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Lockeroom Habits.

18 Sep

Olay Pro X (1)

First off I want a huge thank you from every single one of my male readers. I have become your almost skinny human grooming Guinea pig. Not to say I don’t like testing and reviewing new products to share with my readers, however my medicine cabinet is now worth more than my closet.

Anyways, during one of my usual Target trip to pick up water and nuts I somehow wondered to the cosmetic aisle… 192.87 dollars later I made it home with this Olay ProX Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System for $44.99.

Believe it or not I have never tried any at home microdermabrasion cleansing systems. Honestly I thought it was just something else extra to waste money on because I feel I can get a better, deeper, thorough, clean with my hands for cheaper.

Although, I now see what the hype is all about with these cleaning systems- they are perfect for the lazy! After a week trying this ProX Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System I can say I don’t see a huge difference but it is refreshing to wash my face with something new.

The Olay ProX system includes a 3 Speed Facial Cleansing System, Microdermabrasion Foam Head, Cleansing Brush Head, Thermal Crystal Polisher (0.68 fl. oz.), Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser (0.68 fl. oz.) and 2 AA Duracell Batteries. Also a diagram of brush weekly usage rotations between cleansing and microdermabrasion.

My Overall Result: Convenience! I like that I was able to just sit in my bathroom on the toilet watching YouTube and let the brush do all the work without getting the sink wet or mirror dirty. Microdermabrasion is known to scrub off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating and increase collagen production. So of course I was looking for dramatic improvements in the tone, texture, and color of treated areas. I must admit my face was just as clean, tight and even as my normal hand & product regime. Instead of dampen skin I lathered my face in coconut oil to offset scratching from the beads. Applied the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser to face then, gently massage on my face for 60 seconds on the top speed. Due to the Thermal Crystal Polisher being rather gentle than scrub, I used it daily.

If you’re looking to add something new to your skincare routine go ahead and get it but I suggest spending 50 bucks at Sephora and get more!

Here’s What Exactly Microdermabrasion Improves:

  • Oily or dull skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Clogged pores
  • Fine lines
  • Mild acne scars
  • Mild complexion problems (such as uneven pigmentation or poor skin texture)
  • The benefits of microdermabrasion also include enhanced circulation and lymph flow, which promote the internal health of the skin.

Why should men care about microdermabrasion? We shave regularly-  irritations and ingrown hairs are clear signs of an added stress to their skin. The skin damage is caused by the shaving itself, as well as by before and after shaving products. Therefore it’s ideal to keep the skin healthy before and after a scalping.

You’re welcome.


How Do You Detox After A Fat Weekend?

5 Aug

After reading the title of this post I wouldn’t say a “fat-weekend” per say, but after a cheat day being that it’s Wednesday.

Anyone one that’s dieting and dating simultaneously knows it counter productive. Case in point- my current relationship. My boyfriend was off Monday and Tuesday which meant us hanging together both days, granted we managed to get in a 75 minute hot yoga class on Monday and a two hour and thirty minute workout at the gym on Tuesday. However, both days were followed by pizza, Thai food and Braum’s ice cream.

Now cut to me today, he’s finally back at work, I’m sore, hungry, feeling like a bag of laundry and about to hit the restart button on my diet and fitness program for the month. By ‘restart’ I mean my detoxing ritual I do after any binge or diet blunder I may partake in that will hinder me getting to my goal weight.

What my current body-detox consist of: a 24 hour green-tea diet, 10 mile run, 45 min express hot Asana yoga class and a 10-15 sit in the sauna.

However, my detox isn’t only focused on restarting the inside but the outside as well. After any long weekend or late night early morning I wake-up sluggish, bloated and puffy like the rest of you (hard to believe but true). What I usually do along with my body detox is a steam facial, mud masque and scrub however, I was introduced to this new interesting body care company- Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean Body Care is a company that takes coffee bean and infuse them with other organic skin nutrient ingredients to make a fortifying refreshing skin scrub. The perfect day after detox!

What’s perfect about this product is that it’s perfect for men and women. Strong and effective but produce supple results. For example, the formula I received was the Mandarin $17.95; Robusta coffee beans infused with, organic cold pressed coconut oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara sugar, organic Cacao and vitamin E oil.

The Benefits:

  • Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis.
  • Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes.
  • Coconut Oil will hydrate and moisturize your skin.
  • Cocoa and Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation.

