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Just Try!

16 Sep

Baby Caturaṅga Daṇḍāsana
I originally took up yoga because I wanted a challenge. I did the gym, I went vegetarian even switch from running on the treadmill to running outdoors. Though, I got nice results from those changes they never really inspired or satisfied the sense of accomplishment and progress I needed. Only because I wasn’t trying anything new but just changing up what I was already doing.

The challenge I was looking for wasn’t just physical; it was internal as well. There are so many things I want from my life however, I talk myself out of following through with certain voyages because being conformable and only attempting what I know I can do is much more safer than going beyond my limit, failing or hurting something. Leaving me vulnerable, disappointed and feeling stupid for even trying.

Outside of the yoga studio this mediocre life of safety I built is a set of guarded rules I developed and safely followed in my romantic life, career and overall exploration of life. I grew up with the people responsible for me taking risk for me without considering me, that lead me down an unstable teenage life emotionally, economically, financially and mentally.

Therefore, the moment I became an adult and “in control” of my life I made the decision to do exactly what I am “supposed” to do and nothing more than I’m capable of to not live the life I was raised in.

Thinking I was putting myself in position of control I eventually deviated from the life plan I made because creating an obtainable life was better than risking an uncertain fulfilling life.

This restrictive way of thinking is prevalent in the way I date- only talking to guys for a limited time to not become dependent on their love or have to factor them in my life pass “whats your favorite color.” In my career- I would go after jobs that are easy to get that I knew I was overly qualified for having nothing to do with my true passion simply because they paid well. Even with the way I worked out; let’s not mention how I remained in Kansas for 10 years now beyond the four years of college I moved here for due to it being so cheap to live here and I wouldn’t have to struggle. On the outside I have the beautiful apartment, amazing resume, nice body, orderly finances and high confidence; on the inside I’ve been suffocating with a swelling feeling of worthlessness. With all the constant blessing obtained I know I’m happy but I’m still not going to risk a comfortable lifestyle on being happy.

Now my 30th birthday is approaching and I don’t know what was it all for! I feel like everything I have now and my need to control the every situation wasn’t worth my self-fulfillment.

As of last night I made a promise to myself to just try! It’s not about taking the risk, giving up control or coming up sort, it’s about taking yourself out of your comfort zone to get to your most desired goal.

Like with yoga, a year ago I could barely hold a plank for 5 breathes without being to-the-bone sore the next morning; cut to me today trying Baby Grasshopper for second time with ease upon the many new pose I’ve took a risk on learning all by just trying.

Life is scary, unsure and sometimes chaotic but what I’m learning over these last 10 years that it’s best to risk comfort than your happiness. Many of us aren’t living up to our full potential because chasing control is more important than living for fulfillment.

We don’t try because of what onlookers will think/say if we fall, or because we proclaimed one thing and decided to go for something else and don’t want to deal with “I told you so’s” or people constantly questioning our decisions. We fight ourselves daily to go with what we ought to do rather than what we want to do. The same will we muster up to do the “obtainable” thing we should use that drive to take a risk on whatever will make you genuinely happy. Because if you fail at least you tried and nothing beats a failure but a try.

From TODAY on forward, I’m going to just try. I’m over playing it safe or considering others’ opinions, I just want to be the best me for me.

I encouraging my readers to challenge yourself to try. Don’t just do what you know you can do, go beyond that and do something harder. Who knows you might end up with that firm butt and rock arm abs you keep praying to Skinny-Jesus for.

Now on to learning full Caturaṅga Daṇḍāsana!


“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 13

4 Feb

You can’t get the body of your dreams sleeping. Wake up and go to the gym! -My Alarm Clock

As cliches as it may be, mine and I’m sure many of you reasons for getting and STAYING fit is to look AMAZIN’ this upcoming summer. However, the only way to get there is to be sure you’re doing it for more reasons than how others will receive you. Getting your health/body in order is a “damned if you do damned if you don’t” up hill battle. Not everyone will be excited or support your journey, many will ignore your plight of discipline to stay on track, while others will ridicule or flat out be jealous of your astonishing results. That’s why it’s important to be doing whatever lifestyle change you seek for you and yourself only.

