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New Skinny Techniques: Alexander Wang SS16 #NYFW

26 Sep

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Now that the sweat of New York Fashion Spring/Summer 2016 has dried I can now start a new set of crunches as I recap my most savored collections of the upcoming season.

With the bulk of menswear shown this past summer during New York Fashion Week: Men’s I didn’t have much to gorge on.

Although, as cliche as it may sound I am really into the handful of offerings from Alexander Wang. With an (obvious and borderline redundant) ode to the the 90’s this collection marked the 10th anniversary of Wang’s eponymous label. Inspired by what Wang himself saw first hand growing up this collection is rife with street influences from skaters to the grunge movement. Noticeably more refined, with the help of silken fabrics as well as, more technical fabrics that he likely learned and honed in on during his time at Balenciaga.

I adore the sizing and proportions of this collection because one thing we love to hate about the 90’s were how big the clothes were. However, during summer when your summer body isn’t ready we all need a strong, cool collection that will hide any remnants from our lackluster gym performance during winter.

Not saying this is my most desired aesthetic, however I can appreciate the attention to design and tailoring in this urban offering.

Sometimes it take looking at new styles, tips and techniques to strengthen your own style.

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York


Skinny Vibes: #LCM Coach

17 Jun

coach ss16

Coach showed their SS16 collection during LCM once again, highlighting not just that they’re an international label but, also hoping to be associated with the joie de vivre that seems to surround all the British labels that show during LCM. It also helps that their head designer, Stuart Vevers, is British.

To describe the SS16 collection in three words; I would go with quality, quirky and with 42 looks- quantity.
Awash with bold animal prints and colorful designs, all seemed rooted in the psychedelic 70s. Staying true to what Coach is known for luxe accessories, this collection included some rather superb leather jackets and shoes that are so on trend with today’s shoe enthusiast male.

The patchwork jackets and furry slippers are my most desired pieces. This collection has a safari feel, that is still ready-to-wear with an overall disheveled vibe. Another collection that shows that its okay if you don’t have it all together, you still can look great even when you’re late. I’m drawn to the comfortable and cool heir this collection puts out.

As a person that is always late, I rely on and love easy simple constructed garments that still have standout aspects about them that don’t cause for much deliberation when styling, pairs well with denim & solids and work well in fitting my body.

The cuts alone will make anyone feel less self-conscious about their body.

À la carte: #5days5guys1item

3 Mar

Ride Along (1) Photographed by: Theodolph Mason

Out with the fat and in with the new! At least I think that’s how the saying goes…

Anyways, adding something new to the “À la carte” section or better know as my #OOTD I want to included other fashionable young men to get their take and spin on how they rock their new or favorite purchases.

There’s this misconception that in order to love fashion, exude style or have “taste” one must don a completely different garment everyday and it must be designer, expensive or over the top. Just like a fatty lying about eating healthy is expensive when they eat out EVERYDAY, all of that is a delusional obese lie.

Style or having taste is the ability to consistently create a distinctive recognizable personal look out of anything you purchase. Taste is all about your character, as cliche as it may be, your personal style should do the talking before you even speak. I believe as long as its fits perfectly, quality, a great color for my complexion and appropriate for where I’m are wearing it to then I nothing short of style perfection.

Your waistline may go up and down but style is forever. That’s why I enlisted the help of five gentlemen (including myself) whom I found stylish, handsome and of course taunt to pick one of their favorite items from their closet that they are excited to wear for five days to restyle and rock throughout the week.

The Style Challenge: #5days5guys1item

To help prove my theory of style I asked the guys to each pick from five categories (outerwear, shirt, pants, shoes and accessory) to create their daily looks around.

The Guys:
Oliver Williams (@bougiehippie) Shoes.
Antonio Guerrero (@thestylewarrior_) Shirt.
Kedrick Walker (@rockedfeller) Accessory.
Roberto Johnson (@itsrobertojohnson) Outerwear.
Askia B (@askiaabdull) Pants.

Each day we all will be posting our looks on Instagram using the hash-tag #5days5guys1item I will be posting full round-ups here!

