Thinspiration: Adonis Bosso for Hello Mr. Magazine

21 Mar

Hello Mr. Magazine (1)

What the F! do you wear when you don’t even know what time of year it is??? The calendar shows that it’s spring however, It still looks like Winter. When I left the house this morning for my run it was winter, by lunch fall and now as I’m looking through my closet for something to wear tonight- it 70 degrees!

I’m not complaining too much because I don’t think I’m body ready for spring noways.

If where you stay the weather is only thinspiring sweats and a cheat day then DON’T! To keep your Saturday productive fashion photographer David Urbanke captures the court side story for Hello Mr. magazine with model Adonis Bosso from DNA Models. In charge of the eye-catching styling was Anthony Pedraza. Hair styling was handled by Janice Latore, while the makeup was work of makeup artist Jarius LaMont.

Being stylish is about being prepared, being fit is about being prepared. Don’t let the weather ruin your mood, wardrobe or workout schedule. Hopefully this spread will not only make you want to get dressed to do some spring garment shopping but to keep svelte as Mr. Adonis Bosso himself. Use this Saturday to spring clean your closet to make room for new menswear, meal prep for the upcoming week, and map out your target points/workout schedule for the next seven days as well.

You’re welcome!

Hello Mr. Magazine (2)

Hello Mr. Magazine (3)

Hello Mr. Magazine (4)

Hello Mr. Magazine (5)

Hello Mr. Magazine (6)

Hello Mr. Magazine (7)

Hello Mr. Magazine (8)

Dinning w/ Friends. “The Visionary Issue.”

17 Mar


While you were overeating and postponing your “get back in the gym” date I had the extreme pleasure to be interview by Editor-in-Chief & creator of R. Legacy magazine Kedrick Walker.

For those whom been with the site since the first weigh-in or just joining my workout this article is the perfect first course to who I am, what this site is about and what is my goal for the future of Anorexic Escapades to continue to ‘thinspire’.

I am beyond honored to even be consider to be apart of this “Visionary Issue” among some uber dope, stylish and extremely slim young people who are blazing a trail in business, fashion, art and music.

It’s incredible when other people you are awed by see your vision. I root for everyone because I know how tough and alone the journey to “success” (or whatever that means) can be, as well as we are our own worst enemy. Therefore, when great people root me on I have more energy to press on.

Here’s to looking forward and never settling for the finish-line.

Visionary / vi·sion·ar·y / 1. a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

The Visionary Issue of R.LEGACY is covered by the beautiful and multi-talented, Maad*Moiselle. The issue will also include other visionaries such as The No Names, YoAstrum, Amado of Rhythm Addict and Antwaun Sargent.

-Kedrick Walker editor in chief.

Check out my feature in their live magazine here.

Images by Theodolph Mason





À la carte

13 Mar


“Nothing in life is easy but I dictate how difficult it can be.”

As much as we plan, hope for the best and leave our home with the most positive intention of success that day, howbeit making smart eating choices, completing the to-do list or squeezing in a workout after a long day our plans can easily take a turn for the jelly-belly. I always want to make today better than yesterday however, sometimes it seems as though the universe isn’t on the same workout plan as me. That’s why it important for me to hold myself accountable for my mishaps as much as I revel in my triumphs. No matter how distress, tough or fridget your circumstances you must keep your presence strong and press on.

Putting things off, making excuses and blaming others only leaves me with the unnecessary weight gain. Toughen up and do whatever you have to do to get to your goal!

Photographed by: Theodolph Mason











Camel Coat: Stafford JC Penny $78.75
Hoodie: Target Hanes $9.99
Extended Sweatshirt: PacSun Yeezus Tour $39.50
Denim: Levi’s 511 Dillard’s $39.99 (distressed by myself)
Ankle Strap Boots: Zara $129.99
Accessories: (necklace/bracelet Kenneth Cole Reaction, cuff Micheal Kors and ring BCBG)

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 14

9 Mar

Because today is another chance to get it right, I’m recommitting myself back to my health, fitness and overall thin journey.

I must admit that these pass few days I haven’t been the best me possible when it comes to being discipline toward my fitness goals. With moving, starting a new job and taking on a new side project all in a two week time-span I have been neglecting my workout routine, eating rather crappy and waking up late resulting in me skipping yoga class. To top it all off a guy came into my job today with the tiniest waist and most broad shoulders that made me want to run 50 miles and eat a pound of laxatives!

I know life may throw things our way that can get us all mixed up, however our first reaction shouldn’t be to quit something in the hope of catching up on something else. That will only stray us off course even further.

That’s why today I need this dose of thinspiration more than anyone. I’ve been waking up late extremely tired and I’m not happy with my midsection nor my active performance thus far for the month of March. Summer is one snow melt away and this year I want to be at my physical peak.

