23 May

It’s May, it’s 59 degrees and it’s raining, this is definitely the “Wrong Weather”!

I just knew I was going to be out enjoying the sun on my extended Memorial Day weekend. I planned to get some extra miles in this morning, snap some #ootd pics, hit up the yoga studio and even ride my bike. Not mention all of the other weekend activities I’ve been seeing flyers posted around town exclaiming about.

Like, what do you wear on a dreary chilly day like today? I can’t throw on a sweater, I mean it is the middle of may and I’m trying my best to stay away from sweats and workout gear as daytime attire.

The only other option is to head back to my room, crawl into bed and finish streaming season two of the 90’s X-Men cartoon series. Man, I really hate Instagram because now I feel bad that I’m in the house right now.

In my attempt to find thinspiration to make the most of this weather I happened upon this editorial for Wrong Weather online site featuring this season’s sports trend and stars a new face from Just Models, the Portuguese Judo athlete Celio Dias, who has recently been awarded with the gold medal at the Casablanca Open in the 90kg category.

Photographed by Frederico Martins and styled by Fernando B. Pereira, featuring pieces by Astrid Andersen, Damir Doma and CMMN SWDN for this season, which are available at Wrong Weather online store and also at Wrong Weather concept store in Porto.

If this man’s like rock skin tone and body don’t give you reason to bask in the sun, do some crunches or some shopping then you’ll forever be the boring butterball you are meant to be. If only I could flaunt my jock strap and diamonds like Dias (outfit idea!).

We all need a little motivation to not let our Saturday or 3-day weekend for that matter pass us by. If its nothing but getting dressed to lay across someone else’s couch other than yours or an impromptu fashionable trip to the laundry mat.

As for me, its officially pouring raining so X-Men cartoons in bed it is. Hopefully I’ll make it to the gym downstairs later so I can someday look superhuman with skin to match like Celio Dias.











Coconut Oil: Super Skinny Food!

21 May

Coconut Oil Benefits (1)
According to every beauty blogger, fashion magazine and my Twitter/YouTube feed Coconut oil is new ultimate “superfood.”

With its unique combination of fatty acids the one true superfood has been proven to have profound positive effects on skin, teeth, hair, dietary functions, cholesterol, blood circulation…but first and foremost WEIGHT LOSS!

I mean, duh why else would I be writing about a food if it can’t make me skinny?! Among the metabolism benefits it has many other great health and beauty gains that may be why you’ve seen it pop up in everything such as, natural moisturizers, soaps, hair shampoo & conditioner, teeth whiteners and don’t forget you can cook with it.

Though, Coconut oil can increase your metabolism, kill your hunger and help your heart & brain. I’m a fan and now a consistent user because of what it does for my skin after a shave as well as, how white it get my teeth as a brilliant antiseptic with it’s powerful disinfectant properties.

I prefer it in the liquid over the solid, it’s less of a waiting game for it to melt however, it’s messier.
Coconut Oil Benefits (1)
When Radha Beauty sent me over a bottle (16 fl oz. $16.89) of 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil I was beyond ready to try it and knew I would be satisfied because of the current items I purchase with coconut oil in it. Fellas, this is ideal to apply after a shave over your regular aftershave (it doesn’t burn), as well as you can use it as a shaving creme by applying a hot towel to your facial hair, saturating the hair in coconut oil, letting it sit then shaving it off. It leaves my skin fully hydrate and even. I’ve also been mixing it with my charcoal face scrub to keep my skin from drying out during my weekly facial overhauls.

This bottle of coconut oil has become my go to from stir-frying to massages. If I don’t use it straight from the bottle I mix in in everything like smoothies, lotions and mouthwash.
Coconut Oil Benefits (4)
This is a multi-purpose product that will boost your current products or replace them all together.
Coconut oil is great at helping with skin hydration and elasticity, defending the skin in aging, sunburn and scarring.

It doesn’t stain, non greasy and odorless. I am a fan of coconut oil in my hair because it helps with breakage, split ends and smelliness. If you’re a runner, dead lifter or squatter I suggest buying a scrub and adding the coconut oil to it. I found that applying it to my feet after a 10 miles run it heals blisters and cracked skin simply by apply to my hands or feet and covering in socks!

Oh, if you’re suffering from dry skin, facial blemishes or an all-nighter I suggest applying a more than generous amount to your face at night before bed and let your skin absorb it overnight. Just watch what happens!

Cooking! “Robert Geller SS/15 Collection.”

21 May

Robert Geller SS15

All I do is work, yoga class, work, run, work, weight myself and work! My new scheduled or lack there of hasn’t left me any room to play in my closet, online shop or make any trips to the mall.

My wardrobe or styling efforts has been a lot like my current eating habits- instant meals.

