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The Never Thinning Journey

1 Dec

Alex & Ani Eye of Horus Compass

Journey – an act of traveling from one place to another.

Life is one huge never thinning journey. Though, each path is different with varying results howbeit, romance, family, friendships, career or fitness we all are doing our best to figure the best path to our goals.

Before my boyfriend and I departed on our new journeys (another post for a fatter day) we bought each other these Alex & Ani bracelets to guide and protect us on our travels until we reach each other again.

The eye of Horus:The Egyptian god Horus representing protection and power. Warding off evil, preserving safety for eternity. The left eye is known as the eye of Thoth, keeper of hidden knowledge and mysteries.

The Compass: Providing guidance and navigation through life’s unexpected twists and turns. North represents home and infinite possibility. South embodies passion and the present. East signifies new beginnings and the future. West symbolizes emotion and the past. 

Here’s the skinny… I’ve taken some time off the site (let’s call it a cyber diet) because I have embarked on one of the biggest journeys in my life since going off to college 10 years ago; moving from Wichita, Kansas to San Francisco, California.

The goal of the ‘cyber diet’ was to reorganize, re-brand and relaunch Anorexic Escapades to make the site more presentable and accepting for all readers as well as, accommodate new opportunities that has been presented to me. Hugely, I didn’t think many people cared anymore and I was losing my voice, (th)inspiration & motivation as a writer so, I wanted to seek out a new point of view. Although, I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of comments, DM’s and emails asking where have I been showing that you guys really care about the content here. Hence the real reason for this weight-in.

Honestly, for the past four years I haven’t been completely happy with the results of my journey. I’ve had small triumphs along the way that I am very proud of but I knew they weren’t grand enough to push me further to were I aim to go. Even to the act of masking unhappiness with new (easily obtainable) goals in the hopes to curb my cravings of more adventure along my journey.

It’s funny how certain seemingly unrelated situations will jolt you into the position you are destine and desiring to be in. After, a tumultuous end of summer with my boyfriend I finally made the decision to make the leap into a new route in my life. Though, the landing may have been a bit rough here in San Francisco/Oakland I must say it’s the best thing that has happened to me.

When you aren’t happy with the most lithe thing in your life it creates road blocks in all avenues of your life, that’s why many of you are fat now. For me that dark and blocked off road is my career. I want to accomplish so much i.e., the success of this site, a men’s grooming book and to opening my own store as well as, becoming a successful commentator in the world of men’s grooming, fitness and fashion. I knew that I’ve reached my peak in Kansas and needed to branch off however, I was afraid to take the risk. Yes, I’m resourceful, resilient and coiffed a pretty nice resume over the years; not to mention I can string a couple of sentences together and hang a suit. But, I wasn’t sure if that was enough.

It wasn’t till I looked over my life thus far and come to the realization that in order to travel forward I must take a step forward (sounds simple huh). I’ve been in California for a bit over a month and though, it’s expensive, scary and exhausting; I’ve landed three cool jobs that all coincides with my career goals, finally found a cool “copacetic” place to reside and meeting some very radiant people. I love the creativity, music in the streets, Farmer’s Markets on every corners and overall organized chaos that this city brings. I’m not one hundred percent sure what tomorrow may bring but I have my schedule, a killer pair of trainers, fully load Clipper card and Google maps to help navigate through any unexpected detours.

Today’s skinny advice to you… Don’t keep asking God for blessings and not be willing to work. Success & happiness takes risk- get off the couch!




Serve it up! #NYE2013

30 Dec

This post is for you fashion slackers who have yet to come up with your New Year’s Eve look or still bloated from the pig fest at Christmas dinner. It’s been a week, if you can’t fit into those slacks by now then, it’s not going to happen. Better luck next year, literally. Lucky for your waistline and humongous thighs you have me.

Even though I personally despise children I do however, adore this spread I found in GQ Germany’s December 2013 issue. The cute little porkers help showcase a New Year’s Eve party fashion staple- the smoking jacket. Shot by Jem Mitchell and styled by Tobias Frericks this “Smoking Baby” editorial presents the latest smoking jackets from Gucci, Canali, Micheal Kors, Zenga, Louis Vuitton and Hackett London that aren’t dated, stuffy or something a douche invoking Hugh Hefner’s presence will be caught alive ringing in the new year wearing.

