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Lockeroom Habits.

18 Sep

Olay Pro X (1)

First off I want a huge thank you from every single one of my male readers. I have become your almost skinny human grooming Guinea pig. Not to say I don’t like testing and reviewing new products to share with my readers, however my medicine cabinet is now worth more than my closet.

Anyways, during one of my usual Target trip to pick up water and nuts I somehow wondered to the cosmetic aisle… 192.87 dollars later I made it home with this Olay ProX Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System for $44.99.

Believe it or not I have never tried any at home microdermabrasion cleansing systems. Honestly I thought it was just something else extra to waste money on because I feel I can get a better, deeper, thorough, clean with my hands for cheaper.

Although, I now see what the hype is all about with these cleaning systems- they are perfect for the lazy! After a week trying this ProX Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System I can say I don’t see a huge difference but it is refreshing to wash my face with something new.

The Olay ProX system includes a 3 Speed Facial Cleansing System, Microdermabrasion Foam Head, Cleansing Brush Head, Thermal Crystal Polisher (0.68 fl. oz.), Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser (0.68 fl. oz.) and 2 AA Duracell Batteries. Also a diagram of brush weekly usage rotations between cleansing and microdermabrasion.

My Overall Result: Convenience! I like that I was able to just sit in my bathroom on the toilet watching YouTube and let the brush do all the work without getting the sink wet or mirror dirty. Microdermabrasion is known to scrub off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating and increase collagen production. So of course I was looking for dramatic improvements in the tone, texture, and color of treated areas. I must admit my face was just as clean, tight and even as my normal hand & product regime. Instead of dampen skin I lathered my face in coconut oil to offset scratching from the beads. Applied the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser to face then, gently massage on my face for 60 seconds on the top speed. Due to the Thermal Crystal Polisher being rather gentle than scrub, I used it daily.

If you’re looking to add something new to your skincare routine go ahead and get it but I suggest spending 50 bucks at Sephora and get more!

Here’s What Exactly Microdermabrasion Improves:

  • Oily or dull skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Clogged pores
  • Fine lines
  • Mild acne scars
  • Mild complexion problems (such as uneven pigmentation or poor skin texture)
  • The benefits of microdermabrasion also include enhanced circulation and lymph flow, which promote the internal health of the skin.

Why should men care about microdermabrasion? We shave regularly-  irritations and ingrown hairs are clear signs of an added stress to their skin. The skin damage is caused by the shaving itself, as well as by before and after shaving products. Therefore it’s ideal to keep the skin healthy before and after a scalping.

You’re welcome.


Anti-Filter Essentials

24 Aug

Skinspiring Essentials
This good skin life ain’t easy! I’ve learn just as my invisible waist progress in the gym, if you fall in love with the practice the results will come.

My goal is to have a fresh face and slim waist, sometimes it seems like one or the other. There are so many things to remember and make time for in a day. Most times my facial regime suffers because I’m always rushing or to tired. However, I come to understand that if you find a system and products that you genuine like using, clear even radiant skin is inevitable- and easy to achieve.

These five products I’ve been using all summer are my aid to filter free pics! I don’t dread my morning or night routine because I know these products work, aren’t harsh, easy to use and inexpensive.

No. 7 “Beautiful Skin” Foaming Cleanser: If it’s strong enough to take off a woman’s war paint, then it’s strong enough to clean my skin. Being that its a pump/foam it saves me time on lather and two pumps are the perfect amount to a thick cream rich all over clean. Both for normal & oily skin I have been using this for about three weeks and it keeps my skin refreshed. Because it’s so powerful I use it at night alone rather than including it in my full morning routine.

Simple Smoothing Facial Toner: I have four different brand of toners I use, two of them being extremely harsh on my skin, which I like. Although, when I do a full workout on my skin or after a shave I don’t want to burn my skin with a toner so I use this 100% alcohol free toner. It cleans, tones and get my skin ready for my moisturizer.

Garner Clean + Blackhead Eliminating Scrub: About two month ago I was out shopping for another scrub to switch out for my normal brand to keep my skin from becoming immune. I picked up the 1 fl. oz. version of the 5 fl. oz. The charcoal works wonders on stabilizing my oily skin and unclogging my pore.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask: I’ve been nursing this 0.7 oz. facial mask that Bosica sent me last year, because its the best facial mask I’ve ever use. It’s a peel that really snaps your pores closed, like baby bottom smooth. Slapping this on after a fresh cut and shaved will have me glowing in the dark.

Radha Argan Oil: Every since I found out about the many uses and effect of coconut and Aragan oil I have ditched my other moisturizers all together. Four to six drops of this Argan oil after a thorough wash or clean shave keeps my skin healthy, hydrated and smooth. Completely effective for inflammation or irritation after a shave or from acne. You can use it on your beard and hair to keep a healthy shine.