Not the chemically enhanced preservative laced heat and served sugar/carb laded lonely man meals. More so like, easy go-to quick and easy 30 minutes meals that really doesn’t take any effort and consist of things I’m more comfortable with executing. There is no room or time for exploration and taste-testing.

My off-work attire has been the same. On one hand it’s great to have a sense of style that is consistent and you know that works for your life, body, time and bank account. On the other hand, fashion is to be fun, exciting and should grow along with us.

Which brings me to Robert Geller’s spring/summer 2015 menswear collection.

I love menswear, I’m actually excited about this summer and all it has to bring from scantly clad ripped, glistening men to the sleek, streamlined stylishly dressed. Although, I want to participate in dressing up this summer I need a wardrobe that captures my personal style, that is somewhat cutting edge, easy to cultivate and allow for experimentation.

This Geller’s collection is just that! I can don every piece in it, add some of today’s trends such as; mesh, long-line tees and monochromatic grey scheme or just take pieces from the collection and blend it with the items already in my closet. I’m enthralled by the joggers, sweatshirts and prints, only thing I would add is some great shoes and may a pop of color here and there.

Even though, Robert Geller was called out on his one note casting being that he referenced a time period (the 60’s) that was the beginning of the civil rights moment however, his collection was nothing close to one note. Sticking with his eccentric but modern and tailored aesthetic of loose refined knits, this collection was one of my favorites of New York Fashion Week. The most savored part of this collection is his “white noise” prints that was shown in cropped pants, well tailored bomber-like short-sleeved shirts and blazers. The hats are really the only “on-the-nose” 60’s references apart from the fit of the pants and boxy tops. A very contemporary collection that is cool but refined by it’s execution.

I enjoy being ‘thinspired’ to play experiment in my closet, it helps me expand my taste, take risque and get out whatever fashion plateau I may be currently in. Just leer over this collect and see does Geller’s approach to summer easy get you in the mood to cook up something new in your closet!

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 15

12 May

Would you believe me it I told you I was doing this post from my bed in my underwear on a Tuesday afternoon? Good, because I don’t believe it myself! Today is my day off to which I don’t get many of because even when I’m off my 9-5 I’m still working. One important thing I currently working on is my fitness.

For the last 8 days I’ve been running 5-10 miles a day followed my a 75 min hot yoga class and end with ab& chest calisthenics. I’ve given up cheese & chips an with a pinched shoulder nerve and flat out tired I really don’t want to do anything today.

Although, I know I will hate myself when I’m not at my fitness goal at the end of the month. The only way to get where you want to be in life is to simply move forward and sometimes it may take a little push from someone else.

Thanks to these in fine feather and defines men of “Junk Food Journals:” Entry 15 I have a replenished desire to get up and go for a run in this amazing weather. Going through these guys’ Instagram I seen where they have and are still doing a complete overhaul of there figure. What is thinspiring me the most is how they keep the motivation to maintain.

We all fall flat of our fitness goal once we get to where we want to be and months later we are back at square one. Here’s you chance to devour all these men have to offer on how to build your dream body and keep it and continue to make it better.

Cameron Spells (1)

Cameron Spells (3)

Cameron Spells (2)
I’m Cameron Spells (IG: @ME_Cambam_), a twenty year old gym rat from Indianapolis Indiana. My dedication to health and fitness began when I looked in the mirror and realized that I was unhappy with myself. Although, perfection itself is impossible, working hard to get there sure makes a hell of a difference.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds Can Not change anything” –George Bernard Shaw

Workout Philosophy: I am a firm believer that overall health is created with a consistent balance of exercise and diet. “Eat Clean, Train Dirty.”

Breakfast: I have four eggs, oatmeal with strawberries, granola, and peanut butter toast with honey.

Lunch: My largest portion of the day. I’d have baked chicken, brown rice, asparagus and broccoli, along with my protein shake.

Dinner: Is always light for me. I’d have a tomato cucumber salad with salmon, and served with an olive oil vinegar dressing.

Cheat Day: Me sitting at home on the couch watching movies and having pizza and hot-wings.

Let’s face it diets are difficult. However over the years I have learned to substitute some of my favorite things with healthier options. For instance, instead of having chips and dip, I like to have apple slices with peanut butter dip.

Problem Area: My abs, I’ve always wanted to have a high V-cut so that’s a constant point of interest during my workouts.

Key to Discipline: “Consistent coaching builds habits.” Never settle for good, always strive for greatness. Once that is achieved, everyday will be better than the last.

Workout Routine: All of my workouts are done in volumes

  • 2 warm up sets.
  • 5 working sets.
  • Ending with a drop set.

Increasing the weight every set keeps your body from adjusting to the workout. This is done 4 days a week, and the 5th day is dedicated solely to cardio and toning.

