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29 Jul


How To Take #OOTD Pics in 100 Degree Weather 101: Wake up at the crack of dawn. I distressed these denim & dip dye this shirt over six months ago but with the sweltering heat and no place to go I’ve haven’t the chance to showcase it on the site. Thanks to Theodolph Mason (Instagram: Thecreateo) I finally got it done!

I purchase this 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target button down on markdown last October and wore it one time before I decided to do a 3.1 Phillip Lim omber color treatment on it, the irony. It took me about three tries, two different dying products, a makeshift rig I made over the sink to keep the dye from touching the rest of the shirt and bleach to get the final look. I followed the instruction from Refinery29 but tweaked it a bit by using Dylon fabric dye $3.24 at Jo-Ann’s Fabric, double dipping the shirt for a darker rinse and dipping the bottom half in bleach becasue during the final wash & dry the entier shirt turned blue.

While I was in the crafting mood I reinvent a pair of my most favorite denim. I purchased these Capital E Levi’s back in 2006, since then the crotch area have began ripping apart. Therefore, I had the legs tapered for a modern fit and shredded the legs and thighs with tweezers and scissors to camouflage the rips of wear & tear. Then put on my new patent leather Birks and voilà- skinny magic!

This is now one of my favorite looks because myself is immersed in it- literally (including my sweat). Thanks to Theodolph for capturing the roughness aura of the look.










Shirt:3.1 Phillip Lim for Target $19.99 (Dylon fabric dye $3.24 Jo-Ann’s Fabric)
Denim:Levi’s Capital E (had them since 2006) Levi’s Store
Sandals:BIRKENSTOCK® For J.Crew Patent Leather Arizona Sandals $130
Accessories:(beaded bracelets Lucky Brand, woven beaded bracelets The Gap and nail cuff Giles & Brother)


29 Jul

Balmain ss15
Ever wonder how you can put broccoli, celery, spinach, blueberries and green apple into a Ninja® and it creates something so deliciously sweet and actually great for dissolving your love-handles? Yeah, that was me this morning when I was blending my breakfast. As I was gulping down the alge green like smoothie I began to ponder the same concept on fashion.

Take my personal style for example, I don’t have a definite aesthetic however, I know I can pull some things together to create a good look for whatever occasion. I take inspiration, pieces and colors from all types of style to create my look. When I look through some menswear collections you can clearly see the type of man they are designing their clothing for. Even when they are inspired by a time period, sport, hue or culture the craftsmanship taste level are strong and poignant that it resonate loudly with the man who is to don the garments.

Well, that could be said for Olivier Rousteing’s (Balmain’s creative director) Balmain Men Spring Summer 2015 collection/lookbook. I’ve never seen so many different elements mix together so finely in a collection that still is cohesive, stylish and elevates the brand overall. Previous seasons with Balmain, I’ve like certain aspect of the collections be never as whole. Balmain is known for its intricate and gorgeous craftsmanship, this collection is no different. Inspired by athletes of the 70’s, Navajo culture, and Motorcyclist all are infused to create a look for the urbane male of today’s street style culture.

This collection squeezed out the best components of each thinspiration to create a very detailed, intense and moving collection of art like garments. A lot of collections are directing their lines towards the young urban men that are purchings high-end clothing and toughing it up making it more wearable and cool for everyday life. Balamin seen this and took the hard work out of it for the purchasers. The intricacy of the beadwork on the jacket are beautiful and phenomenal, the shoes are just great all the while tough and fashionable and there are still relaxed sweaters & hoodies that are versatile and less over-the-top. Take a look at the patchwork colorblocked joggers, how relaxed-seasoned.

With sylphlike model Dudley O’Shaughnessy as the face of the brand’s collection he’s is the perfect model to drive home this discretion Rousteing is take the brand.

“There’s something authentic, masculine and, yes, sexy, in the look of the great athletes of the 70s” – Olivier Rousteing (Balmain’s creative director)

This is a collection that can be worn day or night, and dare I say it… some piece are classics. There’s no doubt that activewear will be huge next year in menswear so it’s wonderful that style and craftsmanship with still be apart of the more than relaxed aesthetic.

Thinspiration: F#@K Summer!

25 Jul

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (1)

A tacky farmer’s tan, two sweat drenched oxford shirts and hair that’s hotter than two fat chick’s breast money no matter many different ways I style it. I’m so f#@king over summer already! I’m just going to stay in the gym and be naked till October.

