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“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 17

26 Aug

The only bad workout, is the one you don’t do! If its thinpsiration you need, then check out what the fellas of “Junk Food Journals: Entry 17” had to share that keeps them motivated to eat healthy and workout consistently.

It very thinspiring you people with amazing bodies deal the many struggles as us who are aspiring to be a lean and ripped. What they all have in common is… Commit, Do, Rest and Repeat.

Alan John (1)

Alan John (3)
I am Alan John (Instagram: @iamalanjohn), a 26 year old model with Glamasphere Model Management and recently started presenting a tv show called Raptor Farm on Mindset tv channel 319 on DStv which airs every Friday at 7pm. I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa and I began training with a home gym set when I was still in High School. I’m also an actor and in the process of recording my debut album. You can email me for booking or inquiries on alanjohnworldwide@gmail.com.

Workout Philosophy: Learn/know your body type and how it reacts to food and weight training. Next, follow a workout program that is designed to get YOUR body to where you want it to. Then, like everything else, be consistent with what you eat and with following the workout schedule.

Breakfast: Oats (I add peanut butter for a protein boost) or 3 boiled eggs and 2 tuna sandwiches.

Lunch: Brown rice and grilled fish fillets.

Dinner: Mashed potato, chicken breasts and choice of greens.

Cheat Day: Fortunately I don’t have a sweet tooth, a cheat meal would be some fried chicken.

Diet Trick: Healthy eating has to be a way of life for it to make sense and to be sustainable. Stay hydrated at all times and when grocery shopping choose the healthy option so you have no option but to cook healthy meals at home.

Problem Area: Time Management – Life is hectic, this is one area where sometimes I drag myself to the gym no matter how tired I am.

Key To Discipline: For me its the end goal; I know what I want to look like and to remain looking that way so, I constantly remind myself and work extremely hard to make this a reality.

Workout Routine: A 5 day gym program in this order: Back, chest, legs, arms, rest day, shoulders and rest day.

Kofi Mensah (1)

Kofi Mensah (2)
I’m Kofi Mensah (Instagram: @Noriwayfarer) a wanderlust boy that loves new experiences and pushing new boundaries. I’m a Pescatarian, working towards becoming a full time vegetarian and eventual vegan. I live in NYC, but my soul is forever in the clouds searching for new destinations.

Workout Philosophy: I believe that you should work towards what you aspire to look like and what makes you happy. Not for anyone else, or you will eventually lose the motivation to work out. Rotate your exercises and don’t only depend on the gym or else working out will become a bit of a chore and mundane.

Breakfast: It varies between yogurt, granola, egg whites with spinach and some other vegetables. Always tea, with honey.

Lunch: I try to make this my biggest meal of the day. It depends on whatever I’ve made for lunch. Usually some tofu, or seafood dish with brown rice. Occasionally pasta.

Dinner: A salad; with some feta or blue cheese, pecans or walnuts, croutons, dried cranberries and other toppings. I’ll usually accompany it with a tall glass of red or white wine and water.

Cheat Day: I suppose I don’t really believe in a cheat day. Unless you’re competing for some body competition or in my case gearing up for a photo shoot, there’s no need to hold off eating something you really want. Just don’t go super crazy and stuff yourself and you’ll be fine. But if I did have a cheat day it would involve Talenti ice cream! I just recently have it of the first time and it’s easily my new favorite gelato!

Diet Trick: Stay hydrated, eat fruits and avoid too much processed foods.

Problem Area: My lower stomach and pectorals. They are the hardest for me to tone up.

Key to Discipline: Having some sort of routine. Knowing when you are going to the gym or when you’re going for a run, swim, etc helps you stay focused and reach your fitness goals.

Workout Routine: I love early morning workouts, especially at the gym when it’s empty. Anytime between 5am-7am is preferred. I rotate different sections of the body on a daily basis from lower abs, chest, arms, etc to ensure that I’m not over working a certain area, but at the same time giving proper time and attention to develop specific muscles. Hiking, tennis, running and swimming (not the best swimmer) but changing up your activities so working out doesn’t feel like a workout!

Mike Mathews (1)

Mike Mathews (2)
I’m Mike Junior (Instagram: @mikevslilmike), a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast in Detroit.

Workout Philosophy: Train like a superhero. As if the moment you walk out of the gym you’re going to be asked to save the world. (It’s the geek in me, lol.)

