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New Skinny Techniques: Alexander Wang SS16 #NYFW

26 Sep

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Now that the sweat of New York Fashion Spring/Summer 2016 has dried I can now start a new set of crunches as I recap my most savored collections of the upcoming season.

With the bulk of menswear shown this past summer during New York Fashion Week: Men’s I didn’t have much to gorge on.

Although, as cliche as it may sound I am really into the handful of offerings from Alexander Wang. With an (obvious and borderline redundant) ode to the the 90’s this collection marked the 10th anniversary of Wang’s eponymous label. Inspired by what Wang himself saw first hand growing up this collection is rife with street influences from skaters to the grunge movement. Noticeably more refined, with the help of silken fabrics as well as, more technical fabrics that he likely learned and honed in on during his time at Balenciaga.

I adore the sizing and proportions of this collection because one thing we love to hate about the 90’s were how big the clothes were. However, during summer when your summer body isn’t ready we all need a strong, cool collection that will hide any remnants from our lackluster gym performance during winter.

Not saying this is my most desired aesthetic, however I can appreciate the attention to design and tailoring in this urban offering.

Sometimes it take looking at new styles, tips and techniques to strengthen your own style.

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York


Grubbing & Detoxing: My Review of #NYFWM

29 Jul

nyfwm (1)
After seven days, three cities and one week of being in bed sick exhausted readjusting to the climate change and avoiding unpacking I’m finally back to normal. Did I mentioned I haven’t had a workout since I left New York, my clothes are going to hate me.

This month I attended the first every standalone menswear fashion week in New York City #NYFWM. Presented by Amazon’s fashion sites– with additional support from Cadillac to showcase American men’s fashions which kicked off July 13-16 with the Spring/Summer 2016 collections at Skylight Clarkson Sq.

I had the time of my life and I ate it up like chocolate covered everything! It was everything I imagined and I’m saying may grace before every workout to Skinny-Jesus it will happen again next year!

As I’m mentally reviewing the events as I go through my camera my metabolism is everywhere just thinking about it all.

When I first learned that New Fashion Week: Men was even an idea being push around I was doing my daily thinspiration search over on FourPins.com. There after I Google alert anything referencing the event. Thanks to Monroe Steel over at FashionSteeleNYC.com for her pointers on how to request invites to shows. I obtained a show calendar and sent out requests to every designers’s PR firms to much success of 8 shows! Then, off to New York I went!

Devoured: As you read in my Robert Geller post it was my first show as I missed the first day of social events & presentations as I was making my way to New York. Here’s what I love about the overall event… there were three different platforms for which designers presented their collection per calendar scheduling. Along with offsite locations that other designers presented their collections as well. There was a very minimalist stylish homme lounge for viewers to rest in style between shows, station for bloggers & photographers to update their sites and the most brilliant thing ever- a charging station for devices, as well as a refreshment bar. I had the pleasure to meet some of my favorite menswear bloggers and Instagram-ers where we had some in-depth, exciting and inspiring downloading sessions over collection thoughts, site budgets and pitching post ideas to one another. And of course some fun photo-ops. What I really enjoyed about the experience was that it felt more like the first day of college than high school. There were no cliques, no pomp and circumstance and no one waiting to be “noticed,” everyone was open and eager to interact. There wasn’t even a huge hustle and bustle outside the venue, you wouldn’t even known there was something groundbreaking for American menswear happening until you reach the corner of Washington & Houston (HUE-STUN not HOUSE-STUN,) even the invites wasn’t fussy just QR Codes and the shows wasn’t over-packed nor overlapping. If a show was offsite it usually was a presentation so you had ample time to get there, view, get your images and get back to Skylight Clarkson. Everyone was laid back excited to meet one another and get an up close look of next year’s garment offerings and sport their current looks. Most of all, I met one of my ultimate thinspiration- Adonis Basso! He was charming, friendly and even told me I smelled nice. BTW, I’m starting a juice cleanse Saturday because I noticed he was drinking a fresh pressed juice.

Rather Be Spinning: The drawback or dilemma I had was that as much as I thought I was prepared with schedules, invites, and Google maps I wasn’t ready for the business of fashion week neither equipped with the proper footwear for the street of NYC. I was so enthralled with simply being in the same room with some of my favorite designers’ genius creations that I sometimes forgot my site and my goal; I forgot to take pictures/videos or get my picture taken. Being a blogger and wanting to gain more readership & partnerships- publicity is a must. Where some just came to stand outside to get snapped by for street style photographers, or stop for vlog interviews I was too busy reading my schedule and cutting out to meeting with other friends around the city. I did get snapped a few times but I hated every picture because either I wasn’t paying attention or I looked fat. Also, style of dress was very important, although I did manage a few interviews they weren’t published mainly because I opted for weather friendly garments over the Dandy look or Avant-garde. Speaking of interviews, I learned quickly that most people can “like” or “admire” something and know nothing about it. I met a few people who had no idea what they were talking about. It was funny and disappointing but they looked fabulous so…eh. Also, I learned that being social is very important as well as a follow-up question. Some people are so hung up on themselves or what they want people to think of them that they get stumped when you asked them a follow up question which shows their facade like a well calibrated BMI digital scale.