Out trying to take pictures for an upcoming style post in 107 temperatures, before I could even get the lighting right I was soaked in sweat as my clothes were practically sticking to me. Between that, my face over producing oil and bracelets shining too bright from the sun’s reflection I decided to scrap the whole thing and just get back in my A/C car. However, that was a mirage because with the mercury at peak not matter how high I had the air conditioner running I was still sweating.

Not to mention with all this running outdoors I have serious tan that went from golden to crips. Thank you Skinny-Jesus for the reassurance of some thinspiration solace during this terrible salt stained season. Photographer Gregory Prescott has basically captured how I should be dressing this summer… in a pair of CK’s & sand. With the images he shot of the like granite body of Silver Models Chris Lylez I now will be re evaluate my summer attire.

Who needs clothing when you have quads and obliques like these? I’m convinced the summer isn’t for clothing its for neoprene, lycra, dri-fit or whatever quick drying polyester garments on sale at the sporting goods store.

I use to hate coming home as a kid to my mom and dad laying around the house in their underwear, now I get it! I salivated over the recent ss/15 and a/w14 menswear collections just like you (I already have my fall/winter diet picked out) but all that can stay on the thinspiration board because right now I just want to be naked at room temperature.

Fashion is postponed till the weather drops to 70’s degrees. Until then gawk at Chris Lylez and do some crunches… stay away from the cheese & bread. You’re welcome.

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (2)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (3)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (4)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (5)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (6)

Taste Coach: Chris McKinley

22 Jul

You can run off fat but now matter how ostentatious or expensive your wardrobe may be, you can’t dress up ugly. To those who think so, next time notice how people compliment your clothing not you. The only way around this is developing and maintaining healthy, vibrant, even and clear skin.

We all have our share of epidermis horror tales. That was one of the reasons for me creating this site to share my stories of triumph over facials crater domination. Just in case my advice isn’t enough I’ve enlisted others to help convey the message of how important grooming/skincare is to living a healthy life for every man.

Christopher McKinley is another thinspiration I’ve interviewed for the series “Taste Coach.” Chris is a makeup artist that not only specialize in makeup but skincare too. What makes him interesting is that when I stumbled upon his work at Styleseat.com/PleasurePaint, he offer those same services to men. Believe it or not the male skincare & makeup trend—a.k.a, corrective skincare—is rising in the U.S.

Cosmetics companies are releasing cosmetic products especially tailored for men, and men are increasingly using such products. Debenhams reported, “this year men spent 24% more on grooming products than in the same period last year, and the male UK skincare market is worth an estimated £600m.” According to an article written by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett for The Guardian.

Howbeit all natural, clinically or looking for an instant cover-up Chris share a lot of his personal secrets and recommendation on how to achieve his flawless skin. I become a super fan when I find people who physically represent what they are selling exponentially well! It’s like a walking billboard, who needs an infomercial.

Chris McKinley
I’m Chris McKinley, originally from Savannah, Ga. I now live in Atlanta, where I work as makeup artist under the business name “Pleasure Paint by Chris McKinley.” I’ve always been attracted to beautiful things, art, decoration, restorations, and other opportunities to creatively enhance beauty. When I got the call about a lead at MAC cosmetics, I jumped to it, and the rest is history. Email booking is IamChrisMcKinley@yahoo.com

What services does PleasurePaint offer for men?
CM- PleasurePaint offers what I like to call ‘Manscaping.’ Manscaping is a makeup service that caters to male grooming. I have different techniques for both men with facial hair and men without. I cater to everyone from the guy who wears makeup every day, to the guy that just wants to look his best on film, and everything in between.

Being a Makeup Artist and some of your clients being male, is it okay for men to wear makeup?
CK- Men should definitely feel comfortable wearing makeup. We as a society are moving beyond gender stereotypes.

How can men pull of wearing makeup without looking feminine or “made up”?
CM- Study techniques. When all else fails, book a professional. Make up is an art, and there are plenty of artists, like myself who specialize in male grooming.
Pleasure Paint
Are there some basic make up product for men to have and why?
CM- Tinted moisturizer provides light coverage while still producing an even skin tone.

