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Thinspiration: Stand & Watch

26 Aug

Dreaming of cooler weather; summer isn’t my favorite season by far! I love the fall & winter I’m thinner, more stylish and lighter.

Granted I sweat more in the summer which means more calories burned but I’m black and leathery than the entire Alexander Wang FW14 colection.

That’s why I love my “Thinspiration” posts very much, they keep me focused and ready for whats to come. I’m just standing in the shade and watching as Labor Day weekend approaches marking the end of Summer. Now I can began to plan my looks for fall/winter. With thinspo from Dries Van Noten, Kris Van Assche and Dior Homme fall/winter collections sported by the gaunt even darker than me male model Fernando Cabral.

Cabral silky evenly tanned skin is the perfect accessory to pull off every look styled by Mauricio Nardi and photographed by Johan Sandberg. Now I’m think my farmer’s tan may not be so bad.

This fall I really want to try fur and leather. I played with the notion of leather once last year and I kind of liked it but as I’m pushing myself to try new styles and aesthetics this shoot for Dapper Dan magazine “Stand & Watch” is a perfect start. Don’t know about the skirt/kilts but I’m ready for this 101 degree temperatures to drop. I’m so over wearing cut-offs and flipflops!







6 Reasons Not to Eat This Fall.

18 Sep

Fashion Week is over, summer is officially over on the 22nd and I’m running out of reasons not to eat. Today I decided to go through a few menswear collections for fall/winter 2013-14 to keep me from going to the grocery store and pigging out in the aisles. I’ve noticed some brilliant new trends for men that I’m rather excited about. What I like about these trends are that each type of look can be found throughout every designer’s collection which, will make it easy for regular people like myself to recreate these runway look in my local mall or online shopping.

The Structred Sweatshirt Structured Sweatshirts: Being a guy I’m a huge supporter and connoisseur of the sweatshirt; it’s reliable, effortless and quick. Thanks to the genius craftsmanship of designers like, Tim Coppens, Neil Barrett and Frank Morello there’s a new take on the sportswear classic. With a stronger and voluminous silhouette this look has been remixed with the help of graphic/prints (Morello & Kenzo,) geometric cuts and color blocking (Barrett & MSGM) and clever adornments such as zippers, fur and leather (Philip Lim, Coppens and Paul Smith.) If you’re a no nonsense dresser or someone who doesn’t get layering but still desire a standout look, throwing this style of sweatshirt on with a slim streamline pant will definitely give you that new look while stay true to your personal style.

The “V” silhouette This leads me to the next trend… The “V” silhouette. Being the pro-fitness guy I am like most men the ideal physical structure is the “V” shape of broad shoulders, big chest and small waist and obviously menswear designers live by the phrase “those who can’t do, teach” because this new silhouette overwhelmed the runways during the fall/winter shows. To achieve this look is to keep all the weight on top and minimal on bottom. A look normally created with the help of skinny jeans is now replaced with tapered slacks, cigarette pants & high hemmed denim. Take a look how Jonathan Saunders, Emporio Armani and Dior Homme showed how to keep it simple by doing a oversized top and tapered pant (Richard Nicoll) or simply cinching in the waist, play with layering and textiles on top and a sleeker simpler pant on bottom ( Andrea Pompilio) and very pronounced outerwear and high cuffed jeans (Dsquared2.)

Poignant Outerwear Poignant Outerwear: As a kid I hated wearing a jacket. I could never find one that went with all my school clothes, my theory was who needs a jacket if I’m only going from the house to the car to the school. Paris, Milan, London and New York got the memo about adding more fashion to the function of the necessary fall/winter piece. Howbeit, futuristic, whimsical or tough designers such as, Kenzo, Burberry, Cavalli and Louis Vuttion took coats and jackets to new levels regardless the shape or cut (overwhelming, lithe, short or long) that can be incorporated into any stylish male’s wardrobe no matter your aesthetic. Even bringing parkas back i.e. (TopMan, Hardy Amies and Valentino.)