The firmed bodied men of Junk Food Journals Entry 13 all share a common fitness trait, they are their own motivation. They have reached a desired goal because it’s how they want to live their lives and other’s opinions are only warranted if they are seeking the same self-motivation. I’m always preaching about how much we should be our own first reference of thinpsiration. But if you need that extra motivation to actually use that gym membership you wishfully purchased last month then, read what a gilded body coach, model and teacher are putting themselves through this winter readying for summer.

Troy Juni Barnes (1)

Troy Juni Barnes (2)

Troy Juni Barnes (3)
Troy “Juni” Barnes (FB:@troy.barnes.378) was an aspiring fashion stylist turned health coach. After relocating from New Orleans to Atlanta, I traveled to New York City to study Fashion Marketing at LIM College. While there as was an intern at Gucci on Fifth Avenue, at the end of my sophomore year I traveled back to Atlanta and started to create a name for myself in Atlanta by creating the lifestyle brand Rebel Society. In Atlanta I found myself gravitating towards fitness as a form of recreation. However, after seeing the results I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. I was introduced to the product Herbalife and decided to invest my body into a product that would not only perfect my physique, but also allow me to build confidence and character in others.

Workout Philosophy: I approach health the same way I approaches clothes. If you do not feel good about yourself, then you are not going to feel good in what you are wearing. Nutrition, like clothes, should empower and energize you! It will make you look beautiful and most of all it’ll make you feel great!

Breakfast: The most important meal of the day. It BREAKS the FAST between your last meal & sleep. Which jump starts your metabolism. My breakfast consist of my Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake, Oatmeal with Granola (Fruit & Nuts) & Herbalife Tea which gives me that boost of energy to beast my day.

Lunch: Homemade Pesto Pizza on a bed of Spinach Leaves with Shrimp or Chicken.

Dinner: Slow cooked Lamb Chops with Quinoa & Broccoli

Cheat Day: PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA & Dorito’s with Queso Dip?

Diet Trick: I don’t believe in Diets! People go on diets to hit a goal & once that goal is accomplished, 9 times out of 10 they fall back into old habits. I teach my clients to embrace the “Lifestyle Change” don’t give up all the things you enjoy. Just cut back some & do everything in moderation.

Problem Area: ABS! Why? Because they come and go. During bulking phases I intake more food, some less healthier than others & my abs always suffer. But it’s a bitter sweet thing because I get to put on mass.

Key to Discipline: The key to discipline is Personal Development. You have to exercise the mind just as much as you exercise the body. A STRONG MIND EQUALS A STRONG BODY! I listen to motivational messages everyday to keep a positive mindset. Because in life we’re going to be challenged, and if you’re weak minded you’re going to FAIL. But even when you fail, FAIL FORWARD.

Workout Routine: I workout 5-6 times a week. I break the days down by targeting different muscle groups. At the beginning of the week I target my weakest areas and towards the end of the week I hit the strong areas. Back & Shoulders on Mon, Legs on Tuesday, Arms on Wednesday, Legs & Abs on Thursday, Chest on Friday and Saturdays is a full body workout.

Antonial Barnes (1)

Antonial Barnes (2)

Antonial Barnes (3)
I’m Antonial Barnes (IG: @ant_the_model) a 24 y.o. from San Marcos, Texas. I’m a musician, I can play Jazz Piano, Marimba, Vibraphone, Drum-set, Congas, and want to learn the violin. (Interesting personal fact) my favorite animal is a penguin. I got into fitness when I used to be 135 lbs and always wanted muscles. So me and a buddy made a promise to start working out and lifting heavy weights and stayed dedicated. My buddy left for the army after 3 months of working out together and ever since then I just been going on my own. Stayed dedicated- bam, lol!

Workout Philosophy: Don’t try to be number 1 in someone else’s eyes, but strive to be number one in your eyes.

Breakfast: Since I try to gain weight I eat a big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast, fruit smoothie, banana, and sometimes oatmeal.

