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15 Sep


It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it! I’m out of underwear and gym clothes so it’s time for another trek to the laundry mat. I bought this faux leather shirt back in June, of course it was too hot to don the urban and very much in vogue tee by Iridium 77. As we all know laundry day is when you grab anything clean to wear until you finish fluffing and folding your preferred clothing of choice. I actually don’t mind doing laundry especially today in this modern age.

It’s not like when I kids; the laundry mat in my neighborhood “The Lost Sock” is clean with working machines, snacks, games and cable televisions as well as wifi! Therefore I was able to do this post as I was finishing up a load. I normally do a load of laundry every weekend alternating in between colors and whites to keep from over filling my hamper.

I must say this is a rather interesting but handsome ensemble I’m rocking maybe when the weather cools down a bit more I can properly sport this shirt with my black cut-out boots with gold detail and skinny stonewashed distressed denim.

Photographed & Edited by: Theodolph Mason












Perforated Faux Leather Shirt: Iridium 77 $40
Gym Shorts: Kohl’s Champion $14.99
Socks: TJ Maxx Nike $9.99
Sandals: Nike $20
Accessories:(rings Forever 21 and necklace Kohl’s)

Adding Extra Electrolytes!

9 Sep

Just in case you were on a downer looking for menswear show from Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Spring/Summer 2015 not to fret I got you cover. Here another jolt to you fashion taste buds of more of my favorite shows. Do you agree with my take from each stunning collection?

baja-east ss15
Baja East designers Scott Studenberg and John Targon made the ultimate fashion protein shake with their first runway show! The ingredients; half nomadic culture, with a quarter of lounge wear and a bit of seaside breeziness then top it off with lush draped fabrics then shake and voilà you have a smooth street likability collection for spring. The fabric alone are pure fashion, rich and the simpleness of the garments make the androgyny aura as quite as the color scheme.

carlos-campos ss15
Carlos Campos clearly understands that construction is every thing in fashion. Overall each piece of this collection is classic staples of spring/summer menswear however, just by the stitching, cut and construction these staples have been renovated for today. I love the play with lengths, shapes, color-blocking and lines all working well with one another giving the collection a precise clean but contemporary look and finish.

general-idea ss15
General Idea’s Bumsuk Choi was inspired by the brutalism of architecture, its strength, functionality, and expression of materiality. That being stated, I was mixed about this collection I thought the hue and textile choices were bland and a somewhat dull however, I was impressed by the the construction of the jackets and cut-outs. I appreciate the craftsmanship in this collection but with all the cool appendages the pants fell flat. This collection came off too much trying to appeal to the street fashion culture of now foregoing the genuine coolness of the brand I’ve grown to enjoy.

grungy ss15
Grungy Gentleman is anything but grungy. This well tailored refined collection is simply the thinispiration I need for next season when I try to fight the urge to live in my workout clothing & cut-offs. It’s magnificent to see how the collegiate/street aesthetic is playing such a major part in American fashion. It’s even more pleasing when designers take the rough aesthetics and clean it up. The suit and blazers are stylish and dapper without alienate the more tough crowd of men that can’t seem to find themselves in today flamboyant style era. This wine color is something expected of fall so it interesting to see this presented for spring/summer. Overall, I like when men can find a structured collection that still appeals to their relaxed taste It’s evident how the birth of the brand started as a blog as it helps the brand to connect to everyday fashion of now. Poignant collection, well done.

j-lindeberg ss15
J. Lindeberg is completely and utterly sixties Rock & Roll, some will even say a bit Saint Laurent. Allbeit, this collection is superb in fit, boss in appeal and very on trend. Even though hipsters and fans of this style of dress already don them, the Chelsea boot is here to stay a mush have fall that will lead right into next spring. This collection is versatile and fashionable. If you aren’t inspired by this collection I question your taste and suggest you to burn everything you own. The cuts alone are phenomenal then the animal prints are sexy with turtleneck leaving you wondering how literally did they take the London music scene of the 60’s when conceiving this collection. Otherwise dapper collection.

Libertine showed a kitschy youthful club kids of Los Angeles collection. What I’ve come to expects of the brand is a fun hodgepodge of creativity. Not that many short shorts as usually but enough standout pieces to shine bright during the sunny days spring/summer.

orley ss15
Orley Men designers Alex, Matthew and Samantha Orley is another group of designer that turned to the 60’s for inspiration. Still on trend with sportswear this has a vintage tennis Hampton vibe that it centered around the brand well known love of luxury knits. The collection is easy, cozy and very preppy.