GYM Hands.

4 Jun

Nail Care (1)
I had a bad habit of biting my nail from grade school right up till my freshman year of college. The more I got into grooming and menswear I because very self-conscious about my hands.

One of my most savored feature on a man besides his teeth are his hands. From a firm hand shake to a nice ring/bracelet combo and don’t forget callus-free well manicured nails.

One of my girlfriends a while back brought it to my attention, “Oliver, no wonder you’re so lean, you only eat fingernails.” That disgust yet true comment made me give up the nasty and tacky habit right there.

Now today, though I have kick my distasteful oral fixation and with my reemergence back in the weight-room I now have gym hands!

Taking care of your hands should be apart of your grooming ritual just as, skincare, manscaping and haircuts.

To keep my hands firm, tight, clean and well groomed during my gym-escapades these are 5 tips I apply to fight dead tough crack skin and ridged fingernails. Remember, if you can see you have crusty hands so can everybody else.

Nail Care (2)
Scrub’em: To keep your paws from looking dehydrated, feeling like sandpaper or to prefect that grip on your weights invest in a good hand scrub. I prefer to use a foot scrub on my hands because its more abrasive. It helps relieve calluses, dead skin and swollen hands. I use a scrub once a week or after every manicure. A prefect at home scrub; mix sea salt, olive oil, and a citrus-based fruit (lemon, lime, or orange) into a bowl; massage it through your hands, working each fingernail at a time, concentrating around the cuticle and nail beds where dehydration and dryness show first. Or coconut oil and brown sugar.

Cheat On Your Barber: Make you manicurist your side chick. Just like you search for and loyal to your barber find a good manicurist and stick with them. A manicure is about $15, that’s less than your haircut, you can go weekly or bi weekly. They will do the all the hard work and give you a great hand massage at the end.

Get Buff: For a neutral more masculine look/finish go with a buff over topcoat. A buff last weeks longer than polish and not as flashy. For easy to do at home pick up a four-in-one nail board at any drug or grocery store.

Push Don’t Clip: I prefer my manicurist to clip my cuticles as well as, I have gotten very good at clipping my own cuticles but doctors says it not healthy to clip cuticles for risk of infection. Therefor, its bust to buy an cuticle pusher and cuticle remover. Just to keep the nail bed aesthetically pleasing without the blood or hang nail. Also, don’t forget to pick up some cuticle oil/creme moisturizer to restore the nail and prevent that ugly lining.

Wash Not Bite: I shouldn’t have to tell you hungry hippos that your hands touch some of the most disgusting things daily such as, money, your phone, pets, door knobs and passed around containers. Unless you want mouth blisters or a stomach virus, wash your hands.

To preserve your new hand routine in gym you could invest in a good quality pair of workout gloves. However, I know some don’t like them because they weaken your grip so I suggest, talcum powder. For those stubborn calluses file them down with an emery board, rub Burts Bees Res Q Ointment or Almond Milk Hand Cream and wear socks on my hands to bed. Also, just like your feet your hands work hard too so they need to be soaked and massaged after a long day.

You’re Welcome.

No One Likes Salty Nuts.

26 May

Balla Men Powder

Here’’s a simple calorie free, sugar free, gluten free and fat free recipe for your nuts- GROOM YOUR JUNK!

Of course you know what deodorant is for, I would definitely hope so for your sake and the people around you or going down on you sake. After your most intense workout howbeit, before work, midday or before a night out apart from your underarms we have to stop odor and sweat on the other 98 percent of our bodies.

Especially with summer on the horizon it would be awful to spend all that time in the gym during the winter to stink during the summer.

I’m excited that Bálla for Men got me covered!

Bálla for Men Powder is the perfect main ingredient to not only look salivating in your summer looks but smell delectable too. Balla powder is targeted at your junk but works on any number of places. Such as: In your loafers, gym shoes, on your chest, in your shorts, on your hands and on the back of your neck. This greatly scented powder help with clamminess and chaffing in warm weather or during workouts (give you a better grip). The powders come in three different varieties, Original, with an oak/musk scent, Tingle, with a mild mint fragrance, and Fragrance-Free.

I revived the Tingle (100g $17.00) formula, to much pleasure. I mainly keep it in my gym bag but during the winter when I would don my leather pants and it would get a bit too heated the talcum was the prefect relief. It’s a masculine but refine scent that doesn’t just cover up the musk but eliminate it all together leaving a cologne type after smell. The asbestos-free, paraben-free, alcohol and aluminum-free not only helps with smell but keeps me dry.