Lunch: A turkey sandwich with a serving of chips,water, and a banana or lean pasta dinner (frozen food like bertolli.)

Dinner: Grilled, baked, or breaded chicken (not fried), with beans and rice.

Cheat Day: ANYTHING!!! lol

Diet Trick: Eat a big breakfast so you won’t be as hungry for lunch and dinner.

Problem Area: Sweets lol, I love cake and cookies and I try my best to stay away from them. Also, trying to gain muscle. Gaining muscle is very hard so don’t get discouraged when you don’t see it in time. You can only gain 13lbs of muscle naturally each year so it will take some time.

Key to Discipline: Keep at it. When you feel too tired to work out, take some pre-workout and head to the gym! I do not believe in sets because it makes me feel bad if I don’t complete it so just do an exercise until you cant do it no more…take a break….then do it again.

Workout Routine: I work out a certain body part a day like.
Mon: Leg day, Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises (with weights,) Jump Rope, Treadmill and Leg Press, Leg Extension.
Tues: Chest Day & Abs, chest, Bench Press, Incline Press, Decline Press, Butterflies, Push ups, Cable Crossovers, Abs, Ab wheel, Standing/Kneeling and Cable Crunches.
Wednes: Back Day, Lat Pulldowns, Bent over barbell rows, Bent over long bar rows, Renegade Rows, Pull Ups
Thurs: Arms & Shoulders, Arms, Barbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Cable Curls, Triceps/Bench Dips, Lying Triceps Press, Triceps Pulldown (rope), Shoulders, Arnold Dumbbell Press, Decline Shoulder Rise, Front Dumbbell Rise, Shoulder Shrugs.
Fri: All Around/Full Body. Do a Little bit of everything!
Sat: If able I redo my chest day workout (since I want a bigger chest.)

David Quarles (1)

David Quarles (2)

David Quarles (3)
My name is David “Sancocho” Quarles (IG:@sancochin89) I’m a Copy Editor by day, Zumba® Fitness instructor by night, and a Men’s Physique competitor by hobby. I come from a hodgepodge of cultures, so in regards to maintaining being fit, food is a BIG challenge! I’m four years in to my weightless journey of 296lbs to 174lbs, and I’m loving every moment of it.

Workout Philosophy: Workout like no one is watching. Pay attention to yourself, your form, your safety, your progress. Everyone else will either cheer you on, or despise your progress. Either way, your progress is just that…YOURS. You can use your story to inspire and motivate others. Yet never become overly concerned with their opinion…it might just stifle your progress.

Breakfast: 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg, 1/2 – full cup grains and first of many sips of my first gallon jug of the day.

Lunch: 8-10oz. of chicken breast, 1 cup of greens (any choice) and 1/2 – full cup grains (I usually have brown rice or quinoa.)

Dinner: 8-10oz. of chicken breast or fish , 2 cups greens, Hopefully I’m finishing up my water!

Cheat Day: The largest pizza I can find from any local Pizzeria.

Diet Trick:I love carb cycling. Never let your body get used to your activity or way of eating. I’ll low carb for 2 days and increase carbs on the 3rd day. This method will help raise your metabolism and allow your body to burn fat while giving your body some good fuel to power through your workouts!

Problem Area: My lower back a.k.a love handles. I accumulate most of my weight here as I’m on a weight gaining cycle and its usually the last place I lose the weight. Clean eating, higher water intake and frequent cardio usually helps me take care of that problem. But when I cheat, my love handles tell all!

Key to Discipline: I know my goals and where I want to be. The only person in control of whether or not I achieve my goals is me. Therefore, I can either be a help or hindrance to myself. I choice progress! Too, I know from where I’ve come, and I know I don’t want to go back there!

Workout Routine: I do fasted cardio in the morning before work; usually consisting of 30min. on the elliptical or treadmill. When it’s warm out, I like to take that workout to the track! I teach a Zumba® Fitness class almost everyday, so that takes care of my second round of cardio. Between cardio sessions, I weight train. I break down each day into different muscle groups: chest and triceps, back and abs or a whole workout centered around legs. It depends on the day and mood. I, too, have now incorporated swimming at least 4 times a week. Talk about a total body workout!