Ovadia & Sons spring/summer summer collection is wonderful, strong, boss and pure chicness. Every guy should want to be these guys donning these awesome clothing. As I’ve stated before the young fashion buyers of today are all about their sportswear and Ovadia & Sons totally gets that. A brilliantly execution of business casual and athleticism. These are the clothing you want to bee seen in and pack for vacation.

Patrik Ervell has been a show I patiently wait to see every season, thought it rarely makes my list of best shows he always have something to offer. The San Francisco born designer deliver an outerwear driven crisp plethora of spring/summer attire from translucent Anoraks to shinny iridescent suits. This what you call a modern man collection, no theme, no eccentricity and all inclusive of the simple eye of the male aesthetics. With great consideration given to the textile choices and finishing.

pyer-moss ss15
Pyer Moss’s Kerby Jean-Raymond has just taken 90’s urban-wear to a-whole-nother level!. The intricate layer effect, futuristic 90’s detailing and structural spin on a normally hood look. A very active collection that is so hip hop but industrial chic at the same time. I see kids all over Instagram copping these pieces and soon every rapper donning this as their take on fashion meets trap music. The jackets and top are glorious! A hard tough fly collection.


8 Sep

Feeling the drain of my new workout and diet change I haven’t even open one folder of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 shows. Another reason being that I wasn’t hugely impressed by the other menswear collections from London, Paris and Milan. So I know us Americans with our barriers and censors wasn’t going to deliver anything shocking. However, the Americans came with the flue this season to keep you on the right weight path for next summer. Not a lot of menswear shows but enough to jump start your shopping and eating budget for next season. As I wait for the final shows to come in here are my most appetizing men’s shows of the last four days of #NYFW.

Robert Geller may have been called out on his one note casting being that he referenced a time period (the 60’s) that was the beginning of the civil rights moment but his collection was nothing close to one note. Sticking with his eccentric but modern and tailored aesthetic of loose refined knits, this collection is one of my favorites of New York Fashion Week. The most savored part of this collection is his “white noise” prints that was shown in cropped pants, well tailored bomber-like short-sleeved shirts and blazers. The hats are really the only “on-the-nose” 60’s references apart from the fit of the pants and boxy tops. A very contemporary collection that is cool but refined by it’s execution.

Duckie Brown designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver has the best sense of humor in fashion. I was delighted when I seen this collection, it’s Boca Raton meets today’s 23 year old sartorialist. Last spring was all about being androgynous but this collection is all about ageism. This is how I want to dress when it’s time for me to retire with great fitting trousers, soft color palette and simple yet stylish outerwear. The eye and daring risks that these men take are always a well received sight to see. Can’t wait to see what they do next season!

Lacoste is known for it’s sporty style/look but this collection was less preppy tennis and more urbane athletic. Sportswear is going to be big next year but this trend of cleaning up athletic-wear with a bit of street style and superb tailoring is right up my alley. I like the paired down look in the spring/summer months but I don’t want to lose the filtered sleek finish of my garments. Lacoste understands that and have effectively made a collection that caters to today’s urban youth and dressy elders.

Richard Chai Love is the poetry of menswear. Always showing lithe, sexy and summer explicit attire. Going for a more punk-y feel to give the 90’s enthusiasts something to enjoy I enjoy that this collection is complex in color, shape and layering but still wearable and fashionable. The shorts are the star of this show! From short shorts paired with long coats to high waist-ed boxy short paired with knee-high socks is sure another trend to look for next year.

Custo Barcelona have you covered from the beach to the club. Per usual with it’s vibrant color scheme and flamboyant textile choices I get excited and scared at the same time looking at this collection because I know there will be no off days at the gym if I want to don any look like these. Sexy, fun and exotic are the prefect words to describe this collection and look 10 is the epitome of vacation attire.

Hood By Air has every fashion website, magazine and blogger going crazy over it’s Lucite dog collars that seemingly influenced by Queen Elizabeth. But I didn’t quite get that reference I believe that Hood by Air is this century’s urban courtier of American fashion. Still loud 90’s street style roaring through the collection infused by ultra sexy silhouettes, I can’t ignore the detailed quirky intricate craftsmanship of the collection. Even if this has nothing you can really wear in public it doesn’t take away from how great and relevant this collection is finished. This collection is beyond making petty clothing it’s about inspiring a new era of dress.

