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Thinspiration: Matthew Davidson for Oak Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear.

2 Sep

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (5)
Can’t wait for Fall, then don’t! Summer is almost over according to the calendar but we all know fall doesn’t really get here till about late October. However, that shouldn’t stop you fashion crooners from chirping over the new fall looks.

As for me, my fall/winter body is still under construction therefore, my aesthetic will be a little more “cozy active-wear.” Clean lines, simple color palette and of course over size; basically cool weather gym clothes.

That’s why I’m excited for Oak Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear look-book starting slim framed model Matthew Davidson. If you’re starving for new looks then fill up on this collection. A few transitional pieces that will heat up your current look without making you sweat, some really great sweater to purchase now and wear later and the pants are very much figure forgiving just in time for Thanksgiving. I just would opt for a less sad shoes.

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (6)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (7)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (1)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (2)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (3)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (4)


Sluggish But Still Stylish.

20 Dec

Christmas gifts purchased & wrapped. ✔
Halls Deck. ✔
Goal weight reached to gorge on Christmas diner. Eh.
Arrival date set and room booked. ✔
Packed…of course not!

As much as I’m in the holiday spirit I can honestly say the Grinch has stole my Christmas style spirit. I leave on Monday to go home for the holidays and I’ve yet to pull, purchase or pack one item to wear while I’m home. This year I’m not only a guest but I’m hosting Christmas Eve activities and helping coordinate Christmas Day dinner. In Christmas past all I had to do was show up well-groomed and styled, received my gifts and leave, however this year I will be back and forth to the grocery, up and down the highway, in the kitchen, wrangling guests and my nieces & nephew between homes so the last thing on my mind is what to wear.

I need something active, breathable, yet current, cool and fabulous. Lets be honest, people expect me to look amazing no matter what.

Now the last thing on my list of things to-do before the gym is come up with looks for the four days I’ll be home. As I was looking for thinspo I remembered reading GQ a month ago where they did a feature on new American Designers who did some pretty sharp collaboration collections with The Gap.

One of the designers/brands features was John Elliott + Co. Inspired at the age of 8 after sending his first designed to NIKE he later formed his Los Angles based company in the Spring of 2012 with friend/business partner, Aaron Lavee thus, delivering thier first collection in the Spring of 2013. John Elliott’s designs are all about being function yet modern. Basically what I’m looking for right now.

I love dressing up however, it’s not practical for the events ahead. After looking through John Elliot + Co’s FW/14 LookBook I’m uber inspired by this collection and what direction I want to pack for next week. This collection is relaxed but clean and very mode. The overall collection is easy and full of basic but thats the best feature of the clothing because every great look need a good foundation. The garnish is the premium textile used (French terry is custom knit in the United States, zippers are sourced from Riri in Switzerland and fabrics are source and develop from Japan.)

I am a huge fan (only time that word is applied to me) of activewear but I still want to be presentable. This collection is just that- the easy and comfortability of sweats, tees and denim still, being modern with today’s contemporary edge of layering, placid tailoring and calm color pallet. The collegiate comfort meet street chic is very much on trend. All I need to do is find a cool pair of sneakers, a awesome coat and I’ll be ready.

What do you think of this collection????

John Elliot Co FWlookbook (1)

John Elliot Co FWlookbook (2)

John Elliot Co FWlookbook (3)

John Elliot Co FWlookbook (4)

John Elliot Co FWlookbook (5)

John Elliot Co FWlookbook (6)

John Elliot Co FWlookbook (7)

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