My bottle is almost empty because apart from the obvious use of the talcum powder I use it as a dry shampoo being that I have dreads, it’s great at removing excess sand after a trip to the beach or park, cool my satin sheets when it get too hot and after Nair-ing my chest/balls/stomach its brilliant at cooling my skin. All I do is sprinkle about tablespoon of powder in my hand and pat onto desired location or simply sprinkle some directly onto my skin.

There’s every reason to be thin this summer but no reason to stink!

But it here! Amazon.com, Grooming Lounge and BirchBox/Men.

Slick, Smooth & Sculpted.

7 Apr


Shaving isn’t a monolithic sport! Just as getting fit isn’t. There are many challenges to maintaining your beard, goatee, mustache or 5 o’clock shadow. No matter what your facial aesthetic preference is we all deal with ingrown, razor burns and bumps at one point or another during our shaving ritual.

Try as I might I haven’t found the cure nor has other men skincare enthusiasts to get the perfect shave or skin therefore afterwards. However, I am always up for discovering and sharing my skinny secrets to getting a slick, smooth and sculpted shave.

At this point in your shaving career you should know all about razor burns and the benefits of a non-alcohol moisturizing aftershave.

If you’re African American with coarse facial hair then you know all too well the disadvantages of shaving with a razor, that’s why I have switch to a depilatory for my beard removal. Even with that it important to hydrate my skin before and after a shave to get a close and bump free shave.

That’s why I was so stoked when I was sent this 100% Pure Argan Oil by Radha Beauty. Radha Beauty is known for their pure & natural oils skincare line that combine high performance with natural and healthy ingredients. This time it’s the oil extracted from the nut of the argan tree.

Argan is brilliant for hydrating and revitalizing the skin. For men the most important time for skin hydration is before and after a shave. Before my shave I used the argan oil to weaken my facial hair to get close to the hair. After my shave I found that the argan oil worked best as an aftershave to moisturize my skin.

Dry skin is terrible after you shave because it promotes ingrowns, rashes and peeling. Not only is this argan oil great for all things like hair, face, hands and body revitalization, for men this is the perfect product to replace your current aftershave. It’s odorless, alcohol-free and freaking WORKS!

Fellas you have to add this product 100% Pure Argan Oil by Radha Beauty (4 oz for $49.95) to your shaving regime. Right now its on sale at Amazon for $15.89.

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Smooth as Chocolate.

18 Nov

Menaji Skincare (1)Photographed by: Theodolph Mason

Who care’s about your waist when your face is even, smooth and radiant as the sun?! Everyone actually, but that besides the point.

I love skincare confection like a fat kid love a good box of assorted chocolates. However, during this time of year with the weather changing and noshavember upon us I have to really pay attention to my skin to keep my mug as tight and clean under the scruff and all the sweet breakout causing treats this holiday.

There once was a time when the only thing a man had in his skincare arsenal was a warm washcloth and a shaving kit he either stole from his dad or was bought by a woman in his life.

Men are as self conscious about their skin as women. We go through the same things as, dark circles, blemishes, scars, acne and breakouts, not mention are skin is oilier than women. On the bright side that why we age more gracefully… there, I said it!

Of all the route to presentable skin I’ve never tried makeup, for obvious reason but because I didn’t see how it would cure the problem rather than cover it up. However, makeup artist Chris McKinley express in his feature of “Taste Coach” this is a new trend with men and ‘complexion correction’ skincare.

This was a perfect opportunity to reach out to Michele Probst founder of Mënaji Skincare for The Confident Man to try out her line of dermatologist and chemists tested men’s skin treatment and corrective products.

Founded after her twenty years of experience in the fashion photography, television, film and video industries. Some of her clients include, Aaron Neville, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Bryan Batt, Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Enrique Inglesias, Jay Leno, Kid Rock, Larry King, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, Tim McGraw, Tom Brokaw and many more. Her specialty is making her celebrity male clients look youthful and natural without looking made-up.

After our awesome and informative phone conversation about our love of healthy skin she sent me a package of her most savored facial treats for me to devourer and share with my readers.

Menaji Skincare (2)

Menaji Skincare (5)

First, what I love about the packaging when I received the product is that it comes in a repurposed cigar box to be a bit discrete and butch up the the fact I’ve just ordered makeup. After a week of wearing and testing each product I can break down and review each included in my package.

Menaji Skincare (3)

Deep Cleansing Masque:($26 3.4oz/100ml) This was my favorite of them all. It reminded me a bit of Noxzema, it has a mentholated pore opening feeling that I could feel working while I applied and left it on for 15mins before my shower. It left my face very clean and very open. It get’s a deep cleanse without all the hard work. This can be used everyday for a mini facial.