Common things men forget about their skin.
CM- That skincare is not gender specific. It is just as important for men to properly care for their skin as it is women.

What is good skin?
CM- Good skin is healthy, hydrated, and balanced skin.

What contribute to bad skin?
CM- An unhealthy, inactive lifestyle. Eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water.
Chris McKinley
Any misconceptions about clear skin?
CM- All clear skin isn’t healthy. Your skin can be clear and still have several causes for concern. Focus first on healthy skin, and clear skin will come.

What’s your daily facial regime?
CM- I wash my face 2-3 times a day. I apply a moisturizing agent, and sunscreen.

What do you love about your skin?
CM- I love that my skin has a healthy glow, and that my skin is soft to the touch.

What do you hate about your skin?
CM- I hate that my skin is extremely sensitive to sun light.

Lest favorite thing about grooming?
CM- If I’ve touched products for any other part of my body, I absolutely have to wash my hands again before touching my face. It can become annoying when pressed for time lol.

What part of groom will you NOT skip?
CM- I will NEVER skip sunscreen.

Something you’ve learned from someone else about great skin?
CM- Natural products such as honey, oatmeal, and brown sugar make awesome skin care confections.

Would you say obtaining even clear skin is easy?
CM- It varies. We are all made differently.

I’m sure you have some must-have skincare product; share!
CM- Olive oil, I usually mix it with my moisturizer.

To people seeking better skin what’s your best skin advice?
CM- Moisturize immediately after showering, each and every time. Your body absorbs product better at that stage.

How often should you get a facial or exfoliate?
CM- You can exfoliate every 3-4 days if needed. I would suggest the same time frame with facials. Use natural products.

How to get rid of blemishes?
CM- I always initially support the natural route. Honey and brown sugar can make a great exfoliant which often relieves signs of blemishes. If that natural route isn’t cutting it there are several over the counter brands that I would suggest. Both Ambi products which is a Johnson & Johnson company and Palmer’s products have been known to have noticeable results.
Chris McKinley
Worst acne/pimple story?
CK- If I get a pimple it will always come when I least want it. One year for my birthday my body decided to give me a nice zit right on the middle of nose. Needless to say I didn’t take too many pictures that night.

Best product to treat acne?
CM- I have been really lucky to have not battled acne *fingers crossed* but if I did, I would go with ProActive. I’ve seen it work.

How to get rid of razor bumps?
CM- I suggest using an over the counter lotion or spray containing benzoyl peroxide, which works to reduce the bumps in size, and prevents future bumps.

Any shaving technique secrets?
CM- Always shave in the direction that your hair grows. Avoid a really close shave if your skin is prone to razor bumps. Avoid razor shaves period, and always moisturize your skin afterwards.

Difference between a breakout, acne and razor bumps?
CM- Break outs can result from many factors such as heat or allergic reactions. Acne is the result of clogging or plugging of your pores. Razor bumps are formed when curly hair bends at the outer layer of skin rather than sprouting out. 

Can they be treated the same?
CM- Each should be treated separately, as they are very different.

How should one figure their skin type?
CM- Skin type is pretty self-evident. If you notice where your skin is extremely oily, without moisturizer or any added products, you most likely have oily skin. The opposite applies for dry skin; skin that regularly becomes dry, even after adding moisturizers and products is usually a result of dry skin. Combination skin is right there in the middle; not too oily, not too dry.

Before we wrap up, what top 3 skin care tips you give to men?
CM- Wash your face thoroughly several times a day. If shaving, always shave in the direction that your hair grows, and moisturize immediately after.

Warning Label

21 Jul

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetCaptured by @Thcreateo

What is honesty? Not the honesty your parents ranted about as they threaten you with beatings over a broken vase or sneaking sleeves of cookies. Nor the honesty you learned about in grade school related to sharing and not stealing. But true honesty when in pertains to dating.

We all were taught to tell the truth, but under the guise of good. We associate a person that is honesty or tells the truth to be a good person. However, that’s a load of bull.

Just like that time you bought a gym membership and made up every excuse as to why you haven’t used it. Or like when you say you’re going to start eating right, right after you finished that plate of fried lard. Even when you have started said “diet” and you sneak and eat crap but post Instagram pics of you on the way to the gym but wonder why you haven’t made any muscles gain or weight losses. Let’s not even mention the delusional progress pics…anyways; all of it is lies that only hurt you.