Meal Prepping: After attending my first week of shows I can now go into next year’s shows with a set of goals, more focus and a course of execution. Chiefly, this is a business and one that I want/am apart of, therefore I have to be more strategic and less of a fan. Ideally, I would want to go back with a team or such. There is so much to do in one day let alone a week. I want to be able to view the shows to give a concise reviews, get the posts out on time, update my social media consistently, curate my wardrobe properly, meet people and be seen for ample publicity. Ultimately, my goal for next year is to collaborate and represent some of my favorite and most used brands while there. More so creating creative content while enjoying what I love most. Oh, and be a bit more thin.

I enjoyed everything about my time in New York. I also learned that I can’t live there, I’m too spoiled here with free restrooms, grass and a car. Here’s to next year events, I will be slim and equipped with a fully loaded Metro-pass. If you only knew how much I spent on transportation I could have went shopping and copped everything at Kith NYC!

Delight Du Jour: Robert Geller SS16 #NYFWM

27 Jul

Robert Geller ss16

My first show of New York Fashion Week:Men Spring/Summer 2016 was none other than my ultimate absolute favorite Robert Geller.

As you go through my reviews of menswear shows, I can sometimes use the word ‘favorite’ a bit loosely but its all in context. However, what is consistent is my affection for my top favorite overseas designers- Dean & Dan Caten of Dsquared2 for their personal style, business sense and sexy shows.

Rerouting back to America I have a top five of utterly un-f*@K-with-able menswear designers I will gladly never even mention food again and pay rent to the gym, yoga studio and boxing gym to merely sit down to lunch with, (backwards I know)…

5. Richard Chai
4. Tim Coppens
3. Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne of Public School
2. Daniel Sliver & Steven Cox of Duckie Brown

Number ONE being Robert Geller!

I have been a fan since landing upon his fall 2007 collection in my dorm during a procrastinating study session. Since then I’ve been watching and salivating over the genius, creative and quirky design offerings each season there after.

I feel as though I’m a true fan, I call him out when he’s being redundant, his one note casting and sometimes season questionable fabrics. Also, I lift him up to Skinny-Jesus in praise when he satisfy all my clothing cravings. So image my response when I received an invite to attended his show two week ago.

You would have thought Jennifer Lopez called me or I lost 32.8lbs (my current goal weight) in one nap the way I screamed and ran all around my apartment. Cut to the day of the show; I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to get a run in to be at peak tautness, popped a fat burner and went hysteric when I took the wrong train to get to 550 Washington ave. I literally sprinted to get to the show on time, sweaty or refreshed as some said and bypassing prime street style photo-ops. Thank goodness everyone in fashion is fashionably late, even the designer, of course the show started about 20 minutes late.

As I elbowed/bag nudged for my place, cooled off and got my camera ready as the light dimmed I couldn’t believe I was really there. It was all worth it!

The collection was refreshed from previous shows, all the while keeping key elements that we’ve come to love and associate with Geller’s aesthetic. It was an interesting fuse of “stranded on a desert Island that happens to be the Riviera” having a luxe-deconstructed-utilitarian vibe to the overall collection. A far departure from the seeming dark and smoldering past shows. He played with more colors other than black, grey and wine. Manipulated new fabrics as oppose to neoprene such as; the recycled crumpled paper-esque bags, shorts and shirts. There were some pleasant accouterments; i.e. the legwarmers or toe-less socks paired with sandals, the trademark hats and charming ethnic necklaces.

As sleek bohemian the collection was there were a few Dries Van Noten and Balmain influences but nevertheless dashingly eccentric, relax and cool. Believe it or not my delight du jour was the hair and makeup. I’m very much all about a slightly sun kissed dewy glow and wet on-the-go but coif hair.

Let me not mention how I was almost jumped out of my skin when I seen Adonis Basso walking the show in two looks! The collection was the perfect collection the view as my first time having a seat at the show over waiting for uploads at home. The collection have great standout/alone pieces and full looks that could be worn straight off the runway.

My new life goal is to become a brand ambassador for the brand. Just imaging me a half a person lighter gallivanting around next season’s fashion week in Geller’s fashion!

Robert-Geller-SS16 (15)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (2)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (2)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (3)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (3)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (4)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (4)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (5)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (5)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (6)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (6)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (7)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (7)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (8)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (8)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (9)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (10)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (10)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (11)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (12)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (13)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (16)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (14)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (1)

Robert-Geller-SS16 (9)

Even the soundtrack was rockin’

Menu Amendment: Rochambeau SS16 #NYFWM

27 Jul


Making their runway debut the dope duo Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler of Rochambeau showed a versatile athletic-minded collection full of sportswear that’s ideally aesthetically pleasing for the street sartorialist man on the move, the fashionable rapper and Instagram clothier, all the while understanding utility is key.

