Feed Yourself!

31 Aug


“The squirrel that rovers gets the nuts.” -My fortune cookie today at my boyfriend’s farewell lunch.

In the last month I haven’t been feeling like myself my workouts been slacking, I’ve been putting things off and I haven’t been mentally present in general. I knew this day was going to come, in fact I promoted it and urged it. I love the see the people around me flourish and be apart of their triumphs. I do all that I can to support even if it means giving them hard, unfiltered truths. However, for every great leap I notice of my peers, confidant and colleges I can’t help but to realized the barely visible footprints I’m making.

Have you ever wanted so much but don’t know where to start or how to go about it to achieve it? Ever find yourself convincing yourself that your current situation or past achievements are enough only to quiet that voice in the back of your mind screaming to you all the things you haven’t done and how much time you’ve wasted? It’s tough knowing you should do more and well aware of your capabilities but being bonded by those same self realizations.

I’m man make of opportunity. I know that we as individuals have control of our lives, make our own choices and create our own destiny. I also know that if I want something I have to go out and do it. But what I have a hard time with is trying to organize such a plan when I only see failure. I grew up always taking a chances, waiting on the universe or crossing that bridge when I got to it, granted I managed to get the things I desired but in doing so it left me unprepared for the road ahead.

What I mean by this is, I’m always looking for the other shoes to drop that I never step out on my own strength. The worst thing for me in all my hopes and dreams is that with all the prepping, saving and hard work will possibly lead to falling short of my goal. This then spirals in a mental tug of war with hating my current situation and knowing I’m the only reason I’m here and the only person who can get me out of it. Trying to get yourself out of this dark hole I find other project that takes my mind off the real problem, I become complacent and I quit all things involved with getting me to my goal. This has to cease, just like forming the abs of my dreams even after all the healthy eating and repetitive workouts I can’t give up because I’m not seeing instant results. It’s about finding the problem, building a plan around it and seeing it through. We all develop at different paces as in life not every success story is the same or the blueprint to ours. We must take greatness of other as resources to fuel our own.

As I sent my boyfriend off to the next chapter of his life I’m declaring that it will be sending myself of next. Only you can get yourself to the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hate thinking can I please just have some ice cream?!

À la carte

27 Aug

Marni DIY (1)
I want to start by stating that I was under the impression that dating a photographer is that I would have a guaranteed person to snap my pics for Instagram & #OOTD posts. Meanwhile we fight more over creating concepts, blurry images and the angles he captured me from making me look stubby and fat than the nudes in my phone.

Although every time the end results is both pleasing and flattering.

One of my most savored and thinspired collection this ss14 season was the Marni collection. In case you don’t know what fashion critics mean when describing a collection as “smart” then Marni explained it all. These garments from that collection were hip, crisps and jubilant. The prints added cheer, the silhouette are contemporary and the cuts of the pants/shorts are brazen.

I salivated so much over this collection I had to do a DIY of one the polka dot short sleeve oxford. A ten dollar shirt from Target and paint from Walmart helped me create a pretty good interpretation of the simple but clever shirt. What make this shirt awesome is that it doesn’t have an expiration date I can wear it for as long as it fits.

I styled it with joggers from PacSun and of some crisp Jays. The rings has been a summer favorite being that I can’t stack bracelets like I usually do due to the beaming sun and farmer’s tan on my wrists.

Again, I hate getting dressed in the summer I can’t believe I was able to pull off this look in this weather.

Photography & Editing By Theodolph Mason
Marni DIY (4)

Marni DIY (2)

Marni DIY (3)

Marni DIY (5)

Marni DIY (7)

Marni DIY (6)

Shirt: Merona Target $10 (paint & supplies Walmart $7)
Jogger: Bullhead PacSun $49.95
Sneaker: Air Jordan 6 Retro Foot Locker $170
Accessories: (rings Forever 21 and bracelet Micheal Kors)

Thinspiration: Stand & Watch

26 Aug

Dreaming of cooler weather; summer isn’t my favorite season by far! I love the fall & winter I’m thinner, more stylish and lighter.

Granted I sweat more in the summer which means more calories burned but I’m black and leathery than the entire Alexander Wang FW14 colection.

That’s why I love my “Thinspiration” posts very much, they keep me focused and ready for whats to come. I’m just standing in the shade and watching as Labor Day weekend approaches marking the end of Summer. Now I can began to plan my looks for fall/winter. With thinspo from Dries Van Noten, Kris Van Assche and Dior Homme fall/winter collections sported by the gaunt even darker than me male model Fernando Cabral.

