly then, here you go.

This is how I keep to my goal of forever skinny.

  1. Explore your devices by getting the most out of your phone other than snapping and posting pics for Instagram. Though pre/post gym selfies can be good motivators to return to the gym tomorrow your phone is more capable than you think. Along with setting daily alarms to workout according to my regular schedule of work, events and errands I have a few apps that keep me on the skinny track. Apps like, Nike +, RunKeeper, Map My Ride, DietPoint and My Diet Dairy Calorie Counter all are great for creating meal plans, food journals and fitness goals. Some apps even let you add friends to compare progress with. Also, you can use your phone’s calculator to count calories, download Google Keep or any Post-It app to make note of your progress or list your must do daily exercises.
  2. A motivation morgue is a must have for constant thinspiration. Whenever someone retweet, share or post a nude, shred or crunch induce thirst trap photo into any of my timelines I screenshot and store it under a folder that I turn to that gives me an excuse not to make up an excuse to skip the gym. I use Pinterest and Tumblr to store low fat recipes, body part specific exercise routines, scantily clad fit models, and fitness sayings/memes that are catalyst I use to stay the course of my summer body. Even a screen saver on my tablet or phone of someone I aim to be like is a great visual motivational tactic. Almost every day I find myself scrolling through endless cataloged images that thinspire me to get dressed and head to the gym.
  3. It’s ok to be selfish with your time and choices. I’ve stated before that sometimes I pick working out over hanging with friends. It may seem like I’m isolating myself to be in shape but when summer comes the island I’ve create will be well worth it when I’m laying sun kissed and barely clothed on an island. Just as you have to make time to do other things make time in your day for a 30- 60 min workout. Not only will it give you more energy to finish the day it’s a great way to decompress from the hectic day. By scheduling in your workouts it’s more likely to become a routine and not a chore. Even make a “to-do list,” if you’re like me you’ll see your list as a challenge and more aroused to get it done. Additionally, create your own space in your home where you can workout. You don’t need a whole room or state-of-the-art equipment. All you need is a mat, fitness ball, a couple of dumbbells, a mirror and resistance band and music to have a designated area for you to do your calisthenics. By having this space eliminates your excuse of gym membership prices or actually have to go to the gym as reasons to not burn fat. Besides, who doesn’t love having their own territory?
  4. If space is limited or cabin fever settles in sign up for classes, events and fitness clubs that will get you out the house. Having a specific unique place to go daily is a brilliant way to regulate your eating/fitness patterns. Albeit, a spin class, yoga, cross-fit camp or marathon or cooking class. These different places will not only give your fitness path variety but spark competition and what better way to kill calories than killing someone else’s self-esteem in the process. Competition is an ace booster to keep you propelling towards a stealthy summer. Join or create biggest loser competition at your gym or workplace. Having something to do will surely keep your mind off food. Plus, the constant weigh-ins is a perfect way to create accountability.
  5. Rewarding yourself with food is for dogs and dolphins on show at SeaWorld. The goal here is to look less like a whale as possible. Instead of that cheat day that you definitely don’t deserve and will excite you to indulge more often enviably running your diet, how about going to the mall instead. Celebrate a new weight goal by buying new workout gear. Over ruining your belly progress with that “reward” burger, treat yourself to some new jeans or bathing suit. Use the money you’ve saved by skipping the fast food line up for something else that will thinispire you to curbing your appetite. New purchases or the expectation of something new always help me pinpoint my motivation.

When all else isn’t enough to keep me focus I keep in mind how good I’m going to look by not giving into temptation. Discipline is a hard thing to develop but that instantly gratification I’d get by eating that fatty food or laying around all day will take at least two weeks to work off.

Dead Weight.

8 Apr

oatmeal avocado mask

Workout DONE! Now time to kill another set of weight… these blackheads. I know you may be wondering why I’m laying around the house as one of the cast member from “Dead President.” Besides it being cold this morning during my five mile run I was checking out my face before I took a shower and noticed my hair follicles being held hostage by oil, dead skin cells and propionibacterium acne bacteria.