While on the topic of different aesthesis, two that were a big point of reference this season are School Boy Charm & Sleek Grunge.

School Boy Charm Though the ‘school boy’ look was referenced in almost every collection, you can definitely tell this look is the look to go with till spring. Designers such as, Kris Van Assche, Valentino and Mark McNairy channeled this style with varsity jackets, prep school like uniforms and traditional aspects of houndstooth, naive prints and sneakers with suits. When attempting this look remember not to be too casual or too preppy.

Sleek-GrungeThe ‘grunge look’ has been incessant for about 3 seasons now. I get that kids that were born in the 90’s are now obsessed with dressed as if they were teens during that time period. However, Skinny-Jesus touched the hands of Robert Geller, Saint Laurent and Kenneth Cole to give the messy style a more finished wearable introspection. For that I am grateful. You don’t have to only turn to flannel and ripped denim to recreate this look. Observe what each designer did by channeling Charlie Chaplin, the eclectic streets of New York and the Rock & Rock esque of rock bands like Aerosmith. Add leather, wool, fur and toggle buttons for that extra ‘umph’ or even play with lengths and layering.

Accent ColorAccent Colors: are important especially during the time of year when falling into the rut of wearing black, grey and brown is extremely easy. Green is the color of the season from Wooyoungmi, AMI to Paul Smith these designers brought on the color where green was the standout. Green is a season-less color that works in every hue (with exception on day glow.) Green is the ideal complementary color of most skin tones and the color of the holiday season. I know primary colors were forecast for this season but hey, blue and yellow makes green.

Eating Isn’t on The Calendar (Paris)

18 Jan

I knew today was going to be a smashing day, woke up this morning my most skinny denim was too baggy and the belt I picked to pair with them even on the last notch was still too big. I literally did a victory lap around the river. I was going to wait till Monday to do a summary of favorite shows of Menswear Fall/Winter 2013-14 Men’s Fashion Week Paris but there are just too many inspiring and outstanding shows to choose from. So I’m dividing it up into two parts. With five days and 40 shows Paris has the best line up…per usual.

MSGM FW 13 Paris
MSGM completely understands that fashion is expressive. When I first seen this presentation I found myself in a good mood even though I haven’t had solid food in three days. I am toying with the idea of flower prints for spring and seeing these brilliant jackets I’m sure I’ll be ready for full on floral by next fall. This is a very sporty preppy collection.

Kris Van Assche FW 13 Paris
If you’re like me you hate having to get dressed for work after the gym, well Belgian designer Kris Van Assche is here to the rescue. I love the combining of varsity and professional attire in this collection. Though, it gives the collection an interesting look visually it somehow seems effortless and wearable. It has this refusal to grow up school boy charm about the overall collection.

Valentino FW 13 Paris
Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino are complete masterminds. This collection wreaks sophisticated gentlemen. A first glance you see a suave slim contour design but upon further examining this collection you see a tough prep school geek chic vibe to each look. I’m more attracted to the leather and animal hide overcoats, jackets with monochromatic color blocking and ankle length slacks.

3.1 Phillip Lim FW 13 Paris
I personally can never pull off the rough rocker look however Phillip Lim’s collection is a how-to-guide in doing so. I am partial to the edginess added by the leather and strong cut of the jackets as well as the horizontal line and military-rockabilly addition.

Louis Vuitton FW 13 Paris
Kim Jones needs an award for this Louis Vuitton show. This is the only collection thus far to convey a complete story throughout. You can find something to wear to any fashionable environment in this collection; work, play, travel and black tie. The entire show is just splendid nothing more nothing less.

Givenchy FW 13 Paris
All I have to say about this Givenchy collection is I will never attend anywhere that involves food ever again if I can get these leather short shorts. Just get into the collarless and lapel-less jackets. Great androgynous lines, nice ingenuity and fashion forward with the right hint of ratchet. My favorite part of the show is the coats tied around the waist. I like having things to cover up my enormous butt especially if I’m wearing those shorts.

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