The smell is just that of grounded coffee beans with a hint of ashes and a nice little sweet after note. The consistency is a bit pasty because of the coconut and vitamin E oil, which is good and as you apply it when wet its a very mentholated product that really open your pares and scrubs very deep without scratching or burning. Let it dry for five minute, wash and voilà!

Afterwards my skin felt soft, deflated and after using it for a week my skin is looking a bit even no thanks in part to my summer farmer’s tan.

I will admit that I don’t drink coffee but I definitely love putting it on my skin and now will including this with my weekly detoxing ritual.

Eatable Skin!

9 May

Evian Facial Spray
Every now and again we all need a quick refresh to get back on track to rid ourselves of all the crappy things we partook in on our journey to clean and clear skin-town located right outside svelte village.

This summer are our bodies are to be beach ready and should our skin. In order to pull of these crop-tops, transparent shirt and short shorts our skin have to be just as toned & even as our glutes & biceps.

But with dust, smog and global warming that will be a feat that isn’t beyond your medicine cabinet. Not to mention adding skincare into our work, social and gym schedule is daunting enough. Excluding being outright lazy we have a lot working against our epidermis this season.

Take this afternoon for example, its Saturday; I have to work, run some errands (fit in a haircut) and of course get a workout in if I want to be in slim shape for Saturday night’s festivities. With my always “on-the-go” attitude I rarely have time to stop and repeat my entire morning or nightly facial regime.

If you’ve been following me long enough you should know and come to rely on the fact that I’m always seeking out clean skin alternative for the fellas even if its targeted towards women. Women have all the easy fixes for their skin however,the ultimate unisex skincare remedy for men and women is water. Water hydrates, clean and protects our skin.

It’s been proven this water control our calories, energize our muscles and help our kidneys. Water is the real super-food, if you can call it a food (I know I do).

Albeit, as strong and versatile water it’s just as powerful for fighting dehydration, aging and acne on our skin. Rather you’re having a long day, can’t stop at home to freshen up or need a quick grooming prep after the gym just as convenient water in a bottle has been to us, them same applies for water in a can.

I received a can of Evian Facial Spray (5 fl.oz. $12.50) from the company originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients. It was the first facial water spray in France and was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978. Because of the current world-wide awareness of the Evian brand name, and the 36 year efforts of the USA exclusive distributor (The Wilkes Group Inc. in Old Lyme, CT), Evian is the only facial spray to be carried by many prestige retail groups including Nordstrom and Sephora. It is also offered in common places like Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Amazon.com.

Predominantly known to refresh and revitalize women’s makeup, I found this to be an awesome midday treatment for me too!

The ph neutral spray works on all skin types to moisturize, hydrate and tone the skin for that extra boost of healthy radiant skin to help you make it the second half of the day.

You can put it in your gym bag, desk or overnight knapsack for instant results. Apart from simply refreshing the skin I found this spray to help restore my pH balance, control my oily skin, help continue to moisturize and prevent ingrown hairs. All it contains is water! I wouldn’t recommend this being your only source of skincare but it sure will aid in skincare needs.

I would say this product is for the guy who care about his skin but just haven’t the time in his schedule and its perfect for summer as an instant cool down.

Skin so instantly supple and juicy its bite worthy!


6 Apr

Skin Week

After two long weeks of being a real life skinny Guinea pig (the only time you’ll see pig & skinny in the same sentence on this site) I will be giving reviews on all the awesome (some less than awesome) skincare brands that I’ve been sent to try & review to tone, clear and balance my skin for spring/summer.

The last things guys remember to consider or take of regularly is our skin. Even and balanced skin is just as important to looking and feeling great as our workout, wardrobe and diet. Not mention hair cut!

The brilliant thing about healthy skin is that there are great over the counter organic products that we can incorporate in our life to maintain the prefect complexion with the prefect biceps and ab flex.

Check back to anorexicescapades.com “Purge” section all week as I post individuals reviews of all the products in the image above on how well they work, what areas they treat best and other tips and tricks to being blemish free this season.

Good skin is a reflection of your diet, hormone balance and workout routine. However, when that isn’t enough we all need a little help and that’s what I’m here for, to provide you with an amazing reflection.

From oils, face masks and serums to eye creams and detox teas, I got you guys covered! So to get skin that wins you have to check in!


9 Feb

Bosica Cleansing Gel_009
All it takes is one good skin day to keep me motivated to maintain and commit at keeping my skin clean, even and radiant FOREVER.

Fellas, skincare is an up hill battle with us rather it’s razor bumps, puberty or the stress in our lives, even our workout & diet regime can work against our skin. We most times let it keeps us in a rut or believe that if we ignore it it’ll go away. However, that’s the worst tactic we can take when looking for treatment.