Whenever I have this problem I always pull out the big guns to deep clean and pureify my pores. Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful line of facial products have been apart of my arsenal for years when it comes to maintaining order with my skin. To eradicate the many unpleasant inhabitants of my skin the one product in particular I use the most to beyond brilliant results is the Facial Clay Mask: Avocado & Oatmeal.

Overall, this clay mask dries quick, tighten pores and leaves your face with a profound cleanse. There aren’t many things like oatmeal that nourish the skin. Howbeit, adding oatmeal and milk to a bath or grind oatmeal and mix it with honey for a face mask, oatmeal is good for giving your skin a natural glow and softness. The polysaccharides in oatmeal adds moisture, build a natural defense barrier against pollutants and the saponins in oats help to remove dirt from your pores. Also, it great for your diet too.

Avocados are Mother Nature’s skin moisturizer. With their healthy fats and phytonutrients, they offer remarkable benefits to human skin when used topically and eaten. Avocados fight against wrinkles, photo aging from the sun and helps build elasticity and collagen. Another great dieting food that will help burn fat.

Being that blackheads can be caused by a change in hormones and or diet, these two food are just the rescue team to level the playing field when saving your skin.

Many people enjoy using Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque though it’s a great fighter of breakouts it does leave your skin dry, hard to wash off and can irritate some parts of your skin. However, with Facial Clay Mask: Avocado & Oatmeal your skin gets a strong wash that isn’t abrasive yet nourishing. I like products that can do its job without taking away a essential nutrient something.

Another plus is that you don’t need a lot of the application which helps it dry faster and you feel the tightness almost instantly. As well as the after glow and firmness last for about two days.

Figure Watching… Spring Trends!

3 Apr

Still haven’t found your “look” for this season? While many of us are just going for a tight body approach to spring/summer the others are focused on their attire. Whether you’re watching your figure to fit into your clothes or to take them off, we all need a bit of inspiration to look our absolute best this season.

As I was reporting over the runway shows during Menswear Fashion Week spring/summer 2014 I took notice at the trends displayed by each designer. What I like about trends is that they aren’t about what only one designer is doing or one type of aesthetic. Trends are about what is prevalent throughout each collection and the different designer’s approach to the current movement.

Trends are the foundation to any person’s style. You see what’s in vogue at the moment and build on that using your own person taste level. Some people may not like to admit their love of trends but no matter what type of look you’re rocking you were inspired by someone or thing i.e. trend.

For those of you look for that boost of energy to get you to the mall and gym, read up on my top seven trends for spring/summer 2014.

Textile Blocking

Textile-Blocking: A lot like color blocking only with different fabrics. View collections by DKNY, Jonathan Saunders and Christopher Raeburn where they either layered different fabrics or fused them into one garment. DKNY layered a Gore-Tex or coated nylons jacket with a transparent print over a solid, Saunders took a translucent graphic and layer it with another print and Raeburn fused mesh appendages to a cotton warm-up. Others like Alexander Wang achieve this look with leather while some like Lacoste followed DKNY’s approach and Burberry stuck with layering of soft against hard fabrics. I personally like the mix of sheer it’s sexy without being overtly sexy and a bit mysterious. Not to mention you get the same slimming affect as you would with color-blocking, its all about but the right fabrics on the right body parts.


Androgyny: Women have been getting away with rocking menswear as women’s clothing for ages, now it’s the fellas turn. The trick is to use women’s fabric in a man’s silhouette or a women silhouette with a hard fabric. Take Duckie Brown for example, they kept the look baggy and oversize but the shirt is a halter top, Dries Van Noten went with a feminine print but with a masculine cut and Lanvin was all about the cut. The entire collection is cut like women’s wear from short sorts to paper bag pants and cap sleeve but its the structure and textile what keeps the collection strong. Remember when women don the versatile look they add a bit of sexiness to it, for men the reverse applies. Howbeit the fabric, tailoring or color don’t forget to butch it up.