Cabral silky evenly tanned skin is the perfect accessory to pull off every look styled by Mauricio Nardi and photographed by Johan Sandberg. Now I’m think my farmer’s tan may not be so bad.

This fall I really want to try fur and leather. I played with the notion of leather once last year and I kind of liked it but as I’m pushing myself to try new styles and aesthetics this shoot for Dapper Dan magazine “Stand & Watch” is a perfect start. Don’t know about the skirt/kilts but I’m ready for this 101 degree temperatures to drop. I’m so over wearing cut-offs and flipflops!






Anorexic Chef

22 Aug

Salisbury Steak-less

I’m convinced that this boy is the reason for my weight gain that’s why he’s on the next flight to New York city in a week!I asked him last night what is he going to do when he leave because he’s been eating like a vegetarian king.

If we’re not going out to dinner I’m here preparing quite frankly, edible masterpieces. Granted I have convinced him to go on juice fasts, jogging, yoga classes and workouts with me but that hasn’t stop the lbs for coming back while he’s been getting leaner.

Neither does this dish I made for dinner aid my plight. Because of this I’ve kind of been on a cooking strike and since time is winding down before his departure I know I need to get back to cooking. To keep from cooking the same thing twice or resorting to eating calorie, fat and sugar loaded restaurant food I made an old favorite.

This is a staple in every school cafeteria across America- Salisbury steak. Per usual I put my spin on it by replacing the ground beef with meatless patties, fresh green beans and bowtie macaroni. This was my first time cooking this so my sauce wasn’t as red as I remember it but it tasted amazing!

Here’s what I did.

  1. In a large bowl, mix together 1/3 cup condensed French onion soup with, bread crumbs, egg, salt and black pepper.
  2. Dip four Morningstar patties into mix.
  3. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, brown both sides of patties. Pour off excess olive oil.
  4. In a small bowl, blend flour and remaining soup until smooth. Mix in ketchup, water, Worcestershire sauce and mustard powder. Pour over patties in skillet. Cover, and cook for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Bon Appétit

Testosterone, Muscles & Fashion.

21 Aug

Testosteron Fashion

Hyper masculinity in the urbane fashion scene is dead! Duckie Brown stomped it out, Givenchy kick it out and A$AP Rocky took it someplace else.

The 90’s was an eclectic time period for fashion, menswear in general. The “retroactive” era was a bit like the 2010’s of today with its borrowing and reinvention of aesthetics from past time period. However, the 90’s made its own trail during its fashion journey with trends such as, grunge, Timberland boots, color=blocking, preppy chic and of course the ultra-successful hip hop oversize label dripped ghetto fabulous urban wear. Not forgetting that with this hyper masculine look the number one accessory besides a beeper were muscles.

Yes, it’s always comes back to body fat.

In blend with my pleasure of fitness and fashion I am an avid music enthusiast. So much so knowing the words to just about every song no matter what station you turn it to. I have different playlists curated for my moods, work habits and daily fitness routines. As well all know music is a huge ingredient in fashion.

Music is a huge influence in what is considered taste in fashion from the runway music, to the musician donning the garments on red carpets and videos, to how an entire musical culture can create buying power jump starting and solidifying a designer’s career. No other time period in fashion was more successful at this than the 90’s. Designers created entire collections around hip-hop artists but that isn’t what this post is about.

During this time of fashion the male identity/gender played an important part in what was fashion of the 90’s. The men became more self-conscious about their bodies, more uptight about their masculinity and more worried about their street image.

Though the 90’s hip-hop fashion scene had many great moments, time has superseded the gaudy enveloping hardcore era. During the 90’s hardcore gangster rap became all the rage. Making their claim in the fashion and music industry men perceived masculinity and defined it by how big the pants were, how many chains they were wearing, how crisps they sneakers were and how many basketball short they could fit under a pair of pants.

Gangster rap style of dress impacted everything from street wear to basketball and even men suiting became oversize and gaudy. As hip-hop music has evolved so has the fashion to a more fitted cleaner image and guys are bending the lines of what is “masculine” in fashion. Fellas today are taken more interests than ever in how they look from the closet to gym.

With musicians such as Kanye West’s ripped skinny denim, Kid Cudi’s cropped top and every rapper new love for extended tees and high-end courtiers pulling from the gay scene and female racks, masculinity is turning very androgynous.