That’s why I’m in such awe and inspired spirits right now at my skin today, due to the new product I was sent a few months back that I’m just recently getting around to using.

Bosica Cleansing Gel_001Bosica (“BO-sha”) means BOtanical SCIence with Advanced technology is the world 1st 100% preservatives-free skincare brand. Developed in Japan 36 years ago now in the states since 2002 this light, non abrasive or harsh product line has officially made me a glutton for all their products.

Bosica Cleansing Gel_002
I was sent the Purifying Cleansing Gel (5fl oz $26.00) and after about three days now on day seven my skin is smoother, tighter and all around glowing. What’s in it and what makes it so special…

Hydrangea Leaf

  • Gently purifies, refines, and minimizes the appearance of pores

Botanical Amino Acids

  • Gently eliminates skin dirt, oil, and impurities, leaving skin conditioned
  • Allows skin to be clean and free of debris that can clog pores and lead to breakouts without drying or stripping the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Green Tea

  • A key antioxidant that soothes as it protects the skin against the abuse of the elements, helping to prevent free-radical damage.
  • Gives natural antibacterial benefits as it helps to reduce inflammation.


  • Provides a natural scent that helps relieve stress and encourage relaxation.

Boscia’s Proprietary Botanical Blend

Jojoba Leaf helps to prevent free radical damage while nourishing the skin
Willowherb helps to calm skin inflammation and reduce visible redness and irritation

Bosica Cleansing Gel_004
The energizing aspect of this product is that its perfectly smooth and “gel-like” (go figure) at first application but it’s not gooey or heavy as I have experienced gels to be. It’s doesn’t leave residue on my hands or skin nor is it hard to wash off my face yet still giving me a thorough cleanse. Currently with the weather and my workout schedule I was looking for a supple facial wash that wouldn’t strip away vitamins and essential oils from skin but to help balance my natural moisture while fighting pore clogging bacterial. This does that! I use it at night right before bed, reason being is that I do a full workout on my face in the mornings (exfoliate, mask, cleanse, tone and moisturizer) therefore, at night I go easy on my skin to keep it from being irritated and over worked as it repair itself while I sleep.

Although, I still want something strong enough to protect. Hence the sulfate-free element of this product is my most galvanized attribute of the wash. Yes, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are great acne fight agents although, if acne isn’t your problem or you simply have sensitive skin then this is for you. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t burn or dry out all the while being strong.

Listen, fellas if it strong enough to remove make-up then it’s strong enough for you. It’s important that we protect our natural barriers without relying heavily on chemicals.

I can keep this in my nightly regime forever.
Bosica Cleansing Gel_007

A Good Tan Makes Everyone Look Thinner.

23 Sep

Fall Coloring!
Autumnal Equinox 2014 happens to be today marking the start of my favorite and many fashion enthusiasts alike season, fall. Naturally, during my afternoon jog I detoured to check out the Solar Calendar Sculptures by Steve Murillo, 2003 that tracks the sun’s location by aligning the stones at sunset, sunrise, and at local noon on the first day of each of the four seasons.

As I was waiting what seemed like forever for the sun to move over the rocks I was inspecting my skin and there I was watching J-Lo’s “Booty” video on my phone like, CRAP my tan! I worked pretty hard on my tan this past summer with frequent steams and daily jogs in the over bearing sun. I must say my tan is pretty awesome, so awesome that I don’t want to lose it as the daylight grows shorter and the low temperatures keep me inside more. I’m sure many of you have are having the same dilemma therefore, I’m willing to share how I maintain my evenly baked tone all year. Having a glowing even skin tone makes your look younger, rested and thinner as the light bounce of your glimmering skin in all the right angles.

Eats: SWEET POTATOES keeps your skin silky and smooth because they are rich in beta-carotene and, when ingested, converted into vitamin A, a prime factor in keeping skin touchable soft. Don’t forget fruits such as, WATERMELON, CANTALOUPE, MANGOES AND KIWI are heavy in carotenoids, which help protect your skin from sunburn. Like kiwi, oranges, and grapefruit’s rich Vitamin C properties stimulates collagen synthesis resulting noticeably less dryness and fewer wrinkles. Oh, and deeply colored berries like, blueberries and cherries are loaded with antioxidants, which help your body fight off blemishes. However, don’t let fruit be your only protection though. Sometimes your sweet tooth may be bad for your waist but great for your skin, DARK CHOCOLATE in small pieces will provide high levels of cocoa flavanols, which have been associated with softer, more hydrated skin. Notice I said small, fat-so! On the flipside YOGURT makes your skin glow being a good source of protein and help stimulate fat metabolism and whittle your waistline. This will make up for the chocolate you couldn’t control, yourself on. ALMONDS and FLAXSEEDS contain anti-inflammatory and immunity-enhancing nutrients, including vitamin E, that help reduce skin flare-ups. While brown rice with ceramides in the list of ingredients helps your skin maintains its hydration.