“Junk Food Journals” entry 14 are of three gorgeous, determined and chestastic men whom have taken accountability, set goals and are transparent with themselves in carving out their desired bodies.

Being healthy and having healthy life is all about juggling to avoid the jiggle. Just let one thing become your life simply make it apart of your life.

“In order to have an extraordinary body you do extraordinary workouts.” -James Hatchel

James Hatchel (1)

James Hatchel (2)

I’m James Hatchel (IG: @jamesgoefit3) 30 years old, been a vegan for two years, and a former national level bodybuilder. During my fitness journey I have been 265 pounds at 14 percent body fat and 195 at 8 percent body fat. I believe you can have the body you want if you are willing to do what it takes to get it.

Philosophy: in order to have an extraordinary body you do extraordinary workouts.

Breakfast: Tofu or tempeh, green smoothie- spinach, carrots, mushroom, lemon juice, and almonds.

Lunch: Seitan (wheat gluten meat), broccoli and almonds.

Dinner: Ground pea protein meat, kale smoothie and almonds.

Cheat day: Cream of wheat, donuts, cake and pizza.

Diet trick: The only trick is staying consistent long enough to see results; reduction in meat intake will drop your fat intake enough for the average person to lose weight with that one change.

Key to discipline: The key to discipline is having a reason so strong that you can make the sacrifices necessary to accomplish the task.

Workout Routine: Sunday legs, Monday shoulders, Tuesday chest, Wednesday legs, Thursday arms, Friday back.

Tevin (1)

Tevin (2)
I’m Tevin (IG: @Monsteration), a 23 year old artist based out of Virginia Beach, VA. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons because they allow me to enjoy outdoor activities. I hate being cooped in the house. I have a high appreciation for the arts, technology, and FOOD.

Workout Philosophy: I hate to blame my zodiac sign but as a Leo, we pride ourselves on looking our best. In order to look and feel good, I have to eat well and workout. Plain and simple.

Breakfast: Oatmeal + 2 boiled eggs + Green tea.

Lunch: Quinoa w/ brown rice blend. Baked chicken or fish and broccoli. To shift the vegetable variety, I’ll steam carrots.

Dinner: A normal dinner will consist of a grain, vegetable, and protein..similar to lunch. The difference between lunch and dinner is adding a protein shake.

Cheat Day: Chic-Fil-A Spicy Chicken meal!

Diet Trick: Since I cannot give up my honey bun addiction, I’ve created a reward system for myself. If I work out at least 4 times a week then I can have 1 jumbo honey bun.

Problem Area: My lower back. I’ve recently started using TRX equipment to assist with building back definition.

Key to Discipline: My key to discipline is envisioning my goal; once I’ve locked-in my focus, I can’t be stopped.

Workout Routine: I have a 5 day routine which focuses on a different muscle group each day; however, cardio is cohesive throughout. I didn’t that cardio was that important until I began see true results.

Ramon Arraiga (1)

Ramon Arraiga (3)

Ramon Arraiga (2)
I Ramon Arraiga (IG: @Rai_arriaga_) a happy easy going guy, that likes to live my life in my truth. In my life I have learned that it’s only me that can create my happy ending.

Workout Philosophy: My workout philosophy in the beginning was to show someone from my past what they were going to be missing. Then, working out became more of an addiction, and I started going to the gym for ME. It became my therapy when I was stressed, and it has made me a mentally and physically healthy human-being.

Breakfast: I switch it up with what I eat. Sometime I eat eggs with fruit, Cheerios with almond milk and a banana on the side or oatmeal with strawberries or blueberries. I always have a glass of orange juice with everything.

Lunch: For lunch I stay away from beef and pork. I have taken beef and pork out of my diet all together. When I do eat meet I make sure its Turkey, Chicken or fish with some type of vegetables. I never eat fried foods and I make sure that I make my own lunch during the work week Monday-Friday.

Dinner: I eat a salad for dinner usually with turkey or chicken. I have found eating light for dinner before bed is best for me and it helps me sleep better. I try my best to not eat after 6pm. If I do eat after that time it will always be fruit or vegetables.

Cheat day: Being completely honest, I will admit that everyday is my cheat day. When I make my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s with things that are going to satisfy my taste buds so that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself.

Diet trick: My diet trick would be to drink lots of water. I don’t take any supplements or protein to help me in any kind of way. I have tried these things but I didn’t like how big I got. So I have decided to do things the natural way.

Problem area: My problem area would be my stomach. I cant seem to get that six pack of my dreams. Although, I have learned to become more patient with my problem area.

Key to Discipline: This may come of a little conceited or sidity. My key to discipline is that I want to look good in my clothes. I want to be able to wear my favorite shit or jeans from 3 years ago without it being too small, because I gained weight. Even though I’m in a large shirt now because of the muscle I have gained.

