“Getting back to ME! 2.0″

28 Jan


There’s no other diluted, delusional, renewed outlook on life mantra I have great disdain for other than the “going back to the old me” many mentally and emotionally stuck referrer to when looking for answers after an unsatisfactory chain of events.

I, like many of you get off track, loose focus or could have handle some situations better that have me questioning the person I’ve become. When I’m going through confusing or overwhelming current life happenings of course the past looks simpler and easier than things are now.

Nevertheless, this backwards way of thinking is the reason why many can’t find direction in life, chase unrealistic dreams and can’t seem to successfully deal with conflict or disappointment because they are still hiding from their mediocrity behind a wall of lies they’ve built as to why their past self was so “great.”

I’ve noticed that some people first response or resolution to dealing with a current life hurdle is to proclaim to go to/get back to the old “me” because somehow the person they have grown pass will better help them deal with the present.

I get it, people will try to hoodwink, bamboozle, run-a-muck or simply piss you off. However, in what parallel university will it be a forward move for you to set a goal of self-growth based on things/experiences you’ve already done, poorly? We should always be aiming to become better in general.

Worry less about who you use to be or how you would’ve dealt with people “if this was two years ago” but more so on using your current situation to reevaluate yourself to restructure a way of thinking and execution to propel you into a better you.

Pain, angst and disappointment is temporary that’s why the body forgets it so easily, also why we have a tendency to romanticize past life events as we look back trying to recapture those great moments of late night early morning past. Not realizing those great moments came with some tough times and bad mistake themselves.

Let’s take why you’re fat for example (YES, we are here again, it’s always about your gut) right now you’re annoyed with your current size, don’t know where to start on a fitness journey and as you look over pictures from high school or before the kids you realized you were rather stealth. The first inclining your delusional self-conscious tells you… man I need to get back to that body. Yes, you look slim in those pics, was in the gym 5 days a week and as you look down at your gut that person in the pictures seems to be a sexier livelier you.

However, if you go back mentally to that time of picture perfect physique you’ll your remember you HATED your body then. As well as, you didn’t have a job, family, relationship and a crammed schedule that kept you from the gym, eating crappy meals to save time and relationship issues that kept you up at night in the Krispy Kreme drive-thru. Even how you interact with people, looking for a career, or simply trying to find motivation to create purpose for your life, going back to a ghost of a person that didn’t have it all together in first place, hence the reason you’re at this personality crossroads isn’t a progressive solution but one that will forever keep you stuck.

Yes, you have many great qualities that you may have let go unused but, going forward shouldn’t require or inspire you to go back. Take all the great and horrible things from your past to map out a plan to get you out of your current rut and use your goal to build a better you with the motivation it will take to use that plan to execute your dreams.

Don’t be that old drunk that always reminiscing about what they use to have or what they use to be. Always be pushing forward take all you life happenings and let the be a point of reference of things you need to work, elevated to leave behind. Dwelling on the past albeit good or bad will not help your present or help you arrive at a progressive future. Whatever you want to fix or get a handle on in your life (physical, emotional, career, financially or relationship wise) isn’t about chasing a dream of delusional years past but creating a new you.

Be the YOU right now– 2.0!

“I Wish Prefecting My Abs Were This Easy” PFW: AMI

27 Jan


AMI means “friend” in french but now on his second runway show Alexandre Mattiussi is positioning himself to be other designers enemy with his breakout standout collections. What make AMI awesome every season is that he make fashion for a “man” that merely like to look nice. Nothing risque but nothing boring. If you haven’t noticed I’m always looking for a collection/designer that is representative of the decade.

The full-length coat is a staple with all men right now, tapered/cropped denim is a favorite winter & spring and boots will never go away. The pants are cool with the relaxed but thoughtful cuts, nothing too tight but room enough for practicality while still being dope. I enjoying dressing to the nines like any other fashion enthusiast I have a closet full of suits and slacks to prove it but I always go for what effortless and straightforward.

The mix of athletic-wear of sweats and sneaker with dress coats and turtlenecks are ideal for me and easy to do. Here you can see Mattiussi made an easy collection but definitely military inspired with the aviator coat, the hunter green hue infused throughout and obviously the shearling collars. I want all the pants even the acid wash cropped denim and culottes, the tops are a wearable balance between street-chic and dressy. This collection have so many keen elements that is great for winter, men and fashion. This period in fashion is all about effortless dressy and here is another collection that not only thinspire my personal aesthetic and future shopping purchases but will be a great reference for the decade.

AMI has everything a guy into fashion or not will gush over, nothing that has to grow on you or requires restyling just a well curated collection. I wish getting through my crunches were as weasy.

“What I’m Wearing to Fat’s Funeral.” PFW: Thom Browne

26 Jan

Thom Browne FW15

I have never been more excited to lose this winter weight until viewing this Thom Browne collection. I’m ready to murder these daily goals on my Google Fit, mascara these yoga classed and bury these love handles. Although, I won’t be in mourning like the beautiful themes of this dark dapper show but to celebrate the skinny.

Thom Browne is an American couturier (in my opinion). His approach to fashion is business minded clothing, architecture structure tailoring and graphic novel whimsical. He has a way with fabric that not only challenge your idea of the business suit but taste level. To some these items may seem over-the-top but simply viewing the blazers and overcoats, I’m totally ready for an all black moment. I’m really not a fan of black but the paring with the blue is awesome so, I’m wavering.

This collection is art and a well written novel at it’s best, Browne deserves all the accolades he has been receiving. Are you taking in those hat/veils and the bare legs!? An exact rendering of the futuristic dandy.