However, it rappers of yesterday as well as fans who are lost in the 90’s who aren’t secure to partake or understand the ever changing fashion image and they contribute the introduction of skinny jeans as the downfall to hip-hop.

While hip-hop is still prevalent and loud I think men who built their careers on being tough and male listeners who modeled their life after these rambunctious images aren’t comfortably accepting the new style of courtier.

What many anti-slim fitted fashion wearers fail to realize that oversize clothing much like gangster rap was a trend that emulated that era. Today’s fashion is more explorative, avant garde and blurs the line of what is masculine. With designers like, Hood by Air, Nasir Mazhar Rick Owen, Jeremy Scott, Astrid Andersen and Y-3 they are all toying with what is manly in fashion. Even though many of these designers are borrowing heavily from rowdy 90’s aesthetics you can’t deny the homo undertones and femininity intermixed silhouette.

Another thing to remember about the baggy time period… it was a passing fad. Let’s not forget about the skin tight leisure suits of the 70’s, flamboyant colors/bondage attire worn by rap artists in the 80’s and the crop top jerseys don by athletes in the 90’s. Also, basketball shorts didn’t get long till the 90’s. When I read or watch interviews of dudes from the 90’s condemning today’s popular artist for their style of dress and the lack of “manliness” it’s no wonder why they careers are over. Fashion is about reinventing yourself, pushing boundaries and being innovative just like any other art form, music included. Therefore it’s no surprise that these people careers are of the past.

When you can’t keep up with what’s current you become the past, it’s that simple. You have to be open to change. Fashion and music is the time capsule of the times. If you go through every fashion period you can see how men style of dress was explicit to the moment, social structure even political climate. Currently we are in a more open minded accepting time and fashion is displaying that.

Masculinity isn’t defined completely in garments.

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 9

11 Aug

“Junk Food Journal:” Entry 9 is from three dedicated, motivational and overall ultimate thinspiration worthy fellas that have transformed their bodies into well built machines. Howbeit, at the being of their transformation, in the process or maintaining their new physiques these guys’ advice is best served hot & sweaty.

In the middle of summer we all our trying to keep fit until bathing suit season is completely frozen out, so here are more reasons to press, run and squat on! My favorite part about these journals is reading these men’s eating habit. Because as I’m reminded everyday, abs are made in the kitchen not the gym.

Thanks again gentlemen for sharing!

Photo by donetildeath
donetildeath (3)
donetildeath (2)
Hi, my name is Jamal Hill (IG: @donetildeath). I am a 30 y/o fashion industry professional living in Brooklyn, NY. I was overweight for most of my life up until 5 years ago when I began to get serious about working out and eating (somewhat) right. Now, I am obsessed with the gym and try to make healthy eating choices consistently.

Workout Philosophy: Never skip leg day! Be consistent; stay focused on your goals. My goal: look better naked.

Breakfast: Protein Shake, egg white western omelet (without cheese).

Lunch: Grilled chicken over kale or mixed greens (with a light dressing).

Dinner: On a good night when there’s time… a meaty fish (or grilled chicken), green vegetables, and a fresh fruit shake.

Cheat Day: Chipotle fully loaded burrito bowl with guacamole, cheese and everything in between.

Diet Trick: There are no tricks that work for me. Staying consistent and keeping my cheat day to only one day is how I see results.

Problem Area: My lower back. As an endomorph (gain fat easily) my body stores fat there. I am working on becoming more consistent with my diet and increasing my focus on this area during back days.

Key to Discipline: Focus and consistency. I want to be the best version of me possible. I have goals and each day I step into the gym I have to keep them at the top of my mind to remain focused and hopefully achieve them.

Workout Routine: I hit the gym 5-6 times a week. I dedicate a day to each muscle group (i.e. chest, legs, back etc…). I hit my legs twice a week. By doing this I see better overall gains. My sessions tend to last 1.5-2 hours and include: 5 mins warm up on the treadmill, 10 mins stretching, 10-15 min abs/core (alternating days), 1 hour of lifting and I finish with 15-20 mins of cardio. I recently began to take 1 hour jogs in the park on the weekends. I would like to do this in addition to my workouts at least 3 days a week to see results.

timrek_yorel (1)
timrek_yorel (3)
Hey everyone, I’m Leroy (IG: @timrek_yorel), a Bahamian native recently relocated to the US. The pursuit of being healthy and fit has always been a great challenge. YES, even for someone like me. C’mon now when you have names like Pizza Hut, Burger King and my ace in the hole Wendy, it gets hard to resist.