Breakfast: 6 egg white omelet, smoked salmon, sweet potato hash.

Lunch: 2 chicken breast, 3 hard-boiled egg whites, kale salad, side of fruit and a protein smoothie.

Dinner: large salmon fillet, asparagus and baked sweet potato.

Cheat Day: My favorite cheat day spot is a buffet style soul-food brunch in Detroit; Motor City Kitchen.

Diet Trick: Regular Detoxing. I do a major cleanse twice a year along with a daily detox tea. The cleaner your system the better it can process and absorb nutrients. It also keeps me mindful about what I’m putting into my body.

Problem Area: Legs. I have to work them twice a week to see growth.

Key to Discipline: Setting goals with deadlines attached to them. Whether it be getting ripped for a photo shoot, getting pumped up for an event, or most recently, prepping for my first physique competition, setting goals for how my body needs to look on a certain date helps keep my discipline strong.

Workout Routine: One of my favorite routines is working chest on the cable machine, I’m able to hit it at every angle and get a really good pump. My full chest workout is available at MikeJunior.co


‘Accountability’ Is Why You Can’t See Your Abs.

20 Aug


Your body may not be as bad as you think, but you still can’t seem to reach your fitness goal. It may be because you’re doing it all alone.

One thing I use to hate was the “gym buddy” I never seen the use. More so because the gym was my ‘Me-Time’ and I didn’t want anyone slowing me down or skipping out on me.

That was until I started dating…

I’m always telling people that dating is your diet’s number one enemy. Only because between the date night (always at some restaurant), wanting to stay in under one another or simply picking a lazy or naturally slim/fit mate it usually leads to ditching the treadmill for a another date meal.

What sucks even more is when you know exactly everything you need to do but still fat. That’s why its important to turn your partner into your sparing buddy.

Sometimes what keep us from our fitness goal even with the gym membership, new workout clothes, successful trips to the grocery (passing the center aisles), latest workout gadgets and even the home workout equipment you bought for those pressed for time days is simple accountability.

By accountability I mean not just writing down what you ate or recording your scale weigh-ins but, being accountable to someone else. Albeit a trainer, online group or converting your lover into your gym buddy.

Having a gym buddy creates competition and consistence all resulting in peak abdominal perfection.

It’s hard doing it alone, trying to find motivation and having someone to brag with or look for answers to why something isn’t working. Having an extra person that will hold you accountable just may be what you need to get over that hump.

If getting a personal trainer is too expensive or an online group is too impersonal here are Five Ways to convert your lover, roommate or best friend into your gym buddy.

Grocery Shopping & Cooking: It can be difficult changing your diet when you have to consider the other person you’re living with. Instead of cooking two separate meals or giving into temptation make the grocery list together or do the shopping together. Cook more continuously for taste and diet needs without including the crap like condiments, fatty cooking oils, processed food or sugary drinks or anything bleached. Share the cooking responsibility by making those your date nights or hangout time. Even if you do end up at a restaurant suggest the healthiest option or restaurant.

Reward System: Competition is the best diet and every winner needs a trophy. Make fitness bets, celebrate a consistent healthy week with a night out, make the loser do an extra set or something you don’t want to do around the house. Winner gets a spa day or an extra rest day.

Prioritize Your Goals: It’s one thing to have a goal but what is your plan to achieve. Have your new gym buddy come up with effective ways you can use short terms goals to achieve the long-term goal. The thought of never having something again or going to the gym every day won’t entice your lazy sidekick to workout with you. Start by including them with small things, like a free buddy pass instead of them having to spend money, include them in fun adventurous that just so happen to be healthy. Show them the latest fitness apps and gadgets that will inspire them to want to check in and compete. Workout around their schedule to keep them more willing to go.

Expand Your Outings: Don’t limit yourself with your fitness or date nights. Change it up with opting for something other than a club or restaurant; hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, swimming, biking… there are so many possibilities! As well as, take a class, classes such as, yoga, spin, boxing, dance or boot-camp are the best way trick someone into work outing with you.

Share Fails: Track one another’s progress and be open about what your frustrations.

Here’s the thing about accountability, we can’t do it alone. Sometimes we need someone to push us. When you receive that extra push you’ll want to workout more and eat better. Next thing you know, After a month, you’ll start feeling some results. After two months, you’ll start noticing results. After three months, others will start noticing.