The idea of being honest isn’t about being a good person it’s about living a good life. In telling the truth no matter what, someone will get hurt. That’s the side effect that no one ever warns us of. We believe being honest will help the other person and give them some type of closure. Although, no matter what you say someone is going home sad. Whereas in my life I just make sure that it isn’t me.

Sometime last week a YouTube video came across my Twitter timeline posted by Ahmier on “The Honesty Language.” The video was basically about people whom ask for certain characteristics of another person in dating yet are clueless on how to function or understand when they receive what they claim they were seeking. Case in point, honesty.
When I say I’m looking for honesty even considering myself an honest person when it comes to dating isn’t a shallow, stock or expecting WAY too much from dating request. It is a true request that not only affect me but the people I plan on invest my time and emotions into.

I’ve noticed that people want you to be honesty until you tell them you’re not interested. I don’t want people to get the wrong impress of my actions neither do I want them to continue doing something that I deem unattractive, annoying or a deal breaker. I’m always open as to want I want from a person, what I am willing to give and what I will not indulge in. Oftentimes this honesty isn’t received well because over the course of my dating life I’ve come to realization people expect you to like them or be interested in them solely on the fact that they are interested in you. They get upset when you aren’t moving at their same pace, when you explain to them how you’re views don’t support their’s and when you’ve decide to move on.

People hear what they want and are willing to ignore everything poor about a relationship as long as they are getting what they initially wanted. But not me, though I can be accuse of being unyielding, “black & white” and out right mean, that isn’t remotely the truth. I’m merely secure enough in my life, my mental state and emotional capabilities that if I’m dealing with something/someone I’m not interested in or isn’t turning out to what I want it to be, I can leave. I state who I am, I don’t seek to change other’s minds nor do I wish for people to do the same to me.

With being this forthcoming to potential mates they tend to do the reverse and tax me for my style of honesty and accuse me of wasting their time or being immature.

I’m left wonder how I’m the immature one when I’m simply exhibiting the one characteristic you value the most right above funny and under loyal. Here’s the thing- people are only interested in their own happiness therefore I must do the same. I tell the truth about what I’m doing, expect or don’t like because I don’t want anyone operating under false pretense base on the faux acting both dating parties are exhibiting only to not rock the boat and be in a relationship. Dating is about learning yourself, exploring and if you’re lucky you’ll find someone who won’t totally annoy you and you won’t mind watching them get fat. You can’t find that lying about who you are. Life is about what you want and not ignoring signs that the relationship you’re working towards isn’t really what you want. There is no such thing as “wasting time” while dating, that’s what it’s all about. However, I do challenge people to really think about the list a characteristic they request from a future mate and see if you yourself embody those same characteristics that are equally good and bad. Many people’s dating list is as vapid as their expectations and it’s no wonder they don’t know how to obtain success in dating. How can you properly request something when you don’t know the first thing about handling when you get it? You can’t prosper in any part of your life if you’re not honest with yourself first. You need to be open with yourself on a level that whatever you tell your romantic interest is for the betterment of you both no matter how terrible the truth may be.

What is honesty? Honesty is not protecting someone else’s feelings but guaranteeing your own.

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 8

16 Jul

What’s your thin? I ask this question to everyone that ask me for diet, exercise and weight-loss advice. Being thin or getting fit isn’t just about the number on the sale of the size of your jeans. It’s about the progress you’re making, the choices you make, the resulting you’re getting and the satisfaction you gain when you achieve those strides in your fit journey.

Your thin could be getting water instead of a drink with your meal, doing that extra set or saving money and calories by eating in. Right now my thin is garnering as much fitness information from guys whom physique and discipline I admire so much that I feel the need to share it with others making their travels through this thin lifestyle. This week’s “Junk Food Journals” entry 8 I’m featuring three staunch framed gentlemen that have opened up to share what it takes to define your thin. Thin isn’t just about loses but gains as well. These stout dudes divulge their weaknesses, strengths and aid in developing the outer amour you see in these awesome pics.

It’s ‘thinspiring’ that even the most gilded of bodies deal with the same issues as us trying to attain. Check their routines, eating habits and mantra that keeps their thin on track.