The favored part about this idea of the smoking jacket is that you can be dapper and edgy while keeping the ostentatious aspect of NYE. From lavish prints, rich velvet to classic shinny and all white looks the smoke jacket is a easy fit to a wardrobe funk. Pair it with any great fitting slacks you already own, add a sleek slipper or patent leather/metallic loafer and good grooming you are beyond ready to enter next year in pristine style. You may not be at your goal weight but a well cut blazer is sure to make you look it. For those looking for a more approachable look while trying the snappy garment I suggest a slim cut denim and ankle boot. Also, a cost effective avenue would be to try Zara, Express or any men suit shop; smoking jackets are popular items many men’s departments carry this time of year.

NYE Smoking Jacket (1)

NYE Smoking Jacket (2)

NYE Smoking Jacket (3)

NYE Smoking Jacket (4)

NYE Smoking Jacket (5)

NYE Smoking Jacket (6)

NYE Smoking Jacket (7)

NYE Smoking Jacket (8)

NYE Smoking Jacket (9)

NYE Smoking Jacket (10)

À la carte

19 Apr

What’s a skinny person favorite way to catch up? Over a make-believe-lunch.

That’s just what I did the other day catching up with Erin before going out of town. Spring hasn’t fully committed to Kansas nor have I to putting away my sweaters. Though, it was chilly out the sun was in full effect so instead of putting on a jacket I opted of a wool sweater from Express. I’ve had this sweater since 2007 and decided to do a little mixing and matching. That’s the best thing about spring cleaning you find items in your closet you never knew you had.

I personally don’t like mixing brown & black or dressy with casual but, hey that’s what fashion is all about- exploring. I donned my Brooks Brothers velvet slipper with a pair of Levi’s and POLO oxford also, adding my mixture of bracelets topped off by a black banned watch and brown belt. I like this look because in my own little boring mind I felt like I was being a bad boy breaking rules. I know my even my idea of a “bad boy” is kind of boring.

Delusional but skinny.

Anorexic Escapades Lunch Counter (1)

Anorexic Escapades Lunch Counter

Anorexic Escapades Lunch Counter (2)

Anorexic Escapades Lunch Counter (3)

Oxford: POLO Ralph Lauren Dillard’s $39.50
Sweater: Express $54.90
Denim: 511′s Levi’s JCPenny $35
Slippers: Brooks Brothers $99
Accessories: ( watch Kenneth Cole, belt ASOS and string bracelet My Own, other bracelets Ross, GAP, MK, Lucky Brand)

À la carte

28 Mar

Finally the snow (in the middle of March) has dried up! Yesterday was 60 degree and I know to most 60 degrees is still freezing but when you’ve been shopping, working and exercising in 28 degree weather for months, this feels like summer. I will admit I’m a winter/fall guy (you do burn more calories when your body is cold) but I needed some outdoor weather for a change. I’m going crazy being stuck inside of buildings. How else to celebrate bearable weather and sunlight than with color?

The Ribbed Turtleneck.

I bought this neat ribbed turtleneck last winter, the preppy sometimes artsy piece is perfect for transition weather. It’s still a little chilly out however, as sweater season slowly fades away we all need a few dapper garments to help us ease into Spring. Turtlenecks which emphasize neatness, tidiness and grooming are light enough to regulate the body temperature but with the long sleeve and neck you’re covered up to stay warm. Just throw on a light jacket (denim or anorak.) I added my bright sail boat socks, brogue oxfords and 511 Levi’s to create a relaxed preppy look.

On to more skinny and amazing news. I’ve increased my 50 arm curls to 100 in the gym this month and I must say my arms and pecks are forming very well. This turtleneck is hanging pretty nice, just get into this waist. Though, it isn’t much but the complements I received is more than enough.

Turtlenecks are my new favorite shirts. I can’t get over how my upper-body sitting right, I mean who really care about the clothing.

Anorexic Escapades Ribbed Turtleneck

Anorexic Escapades Ribbed Turtleneck 4

Anorexic Escapades Ribbed Turtleneck 1

Anorexic Escapades Ribbed Turtleneck 2

Anorexic Escapades Ribbed Turtleneck 3

Turtleneck: Zara $19.90
Denim: 511′s Levi’s JCPenny $35
Socks: Urban Outfitters $8
Shoes: G.H. Bass & Co. Burlington Coat Factory $34
Accessories: (watch MK, string bracelet GAP)

À la carte

6 Feb

After sliding into these Levi’s 510 Super Skinny denim I knew they deserved a post. I feel ultra thin today and I couldn’t wait on my photographer so I had to take these pics myself. Also, the best purchase I’ve made in 2012 has to be Stella (my steamer) because I now can wear my cashmere sweaters again without fear of burning them or spending a fortune at the dry cleaners. In addition I’m having a good hair day. How is your hump day? Mine is thin and fabulous!


