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Go Be Fat With Your Man.

6 Oct

Travis Smith by James WhiteTravis Smith by James White for HERO magazine

Am I the only one that always proclaim that the minute I lose this weight, tone these thigh or build this chest that I’m never putting on clothes every again? I understand why muscle boys cut up every shirt that makes it into their closets, even their winter attire consist of deep V- necks and extra small cowl-necks to display their cut physique.

I’m a fan only because I know how much time in the gym, deprivation in the kitchen and discipline at catered functions goes into chiseling a chiseled body. With all that focus you deserve the right to walk around in barely there attire. After all it’s great daily thinspiration for us onlookers, right.

Take dating for instance, I’m a very understanding, supportive no fuss friend when it comes to my close friends getting new mates. You’ll never hear me complaining about my friends being boo’d up, canceling plans with me for their lover or ignoring my phone calls (if they even attempt to call) as they become immersed in their new romance.

As a friend and a participating dating person I am aware of the stress, mistakes and wanting for companionship that we deal with in this crazy dating world.

I’m pro romance, my only caution is that they maintain their midriff because we all know the pounds that comes along with being in a relationship. Besides, when the relationship is over it’s going to be hard to find another suitor with a gut. I guess that’s why revenge exercise exists.

I get that when you have finally find someone that turns you on mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically that’s all you want to do is be with them. Your friends can only give you so much that a person who knows you intimately gives more. Otherwise, all that calorie counting and subtracting goes in vain.

I even understand and I’m that friend that will be there with open arms and a buddy pass to the gym when the love affair is over and you need a friend again. Friends are the family you get to choose but being in a committed relationship is the ultimate goal for some.

I always tell my friends the moment I get a man I’m never answering the phone again! I know when I don’t hear from my friends it must be going good, it’s that late night phone call of them crying that I’m scared of.

I will admit it took me a while to be so perceptive. I was like many of you bitter fatso’s when my friend would disappear the moment they went steady. I no longer had my clubbing buddy, gym partner or sidekick to get in trouble with not realizing that I was focusing too much on being with my friends and not creating my own family. I think that today’s independent society has shamed people or romantics into not wanting or exclaiming their want for a relationship or to be all about their significant other.

Cut to today, with all my friends getting married and birthing babies our infamous getaways have turned into long, noisy and sometimes boring anniversary and birthday parties. I’ve totally mastered the consuming effect that relationships have. All that time away they were off building a wonderful next chapter to their life and it was time for me to do so as well.

Now that I’m dating and found someone that is seemingly the guy for me I completely see how one can get lost and forget the outside world. When you’re dating someone that is really patient, responsive and ken to your personality and desires (vise versa) its automatic that you would want to spend all your time with them.

I now know firsthand that when you’re really enjoying your relationship it’s like being on your own private island that you don’t want to leave. If you pick your mate well you then have someone to talk to about your friends and family, someone to go out with or on trips that isn’t your friends and to share the emotional and finical load that don’t come with friendship. Or simply someone to lay up with. Let’s face it, you can’t screw your friends, and if you are then that isn’t your friend and you both are delusional.

Relationships are engulfing due to the security and adventure that comes with it. I believe it’s perfectly fine to drop your friends for a lover. I can’t begin to explain the things a healthy relationship can do for you that friends can’t. Friends are a great support system but to not understand your friends absence whenever they are dating is selfish and greedy. You shouldn’t want your friend to be lonely like you. Yes, there is balance in between the two but there also should be acceptance from you as a friend.

I remember the day when my married friends would die to hang with me and I would send them home with the tagline “go home to your man, don’t be out here struggling with me because the second I find someone to go home with you’re by yourself.”


Warning Label

21 Jul

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetCaptured by @Thcreateo

What is honesty? Not the honesty your parents ranted about as they threaten you with beatings over a broken vase or sneaking sleeves of cookies. Nor the honesty you learned about in grade school related to sharing and not stealing. But true honesty when in pertains to dating.

We all were taught to tell the truth, but under the guise of good. We associate a person that is honesty or tells the truth to be a good person. However, that’s a load of bull.

Just like that time you bought a gym membership and made up every excuse as to why you haven’t used it. Or like when you say you’re going to start eating right, right after you finished that plate of fried lard. Even when you have started said “diet” and you sneak and eat crap but post Instagram pics of you on the way to the gym but wonder why you haven’t made any muscles gain or weight losses. Let’s not even mention the delusional progress pics…anyways; all of it is lies that only hurt you.

The idea of being honest isn’t about being a good person it’s about living a good life. In telling the truth no matter what, someone will get hurt. That’s the side effect that no one ever warns us of. We believe being honest will help the other person and give them some type of closure. Although, no matter what you say someone is going home sad. Whereas in my life I just make sure that it isn’t me.