Workout Philosophy: People fail to realize that working out isn’t all about going hard as a mother everyday but thinking smart about how you do it. It’s kind of like dressing to step out. You should always know what look is it you wish to go for and target the muscles to help nail it.

Breakfast: I’m really not a breakfast person but if I do it’s normally gluten-free waffles/pancakes or fruits such as an apple or banana with water and orange juice.

Lunch: This is usually my biggest meal; a lot of meat, some starches (rice, macaroni, fries) with a few veggies.

Dinner: Chicken or fish with veggies.

Cheat Day: Sadly, I do this just about every day. BUT always condition my mind to know that I MUST burn it off in the gym!

Diet Trick: Eat smaller portions, drink lots of water and healthy snacks i.e. trail mixes and the likes.

Problem Area: Oblique hands down!

Key to Discipline: Surrounding yourself with fitness oriented crowds, it really helps. Picking a fitness idol helps as well, mines being Ulysses Williams Jr.

Workout Routine: 4/5 times a week! Never working the same muscle group(s) back to back; Abdominals being every other day!

My Workout:
Day One – Chest and Back.
Day Two – Strictly LEGS.
Day Three – Shoulders, Bi & Triceps.
Day Four – Legs.
Day Five – Cardio.

Remember fitness and results take a whole lot of patience. Most likely if you’re like me you may not see the results but others will!

nboogs (1)
nboogs (2)
nboogs (3)
I’m Nathan Bailey (IG: @nboogs), just your average guy trying to figure out this fitness thing one day at a time…I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just doing it!

Workout Philosophy: Be open to changes, switch up your workout routine and eat clean.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with 2 scoops of peanut butter, a banana & strawberries…..5 egg whites and whole wheat toast w/ glass of milk.

Lunch: Tuna, avocado with a glass of milk.

Dinner: Grilled chicken with steamed veggies.

Cheat Day: Cheese burger with poutine (its Canadian).

Diet Trick: There is no trick. Make it a lifestyle change.

Problem Area: Abs.

Key to Discipline: Be Determined, Be Motivated, Be Consistent.

Workout Routine: Monday- 2 mile run & 20 min ab workout. Tuesday- Arms/Shoulders & 15 min Ab workout. Wednesday- Chest/Back & 15 min Ab workout. Thursday- 2 mile run & 20 min ab workout. Friday- Legs & 15 mins Ab workout.

Thinspiration: Concision, Precision, Decision.

7 Aug

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (1)
That awkward moment when you want to change your career but haven’t the wardrobe to support your workforce change. Now don’t get me wrong I have a lot of clothing.. a lot of clothing, but it seems more difficult than ever getting dressed for interviews that I’ve been wearing the same thing every week.

I’m always trying to reinvent myself physically, mentally, emotionally and style wise, even the space around me is up for constant change. Although, sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation to get up and go after the change you seek. Howbeit, the level of superficiality it may be we all need a little push.

That’s why “thinspiration” is so important to me. It’s not just about being skinny (which it really is) but it also consist of observing and collecting things that will help propel me into the universe that I feel best to elevate my quality of life.

I don’t need much but we all need a bit of motivation. Like with my wardrobe, of all the type of shopping I enjoy doing suit shopping is the most difficult. I don’t think I look my best in a suit. As well as, I’m not as convinced to wear one in the current horrific temperatures. This is why I count on Skinny-Jesus (my Google Now cards) and it’s daily devotionals. If you don’t know what Google Now is, it’s an intelligent personal assistant available on Android and iOS operating systems that basically keeps the most up-to-date information on your recent search history and send you card of related content. Here recently I’m enjoying the benefits of this app because I don’t have to search for thinspiration, it’s delivered right to me.

Prime example, this spread from Glass magazine was in my Google now cards this a.m. of two of my savored males models the even skinned beauty Corey Baptiste and the hard working beanstalk Tidiou M’Baye. Photographer by Mark Shearwood & styled by David Nolan in “Concision, Precision, Decision- Spring Colours & Cuts Men.” Inspired by french poet Victor Hugo this quote is simply perfect to what I dealing with right now. The use of this season’s premier men’s suiting helped to inspired me to do some rearranging of my closest to take stock of the things I have, don’t need and should get to create the look for the job I want.

Life & style is all about developing and maintaining beauty. No matter how you define beauty we all are inspired by something or someone in many ways. Let the things around you help inspire you to create the presence you desire. In turn you just may become someone else’s thinspiration.

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (2)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (3)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (4)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (5)


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