An whom better to notice is the person that was right there sweating along with you!?

Running Essentials.

13 Aug

Running-Essentials (2)

I remember when I first took an interest in running back in the 7th grade. All I had was my thoughts and a stopwatch; even then a Walkman was rather difficult to walk with due to constant skipping, so of course running was out the question. Cut to today; getting ready for my daily run takes more time than the actual run but I still love it. We have so many aids to get us off the couch, bed, desk chair or wherever you’re checking this post at. Running is my absolute favorite hobby because it helps with so much such as; my complexion, stamina, creativity, stress and of course weight.

Right now I’m averaging 80 to 100 miles a month and pushing to consistently hit 100 a month for the next 6 months.

The results I’ve seen from running has been my motivation to keep at.

  • My Complexion: Running has become my best kept skin secret. My pores are less clogged, I get a great even tan and running help with collagen and reduce wrinkles.
  • My Stamina: I have the energy to get through long days resulting in more productivity.
  • My Creative/Stress: I release more endorphin, decompress and clear my mind on a run, which produce new ideas and thoughts. Helping me to let go of any frustration and negative energy.
  • My Weight: After a long run I’m less likely to eat something unhealthy, I want to continue to workout and I burn major calories.

For a good run all you will need is a killer playlist, a good pair of sneakers, time and open space. Don’t worry about being tired just hydrate and go. I get my best ideas while running and inspired to make the most of my day. Start by setting a small weekly goal and use it as personal time rather than exercise.  Also, check out your app store there are all types of thinpsiration programs to get you energized.

Remember to stretch before and after, and invest in a quality pair of shoes that’s a half a size bigger than your regular pair with arch support.

Strive not Deprive

8 Jun

Adho Mukha Vrksasana
#WOOTD: Top; Nike Miler “RUN” Running Singlet, I needed a white top to match all my off-color bottoms plus it makes my skin look great. Tight; Nike Pro Hypercool Compression Woodland, compression have been my absolute fave to wear under my shorts to keep from chaffing and giggling. Shoes; Nike Solarsoft Moccasin, they are NOT running shoes but very good for outdoor yoga and a nice foot massage as you walk.

My Monday has been shot to crap… keep me away from food.

I’ve been thinpsired by the recent influx of social media posts from people beginning and finished challenges (Marathons, starting business, finishing school and giving up bad habits). Six months into the year I haven’t committed to a hard enough challenge yet.

The need for me to constantly challenge myself is because I am afraid of ruts or feeling like I’m not making the most of my talents, time or opportunity.

I believe you only know what you’re capable of if you’re willing to test and push yourself. When life happens good or bad you have no choice but to push yourself, but when it’s involuntary all the power resides in you.

Building yourself mentally, spiritually and physically is a lot like a training for a big game. Personal trainers and athletes push themselves to the max daily completely voluntary, because thorough the pain, discomfort, sacrifice and sweat their goal is on the other side.

Challenges give you purpose. I don’t like the idea of “killing time” or waiting for my big break, I must be active and prepared in creating my own destiny.

A challenge could be anything from working out everyday for five days or saving for a trip to an exotic location or simply committing to have a productive work day all week.

The idea of challenging yourself should derive deep in your mind and soul a wanting to be a better you.

Taking the easy route will sometimes get you to the finish line but it wont have you prepared for the reward.

What I’m getting at is… sometimes you have to test your dedication to see if you are as prepared/appreciative as you think you are for the success you desire.

#HumpDay! Choose To Have A Great Ass.

27 May

Hump Day (3)
It’s that day of the week that can either propel you successfully through to the weekend or you’re at your breaking point.

Listen, crap happens but that shouldn’t deviate your focus. We can choose to give up or push through. I choose to push through! My goal is to make the next day better than the last but the only way to achieve that is do as much today to make tomorrow that much easier. Because, in doing so you’ll have more time, energy and enthusiasm to take on the next day.

Today is that day in the middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week. So how do one get through a tough week? For me, when I feel like just saying’ F! it and order a pizza and stay in till Sunday, I simply choose to be productive.

Happiness, success and productive is a choice! In order to get over rough patches in life albeit, diet plateau, aching to skip a workout or others not holding up their end of the bargain or hearing the word “no” too many times in a day I and only I choose to move mentally and physically in a unproductive dark funk.