Sometime last week a YouTube video came across my Twitter timeline posted by Ahmier on “The Honesty Language.” The video was basically about people whom ask for certain characteristics of another person in dating yet are clueless on how to function or understand when they receive what they claim they were seeking. Case in point, honesty.
When I say I’m looking for honesty even considering myself an honest person when it comes to dating isn’t a shallow, stock or expecting WAY too much from dating request. It is a true request that not only affect me but the people I plan on invest my time and emotions into.

I’ve noticed that people want you to be honesty until you tell them you’re not interested. I don’t want people to get the wrong impress of my actions neither do I want them to continue doing something that I deem unattractive, annoying or a deal breaker. I’m always open as to want I want from a person, what I am willing to give and what I will not indulge in. Oftentimes this honesty isn’t received well because over the course of my dating life I’ve come to realization people expect you to like them or be interested in them solely on the fact that they are interested in you. They get upset when you aren’t moving at their same pace, when you explain to them how you’re views don’t support their’s and when you’ve decide to move on.

People hear what they want and are willing to ignore everything poor about a relationship as long as they are getting what they initially wanted. But not me, though I can be accuse of being unyielding, “black & white” and out right mean, that isn’t remotely the truth. I’m merely secure enough in my life, my mental state and emotional capabilities that if I’m dealing with something/someone I’m not interested in or isn’t turning out to what I want it to be, I can leave. I state who I am, I don’t seek to change other’s minds nor do I wish for people to do the same to me.

With being this forthcoming to potential mates they tend to do the reverse and tax me for my style of honesty and accuse me of wasting their time or being immature.

I’m left wonder how I’m the immature one when I’m simply exhibiting the one characteristic you value the most right above funny and under loyal. Here’s the thing- people are only interested in their own happiness therefore I must do the same. I tell the truth about what I’m doing, expect or don’t like because I don’t want anyone operating under false pretense base on the faux acting both dating parties are exhibiting only to not rock the boat and be in a relationship. Dating is about learning yourself, exploring and if you’re lucky you’ll find someone who won’t totally annoy you and you won’t mind watching them get fat. You can’t find that lying about who you are. Life is about what you want and not ignoring signs that the relationship you’re working towards isn’t really what you want. There is no such thing as “wasting time” while dating, that’s what it’s all about. However, I do challenge people to really think about the list a characteristic they request from a future mate and see if you yourself embody those same characteristics that are equally good and bad. Many people’s dating list is as vapid as their expectations and it’s no wonder they don’t know how to obtain success in dating. How can you properly request something when you don’t know the first thing about handling when you get it? You can’t prosper in any part of your life if you’re not honest with yourself first. You need to be open with yourself on a level that whatever you tell your romantic interest is for the betterment of you both no matter how terrible the truth may be.

What is honesty? Honesty is not protecting someone else’s feelings but guaranteeing your own.

“Junk Food Journals”: Entry 6

5 Jun

The thin lifestyle is serious business. It’s entirely consist of making the suitable choices for a favorable outcome. It’s about skipping drinks or dessert, going to bed early to wake up early for the gym, and may cause you to ditch friends that would rather go to a movie to sit and overeat over rock climbing or swimming followed by a lunch at a juice or salad bar.

Sometimes the best diet/fitness plan is determination. When you want it bad enough you’ll work hard to get it. Take me for example, I want abs therefore, I’ve cut out the cheese, bread and sugar. Is it hard; well duh! I want a deep dish pan of 5 cheese pizza with a side of frozen Kit Kats NOW!

Majority of the time it’s the people around you that sabotage your thin strides. Then, why not replace those fatty friends with lean firm thinspirations. If achieving the ideal body is all about cutting the negative out and adding positive to your new lifestyle, well these gentlemen of “Junk Food Journals” entry 6 are the perfect poster men for summertime fine.

What I enjoy about these guys guys tales to fitness is that it’s less about the food or workout but all about living a healthy life and making your road to fitness an adventure.

Antonio (1)

Antonio (2)

Antonio (3)
Hi my name is Antonio (IG: @ulovetoni) and I am a creative director living in the New York City area. Health is very important to me, so amongst my busy schedule I find time to workout at least 4 times a week and pick healthy snack options while I’m on the go.

Workout Philosophy: Most people especially guys go to the gym to bulk up and get cut; they try to lift as much as they can. Technique is very important; doing less weight the proper way is the key to results.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with bananas, blueberries and strawberries and eggs with cheese, tomatoes and avocados are two of my favorites!