High Shorts

High Shorts: Whether the shorts are cut high or high waist the sky is the limit on your short size. With this season of shorts it’s all about going for the gold. Don’t take any short cut when embracing this look. Be bold in a micro short a la Philip Lim 3.1, standout in a neon or latex short like Christopher Shannon or you could fuse skin and fashion as Salvatore Ferragamo (Kenneth Cole) with jumbo short styled with avant garde sandals. Short are really about the function (Park & Ronen) when it comes to the temperature change but function is useless without the fashion aspect.

Delicate Fabrics

Delicate Fabrics: If you aren’t convinced to committing to the androgyny theme of the season nor daring enough for shorts then the introduction of lithe textiles to menswear is perfect. Gender bending is big in men’s fashion right now no mater how tough of soft your style is. Delicate fabrics are voluminous this season. John Galliano, Richard Chai Love and E. Tautz are gifting us with the finest linens from silks, gauze to chiffon and organza all in flowing silhouettes. This trend is ideal for summer if you’re on vacation or trying to keep cool fashionably in the city. Designers are playing with more fabric choices other than mesh and neoprene as alternative fabrics when it comes to men’s garments.

Soft Graphcs

Soft Graphics: Prints aren’t that groundbreaking as we may know but that doesn’t stop genius designers from reinventing the wheel. Though many may be in awe of mix media prints from designers such as, Kenzo, Calvin Klein, Christopher Kane and Givenchy this spring should excite romance. The dip-dye, brush stroke, blurred print and small floral prints are brilliant for relieving the eye and telling a different story than seasons past. MSGM went retro with the tie-dye and miniature floras making it a hipster’s dream to be able to still pair with plaids and dip-dye. Valentino gave a regal romance story with a vintage print. WhyRed’s creation of the melding of glass, steel and stone theme collection has a strong and deep romance story to the seemingly skater-boy collection.


Birkenstocks: From hip hop to high-end the once dirt cheap shoes are making a comeback in new styles and price tags. They revamp of Birkenstocks are made with a back strap, covered in splattered paint, made in leather or suede and lined with cork or fur. I’ve even seen designer style these shoes with evening gowns. Shades of Grey went for a monochromatic look with long match socks, Marni added a leather strap and Trina Turk styled them to be beach ready. The new spin make these sandal versatile for many different settings. I even want a pair to wear with shorts or pants this summer.


50-60′s: Electrifying and eye-popping use of color and 60′s tailoring by Paul Smith. Neat, new and nice tourist in Panama, Hawaii or Cuba in the 1960′s feel by David Hart. A colorful but not in an overbearing way ode to writers and poets with a vintage “thrift-ed” feel by Burberry. All keeping with the slim fitted, cropped pants and dandy of the 50-60′s era. To really maximize this look and trend that seems as though every designer pulled from the last two seasons you have to focus on the materials. A skinny tie, mohair sweater, thin lapels, Hawaiian shirts and polka dots are essential when going retro with your spring/summer attire.

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 3

2 Apr

Truth is, I love good food. Problem is, sometimes I eat more than I should. Once upon a time I had a fast metabolism that allowed me to destroy every plate in sight, my plate, your plate and her plate. I thought this magical fat absorption superpower would last forever. No one told me age would be its kryptonite. Today I consider myself a vigilant against blubber. Even the skinny guardian (me) have off days and as much as I hate to admit it, I can’t do it alone.

Just like Batman I have my own secret society of fat fighters.

No doubt about it the key to staying fit or developing the body you desire takes discipline. That has been the running theme of all the participants of the “Junk Food Journals.” These toned guys stick to a plan, stay the course and not only do they have weaknesses they don’t let it stop them from creating abs, legs, chest and arms of steel. When you see people achieving the exact things you long for it’s should only feed you an abundance of energy and motivation to do the same. Read this week’s entry to be thinspired.