Finding Focus.

9 Sep

Naomi-Campbell_Vogue-Brazil_Anorexic- Escapades
Why is it that Mondays are always the day that we start to rethink our lives? My alarm went off at 8 a.m. as it does every morning to prompt me to start my morning run however; I was confined to my bed attempting to avoid another week of dealing with my CDD (Career Deficient Disorder.)

Not to brag (but I am) I am good at a plethora of things I mean, check my résumé. I’m one of those people who see something they like, research it and do it. Every job I’ve had I went in at an entry level and exited at management level then off to another completely different career path that peak-ed my interest. Though, I have acquired many skills from my work experiences fashion has always been at the core of each position.

Howbeit, with my 28th birthday quickly approaching I frequently find myself filling with anxiety comparing my life toady to where I expected myself to be 10 years ago. What’s even more paralyzing is that I am always giving rather great advice to others that are dealing with similar life plateaus.

Being the weight whiz I am if this was an issue dealing in my waistline then piece of cake, literally. I think what’s hard is taking my own advice.

It’s funny how the universe finds a way to speak to you through helping others.

Take this afternoon for example; (that provoked this post) my neighbor was on his balcony playing his guitar and I stopped to talk. Something I never do because I don’t like getting to know my neighbors. He’s around my age during the conversation he explained that he’s at a point where he don’t know what he’s doing with his life or how to start it.

He asked, “How do I find my focus?” I was taken aback by that statement only because I never heard that before. I’m use to people trying to stay focus on a dream or trying to stay with one dream (me.)

I assured him that he will find his focus and to chill on the added pressure. Our twenties are all about figuring it out. I personally don’t want to be one of those people that wait till their mid-thirties or forties to change career paths or wait till they have a family depending on them then have a mid-life crisis.

Finding your focus is rather simple: narrow down what you’re good at, hone in all you attributes to propel it, research/study the craft and follow through with it.

We create our own self-doubt when we compare ourselves to peers that we feel are doing better, not knowing their complete situations or own personal career struggles.

Choosing a focus is picking a struggle. If there’s something you want to achieve you have to be able to accept the good with the bad. If you’re going to struggle let it be something that the reward is worth the haul.

After that heavy conversation I went back into my apartment to focus on something lighter, fashion week. As I was scaling the September issue of “Harper Bazaar” I read a write-up by David Blasberg on supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Now, I don’t condone celebrities as idols for many reasons however, I do use them for thinspiration from time to time. Upon the many reason Naomi Campbell is one of my idols isn’t her ageless beauty, brilliant body, health regime, amazing skin or resilience to the bad press and poor mistakes she has made but to her work ethic.

Naomi at 43 years old has managed to remain in high demand in an industry that discards people at a certain age. She not only is the standard of her predecessors but looks better than her counterparts that are half her age.

What I hold in high regard to Campbell’s career is how she manages to stay hard working. I feel that she never seem to have lost her focus or had to deviate to a new career path due to her mistakes, age or comparison to her peers.

I was smacked in my face by this realization. There are many things I want to achieve before the end of this year (specifically.) I’m always setting mini challenges although; I think it’s to avoid my aversion to my huge aspirations that sometimes seems unachievable. As of today I am ready to focus. It’s not about knowing what you need to do it’s about applying it. No more blurred lines for me.

It’s crazy how my own advice has helped me out.

Could Complete Morons Be Sabotaging Your Diet?

16 Aug


Want to know why your last diet failed, because people are morons. Not you of course, I mean you have the self realization to know when your a** is getting a little too big. However, I’m referring to the selfish, annoying and mental delinquents that seem to drive you to eat with their inadvertent malfeasance (woah, I sound pretty smart when I’m annoyed and hungry.)

We all know to be successful on a diet or any workout program whether you are trying to build muscle or lose fat it takes discipline and dedication. What nutritionists, fitness trainers and countless diet books fail to mention of the causes to body blunders isn’t cheats day, poor food choices and skipping the gym but the people that you interact with during said diets.