A great intermix of urban, fitness and immaculate tailoring is what impressed me about this collection. I also sensed an ode to the 90’s Bad Boy era. With a great amount of cozy knits to soften the could be hard collection I was smitten with the jump suits and oversize tops. These garments are very transitional from summer to fall.

A wonderful debut to build upon, as a person who love to look well put together, as well as have an adornment for workout clothing this collection satisfy both needs. If ‘sleek’ needed a visual definition then, this show is it, from the set to the hair as undoubtedly the garments.

Lunch Time: Parken & Ronen SS16 #NYFWM

27 Jul

Parke & Ronen SS16
During the last day of New York Fashion Week:Men Spring /Summer 2016 in between shows I was meeting and conversing with some fellow bloggers. A few of the bloggers opted out of seeing the Parke & Ronen SS16 show for a lunch break, reasoning being “they just make underwear.”

Quite the contrary, as I skipped lunch (obviously) I was telling the other skinny people that stayed around in the lounge that Parke and Ronen are the quintessential brand of Spring/Summer fashion. The duo Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel know what garments are needed for a stylish classic summer.

Their show displayed exactly what sets them apart from other New York Based designers, summer sometimes is less about the grandeur and couture but about being cool, showing skin and looking great.

This SS16 collection was very retro (NOT VINTAGE!), by melding psychedelia, flower power, and freedom into a dewy fresh and SKINspiring entertaining show that makes me want trade in my dri-fit for a good tan, 2 hours at the gym, swimwear and short shorts. With retro music to match the floral patterns that pollinated the entire collection: on a camo jacket to a teeny bikini (that I’m two juice cleanses away from purchasing) and an array of print mix-matching, all worn by hard bodied models in their Birkenstocks-socks combos.

Yes, their staple is swimwear however, Parke & Ronen did present a new less skimpy version to appeal to those who may not be summer body ready.

We (men) need a classic summer collection that has great go-to’s were we can mix and match with our couture pieces during the pool, beach and cookout functions of the season.

No FAT What-so-ever: Duckie Brown SS16 #NYFWM

25 Jul

Duckie Brown
If you’ve been following this site long enough you’ll know Duckie Brown is one of my top 5 absolute favorite American designers. I’ve been raving about their funky androgynous designs since their first collaboration with Perry Ellis in 2012. For the first time in my blogging history I had the magnificent pleasure to sit and view a live runway show from the duo during New York Fashion Week:Men Spring/Summer 2016.

The New York-based design duo (Daniel Sliver & Steven Cox), took a note from Europeans, were lace shirts were all the rage and took it a step further making their spring/summer collection all about sheer tops. In a short but poignant show of 19-looks the SS16 collection played to the designers love & strengths of proportion and gender.

What I respect and admire about this collection and duo’s aesthetic, is they’ve done this style of creating in the past but now at a high fashion level has since gone mainstream. Always keeping the masculinity with the volume, structure and color scheme all remained strong enough to showcase the feminine looks. Like the soft draped raglan top in highlighter-yellow, the white oversize transparent tee and blackish brown sheer long-sleeve jacket-like shirt with the zipper up the front. Each ethereal top was styled alongside contrasting elements that were sporty and athletic in nature, like large and fluid pants, puddling on the floor and secured via a silken belt as well as the paper bag cut pinstripe slacks and multicolored sneakers.

This is has sport, sexy and sharpness appeal that is everything you’ll need for next year! I’m still reeling over the fact that I actually seen this show live. My look Du Jour is the finale piece- the all yellow look, I just wish my skin didn’t look baked in the color.

The Cook Sabotaged My Diet: Balmain SS16 #PFW

29 Jun


The craftsmanship alone should make us all fast in prayer to Skinny-Jesus for such a subprime blessing!

The Paris-label’s first ever men’s runway show did more than delivery; it severed, stuffed us and sent us back to the gym for some extra bench-presses.

Balmain‘s creative director Olivier Rousteing showcased a plethora of “toy soldiers” or militarism inspired luxury sexy garments. Structure and military themes have always gone hand in hand in previous collections from the designer, this was no different. Although, this time we got a hint of middle eastern garb included, there were a buffet of paratrooper pants, structured jackets and boot-sandal hybrids. Rousteing also, played with knits and macrame to create interesting layers amidst all the lushly fabrication and sometimes embellished designs. The draping/wrapping of the tops are outstanding and the knotting of rope to create the provocative non-body forgiving see-through tops are going to be top of every ostentatious fashion connoisseur next year. I can see even rappers getting in on the utilitarian guild.

Though this collection give me more fall than spring/summer it still manage to be strong, sexy and gaudy similar to Versace but with amazing architectural like tailoring.

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