Jare’d Goodloe: www.theemergingman.com Instagram:jagoodloe Facebook: Modeljgoodloe
Jare'd Goodloe (1)
Jare'd Goodloe (2)
Jare'd Goodloe (3)
I’m a 26 y.o. guy that lives in Atlanta with dreams and I’m living them, that’s the best way to sum it up. I feel like nothing is too big it’s just how the hell am I going to get there. I really enjoy fitness and live a lifestyle of it, not a cheat diet.
Workout Philosophy: Lifting your own body weight is the best way to define muscles and grow your body. I’m all about mixing it up in order to get faster and more defined results.
Breakfast: I’m addicted to boiled eggs. Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and the best time to load up. I always try to get a big breakfast in, not for just the calories but for the energy.
Lunch: I have never been a big lunch person. I usually do a lot of salmon salads, Caesar salmon salads are my favorites. I try to get a lot of green vegetables in at lunch too for energy purposes. On days when I have heavy cardio I also try to load on carbs.
Dinner: Dinner usually varies. If I’ve skipped the gym that day, dinner will be light. I try to get something green in for dinner too. If I did workout I will have a protein shake along with a salad or veggie patty.
Cheat Day: My favorite cheat day treat is the Morning Bun at Starbucks.
Diet Trick: I don’t diet, I live a lifestyle of healthy living. When you diet it’s predicted you will fail and make excuses for yourself. When you live healthy you just do it; you think twice about heavy carbs, fried things and white sugars.
Problem Area: My problem area is my quads, as a model they can’t be too big. I have to be sure to still work them but keep lean with cardio.
Key to Discipline: Not buying any more clothes and feeling confident. When your body is together you feel more like “The Man”.
Workout Routine: Some of my secrets. Wow! Now they won’t be secrets if I tell but I will say is I do a bit of everything. I incorporate P90x for my abs, T25 for cardio and I run twice a week. I don’t lift heavy weights at all, at most 35 lbs. Being a model, I have to be careful not to lift as heavy as I would like because, I need to be toned but lean enough to fit clothes.

Que Mitchell: Instagram: Iamdemetre Facebook: Demetre prince Que Mitchell Twitter: @IamDemetre
Que Mitchell (2)
Que Mitchell (4)
Que Mitchell (1)
My name is Que Mitchell. I am 21 years old student athlete studying at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. I workout 5 times a week (Monday – Friday).
Workout Philosophy:If you want to get fit its not an easy thing. You have to be dedicated, focus and have a lot of positive energy around you. Working out will take a lot of you. But you have to push and work harder each and every day to reach your goal. Be determine to get better and stay focus and dedicated.
Breakfast: Is essential before working out. I have a protein shake or cereal. Never EVER skip a meal.
Lunch: I eat really heavy like red meat with rice or pasta. Doing so helps rev up my metabolism to process food faster.
Dinner: I have a protein shake or a chicken salad.
Cheat Days: Is on a Sunday because that’s when the most food is cook at home. However, the actual real cheat is a cup of ice cream while watching basketball on Sunday.
Diet Trick: When I slack off and wanna get in shape real quick I go on a vegetable and fruits diet. I will only eat vegetables and fruits for a month to lose some weight then start back my workout regimen to get back in shape.
Problem Area: My abdomen area is what I target the most. I have a slight bulge on my belly but my abs are still visible.
Key to Discipline: I am a track athlete so I have no other choice than to be discipline.
Workout Routine: I work on my upper body Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I worked on my lower body on Tuesday and Thursday. I do Abs workout each day and I focus on my core on Friday after my lower body workout.