Stamina: Exercise or being active in general is beneficial for the body, skin and self-esteem, but circulation-boosting exercises will give your skin a brilliant glow. To get good skin color go for 30 min walk or morning jog. In the evening, a 10 to 20 minute cardio routine; YOGA, SEX, JUMP ROPE or SPIN CLASS will stimulate skin capillaries. Capillaries in the skin carry blood to the skin’s surface, making it look balanced and radiant.

Stock: I’ve done single reviews on all these products in the “Purge” section and ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB, AMBI FADE CRÈME, NEUTROGENA VISIBLY EVEN MOISTURIZER, NEUTROGENA 2-IN-1 TONER and GARNIER OVERNIGHT SPOT PEEL are all amazing items to keep or start an even skin tone. You have to scrub away dead skin cells to fight off blemishes and blotchiness as well as, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize to keep the skin hydrated. Ditch the shower gel for oil or a moisturizing bar because gels dry out your skin. A fake tan is always the best once you’ve got a tan! Keep it by using products that contains a hint of gradual tanner– St Tropez Tan not only contains the tanning ingredient AHA but also natural oils that will help intensively moisturize. Use the sunless tanner in the morning before you get dressed so it won’t stain your clothing and as the day progress is will gradually get deeper. Lotions with a bit of shimmer never hurt anyone, if you don’t tell them they won’t know.

Tones: if you have COPPER or a DARK SKIN tone go with chocolate brown, gold, red, small amounts of orange, even yellow can be pulled off by your warm lot. Don’t be afraid to experiment with those summer and emerald green as they will compliment you fantastically. If you have a lighter or fairer complexion best colors to wear are; black, white, ice blue, ice green, ice pink, purple, lilac and silver. Avoid bright red, gold, bright yellow, fluorescent colors apart from purple. Browns, pea green and orange will make you look sickly. Don’t be afraid to play with your hair color as well, however make sure you go to a professional colorist that can match the perfect color to your skin. Please don’t walk around with terrible hued hair this season.

Last but not least… drink your water! Stay hydrated! WATER is responsible for cleansing skin from the inside out; drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. Avoid sodas and alcohol which can affect skin negatively because sugar and chemicals in soda and sugary drinks causes’ acne and oil buildup, while drinking alcohol steals moisture from your skin.

Taste Coach: Chris McKinley

22 Jul

You can run off fat but now matter how ostentatious or expensive your wardrobe may be, you can’t dress up ugly. To those who think so, next time notice how people compliment your clothing not you. The only way around this is developing and maintaining healthy, vibrant, even and clear skin.

We all have our share of epidermis horror tales. That was one of the reasons for me creating this site to share my stories of triumph over facials crater domination. Just in case my advice isn’t enough I’ve enlisted others to help convey the message of how important grooming/skincare is to living a healthy life for every man.

Christopher McKinley is another thinspiration I’ve interviewed for the series “Taste Coach.” Chris is a makeup artist that not only specialize in makeup but skincare too. What makes him interesting is that when I stumbled upon his work at Styleseat.com/PleasurePaint, he offer those same services to men. Believe it or not the male skincare & makeup trend—a.k.a, corrective skincare—is rising in the U.S.

Cosmetics companies are releasing cosmetic products especially tailored for men, and men are increasingly using such products. Debenhams reported, “this year men spent 24% more on grooming products than in the same period last year, and the male UK skincare market is worth an estimated £600m.” According to an article written by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett for The Guardian.

Howbeit all natural, clinically or looking for an instant cover-up Chris share a lot of his personal secrets and recommendation on how to achieve his flawless skin. I become a super fan when I find people who physically represent what they are selling exponentially well! It’s like a walking billboard, who needs an infomercial.