Whether I have huge triumphs or crapped up on some very important tasks I don’t end the day until I know I have done everything I could to turn the day around. No one can want more for you than you want for yourself therefore, it’s up to you to put your best foot forward to make the best out of each day.

The day isn’t over once you clock-out, I am always challenging myself to keep my momentum going pass Wednesday right beyond next week. Time don’t stop because I’m having a hard day and my goals are just going to be that much further away if I quit the day.

My mission this summer (daily) is to show other people how easy it is to boost our confidence and achieve our fitness/life goals.

Whether you’ve just trying to boost your current regime or out to create a better you, living your best self is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let things out of your control dictate your mood that will ultimate derail your success.

Schedule, Follow Through and Reward are three tips I use daily to track my effort, create accountability and keep my attitude towards my fails in check.

Schedule: Make a list off all the the things you want to accomplish that day, organize whats important and create a timeline.

Follow Through: Don’t put anything off, its okay to ask for help and get off your butt. Why put off something for tomorrow when you could do it today and experience that euphoric feeling of accomplishment that will fuel you to do even more.

Reward: When staying up beat and productive gets more exhausting that the actual things you have to do, reward yourself for what you can do or have done before the day is over. Treat yourself to a night out, buy yourself something or pick a day to sleep in and do nothing.

I’ve type this all to say… get up off your butt and do your squats because no one has ever wrote a song about a small ass. Choose success and happiness don’t let someone else choose it for you. You’re where you are in life because of your own doing.

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 15

12 May

Would you believe me it I told you I was doing this post from my bed in my underwear on a Tuesday afternoon? Good, because I don’t believe it myself! Today is my day off to which I don’t get many of because even when I’m off my 9-5 I’m still working. One important thing I currently working on is my fitness.

For the last 8 days I’ve been running 5-10 miles a day followed my a 75 min hot yoga class and end with ab& chest calisthenics. I’ve given up cheese & chips an with a pinched shoulder nerve and flat out tired I really don’t want to do anything today.

Although, I know I will hate myself when I’m not at my fitness goal at the end of the month. The only way to get where you want to be in life is to simply move forward and sometimes it may take a little push from someone else.

Thanks to these in fine feather and defines men of “Junk Food Journals:” Entry 15 I have a replenished desire to get up and go for a run in this amazing weather. Going through these guys’ Instagram I seen where they have and are still doing a complete overhaul of there figure. What is thinspiring me the most is how they keep the motivation to maintain.

We all fall flat of our fitness goal once we get to where we want to be and months later we are back at square one. Here’s you chance to devour all these men have to offer on how to build your dream body and keep it and continue to make it better.

Cameron Spells (1)

Cameron Spells (3)

Cameron Spells (2)
I’m Cameron Spells (IG: @ME_Cambam_), a twenty year old gym rat from Indianapolis Indiana. My dedication to health and fitness began when I looked in the mirror and realized that I was unhappy with myself. Although, perfection itself is impossible, working hard to get there sure makes a hell of a difference.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds Can Not change anything” –George Bernard Shaw

Workout Philosophy: I am a firm believer that overall health is created with a consistent balance of exercise and diet. “Eat Clean, Train Dirty.”

Breakfast: I have four eggs, oatmeal with strawberries, granola, and peanut butter toast with honey.

Lunch: My largest portion of the day. I’d have baked chicken, brown rice, asparagus and broccoli, along with my protein shake.

Dinner: Is always light for me. I’d have a tomato cucumber salad with salmon, and served with an olive oil vinegar dressing.

Cheat Day: Me sitting at home on the couch watching movies and having pizza and hot-wings.

Let’s face it diets are difficult. However over the years I have learned to substitute some of my favorite things with healthier options. For instance, instead of having chips and dip, I like to have apple slices with peanut butter dip.

Problem Area: My abs, I’ve always wanted to have a high V-cut so that’s a constant point of interest during my workouts.

Key to Discipline: “Consistent coaching builds habits.” Never settle for good, always strive for greatness. Once that is achieved, everyday will be better than the last.

Workout Routine: All of my workouts are done in volumes

  • 2 warm up sets.
  • 5 working sets.
  • Ending with a drop set.

Increasing the weight every set keeps your body from adjusting to the workout. This is done 4 days a week, and the 5th day is dedicated solely to cardio and toning.