Lunch: Chicken salad with olive oil dressing.

Dinner: Two grilled chicken breast with mixed vegetables.

Cheat Day: I cheat everyday because I’m in the process of gaining weight :).

Diet Trick: Diets are not really my thing, when I’ve tried them I lose weight fast. I just focus on eating healthy. The trick with eating healthy is making your own meals and bringing them along with you.

Problem Area: I’m naturally slender with a high metabolism, so putting on muscle and keeping it is my biggest issue.

Key to Discipline: The hardest part of working out is when I first start and you didn’t seen any improvement. Once I seen improvement, the mirror became my discipline and it motivates me to go to the gym.

Workout Routine: Depending on how I feel I target two areas a day (biceps/triceps & back/shoulders). Some days I do a full body workout which consists of three exercises per muscle.
Johnte (1)

Johnte (2)

Johnte (3)
My name is Johnté Lee (IG:@shy_johnnie). I’m 25 years old, originally from Miami, currently residing in Atlanta, Ga.

Workout Philosophy: I workout to stay healthy first, and secondly to look good. My choice to indulge in fitness related activities such as rock climbing, daily workouts, biking, etc… is strictly for me. I think it’s important to set goals for yourself, it’s also important to expand and stick to your fitness routines to obtain those goals.

Breakfast: We’ve all been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’re breaking your fast of how many ever hours your body has been deprived of nutrition while sleep. I usually have a light breakfast; a parfait consisting of Greek yogurt, fruits (strawberries, blueberries and mangos) and oats. On other days, two hard boiled eggs with grapefruit.

Lunch & Dinner: I generally eat the same things for lunch and dinner. However, lunch is likely a lighter portion. My diet consists primarily of chicken and fish. I love trying alternate ways of preparing meals so that I don’t feel that my meals are repetitive. I prepare my meats either pan seared with olive oil, grilled or baked, I also pair them with different vegetables such as broccoli, squash, zucchini, asparagus, the list goes on. Wild Salmon (a great source for protein and iron) with lemon pepper seasoning and asparagus (good source of fiber, folate and vitamin A) would be my favorite dish.

Cheat Day: My cheat day is generally toward the end of the week, Friday and/or Saturday. Although, I do have cravings that I almost always give into during the week, I don’t really indulge until the end of my ‘workout week’. Of course depending on what I’ve indulged in, I have to challenge myself even more when I return to my workout routine.

Diet Trick: I guess my diet trick would be eating whenever I get hungry. I’m careful to not overeat, but if I do have a craving I will definitely have a light snack (nuts, protein bar, protein shake) which keeps my metabolism up and also gives me energy throughout the day.

Problem Area: My problem area would definitely be my legs. I’ve been a bit more consistent with my leg routines lately and I have progressed, but it’s been a very long road. I’m an ectomorph body type and it’s hard for me to build muscle, especially in my legs, so I have to work extremely hard to put any mass on them.

Key to Discipline: My discipline comes with my passion to reach the fitness goals that I have in place. It’s extremely important to remain focused, consistent and to also have an effective workout plan. This will ensure results. If you lack any of the above results and progress will lack as well. Generally people become less determined when they are not getting the results they want.

Workout Routine: My workout routine is pretty tedious, but I will try and be brief. I start off with cardio; I try to get 3/4 miles in on the treadmill. I generally do 5 or 6 sets and between 10-15 reps of whichever exercise. There are also times that I follow Pyramid Training (As weight increases, reps decrease). I also enjoy calisthenics, which is a great way to increase flexibility and body strength. Jumping rope is great exercise for both upper body and lower body. After a good workout I hit the sauna for about 15-20 mins (make sure you are hydrated) helps with muscle relaxation, increases blood flow and also releases those nasty toxins that we encounter on a day to day basis.
Eon Green (1)

Eon Green (2)

Eon Green (3)
I’m Eon Green (IG:@ettiennevert) a nomad and bon vivant who is always in search of inspiration and beauty in all of its forms. While I am originally from Jamaica I grew up all over and consider myself a citizen of the world. My interests include fitness, art & culture, cuisine, and my personal wanderlust. For me, the question of ‘where to next?’ is just as important as ‘what experiences can I create?’

Workout Philosophy: “Life is too short to be basic.” I think we all have a very brief moment everyday when we can chose to be sedentary or remain in motion. I apply that idea to many areas of my life but with working out the challenge to be consistent or find the time during a busy day is something I look forward to. I’m always looking for ways to overcome myself and the seemingly ‘easy’ route.

Breakfast: Breakfast is fairly large and includes whole grain foods high in fiber and protein (oatmeal with golden raisins, flax seeds, raspberries and almond butter). Low sugar fruit (apricots, melons, apples, etc) and always a hot drink (green tea or hot water and lemon is great and has so many benefits for the body).