Chris McKinley
I’m Chris McKinley, originally from Savannah, Ga. I now live in Atlanta, where I work as makeup artist under the business name “Pleasure Paint by Chris McKinley.” I’ve always been attracted to beautiful things, art, decoration, restorations, and other opportunities to creatively enhance beauty. When I got the call about a lead at MAC cosmetics, I jumped to it, and the rest is history. Email booking is IamChrisMcKinley@yahoo.com

What services does PleasurePaint offer for men?
CM- PleasurePaint offers what I like to call ‘Manscaping.’ Manscaping is a makeup service that caters to male grooming. I have different techniques for both men with facial hair and men without. I cater to everyone from the guy who wears makeup every day, to the guy that just wants to look his best on film, and everything in between.

Being a Makeup Artist and some of your clients being male, is it okay for men to wear makeup?
CK- Men should definitely feel comfortable wearing makeup. We as a society are moving beyond gender stereotypes.

How can men pull of wearing makeup without looking feminine or “made up”?
CM- Study techniques. When all else fails, book a professional. Make up is an art, and there are plenty of artists, like myself who specialize in male grooming.
Pleasure Paint
Are there some basic make up product for men to have and why?
CM- Tinted moisturizer provides light coverage while still producing an even skin tone.

Common things men forget about their skin.
CM- That skincare is not gender specific. It is just as important for men to properly care for their skin as it is women.

What is good skin?
CM- Good skin is healthy, hydrated, and balanced skin.

What contribute to bad skin?
CM- An unhealthy, inactive lifestyle. Eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water.
Chris McKinley
Any misconceptions about clear skin?
CM- All clear skin isn’t healthy. Your skin can be clear and still have several causes for concern. Focus first on healthy skin, and clear skin will come.

What’s your daily facial regime?
CM- I wash my face 2-3 times a day. I apply a moisturizing agent, and sunscreen.

What do you love about your skin?
CM- I love that my skin has a healthy glow, and that my skin is soft to the touch.

What do you hate about your skin?
CM- I hate that my skin is extremely sensitive to sun light.

Lest favorite thing about grooming?
CM- If I’ve touched products for any other part of my body, I absolutely have to wash my hands again before touching my face. It can become annoying when pressed for time lol.

What part of groom will you NOT skip?
CM- I will NEVER skip sunscreen.

Something you’ve learned from someone else about great skin?
CM- Natural products such as honey, oatmeal, and brown sugar make awesome skin care confections.

Would you say obtaining even clear skin is easy?
CM- It varies. We are all made differently.

I’m sure you have some must-have skincare product; share!
CM- Olive oil, I usually mix it with my moisturizer.

To people seeking better skin what’s your best skin advice?
CM- Moisturize immediately after showering, each and every time. Your body absorbs product better at that stage.

How often should you get a facial or exfoliate?
CM- You can exfoliate every 3-4 days if needed. I would suggest the same time frame with facials. Use natural products.

How to get rid of blemishes?
CM- I always initially support the natural route. Honey and brown sugar can make a great exfoliant which often relieves signs of blemishes. If that natural route isn’t cutting it there are several over the counter brands that I would suggest. Both Ambi products which is a Johnson & Johnson company and Palmer’s products have been known to have noticeable results.
Chris McKinley
Worst acne/pimple story?
CK- If I get a pimple it will always come when I least want it. One year for my birthday my body decided to give me a nice zit right on the middle of nose. Needless to say I didn’t take too many pictures that night.

Best product to treat acne?
CM- I have been really lucky to have not battled acne *fingers crossed* but if I did, I would go with ProActive. I’ve seen it work.

How to get rid of razor bumps?
CM- I suggest using an over the counter lotion or spray containing benzoyl peroxide, which works to reduce the bumps in size, and prevents future bumps.

Any shaving technique secrets?
CM- Always shave in the direction that your hair grows. Avoid a really close shave if your skin is prone to razor bumps. Avoid razor shaves period, and always moisturize your skin afterwards.

Difference between a breakout, acne and razor bumps?
CM- Break outs can result from many factors such as heat or allergic reactions. Acne is the result of clogging or plugging of your pores. Razor bumps are formed when curly hair bends at the outer layer of skin rather than sprouting out. 

Can they be treated the same?
CM- Each should be treated separately, as they are very different.

How should one figure their skin type?
CM- Skin type is pretty self-evident. If you notice where your skin is extremely oily, without moisturizer or any added products, you most likely have oily skin. The opposite applies for dry skin; skin that regularly becomes dry, even after adding moisturizers and products is usually a result of dry skin. Combination skin is right there in the middle; not too oily, not too dry.

Before we wrap up, what top 3 skin care tips you give to men?
CM- Wash your face thoroughly several times a day. If shaving, always shave in the direction that your hair grows, and moisturize immediately after.

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