Oxford: Old Navy $12
Cashmere Sweater: Calvin Klein $98
Blazer: Zara $79.90
Levi’s 510: JCPenny $15
Shoes: Zara $90
Accessories: (Kenneth Cole New York watch, Urban Outfitters Skull bracelet and MK bracelet)

À la carte

8 Jan

Being that it’s a new year it’s time for some changes. Last year my friend who helped me take some of my pictures for the À la carte section ran off to another state with his new boyfriend to be all in love and fat. FYI: Relationships make you fat people, you’re welcome. Leaving me here to take all my pics myself, with the occasional homeless man I’d stop and pay to point and shoot. This year I have been on the search for a resident photographer for Anorexic Escapades, I’ve been meeting some interesting people. One of the guys I’m working with is Nick Drowatzky he’s from Wichita, KS, a hardcore motorcycle enthusiast and a budding amateur photographer. Here are some pics from our recent shoot. Since its my first time working with him I thought why not wear the same ensemble I wore my first À la carte post. Just a little revamped. I will say this, I am thinner this year than I was a year ago when I originally wore this look as well as, the denim shirt is out of the children section yet I look huge in these pictures. He may have had it on wide angle. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the shoot and the finished product, still have some kinks to workout. Let me know what you think. Comment!

New Photographer Nick Drowatzky

Denim Shirt: Target Children Section $11.99
Shirt: Zara $29.99
Slacks: Calvin Klein $24.99
Socks: Von Maur $4.99
Shoes: Carver’s by Hush Puppies $90.00.
Accessories: (MK Bracelet, MK Watch, Cole Haan Belt and Red Braid Bracelet made by Me)


10 Dec

Sweater: J. Crew Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton

I am beyond enjoying the current state of men’s fashion on and off the catwalk. I think it has a lot to do with men; gay or straight finally paying close attention to their weight. Thank you, Skinny-Jesus.

One of my favorite places to fashion watch other than church, the mall and downtown is Instagram. I spend hours on my cellular/tablet getting lost and inspired by conscious and unconscious fashion savvy males. Women aren’t the only frock connoisseurs rocking the runway anymore. (Personally I think they are doing a bang up job; all those choices and look what some of them come up with.) Even designers and clothiers are taking notice, just look at the extended choices they are sending out each season.

There are so many different aesthetics to choose from…

There’s the high-end luxury fashion players, the Kanyers, DIY’ers, the bleach/shredders/studs fellas, Rihanna boys, the collegiate prepsters and the working preppy guys. The thrifters, the urbanites, edgy hipsters, nouveau hipsters, church men and business professionals. Don’t forget the hip hop skater boys and the return of the club kids. oh yeah, my personal favorite: the gym dudes. Give them a fitted cap, good workout and a t-shirt with a pair of scissors then, watch them work.

My personal style is a smorgasbord; I like to take a little something from all aesthetics. I think my biggest upset is when I see people show their fashion elitism based upon their own style.

Style is objective. What is stylish to you may not be the case for another. To appreciate and understand fashion is to grasp the beauty of people’s creativity.

I’ve noticed many people are self proclaimed “stylists,” aspiring stylists or fashion enthusiast yet they are stuck in a jaded fashion box built buy their own label snobbery, as well as deeming everything as boring or “monotonous.” I feel most fashion enthusiasts haven’t looked outside of their own limited spectrum of personal style to realize they are in a box themselves. I understand most people dilemma with the current state of fashion because they only follow one type of person on Instagram, read the same magazines, and follow duplicated people on Tumblr re-posting the same pics. Even with films and music, you have to step out of your normal perspective to be inspired by something else. Fashion doesn’t really change taste does.

One can buy clothing from any place, wear it in any way and be as fashion forward as the next. I really adore this aspect of fashion, I mean who wants to look alike? I classify a well executed look by its fit, appropriateness and color.

Not everyone wants to push the boundaries nor does everyone wants to be boring. That can be said for budgets too. Some people like to spend a lot of money on garments and others don’t- its all acceptable. I’m trying to deal with this personally. I would prefer everyone to be thin but, hey one battle at a time.

What is your favorite fashion male aesthetic? I just may turn that into a feature…

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