N. Hoolywood is another sporty and metropolitan collection of nicely crafted menswear. Brilliant use of prints and shapes, these parings are something that I savor being that designer Daisuke Obana manage to take all the fuss of the prints and voluminous shapes then tone it down to a easy flowing collection. Nothing messy or over the top just genuine modern clothing for today’s young male. Not to mention these are some good pieces that could carry you into fall.

Perry Ellis had me with it’s color pallet! The calm coloring are genius to keep buyers and shoppers focused on the construction of the garments. Sticking with what mall shoppers are accustom to from the brand you can see the extra details (fanny pack, standout prints/geocentrically shapes and strong tailoring) put into this collection to add personality and gradually introduce people into a new aesthetic coming from the brand since the appointment of new menswear director Michael Maccari. The jolt of youth is very present in this collection a trend I’m noticing from many legendary fashion houses as they reach for a new younger audience.

Siki Im has been an eye catcher for about three seasons now for me. If a designer that is obviously not your personal style choice can create a collection that you love and open your taste to something new is a phenomenal designer. Even though it’s not like Siki Im is doing something innovate I can’t help but appreciate the risks displayed season after season. An unquestionable outerwear driven collection the Japanese references of kimono, Sumo wresting and austere tailoring are simply awesome. The extreme layering, asymmetrical sheathes and enveloping silhouette are phenomenal to me. How can something so overwhelming come off so relaxed and dope? With an air of bad-ass warrior ninja meets American kick-ass this is a ethereal collection.

Tim Coppens just gets it. Though I was growing tired of the same structured bombers, sweaters and shirts in geometric shapes and jumbo prints this first ever finalist of the LVMH Young Fashion Designers Prize has keep me wanting more for another season. Sticking with what he does best; athletic tailoring and mix media prints, showcased an underwear theme collection. My favorite being his interpretation of camouflage was a great utilitarian sporty show. The slow ease of color as the show progressed is great and produced some of my personal desired looks of the shows.


2 Sep

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With Labor Day come and gone, school starting back, pools closing and stores putting out the Halloween candy already it’s safe to say the days of summer is coming to a distance savored memory. Like the crumbs in your lap after a good hot cake doughnut we are left picking at the remnants of summer.

Yes technically summer is officially over in three weeks but we all know Labor Day marks the end of the adventure. Still tell that to the sun. As we are waiting for the time change to creep up and book our last summer vacation for the low what is there to look forward to until fall?

I was thinking about this very topic this morning during yoga while in Savasana (corpse pose). I had a pretty great summer though, I came short of some goals I accomplished a lot and rather enjoyed a lot more compared to previous summers. It’s funny during the vacation months it seemed as though I was just coasting until I started to recall all the good moments even the crazy, boring and heat stricken days. Summer now wrapped with a bow and soon to be tucked away I’m here starring at the fridge like, what now?!

Here are a few things to do or look forward to until holiday season!

Prepare/cover New York Fashion Week September 4th-11th.

Clean out DVR for the return of the fall television shows.

Update your vision/style board.

Start working on your Halloween costume.

Recruit friends to book and begin saving for a winter getaway or a cheap cruise during the holidays.

Start Christmas budget and gift list.

Rework fall diet & workout plan.

Rearrange closet moving summer attire to the back making room for your new fall/winter wardrobe.

Hit up a theme park before they close for the season.

Take one last road-trip.

Stock up on bathing suits that are marked down!

Catch some end of summer sales.

Take part in every outdoor activity before the ground is covered with snow.

Continue to wear your white.

Feed Yourself!

31 Aug


“The squirrel that rovers gets the nuts.” -My fortune cookie today at my boyfriend’s farewell lunch.

In the last month I haven’t been feeling like myself my workouts been slacking, I’ve been putting things off and I haven’t been mentally present in general. I knew this day was going to come, in fact I promoted it and urged it. I love the see the people around me flourish and be apart of their triumphs. I do all that I can to support even if it means giving them hard, unfiltered truths. However, for every great leap I notice of my peers, confidant and colleges I can’t help but to realized the barely visible footprints I’m making.