Kevin Limbrick: Instagram: @Kev_Kei Twitter: @Kev_Kei
Kevin Limbrick (1)
Kevin Limbrick (2)
Kevin Limbrick (4)
My name is Kevin Limbrick. I’m 28 y.o. flight attendant. Originally from Dallas Tx and I started my fitness journey with 7 push-ups and a prayer.
Workout Philosophy:The body is a slave to the mind. What you set your mind to your body must do. In other words focus, commit, and never quit.
Breakfast: I have a protein shake soon as my eyes open. Then I have egg whites, toast and fruit.
Lunch: Baked chicken, rice, and a green veggies.
Dinner: Salmon, green veggies, and a starch.
Cheat Day: Very rare because I cook my meals out for the week but it would be pizza w/ extra cheese.
Diet Trick: Setting my timer to make sure I’m eating every 2hrs.
Problem Area: Eating every 2hrs lol due to the nature of my career as a flight attendant. It’s hard to get meals in when trapped on a plane for hours at a time.
Key to Discipline: My want for a better body honestly. The desire for it has become so strong that I HAVE to obtain it in a healthy and natural way of course, but I have to have it.
Workout Routine: Mon:chest, Tue:back, Wed:shoulders, Thurs:arms and Fri:legs/abs (works may vary, muscle confusion and all).

Thinspsiration: Sportswear-Inspired Menswear

30 Mar

SportsMenswear (6)

Attempting to get myself completely back into workout mode with the new season change I’ve come to three realizations.

First, thank Skinny-Jesus for muscles memory because after those 100 lunges on each legs I did this a.m. I’m bound to suffer from a Charley horse tonight in my sleep.

Second, obviously it’s time for a new workout wardrobe because I was beyond overdressed for my morning run.

Third, legs was the wrong body part to target today after peeping the gunz on Rob Evans.

Per my usual pre/post workout ritual I skim my thinpsiration bookmark to either get my butt off the sofa or to reassure whatever strained body-part that the copious amount of pain isn’t going in vain. Today it’s was howtospendit.com “Sportswear-Inspired Menswear” editorial shot and styled by Damian Foxe starring beefy model Rob Evans in a ode to boxing with sporty theme attire from this season menswear collections.

This spread is the combination of my two pleasures; fitness and fashion. Featuring almost every top ready-to-wear menswear designers whom collections I would have never thought to break a sweat in from Bally, Gucci, Junn. J to Rick Owens, Dolce & Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo. Never mind the cardio room flaunt worthy fashions, the best accessories of each look are Evans’ biceps. Arms is the last thing I remember to workout, because my arms is the only thing that I don’t have to obsess over. But as of now I’m totally booking me a ticket the gun show. Cut to me finding something else to anchor down my bookshelves as I put my dumbbells to their actual use.

SportsMenswear (1)

SportsMenswear (2)

SportsMenswear (3)

SportsMenswear (4)

SportsMenswear (5)

Anorexic Chef

28 Mar

vegetarian frito chili pie

Back when I was going through a fat spell, you know before Lent when I gave up chips I made more than enough of my amazing Roasted Vegetarian Chili . The genius foodie my mom is suggested I use some of it to make a Frito pie. This is like the perfect guilt free cheat day meal. As well as, one of those awesome things that remind me of home when my mom would make the meat version for my brother and I or when my friends and I would get a pipping hot bag off the ice cream truck (those obese Texas summers.)

Yeah, it’s more than your suggested intake of cheese and greasy corn chips but I’m sure you’ll be in the gym bright and early.

1. Make the Chili: Follow directions from “Roasted Vegetarian Chili” .

2. Make the topping: Saute the celery, white onion, and green bell pepper in olive oil with a pinch of salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Set aside till pie is done baking.

3. Assemble the Frito Pie: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Plate Fritos in a baking dish, transfer some or all of the chili, layering the chili onto the corn chips. Add shredded pepper jack cheese over the top and bake until the cheese is melted and the chili is bubbling, about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with sliced green onions and sauteed topping- serve immediately.


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