Sleepingsatyr (1)

Sleepingsatyr (2)

Sleepingsatyr (3)
Isaac is my name (IG: @sleepingsatyr) and I am a white-collar millennial by day and a vegan Shaman by night. I’ve been a practicing vegan for over 3 years now and veganism to me is like magic. It can make your body physically stronger, healthier, more beautiful and resilient. It can give you mental clarity and emotional stability. Spiritually, it can even connect you to a world unseen by most.

Workout Philosophy: Every aspect of your life (physical fitness included) begins and ends with what you put into your mouth and digest. If your food is pure, your body, heart, soul and intentions are pure as well–you are pure.

Breakfast: A tall glass of water. Scrambled tofu, toast, and fresh fruit.

Lunch: A tall glass of water. Avocado and tomato sandwich.

Dinner: A tall glass of water. Black lentils and garlic kale.

Cheat Day: Vegan pizza and chocolate cake.

Diet Trick: Eat as much as you want for breakfast, but only a little for dinner. You will be able to burn off the breakfast calories throughout the day.

Problem Area: I have to pay special attention to my lower body in order to get the results I crave. It’s literally a fight against my genetics, but the solution is to be persistent and to set goals for my problem areas.

Key to Discipline: Imagine your body is a super dope luxury car. You have 3 gasoline (food) options regular, premium, and supreme. While supreme is more expensive, overall it is a lot better for your car than regular gas. You have to see your food as either high quality “supreme” or cheap unleaded gas. Ask yourself, are you really going to put unleaded gas into your Lamborghini?

Workout Routine: Sunday: arms and shoulders, Tuesday: arms, chest and back, Thursday: thighs and butt, Friday: legs.

Eatable Skin!

9 May

Evian Facial Spray
Every now and again we all need a quick refresh to get back on track to rid ourselves of all the crappy things we partook in on our journey to clean and clear skin-town located right outside svelte village.

This summer are our bodies are to be beach ready and should our skin. In order to pull of these crop-tops, transparent shirt and short shorts our skin have to be just as toned & even as our glutes & biceps.

But with dust, smog and global warming that will be a feat that isn’t beyond your medicine cabinet. Not to mention adding skincare into our work, social and gym schedule is daunting enough. Excluding being outright lazy we have a lot working against our epidermis this season.

Take this afternoon for example, its Saturday; I have to work, run some errands (fit in a haircut) and of course get a workout in if I want to be in slim shape for Saturday night’s festivities. With my always “on-the-go” attitude I rarely have time to stop and repeat my entire morning or nightly facial regime.

If you’ve been following me long enough you should know and come to rely on the fact that I’m always seeking out clean skin alternative for the fellas even if its targeted towards women. Women have all the easy fixes for their skin however,the ultimate unisex skincare remedy for men and women is water. Water hydrates, clean and protects our skin.

It’s been proven this water control our calories, energize our muscles and help our kidneys. Water is the real super-food, if you can call it a food (I know I do).

Albeit, as strong and versatile water it’s just as powerful for fighting dehydration, aging and acne on our skin. Rather you’re having a long day, can’t stop at home to freshen up or need a quick grooming prep after the gym just as convenient water in a bottle has been to us, them same applies for water in a can.

I received a can of Evian Facial Spray (5 fl.oz. $12.50) from the company originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients. It was the first facial water spray in France and was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978. Because of the current world-wide awareness of the Evian brand name, and the 36 year efforts of the USA exclusive distributor (The Wilkes Group Inc. in Old Lyme, CT), Evian is the only facial spray to be carried by many prestige retail groups including Nordstrom and Sephora. It is also offered in common places like Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Amazon.com.

Predominantly known to refresh and revitalize women’s makeup, I found this to be an awesome midday treatment for me too!

The ph neutral spray works on all skin types to moisturize, hydrate and tone the skin for that extra boost of healthy radiant skin to help you make it the second half of the day.

You can put it in your gym bag, desk or overnight knapsack for instant results. Apart from simply refreshing the skin I found this spray to help restore my pH balance, control my oily skin, help continue to moisturize and prevent ingrown hairs. All it contains is water! I wouldn’t recommend this being your only source of skincare but it sure will aid in skincare needs.

I would say this product is for the guy who care about his skin but just haven’t the time in his schedule and its perfect for summer as an instant cool down.

Skin so instantly supple and juicy its bite worthy!

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