Sleepingsatyr (1)

Sleepingsatyr (2)

Sleepingsatyr (3)
Isaac is my name (IG: @sleepingsatyr) and I am a white-collar millennial by day and a vegan Shaman by night. I’ve been a practicing vegan for over 3 years now and veganism to me is like magic. It can make your body physically stronger, healthier, more beautiful and resilient. It can give you mental clarity and emotional stability. Spiritually, it can even connect you to a world unseen by most.

Workout Philosophy: Every aspect of your life (physical fitness included) begins and ends with what you put into your mouth and digest. If your food is pure, your body, heart, soul and intentions are pure as well–you are pure.

Breakfast: A tall glass of water. Scrambled tofu, toast, and fresh fruit.

Lunch: A tall glass of water. Avocado and tomato sandwich.

Dinner: A tall glass of water. Black lentils and garlic kale.

Cheat Day: Vegan pizza and chocolate cake.

Diet Trick: Eat as much as you want for breakfast, but only a little for dinner. You will be able to burn off the breakfast calories throughout the day.

Problem Area: I have to pay special attention to my lower body in order to get the results I crave. It’s literally a fight against my genetics, but the solution is to be persistent and to set goals for my problem areas.

Key to Discipline: Imagine your body is a super dope luxury car. You have 3 gasoline (food) options regular, premium, and supreme. While supreme is more expensive, overall it is a lot better for your car than regular gas. You have to see your food as either high quality “supreme” or cheap unleaded gas. Ask yourself, are you really going to put unleaded gas into your Lamborghini?

Workout Routine: Sunday: arms and shoulders, Tuesday: arms, chest and back, Thursday: thighs and butt, Friday: legs.

Tevin Hercules
My name is Tevin Hercules IG: @iamhercules_ (Yes, that is my real last name!) I’m a recent Psychology graduate, heading to graduate school to study Mental Health Counseling. I live and breathe fitness.

Workout philosophy: If you want it bad enough, you’ll find away. If not, you’ll find excuses.

Breakfast: Egg white omelette (combo of veggies) whole wheat toast, oatmeal, Fruit smoothie. Big cereal guy.

Lunch: Basmati rice, Turkey breast, or chicken breast. Baked salmon. Salad always. I love a good peanut butter smoothie!

Snack: Protein bars; Special K, Pure Protein, Quest. I love nuts too.

Dinner: Pasta or Basmati rice, some form of grilled meat or fish (Grilled Shrimp, chicken or even turkey again)

Cheat Day: Ice cream, Chinese, and pizza.

Diet Trick: It isn’t really a trick, but everyone must do cardio.

Problem Area: Biceps. But they’re finally growing.

Key to Discipline: Consistency is key. Just keep swimming. Also, always be willing to learn, because you don’t know everything.

Workout Routine:
Monday: HIIT day (Cardio & abs.)
Tuesday: Rest.
Wednesday: Biceps and upper back.
Thursday: HIIT day (Cardio & abs.)
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Legs, & lower back.
Sunday: Chest, triceps, & shoulders.

Eatable Skin!

9 May

Evian Facial Spray
Every now and again we all need a quick refresh to get back on track to rid ourselves of all the crappy things we partook in on our journey to clean and clear skin-town located right outside svelte village.

This summer are our bodies are to be beach ready and should our skin. In order to pull of these crop-tops, transparent shirt and short shorts our skin have to be just as toned & even as our glutes & biceps.

But with dust, smog and global warming that will be a feat that isn’t beyond your medicine cabinet. Not to mention adding skincare into our work, social and gym schedule is daunting enough. Excluding being outright lazy we have a lot working against our epidermis this season.

Take this afternoon for example, its Saturday; I have to work, run some errands (fit in a haircut) and of course get a workout in if I want to be in slim shape for Saturday night’s festivities. With my always “on-the-go” attitude I rarely have time to stop and repeat my entire morning or nightly facial regime.

If you’ve been following me long enough you should know and come to rely on the fact that I’m always seeking out clean skin alternative for the fellas even if its targeted towards women. Women have all the easy fixes for their skin however,the ultimate unisex skincare remedy for men and women is water. Water hydrates, clean and protects our skin.

It’s been proven this water control our calories, energize our muscles and help our kidneys. Water is the real super-food, if you can call it a food (I know I do).

Albeit, as strong and versatile water it’s just as powerful for fighting dehydration, aging and acne on our skin. Rather you’re having a long day, can’t stop at home to freshen up or need a quick grooming prep after the gym just as convenient water in a bottle has been to us, them same applies for water in a can.