I am overly enjoying the androgyny play on menswear mixed with women’s wear (the fur, the bag and the long dress like overcoat). There aren’t nary a textile unused, the detailing is theatrical and delicate but the tailoring is strong and structural. An overall magnificent collection that is crafted well, showcase great imagery, all the while sexy yet a bit morose.

“Bare Bones.” PFW: Paul Smith

26 Jan

Paul Smith FW14

I’m a simple man. All I want to be is skinny or just look it. Thank you Paul Smith for understanding my meager wants in such a gigantic (silhouette-wise) collection.

I normally expect an kitschy feel of bright colors and some fun three-dimensional textiles in 60’s cuts from Paul Smith however, this collection during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 was a tone down geometric swollen natural hued show.

The cuts are very generous and how the pants gallop down the runway are perfect for pulling off the oversized look. This time pulling from the 80’s with the cube ombre color-blocking and shoulder pads this almost nomadic collection covered in fur is refined and laid back. The sweaters are my favorite and of course I love me a full length coat, even the puffer coats.

I consider this collection a great way to tame a rather “cozy” collection of easy layers, roomy coats and coarse colors making is chic. This is a collection you can mix with denim and sneakers to give your dressy look a bit more ease or your relax look a bit more sophistication.

“Does Drooling Burn Calories?” MFW: No. 21

19 Jan

No. 21 FW2014

You know your outfit is good when you’re obviously disheveled, barely considered shoes and opting for a bean over combing your hair yet you still look well-groomed and refreshed.

Why get dress or even bother with omber, fur, prints, denim fitting and outfit styling next year when I could roll out the bed into Alessandro Dell’ACqua’s N° 21 (numero ventuno) fall/winter 2015 collection.

Here’s a wonderful world when business casual meets the classroom or relaxed workplace. Personally I am over denim! So this collection is right up my alley for flattering easy dressing. Slacks makes every guy butt look great, shows off my package very well and fits no matter the meal I’ve just had or skipped.

What is reshing and clean about this collection is how there is a sense of quirkiness that isn’t blatant or “Avant Garde” but more laid back and matured with the help of a serious color scheme and equal-sided tailoring. You can see how everything flows without being complex while still giving you fashion. The garments in this collection is great for making a smooth day of school, work or simply wandering in the city with other stylish friends. Another unisex collection that shapes’ will complement a man or woman. Sportswear is where it’s at, you can definitely see how the new generation of fashion consumers are influencing fashion with their on-the-go, go-with-the-flow style of dress.

Am I the only one who see how awesome but definitely comfortable those slides look?! Now to find some matching Woolrich socks to keep me from frostbite.

“Here’s Why I Haven’t Ate Since 2:30 P.M. Sunday.” MFW: Neil Barrett

19 Jan

Neil Barrett FW15

Sweatshirt are to winter as t-shirts are to summer; easy, practical and flattering.

Since viewing his first runway show I’ve been a glutton for Neil Barrett‘s eponymous collection. A magnificent genius of blending sportswear with superb tailoring making athletic clothing more versatile.

With athletic-wear for anytime wear very much on trend and another definitive style of the decade this collection is forks down one of the best this season. Utilitarian, contemporary and purely dapper. When I think of the word “sharp” to describe a look, article of clothing or collection it embodies all that one would think; on-point, concise and a standout.

This sleek collection is sharp with its wonderful pants that are almost like tights while others are the a la mode pleated tapered slack that pairs well with boots (did you look at the gorgeous boots stomping down the runway.) The outerwear is out-of-this-world with its boxy unified cuts, lush lavish befitting of the season textiles and utilitarian structure & apranadages. The sweater are without mention of their magnificence! The way some are layered between crewnecks with turtlenecks, the intertwin of sweaters with jackets and how last season’s lighting bolts are now just as popping stars all showcase how the collegiate look and athletic look make up the current look of menswear mode. Let us all just relish at every two-toned overcoat that floated down the runway.

This collection makes me happy and forget I haven’t ate since 2:30 pm yesterday!

“20 years later and not a pound gained!” MFW: Dsquared2

19 Jan

My ultimate thinspiration & style icons Dean and Dan Caten showed their latest menswear Dsquared2 collection at Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 celebrating the gaunt fashion twin duo’s 20 year anniversary of the launch of their brand.

Some fashion critics aren’t as impressed with the “retrospective” collection. However, I understand these fabulous men and know what guy whom their designs are focused. The great thing about Dsquared2 and their aesthetic is that throughout the years they have managed to reign true to the hot, boyish, canadian stylish man that is Dsquared2.

Forever perfectly executing the art putting on a great runway show, this show didn’t fail either. From mud to suds- this collection showed a western camper canadian outdoors guy who have grown from boy to man with chic continuously tailored evening wear. Accompanied by a magnificent set and always incorporating music into their shows, this time a performance by Mary J Blige. (Please disregard that horrible model that open the show.)

Though, I wouldn’t lie and say there is something new and refreshing to the collection, I do appreciate and understand how Dean & Dan took concepts and looks from previous legendary collections and re-presented with new form. Such as, the fringe, hat, boots and sequin embroidered tux shirts. However, my moment du jour is all the FUR (hats, coats and a bag)that worked in perfect harmony with the outdoorsy urban looks of buffalo plaid and beaded leather to refined high tapered low slung khakis, glitzy dress shirt and slim fitted denim. From the temperature of all the collection I’ve viewed this season fur is sure to be enormous for men next fall/winter. The intermix of western, camper and dandy are on scale with Dsquared2 perspective while ushering them into another decade of leading current young menswear.

Also, catch the well dressed/groomed slim twins interview with Business of Fashion’s Imran Amed as they talk twenty years from humble beginning to powerhouse brand even becoming restaurateurs. The irony of the fashionable eating.


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