Check us out, double tap and comment! Here’s my look for DAY ONE. My category is shoes and I chose these Zara platform pony hair & leather oxfords I bought during the holidays. They are a modern throwback to the 50’s that I feel I can pair with joggers to slacks to give my simple looks a bit of personality and class.

Ride Along (2)

Ride Along (9)

Ride Along (4)

Ride Along (3)

Ride Along (10)

Ride Along (5)

Ride Along (7)

Ride Along (8)
Faux Leather Coat: Zara $259
Sweater: Liz Claiborne $15
Oxford: Hollister Co. $29
Denim: Levi’s 511 JC Penny $41.54 (distressed by myself)
Shoes: Zara $129

“Dancing While Shopping is Cardio!” #NYFW: Rag & Bone

18 Feb

Rag Bone FW15

It’s too freaking cold to run and now I’m regretting not renewing my gym membership because I NEED a treadmill like 10 miles ago! However, one must always remember that shopping is cardio too, and a couple of twirls in the dressing room and jamming out to the store music will help you burn those excess calories or you could just bench press all the garments you’ve been stacking on your arm as you comb the store for more garments before hitting the fitting room.

Rag & Bone get it’s! There’s no way around it, layering and oversized proportions are back. Though, I adore me a fit streamlined look, the effortless sportswear rugged pieces in this collection has a caught my eye. First off, what I love about this fall/winter 2015 lookbook are how the garment shown off by famed dancer Mikhall Baryshnikov with fellow dancer Lil Buck and a couple of other models who give the seemingly heavy pieces life.

This collection at first sight has a hobo-vagabond appeal to it with its layering and textile mixing, but as I look over again I’m getting an nice ode to the 90’s grunge and hip-hop movements in fashion. This collection is very on trend with young men now. How they are taking different pieces from many aesthetics and putting them all in one look. As this collection is much in material I can’t deny how chic it is. There is a very carefully curated appeal in the fabric choice, how the colors are standard as well as, how the collection rely heavy on the styling.

There are brilliant stand alone pieces like the overcoats and pants with it’s fluidity, appendages and richness. Also, each look is so perfectly styled that you can wear this collection exactly how it’s presented to us. It’s hard not to look or feel stiffed in your winter attire and Rag & Bone understands that with this warm jumbo collection this doesn’t forego movement and style.

“I Wish Prefecting My Abs Were This Easy” PFW: AMI

27 Jan


AMI means “friend” in french but now on his second runway show Alexandre Mattiussi is positioning himself to be other designers enemy with his breakout standout collections. What make AMI awesome every season is that he make fashion for a “man” that merely like to look nice. Nothing risque but nothing boring. If you haven’t noticed I’m always looking for a collection/designer that is representative of the decade.

The full-length coat is a staple with all men right now, tapered/cropped denim is a favorite winter & spring and boots will never go away. The pants are cool with the relaxed but thoughtful cuts, nothing too tight but room enough for practicality while still being dope. I enjoying dressing to the nines like any other fashion enthusiast I have a closet full of suits and slacks to prove it but I always go for what effortless and straightforward.

The mix of athletic-wear of sweats and sneaker with dress coats and turtlenecks are ideal for me and easy to do. Here you can see Mattiussi made an easy collection but definitely military inspired with the aviator coat, the hunter green hue infused throughout and obviously the shearling collars. I want all the pants even the acid wash cropped denim and culottes, the tops are a wearable balance between street-chic and dressy. This collection have so many keen elements that is great for winter, men and fashion. This period in fashion is all about effortless dressy and here is another collection that not only thinspire my personal aesthetic and future shopping purchases but will be a great reference for the decade.

AMI has everything a guy into fashion or not will gush over, nothing that has to grow on you or requires restyling just a well curated collection. I wish getting through my crunches were as weasy.


30 May

Alexandre Herchcovitch (masculino)

What do you do when you’re a month away from menswear fashion week with nothing to wear? Scan through fashion weeks you’ve never knew existed i.e. Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo and Sao Paolo.