I received a can of Evian Facial Spray (5 fl.oz. $12.50) from the company originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients. It was the first facial water spray in France and was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978. Because of the current world-wide awareness of the Evian brand name, and the 36 year efforts of the USA exclusive distributor (The Wilkes Group Inc. in Old Lyme, CT), Evian is the only facial spray to be carried by many prestige retail groups including Nordstrom and Sephora. It is also offered in common places like Walgreens, Wal-Mart and

Predominantly known to refresh and revitalize women’s makeup, I found this to be an awesome midday treatment for me too!

The ph neutral spray works on all skin types to moisturize, hydrate and tone the skin for that extra boost of healthy radiant skin to help you make it the second half of the day.

You can put it in your gym bag, desk or overnight knapsack for instant results. Apart from simply refreshing the skin I found this spray to help restore my pH balance, control my oily skin, help continue to moisturize and prevent ingrown hairs. All it contains is water! I wouldn’t recommend this being your only source of skincare but it sure will aid in skincare needs.

I would say this product is for the guy who care about his skin but just haven’t the time in his schedule and its perfect for summer as an instant cool down.

Skin so instantly supple and juicy its bite worthy!

Thinspiration: X featuring Adonis Basso

7 May

X by Idris & Tony (1)

We all need thinspiration from somewhere and sometimes that can include a beautiful model Adonis Basso, high end fashions and our own history.

Thinspired by Malcolm X civil rights activists of the 50-60’s this spread in Veoir magazine tittle “X” is strong, poignant and simply gorgeous.

There is so much strength in these images that I can’t help but want to set out today and accomplish all that my heart desires. Sometimes I feel like I have to skip something to accomplish something else. However, it shouldn’t be that way. We can look great, have great success at work, give back and live an exciting life. Its all about our dedication to our dreams.

What is magnificent about these images shot by Idris & Tony and styled by Kareem James is the skin! Aside from how well current menswear fashions are used to capture the events of yesteryear. These images absolutely make me love my black skin! The skin in these photos had a little help with grooming from Micheal Anthony using Maroccan Oil.

We can have everything we want if we simple plan and commit, for instance great skin. Great skin comes from a healthy diet, that will not only correct your skin from the inside out but shrink your mid-section, and being consistent with your facial wash, exfoliate, toner and moisturizing regime.

Mapping out what is that you want and setting out to achieve it is very possible and they only person halting up is yourself.

If your able to think you’re able to do it. Plan, Organize and Commit!
X by Idris & Tony (3)

X by Idris & Tony (4)

X by Idris & Tony (5)

X by Idris & Tony (6)

X by Idris & Tony (7)

X by Idris & Tony (8)

X by Idris & Tony (9)

X by Idris & Tony (10)

X by Idris & Tony (11)

X by Idris & Tony (12)

X by Idris & Tony (13)

À la carte

7 May

NewStudio Kitch_018

Today a fellow blogger asked me for advice on having a successful site. I honestly didn’t know how to answer that question, only because I don’t think I’m successful at it yet. My mantra to this whole writing and lifestyle business is that I’m only as good as my last post.

Today’s society and its ever fledgling morale towards success is fueled by the “Next Big Thing.” With all of us in constant competition with one another and taxing ourselves by someone else’s personal struggle or success we aren’t able to leave our own fingerprint on the world.

The only way I can answer that question is that true success is measured by the goals you set, how effectively and smart you go about achieving them and how consistent you are at maintaining said accomplishments. You are the king, captain and chief of your own level of success.

No matter how superficial or genuine your aspirations in life are you can have it all as long as you are ready to sacrifice and put in the work to achieve them. It may take a while and results may not be instant but remember the Rock didn’t get ripped in a day.

Meanwhile…about today’s look! It’s spring here in Kansas which means, rain, wind and tornadoes- I love it! I can wear my favorite outerwear pieces and some of my most scantly clad workout attire. I’ve had this raincoat for about a year from Liz Claiborne originally $125 I got it for $65, its a perfect spring necessity. It’s light weight, has many pockets and cinch in at the waist! Today I wanted to done a crop top however, it’s was a bit windy so I paired this Hanes sweatshirt I cut up for yoga class with an oxford. The boots sealed the look, helping me stay on trend with fashion and the weather.

Photographed by: Theodolph Mason
NewStudio Kitch_010

NewStudio Kitch_025

NewStudio Kitch_016

NewStudio Kitch_033

NewStudio Kitch_037

NewStudio Kitch_042

NewStudio Kitch_049

NewStudio Kitch_057

NewStudio Kitch_047

Crop Sweatshirt: Hanes (cut up by moi)
Oxford: Hollister Co. $29
Rain Coat: Liz Claiborne $65
Denim: 511′s Levi’s $35
Boots: $99
Accessorizes: (rings Forever 21 bracelet Dillard’s)


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