Take me for example for the month of August I decided to give up sugar, dairy and people in the hope to shed a few more pounds before the end of summer and develop visible abs to flaunt on my upcoming Labor day vacation. Whenever I go on a diet that is more than seven days I cut off all people howbeit, romantic, close friends, coworkers or social media.

I don’t want to be around no one. I know for a fact that when I scroll my timeline or out in public and someone do (more so incapable of doing) or say something that just makes me want to gouge mine and their eyes out I turn to carbohydrates to avoid jail time or killing someone’s self esteem.

It’s proven that many people are emotional eaters, we eat in mourning (i.e. funerals, break ups or sad days) and in celebration (weddings, graduations or parties) so, it’s obvious that another person’s lack of common sense can cause a hunger attack and ruin your diet. To prevent this I just cancel going out with my friends and opt to get another workout in.

10 ways I keep dimwits from ruining my body.

  1.  Avoid Dates: Why do people consider dinner and a movie as the only way to interact with someone. You will not fill me up at dinner only to let it sit on my stomach and make its way to my thighs while we watch some movie you’re just going to ask me about throughout as if we didn’t start watching it at the same time.
  2. Don’t Answer Your Phone: It’s usually on the weekend your carefree (by carefree I mean chunky) friends want to invite you out to drink, eat and sleep late keeping you from your goal weight. Why should they care about your thighs obviously they‘ve given up.
  3. Cancel: I am not above canceling a romantic rendezvous, birthday party or game night because I want to go to bed early so I can get a 6 a.m. run in before it gets too hot outside.
  4. Save Your Advice: At least until after your final weigh-in, don’t listen to other people’s problems or help them correct their dismal life choices. They won’t listen anyway which in turn will cause you to eat some grease flavored meals to deal with their asinine decisions.
  5. Peer Pressure is For Acne Ridden High School-ers: Your coworkers or team members don’t care about your chubby face thus, they are going order pizza under guise of “working late.” Get your work done and leave.
  6. Save Sick Days: Everyone have a simpleton coworker, lunatic boss or piled up deadlines then, don’t use your sick days for actually being sick. Wait till you begin your diet and use them to stay away from the junk food area of your desk you massacre when your job starts to stress you out.
  7. A Fat Friend Ain’t Your Friend: Omg! I have a friend that signs up for a new gym membership every other month, constantly ask me for workout or diet tips and complain about how guys don’t look at him because he don’t have muscles. However, he never sees a diet all the way through and ignores my advice. That drives me crazy and I feel like he’s trying to pull me down like his sagging gut.
  8. Do It Yourself: People are just going to mess things up, save yourself the headache and do everything yourself till after your diet and I guarantee it will be easier to drive pass a drive-thru in rage.
  9. Fat Guilt: Jealous is a disease called obesity. Don’t let your friends or lover talk you into just “trying” something or shame you for reading the back of your container. It’s perfectly fine to choose the ab machine over a romantic night out (maybe that’s why I’m single.)
  10. Keep Your Ear buds Accessible: Even when there is no music playing I keep my headphones on, I don’t want people bothering me with their life.

Overall, frustration is how butterballs are born. Steer clear of people for a better rear.

If Words Were Food.

17 Apr

While I was home visiting my family and friends one thing I avoided other than the dessert laded dining room table was dead conversations.

As adults we become more conscious about the things we put into our mouths as our metabolism slows down in the efforts of a dwindling waistline. With age are we as focused on the things that come out our mouths? Are we satisfied with the conversations we have with our peers? Are the same topics up for discussion as we sat around the lunch table in high school? Have these repetitive and exhausted conversations caused many friendships to dwindle?

Conversation content is how we connect with people; it is what help grow a relationship or cause a relationship to evaporate.

The best part of my visit home was realizing how my friends and I have grown so much. Yes some are pudgier than last year so are their kids but the things we share and talk about are vast, real and exciting.

Topics we talked about in our teens and early twenties aren’t even a slight interest to us now. The conversations I had with friends over lunch were so enthralling and refreshing I forgot to eat. For me, that’s beyond a win.