Face & Body Scrub:($30 5.75oz/170ml) Now I’m very particular about trying new things to wash my body with being that I have already developed a body wash and moisterizer system that I’m not messing with. Therefore, I only use this as a facial scrub, it’s not abrasive, pleasantly scented and similar to my Nivea Men face scrub. It’s good for removing the deep cleanse masque for a broader wash.

911 Eye Gel & Lip Balm Agent: ($36 1.0oz/28g & $7.50 0.15oz/4.2g) The 911 Eye Gel is sent directly from sleep deprived Skinny-Jesus himself, I absolutley love it. Simply dab it under your eye, let it air dry and last night is just that! It contains a combination of chamomile, aloe and wheat protein. All hypoallergenic and oil-free!For quick and better results store it in your refrigerator for an ICY application. The lip balm isn’t anything special but a good reminder to protect your lips as you do your skin especially this winter.

Menaji Skincare (4)

HDPV Anti-Shine Powder: ($35 10g powder) When I initally open the package I was a bit apprehensive at the tone choices being a Black male with a darker complextion. I was sent Tan, Bronze and Dark! My suspicion was right, none of the color worked for my complexion. You guys should have seen my face the first day I tried the product, I was casket ready. However, being the resourceful skinny savant I am I watched a few youtube tutorials and noticed that the colors that most women use aren’t their natural skin color either. What I did was use each tone in a different area of my face to even out, highlight and match my complexion.

I did the Dark on my jaws and temples, the Tan under my eyes and the Bronze in my T-zone and cheekbones then use the brush to blend. What I realized in my application is that press powder isn’t for fully covering your face but to clean it up, minimize shine and directly cover up blemishes and bruises. Also, it’s better used for pics and not everyday use because after a while I experienced a burning sensation as it sank into my pores (yet it wasn’t heavy apart from the burning I barely noticed it on) and it started to settle under my eye giving me the appearance of crow’s feet and I’m only 29!

Overall, I love the idea of Mënaji products, they a very cost effective, made is the U.S.A. and pro men. As well as, with everyone an Instagram model these days they are the perfect filter for the perfect selfie. The only problem I had was skin matching with the powder. Other than on a scale of 1-10 I give Mënaji products a 7 1/2 because they don’t treat acne or razor bumps but does a good job at maintaining a fresh look.

Oh yeah, another thing to try is the Aftershave Hydrator ($34 4 oz/118ml) it double as a full face moisterizer. It has the consistency of a light lotion but last like an oil.

Cut It Out.

3 Aug

Wave Room (1)
It’s Sunday, for me it’s grooming day. Time to manscape, clip, buff and nair away all that itchy scruff of the end of last week. Now, if you’re a lazy slob and didn’t make it to the barber Saturday and don’t know your way around a pair of clippers like me then you’re destined to continue to be ugly until Tuesday.

I know women have it rough in this game of beauty but with men gaining more interest in fashion and grooming we now have a peek into their mantic styling process. For most dudes Saturday morning is the day of the week where us guys set aside time to freshen up with a fresh shave, crisps haircut and shiny mani/pedi.

Sunday has become my preservation day. Every week I set aside an allocated block of time to give myself a facial, manicure, pedicure and shave my chest, stomach and bikini area. Along with any other things I consider will make me more presentable for the upcoming week i.e. teeth whitening, intense workout and sometimes tanning. This weekly ritual starts about two hours before Church, as controlling and neurotic I can be it’s rather relaxing that I can lock myself in my bathroom and cultivate my image and take a little “me time.”

Grooming is less about looking good for attraction purposes but more so for producing my brand. Yes, I know the word ‘brand’ is thrown around haphazardly a lot these days however, it’s true in this digital social exposure age where we have to be more aware about how we showcase ourselves to the world more than ever. Just as many stylists or HR reps would tell you “dress for the job you want” doesn’t stops at a good suit. It’s all about the whole packages.

The wardrobe may be the main course but your beard game and line up is the garnishment as well your physique is the fine China it’s being served on. So next time when you’re thinking about skipping the barber because the line too long, foregoing shave because you’re too busy or not going to the nail technician because it’s not your thing bookmark these images by photographer Mehdi Lacoste. In the latest edition of WAD France Lactose captures the grooming habits of men in “Wave Room” story featuring models Khari Oriogun, Pedro Lo, Jack Templeman and Jerome Brown. Styling is courtesy of Troy Fearn.

These images are here to keep you aware of your visual presence. Are you being consistent in cultivating your image?

Remember the gym is apart of the grooming process too.

Wave Room (2)

Wave Room (3)

Wave Room (4)

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