“Does Drooling Burn Calories?” MFW: No. 21

19 Jan

No. 21 FW2014

You know your outfit is good when you’re obviously disheveled, barely considered shoes and opting for a bean over combing your hair yet you still look well-groomed and refreshed.

Why get dress or even bother with omber, fur, prints, denim fitting and outfit styling next year when I could roll out the bed into Alessandro Dell’ACqua’s N° 21 (numero ventuno) fall/winter 2015 collection.

Here’s a wonderful world when business casual meets the classroom or relaxed workplace. Personally I am over denim! So this collection is right up my alley for flattering easy dressing. Slacks makes every guy butt look great, shows off my package very well and fits no matter the meal I’ve just had or skipped.

What is reshing and clean about this collection is how there is a sense of quirkiness that isn’t blatant or “Avant Garde” but more laid back and matured with the help of a serious color scheme and equal-sided tailoring. You can see how everything flows without being complex while still giving you fashion. The garments in this collection is great for making a smooth day of school, work or simply wandering in the city with other stylish friends. Another unisex collection that shapes’ will complement a man or woman. Sportswear is where it’s at, you can definitely see how the new generation of fashion consumers are influencing fashion with their on-the-go, go-with-the-flow style of dress.

Am I the only one who see how awesome but definitely comfortable those slides look?! Now to find some matching Woolrich socks to keep me from frostbite.

“Here’s Why I Haven’t Ate Since 2:30 P.M. Sunday.” MFW: Neil Barrett

19 Jan

Neil Barrett FW15

Sweatshirt are to winter as t-shirts are to summer; easy, practical and flattering.

Since viewing his first runway show I’ve been a glutton for Neil Barrett‘s eponymous collection. A magnificent genius of blending sportswear with superb tailoring making athletic clothing more versatile.

With athletic-wear for anytime wear very much on trend and another definitive style of the decade this collection is forks down one of the best this season. Utilitarian, contemporary and purely dapper. When I think of the word “sharp” to describe a look, article of clothing or collection it embodies all that one would think; on-point, concise and a standout.

This sleek collection is sharp with its wonderful pants that are almost like tights while others are the a la mode pleated tapered slack that pairs well with boots (did you look at the gorgeous boots stomping down the runway.) The outerwear is out-of-this-world with its boxy unified cuts, lush lavish befitting of the season textiles and utilitarian structure & apranadages. The sweater are without mention of their magnificence! The way some are layered between crewnecks with turtlenecks, the intertwin of sweaters with jackets and how last season’s lighting bolts are now just as popping stars all showcase how the collegiate look and athletic look make up the current look of menswear mode. Let us all just relish at every two-toned overcoat that floated down the runway.

This collection makes me happy and forget I haven’t ate since 2:30 pm yesterday!

“20 years later and not a pound gained!” MFW: Dsquared2

19 Jan

My ultimate thinspiration & style icons Dean and Dan Caten showed their latest menswear Dsquared2 collection at Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 celebrating the gaunt fashion twin duo’s 20 year anniversary of the launch of their brand.

Some fashion critics aren’t as impressed with the “retrospective” collection. However, I understand these fabulous men and know what guy whom their designs are focused. The great thing about Dsquared2 and their aesthetic is that throughout the years they have managed to reign true to the hot, boyish, canadian stylish man that is Dsquared2.

Forever perfectly executing the art putting on a great runway show, this show didn’t fail either. From mud to suds- this collection showed a western camper canadian outdoors guy who have grown from boy to man with chic continuously tailored evening wear. Accompanied by a magnificent set and always incorporating music into their shows, this time a performance by Mary J Blige. (Please disregard that horrible model that open the show.)

Though, I wouldn’t lie and say there is something new and refreshing to the collection, I do appreciate and understand how Dean & Dan took concepts and looks from previous legendary collections and re-presented with new form. Such as, the fringe, hat, boots and sequin embroidered tux shirts. However, my moment du jour is all the FUR (hats, coats and a bag)that worked in perfect harmony with the outdoorsy urban looks of buffalo plaid and beaded leather to refined high tapered low slung khakis, glitzy dress shirt and slim fitted denim. From the temperature of all the collection I’ve viewed this season fur is sure to be enormous for men next fall/winter. The intermix of western, camper and dandy are on scale with Dsquared2 perspective while ushering them into another decade of leading current young menswear.

Also, catch the well dressed/groomed slim twins interview with Business of Fashion’s Imran Amed as they talk twenty years from humble beginning to powerhouse brand even becoming restaurateurs. The irony of the fashionable eating.

“Wondering If Thin Is Still In…” LCM: Casely Hayford

17 Jan

Casely Hayford FW15
With all this cushy, enveloping draping and layering I’m seeing from the runway shows of London Collection Men Fall/Winter 2015 I’m questioning myself, if thin is really still in.

I love a sharp clean look cut close to my body. My motto: If it ain’t squeezing me it ain’t pleasing me! Although, I do enjoy layering and the occasion print, but we all get lazy in the winter therefore, it’s only natural to turn to garments that will hide all of our refrigerator sins.

The duo Casely Hayford fall/winter 2015 collection is a warm textured take on modern sportswear. Guys along with myself love piling on the clothes to stay warm but sometimes it’s hard to keep my sense of fashion in staying alive.