Chris Lylez  (1)
Chris Lylez  (2)
Chris Lylez  (1)

Chris Lylez, (IG: @chrislylez) originally from north Philadelphia moved to New York City almost 2yrs ago, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Never had a desire to model until being approached by a creative director 7yrs ago. Since then I have achieved multiple campaigns, music videos, runway shows and host events and print ads. I’ve recently released mixtape titled “Convers and Conversations”.

Workout Philosophy: You have to know that being happy and maintaining a good physical condition first starts with your mind and ability to discipline yourself to stay focused.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, (non-flavored) adding fresh fruit (blueberries, raspberries) along with some grapefruit (which is a good source of energy) and a smoothie.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich or wrap with mustard or olive oil, lettuce (spinach) and provolone cheese. With mixed nuts and a bottle of water or green tea.

Diner: Baked fish (salmon preferred,) steam vegetables (beans, peas, carrots) and brown rice, with water or green tea.

Cheat Day: Usually consumed with either New York style pizza or southern food such as macaroni and cheese, yams, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy with collard greens. Yea, my cheat days are like extreme but everyone deserves a little break from the everyday health steps to have a moment to enjoy yourself and life, as long as your cheat day doesn’t become a daily affair lol then you’re fine.

Diet Trick: For me its cardio, you can never go wrong with it and you exercise all of your body when doing it. I dance or jog 3-4 times per week for 30-45min.

Problem Area: My lower abs. Some people may disagree but it’s an area that I personally struggle with so I try to make sure I do some leg raises and cardio to target my lower abs.

Key to Discipline: Knowing the goal you want to achieve and reminding yourself everyday of why you want that goal.

Workout Routine: Currently I’m developing my body to be a bit more defined. I’m focusing on a really strict diet, cardio and training workouts that do not require weights of going to the gym, it’s my own personal “do it the natural way” motto about staying fit. Each workout consist of 30-45min of cardio followed by a variation of abs exercises with incline/decline push up positions for developing the chest, followed my squats and lunges for leg development.

Temarrio (1)

Temarrio (3)
I’m Temarrio aka Tyga. I reside in Atlanta, GA. but I like to travel all over the place. I work in film, tv, & media production. Give me a holla @ Facebook: Tyga Loso, Twitter: @TygaLoso & Instagram: @Tyga_Loso

Breakfast: Breakfast varies for me. My most consistent meal is oatmeal. Some days I’ll have egg whites (hard boiled or scrambled) & a Nestle carnation breakfast drink. Sometimes I sub everything out for a veggie & fruit Nutribullet drink.

Lunch: This also varies due to my work schedule. I try to stick with lean protein, chicken or fish, and a salad.

Dinner: Pretty much the same as lunch.

Cheat Day: On cheat day I try not to go all out. I mostly give Krispy Kreme all of my money on cheat day lol.

Diet Trick: Shhhh…I have fiber pills & CLA that helps keep my metabolism going and break down extra fats in my food to maintain a lean physique.

Problem Area: My belly/abs. It’s more so an internal thing. They aren’t ever satisfactory to me.

Key to Discipline: It’s mental. I set a goal and try to make sure I reach it. Plus I see other pretty fit individuals and ask then what I can incorporate into my routine.

Workout Routine:
5 Days a week.
Day 1: Legs.
Day 2: Chest & Shoulders.
Day 3: Back.
Day 4: Arms.
Day 5: Full circuit.
I do abs and cardio every other day. And full cardio and yoga on weekends. As far as my actual routines, I’ll just keep those on the hush lol.

Sharrodd Hart (1)

Sharrodd Hart (3)

My name is Sharrodd Hart (IG: @shart500) from Southwest Georgia in the city of Albany (a couple hours from Atlanta). I’m 34 years old & at 34; fitness has not only become a lifestyle but a passion. I’m a heath coach & distributor for the number one nutrition company Herbalife & I’m also a fitness trainer. I’m currently in the process of pursing my personal training certification to become a full-time certified personal training. I’ve worn many hats throughout the course of my life & have had many professions; however fitness has been a journey that has changed my life the most. I’m on this journey getting my own results & helping others get theirs. My fitness program, “Fitness First” hinges on the theme… Where Routine Creates Habit & Habit Creates Lifestyle! Contact me at shart500@yahoo.com or for Herbalife inquiries visit my site here.