This got me to thinking, conversation content is key. It’s not how often you talk to a person that gauges or grow your relationship is about what exactly are you discussing and sharing.

What I’ve noticed is that with age comes not only a different focus but a certain level of honest. My conversations with my friends, family and more importantly my parents are more eye opening, relative and authentic. The topics we converse about I don’t think I would ever shared 10 years ago.

Even in dating, where once I was content with knowing about a guy’s favorite food, color, movie and designer now I care about children, education, health, religion, finances, upbringing, and sometimes politics or sex.

Many people I’ve interacted with say that if someone can’t hold a decent conversation then there is no reason in continuing. I believe that anyone can hold a conversation just what about.

Some people are going to be stuck in their heydays, high school or gossiping about others to avoid the things they are dealing with in their lives as well as, people who make every conversation about something negative in their life or one upping you with their successes. I know for me those are some reasons why I don’t pick up the phone or keep dates with people.

A part of having style is being able to maneuver in any setting, same for conversation.

What is unsettling with me is having a conversation with someone my age and they aren’t well informed or the content is juvenile.

Reevaluate the reason you have/haven’t kept in contact with certain people. I’m sure it’s due to the content of your conversations. Also, ask yourself, are you challenging these people with the topics you discuss?

The Thin Lifestyle.

4 Dec

JoggingAfter my last wild late night anorexic escapade in New Orleans I still managed to wake up before 8 a.m. for my morning run. Fat has no vacation days! As I was getting ready my friend asked, “what is your obsession with being thin?” I get this question a lot however, people’s first assumption is that I was a porky as a child.

Quite the contrary, I haven’t ever let myself remotely come close to a jiggle on my waistline. My dedication to my goal weight of invisibility derived from my horrible family!

That statement began my friend’s and I discussion about our own personal weight-loss struggles. In reality I’m fine with my current size I just believe I can always be thinner. Though, with my family’s background I have to work extremely hard to maintain my 30 (sometimes 32) inch waist.

It’s like no matter how small my waist gets I will always have these massive thighs and for that I hate my parents (not hate hate but fat hate.)

A little about my fat family history. First, all the men on my dad’s side of the family have pot bellies in result I inherited a horrible core so I am constantly working on my abs whether its staying away from sugar and bread, doing yoga twice a week as well as, doing crunches every time I even think about pizza. Secondly, I’m naturally a muscular person, my mom and dad are tall built individuals although, you’d never know it today with all the beer and dead animals they’ve consumed over the years. I have made a conscious decision to stay away from heavy weights and stick to a heavy cardio workout regime because I bulk up fairly easy and that isn’t the ideal look I’m going for. Lastly, my parents are big eaters whom I like to call human garbage disposals which in turn I was the same way until freshman year of university I would inhale everything in sight just for breakfast. It was like I never got full till age 20 and all that food found a place to go…my butt and thighs. Now I pace myself and set designated times to cease all food consumption.

To most it seems that I’m forever on diet howbeit- it’s a “lifestyle.”

This is something many weight struggle-rs get confused ending in constant yo-yo diets, failed weight loss attempts and depression. I’d be sad too if I keep buying new clothes that I can’t ever fit. There’s a huge difference between a diet and a thin lifestyle.

Here’s some fat free food for thought.

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Thanksgiving Thinspiration

21 Nov

For the skinny life of me I was so not interested in going to today’s 6 a.m. spin class especially, since Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I was going to post a list of “Ways Not Get Fat At Thanksgiving” but who am I kidding I borderline malnutrition (my goal weight) myself the entire year just to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my family. While looking for thinspiration to hit the gym this morning to afford to gorge tomorrow I ran across these photos shot by Joan Crisol featuring Julian Gómez and Alberto Giraldo on Homotography.com

Thanks to these stellar and self-deprecating pictures I was able to do the spin class, elliptical, treadmill, and 300 crunches dreaming of their waistlines and butts! Let me get back to packing my flight leaves in 2 hours and I’m still in here lusting to these pics as I do more crunches.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please don’t get fat!

Bon Bppetit

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