With bold prints and colors that are perfect to brighten up a dreary winter is a desirable match to long bulky coats and tiers of wool that will wake up any hibernating fashion sense laying dormant. I am really getting into changing up my look a bit by playing with shapes. Modern cool is all about the outerwear and this collection has it. Lets not overlook the exciting color of this collection who said uber bright pinks and oranges are just for warmer months. The ikat prints make this interesting and roots its fall/winter awareness.

I have a LARGE affinity for outerwear I want to be swath in the extended sweater, oversized bomber and vibrant topcoats all presented in this collection. A good coat with a monochromatic look is always a winner!

“When Being Hungry is Fulfilling.” LCM: Matthew Miller

17 Jan

Matthew Miller fw15
You ever finished eating something something so simply like an apple,cup of ice or leftover Mexican food from a bad weigh-in benge that it tasted so amazing that you wasn’t sure if you were just hungry or that apple was picked by Skinny-Jesus himself?

Well Matthew Miller’s fall/winter 2015 collection isn’t that. However, Matthew’s collection is impressive in its austere simplicity. Pared down to 22 looks including the 5 ladies that waked the catwalk as well, only three main hues; cream, wine and navy and a little fringe and crisp lines to make you really appreciate/see the gorgeousness of the simplicity.

Shirts, skirts and shoes are the stars of this Miller runway show. I love an androgynous collection and incase you haven’t opened a fashion magazine, watched a music video or looked at any red carpet events you’d know the androgyny appeal is all the rage no matter your background or taste.

This collection is a fav of the London Collection Men shows for me because this is another clean and true representation of fashion that will define this decade. The extended shirts with fringe are the right balances of provocative while still being quiet. It’s very rare that a collection can have some lux but understated textile, tailoring, hues and accessories all at the same time that still is very lucid and a standout.

This is so how I want my look to be next fall/winter. This is more to my personal style, I don’t mind trying new things and pushing boundaries but all in my own uncomplicated cinched comfort zone.

I’m raving over the full cream print number and the green & cream look. There are very few times when something so bare is all you need. Which is the key component along with construction and execution to creating or wearing unisex clothing as created by Matthew Miller.

BTW.. just send me all the shoes, size 9.5 US!

“Better Skinnier Than Never!” LCM: Joseph

17 Jan

Joseph FW15
I know, I know, I know, I’m 3 days late but it’s better skinnier than never! Or however the phrase goes. Meanwhile… before I clear my weekend schedule and kick off week two of my 14 day detox to delve into the live streams of Paris Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 I want to gush over this Joseph FW2015 collection from London Collection Men.

I am a guy that prefer the fit and tailoring of my clothing to be more slim and close to the body. I believe that a more fitted look is cleaner, streamline and will keep me in the gym! Although, this Joseph collection has me wavering and happens to be perfect for next Winter.

This collection is brilliant to me because it is oversized with a cozy sensibility to it however, not losing its sharpness with tailoring or drowned with too many oversized busy knits. This collection is a perfect collection for a guy who simply enjoy looking good and of course wants to stay warm. There are so many aesthetics I noticed while overlooking this collection; you have preppy with the sweaters, business casual with the color palate and a bit of modern easiness with the leather, knitted warm-up and fur fanny-packs. I fancy the zippers at the bottom of the pants, the structure of the coats and for obvious reason the paper bag like pants (very forgiving for the holiday eating season.)This is a collection that is exemplary of how the current style period is having an effect on what we may consider standards. There is no “concept” or homage to another decade or theme. Just great exactly tailored oversized clothing with a warm but masculine color scheme for men who love clothing made for TODAY.

“Sustaining Skinny:” My New Year’s Resolution.

5 Jan

Five days late but while you were out planning on doing it, I already did it- Happy New Year! My only resolution this year is to be consistent.

Not just in one thing but every facet of my life; faith, fitness and finances. I want to keep the momentum I vowed on the first day of the year to propel me throughout the year that will ultimately translate into being a better person and more successful at all my endeavors.

I could make a list of resolutions of trivial things that I want to change however, without consistency all those pseudo-goals will go in vain. I have been shaming myself and blaming all my shortcoming, missed opportunities and fails on procrastination. After pledging to excel pass that as last year’s resolution I realized procrastination wasn’t my problem or what was holding me back. Along with poor time management I fail to remain consistent once I’ve met a goal or seen results. I get things done and actually do all the things that come to my mind or “talk” about but I don’t do what it takes to maintain all the hard work and time I put into something. My inconsistency have left bridges uncrossed with friends & family, excess weight regained, sweats as my stationary uniform and budget forgone. Then, I’m back to being mentally and emotionally disheveled trying to find a starting place to get everything back on track.

To make a resolution and to be successful at upholding it is 100% being honest with yourself about your imperfections and weakness to pool your strengths. Only you know what you’re capable of therefore your plan for success should be foolproof. Life happens, that understandable but what are you doing to keep it from getting in the way of your aspirations? I’m beyond comparing myself to others, question my talents, wondering what if and limiting myself to circumstances. This time it’s all about doing the work so I can have everything I want.

We can’t break ourselves down into singular categories when we are so much more and it will take all of our being to plan and accomplish what it is we desire. I sometimes can be too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole: I become completely succumb in trying to figure out where I went wrong to get off track that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees; not realizing that it wasn’t something I done but something I didn’t continue to do.

No matter what keep at it; unless it’s eating, then give that up. Now that’s a real new year’s resolution.




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