Workout Routine: My workout routine consist of me lift weights 3 times a week and boxing 3 times a week. Also, I try to do yoga every night before bed.

À la carte: Day Five #5days5guys1item

8 Mar

Yoga & Errands (1)

While everyone’s out enjoying Sunday funday, I’m trying to take advantage of this sunny Sunday, get skinny and complete my to-to list before “The Good Wife” comes on. The final day of the #5guys5days1item style challenge and my patent leather and pony hair oxfords from Zara has literally taken me everywhere, from the office, to coffee, a ride around the city and now yoga class.

This morning I almost forgot I had one more day to pair these shoes with a look, just so happened I was all dressed for my 8:30 a.m. yoga class and before I hit the door I kicked off my Nike’s and stepped into these. Voilà, they actually don’t look all that bad with sweats and a tee. Luckily you don’t need shoes during yoga. Up next… time to wash my car!

This was an awesome week of fashion for me I got to play in my closet, commit to a look and had the pleasured to be inspired by some amazingly fashionable men. Though, some couldn’t full participate due to launching a magazine and inclement weather I really appreciate Roberto Johnson (@itsrobertojohnson) -outerwear & Askia B (@askiaabdull) -pants for committing to my challenge despite their busy scheduled. I can’t wait for the next challenge.

Review all five looks, follow me(@bougiehippie) on Instagram as I put some more miles on these oxfords along with the other four men participating in the #5days5guys1item challenge.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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Yoga & Errands (6)

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Hooded Cape: Zara $90.76
Denim Shirt: JCP (children section) $14
Extended Tee: Urban Outfitters $29.99
Training Pants: Dick’s Sporting Goods Adidas $21.99
Shoes: Zara $129
Accessories: (watch Samsung Gear Live, nail bracelet Giles & Brother and necklace Aldo)

À la carte: Day Four #5days5guys1item

8 Mar

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Two days late on day four of #5day5guys1item style challenge yet I’m still committed to donning these singular pair of shoes. These oxfords go with absolutely everything, not to mention it has become rather (no completely, I mean I’m still me) easy getting dressed not having to find a shoe to go with every look. I didn’t get home till late last night so before I went up to my apartment I snapped a few shots in the hallway.

These shoes are the perfect blend of dressy, casual with a hint of personality.Every guy needs a statement shoe that will instantly clean up his look.

Catch up on all my recent looks, follow me(@bougiehippie) on Instagram as I put some more miles on these oxfords along with the other four men participating in the #5days5guys1item challenge.

The Guys:
Antonio Guerrero (@thestylewarrior_) Shirt.
Kedrick Walker (@rockedfeller) Accessory.
Roberto Johnson (@itsrobertojohnson) Outerwear.
Askia B (@askiaabdull) Pants.

Hallway  (3)

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Hallway  (4)

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Hallway  (6)

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Wide-Brim Fedora: Target $16.99
Sweater: Mossimo Supply Co Target $29.99
Extended Tee: Urban Outfitters $29.99
Camel Coat: Stafford JCP $78.75
Denim: 511′s Levi’s Dillard’s $39.99
Shoes: Zara $129
Accessories: (BCBG & Aldo)

À la carte: Day Three #5days5guys1item

5 Mar

Expresso (1)

Day three of #5day5guys1item style challenge and I’m convinced that if I get committed to my new workout as I am about wearing these shoes everywhere for every occasion I just may reach my goal weight before this everlasting snow melts!

I’m really having fun with this challenge it’s pushing me to explore my closet, organize my day more according to get these posts done along with my other daily goals, and help show people that it’s not about quantity is about quality… who am I kidding size & scale always matter. BUT it’s also about creativity and commitment.

Most mornings when I run errands before work I would normally just head out in my workout gear but of course this morning I ditched the running shoes for my Zara oxfords. Today I wanted to go with my natural aesthetic of active-wear yet cleaned up.

These grey Arizona joggers match perfectly with this Hanes hoody, I added a kaftan and leather jacket to help blend the oxfords better. To celebrate my “active-city-chic” look I stopped at the coffee shop Espresso to GO GO downstairs below my apartment and treated myself to their delicious thunderbolt latte. I’m overly pleased with today’s look.

If you missed my last two looks follow me(@bougiehippie) on Instagram as I put some more miles on these oxfords along with the other four men participating in the #5days5guys1item challenge.

The Guys:
Antonio Guerrero (@thestylewarrior_) Shirt.
Kedrick Walker (@rockedfeller) Accessory.
Roberto Johnson (@itsrobertojohnson) Outerwear.
Askia B (@askiaabdull) Pants.

Expresso (2)

Expresso (4)

Expresso (3)

Expresso (5)

Moto Jacket: TopMan $144
Hoodie: Target Hanes $9.99
Kaftan: Zara $59.90
Joggers: JCP Arizona $19.99
Shoes: Zara $129


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