Have you ever wanted so much but don’t know where to start or how to go about it to achieve it? Ever find yourself convincing yourself that your current situation or past achievements are enough only to quiet that voice in the back of your mind screaming to you all the things you haven’t done and how much time you’ve wasted? It’s tough knowing you should do more and well aware of your capabilities but being bonded by those same self realizations.

I’m man make of opportunity. I know that we as individuals have control of our lives, make our own choices and create our own destiny. I also know that if I want something I have to go out and do it. But what I have a hard time with is trying to organize such a plan when I only see failure. I grew up always taking a chances, waiting on the universe or crossing that bridge when I got to it, granted I managed to get the things I desired but in doing so it left me unprepared for the road ahead.

What I mean by this is, I’m always looking for the other shoes to drop that I never step out on my own strength. The worst thing for me in all my hopes and dreams is that with all the prepping, saving and hard work will possibly lead to falling short of my goal. This then spirals in a mental tug of war with hating my current situation and knowing I’m the only reason I’m here and the only person who can get me out of it. Trying to get yourself out of this dark hole I find other project that takes my mind off the real problem, I become complacent and I quit all things involved with getting me to my goal. This has to cease, just like forming the abs of my dreams even after all the healthy eating and repetitive workouts I can’t give up because I’m not seeing instant results. It’s about finding the problem, building a plan around it and seeing it through. We all develop at different paces as in life not every success story is the same or the blueprint to ours. We must take greatness of other as resources to fuel our own.

As I sent my boyfriend off to the next chapter of his life I’m declaring that it will be sending myself of next. Only you can get yourself to the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hate thinking can I please just have some ice cream?!

À la carte

27 Aug

Marni DIY (1)
I want to start by stating that I was under the impression that dating a photographer is that I would have a guaranteed person to snap my pics for Instagram & #OOTD posts. Meanwhile we fight more over creating concepts, blurry images and the angles he captured me from making me look stubby and fat than the nudes in my phone.

Although every time the end results is both pleasing and flattering.

One of my most savored and thinspired collection this ss14 season was the Marni collection. In case you don’t know what fashion critics mean when describing a collection as “smart” then Marni explained it all. These garments from that collection were hip, crisps and jubilant. The prints added cheer, the silhouette are contemporary and the cuts of the pants/shorts are brazen.

I salivated so much over this collection I had to do a DIY of one the polka dot short sleeve oxford. A ten dollar shirt from Target and paint from Walmart helped me create a pretty good interpretation of the simple but clever shirt. What make this shirt awesome is that it doesn’t have an expiration date I can wear it for as long as it fits.

I styled it with joggers from PacSun and of some crisp Jays. The rings has been a summer favorite being that I can’t stack bracelets like I usually do due to the beaming sun and farmer’s tan on my wrists.

Again, I hate getting dressed in the summer I can’t believe I was able to pull off this look in this weather.

Photography & Editing by: Theodolph Mason
Marni DIY (4)

Marni DIY (2)

Marni DIY (3)

Marni DIY (5)

Marni DIY (7)

Marni DIY (6)

Shirt: Merona Target $10 (paint & supplies Walmart $7)
Jogger: Bullhead PacSun $49.95
Sneaker: Air Jordan 6 Retro Foot Locker $170
Accessories: (rings Forever 21 and bracelet Micheal Kors)

Thinspiration: Stand & Watch

26 Aug

Dreaming of cooler weather; summer isn’t my favorite season by far! I love the fall & winter I’m thinner, more stylish and lighter.

Granted I sweat more in the summer which means more calories burned but I’m black and leathery than the entire Alexander Wang FW14 colection.

That’s why I love my “Thinspiration” posts very much, they keep me focused and ready for whats to come. I’m just standing in the shade and watching as Labor Day weekend approaches marking the end of Summer. Now I can began to plan my looks for fall/winter. With thinspo from Dries Van Noten, Kris Van Assche and Dior Homme fall/winter collections sported by the gaunt even darker than me male model Fernando Cabral.

Cabral silky evenly tanned skin is the perfect accessory to pull off every look styled by Mauricio Nardi and photographed by Johan Sandberg. Now I’m think my farmer’s tan may not be so bad.

This fall I really want to try fur and leather. I played with the notion of leather once last year and I kind of liked it but as I’m pushing myself to try new styles and aesthetics this shoot for Dapper Dan magazine “Stand & Watch” is a perfect start. Don’t know about the skirt/kilts but I’m ready for this 101 degree temperatures to drop. I’m so over wearing cut-offs and flipflops!







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