Cut to me scrounging around the fashion web for the latest in Sao Paulo. Thanks to Google Now I was originally searching Jennifer Lopez and of course it pulled up the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ which happens to be in Sao Paulo this year and that’s how I found this incredible runway show from Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. Best known for avant-garde designs, eclectic prints and his trademark skulls he opened his first store in Tokyo this year and his most recent collection can be found in stores from USA, Canada to England, France, Spain and Australia.

Herchcovitch’s spring/summer 2015 menswear collection is a charge on what men will wear as the lines of masculine & feminine continue to fuse in the future of men’s fashion. The futuristic (sexually & literally) approach was punctuated by metallics, leather and funky sunglasses. The standout of the collection is the tailoring. I personally believe the most effective way for a guy to pull off the androgyny look is to back it with strong precise tailoring and robust textiles. This collection exhibits just that.

Alexandre Herchcovitch (masculino)

To labor this point Herchcovitch took a flouncy fabric like lace/doilies and cut it in a strong shape to make a crisp oversized dress shirt and in other versions paired with denim and dark traditional dressy fabrics. With the skirts they are all in heavy materials and classically tailored mixing the characteristics of each in a harmony that isn’t abrasive or off putting but both fashion forward. I enjoy the strength of this collection that is very of the moment and telling of the what’s to come. Many designer are gender bending as if it was a new thing however, it’s becoming less of a faux pas. One have to appreciate the detail in these garments and the offering of genuine style. I mean get into the knee-high socks and brilliant loafers. Also, take notice of the genre cross of preppy, street and business all rolled up in eccentricity. All together this collection is clean, cohesive and delightful while keeping it’s “dark” edge.Alexandre Herchcovitch (masculino)

Check out the entire collection.

Picky Eating (Last Day of Paris Menswear Fashion Week ss/14)

30 Jun

Just finished skimming and picking over Saturday & Sunday’s final shows of Paris Menswear Fashion Week ss/14. As I critiqued my favorite shows I’ve come to the conclusion that even though Paris has some agreeable shows however, London reigns supreme of deluxe shows for spring/summer 2014. Paris did present some new shapes for men next year as well as lithe textiles. Howbeit, here are my most favorable shows as Paris fashion week wraps up.

I’m praying to Skinny-Jesus that the Americans deliver this September.


The footwear label Berluti from luxury house LVMH have made a full menswear collection. This is a razor-sharp collection of impeccable tailored suits, keen outerwear and stellar shoes. The hues and the suit prints gave an overall polished boyish introspection. Primary colors will be big this fall/winter right into next spring/summer as you can tell from this show.


The remnants of John Galliano’s “Victorian-gentlemen” has all but evaporated under the hands of Bill Graytten. Still staying true to the flounce of Galliano’s aesthetic this collection is less costume-like but more youthful and modern. The contour of the garment are London boy, the color choice are appealing and upbeat. A very graceful approach to current trends without loosing the essences of the John Galliano man. I personally like the neon color and oversize shirts also, the blazers are a standout.


Another collection inspired by the easy breezy appeal of the American beach scene. Kenzo caught my eye with this collection of course with its prints but more so with the jumpers (sweaters) and oversize jackets. The garments are simple in construction but the graphics gives it layers. Lim & Leon did an excellent job of making sporty clothing more streamline and clean with it’s tailoring. An even blend of fun, laid back and preppy.


Lanvin spring/summer collection is the premier Parisian male: chic, sexy and school boy charm. If I could just loose 10 more pounds this is how I want to look. Everything that walked down the runway is just splendid and how a fashion forward guy should dress during summer. These silhouette would rival any female’s attire. Some looks are oversize and other are short and tight but together the show has fluidity and a very sexy looks that worked well with one another. This is ideal if you want to cover up and feel/look sexy or just want to put it all out there and not sacrifice class.


Paul Smith has a way with color. This collection like his previous show continue his electrifying and eye-popping use of color and 60/70’s tailoring inspiration that is a complete fashionable spectacle.

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