Workout Philosophy: I work out for peace, I work out to be healthy, I work out to build discipline, I work out to challenge myself & most of all, I work out to look good (who doesn’t lol). Working out started as a chore that turned into a habit that created a purposeful & passionate lifestyle. I want others to know that heath is wealth & being fit is it! My philosophy is the results you want tomorrow will only come from the work you put in today.

Breakfast: A typical breakfast for me would be a few boiled eggs, a bowl of fruit, a protein meal bar & a protein shake.

Lunch: A typical lunch for me would be a chicken, baked potato, green vegetables, yogurt & a protein shake.

Dinner: A typical dinner for me would be chicken, steak, or grilled or baked fish, corn on the cob, rice, green vegetables & a protein shake.

Cheat Day: Believe it or not I cheat often, probably more than the average person. My goal is always to build more mass so I’m always boosting my calorie intake & eating as much as possible. But even in cheating, I make sure I go just as hard in the gym. My favorite cheat meal would probably be a large meat-lovers pizza, break sticks, hot wings & a tall glass of lemonade or sweet tea followed by a huge bowl of ice cream.

Diet Trick: I don’t have a diet trick, as I prefer not to use the word “diet”. I just make sure that my eating habits are decent & healthy choices on a regular basis that leads to a lifestyle of healthy eating. One of the key things to remember is pre-preparing your meals are very important in following through & making sure you stick to a consistent plan of eating regularly & healthy. Meal prepping is key!

Problem Area: My biggest problem area is being that I’m naturally thin & my metabolism is literally through the roof, building a significant amount of mass & size at a time can be challenging (Ectomorph problems lol). I have to work extra hard in the gym staying toned & cut to make up for the lack of mass that I desire. However, I’m still continuing daily to reach my goals. I’m always a work in progress! My target problem muscle group areas would have to be my chest & legs.

Key to Discipline: My key to discipline is simple; I daily look in the mirror & realize I have not yet reached the goal, which motivates me to keep pushing! The mirror never lies! I always keep constant motivation before me when I look at other slim guys who’ve conquered the skinny guy problem & worked hard to create the body they wanted. If one can achieve, that leads me to believe we all can, it just takes hard work & dedication.

Workout Routine: I usually workout 4 to 5 times a week both in the gym & at home. I incorporate strength training, light cardio, and most importantly incorporate a lot of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I want to stay toned, cut & defined & I make sure that I work hard to produce a strong core & increase strength. My favorite basic exercises are non-other that good ole fashion push-ups & pull-ups. You can never go wrong with those two!

What’s Next In Thin?

16 Jul

I’m willing to try/test anything that’s cleverly worded, a gross super-food or body aching workout that would guarantee me a new body to fill out the attire I plan to don to show it off. However, just like any fad diet after some slim tall fit celeb has proclaimed to be the reason for their new body it’s on to what’s new.

As with fashion the same can be said for color-blocking. About the last three seasons it has been about primary colors, lines and color coordinating but during the menswear shows spring/summer 2015 the graphic is next up for vogue. Graphics (multimedia prints, screen printing, geometric and paint splattering and floral) have adorned the catwalks and sidewalks as it phase out the strategically multi-hued way of dress. It comes to no surprise that Ghana’s Adrien Sauvage joins the club.

Introducing foliage not to be confused with floral, this A. Saugave collection is adding a new print to the mix while going against the boxy relaxed tailoring that heavily garnered other designer’s collections. The botanical 1970’s inspired collection is just the garments needed to usher in the less dainty nature graphic.

What I relish in about this collection is the sample of 70’s infused unforgiving cut of the pants, the Shaft like trench jackets and overall mod aura exuding from these pieces. A very versatile rendering of looks from his previous moody shows that is sure to resonate with a wider audience of the young stylish men of today. Even the most fashionable (or non-fashionable) guy has to admire how Sauvage understands how snazzy young men are dressing today and to take that in a direction that isn’t as overtly urban or ostentatiously stuffy but more so tailor fit to today’s audience.

I am revved up by how cool and complete each look is. I don’t see anything that needs altering or restyling. This collection’s versatility is slick, street, and stylish while keeping its edge. The suit lapels are simple but very much a statement, the suits vary in flamboyancy to dapper and there are great everyday pieces such as, the bomber, short-sets and of course matching slip-on shoes.

It’s a relief/wonderful when a designer is designing for your current age, culture and aesthetic and it works.


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