Lunch: I eschew most simple carbohydrates and processed foods so lunch is usually a medium sized amount if protein (chicken, fish or beef) and a high fiber vegetable accompaniment or soup (lentil vegetable is a personal favorite).

Dinner: See above!

Cheat Day: I love sweets and enjoy good quality chocolate and descendant French pastries. Luckily I have a lot of muscle mass and a fast metabolism that allows me to indulge a bit more than most. The benefit of consistency is training your body to efficiently utilize food, whether it is lasagna or quinoa.

Diet Trick: Healthy fats are often overlooked. A teaspoon of coconut or olive oil will do wonders for digestion and vitamin absorption.

Problem Area: None. I give myself and my body respect and credit for hard work.

Key to Discipline: Mix it up! Make it fun, social, and a topic of conversation. I look for ways to get outdoors and connect with others in an active way.

Workout Routine: No secret formula other than sweating and pushing myself for 60 minutes a day. Getting creative and maintaining high intensity with little rest the whole time.

Have a Very Skinny Christmas.

23 Dec

A Christmas Story (1)

A Christmas Story (2)

A Christmas Story (3)

A Christmas Story (4)

It snowed here yesterday and I instantly was ready to pack up and move back to Texas. I’ve been living in Kansas for about nine years and being from Texas were we only have two seasons; extremely hot and not so hot, you’d think that I would be a major fan of white Christmases.

However, I’m not! After the first winter here I don’t care if I ever see snow again in my life. This dreadful snow is inconveniencing my weight; I can’t do my morning jogs, it’s ruining my good shoes and it’s becomes ugly as soon as people get out in it.

Snow is slowly but surely turning me into a Grinch- a skinny one but nevertheless, a Grinch. I will admit that the best part about the snow is that it keeps me locked inside and no aimless trips to the grocery for silly things like eating. I’m stuck in the house with only berries and water.

Though, I can give you many reasons as to my disdain for the snow, yesterday after I left church I went on an excursion. I got myself a late birthday early Christmas gift, a Samsung NX3000 camera. Since it wasn’t many people out I knew I could get some pretty decent shots of the snow.

While I was freezing my (now nonexistent) butt off, I began reminiscing about my childhood Christmases. I must say no matter what my family was going through my parents always made a way for us to have the most awesome Christmas every year.

There were Christmases where we go every gift imaginable, some where my parents would torment my brother and I by keeping the tree bare until Christmas morning (which was child abuse if you ask me, you know what that does to a child’s self-esteem believing fat Santa don’t care about them?) I’ve had the Christmas where I got the full size train set that naturally my dad played with because we was too busy riding our new bikes with our childhood best friends Victor & Luis while playing with our walkie-talkies.

My favorite Christmas memory is on the off chance that it snowed my uncle would load all the kids on my block in the back of his truck and do doughnuts in the empty snow covered parking lot of the neighborhood church. How can I forget all the same kids squeezing onto the tail gate of Mr. Johnny’s pickup as he took us to see the Christmas lights in different neighborhoods? I remember one year my neurotic mom actually let us help her decorate the Christmas tree, my brother, dad and I felt like she freed the slaves we had so much fun.

Speaking of death my basket case/unhealthy grandmother (Skinny-Jesus rest her soul) was sure she was going to die Christmas of 2000 that she spent thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts for all her grandchildren, she even bought us name brand stuff! It was like we had two Christmas because she was in the hospital on Christmas day so we didn’t actually open our gifts from her until New Year’s Eve.

Now as an adult I have to start making new Christmas memories such as, last Christmas. I drove to Dallas for two days; it actually snowed in Dallas giving my favorite nephew his first white Christmas as we drove around all day in it. Then, after dinner I had to get back on the road to drive back to Kansas to head to Mexico for my service trip to Acuña. This was the best experience of my life thus far.

Although, I will not be going home this year, I will not miss the loads of carbohydrate laden entrees and desserts but it would be nice to hang out with my entire family in one setting (to get money from them of course).

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

A Christmas Story (5)

Your Temple = Your Body

30 Oct

thinspiration (2)

Take care of your body and it will take care of you; it’s that simple. Yet, I still get over-eaters bombarding my inbox with strife they could have better exerted at a gym. I feel that I do a decent job of giving helpful lifestyle tips in an informative funny way however, I get flack for my constant use of the word ‘fat’.

My goal isn’t to shame anyone all I’m doing is giving out ‘thinspiration’ to those who want it. I operate under the guise: if you are as comfortable with yourself as you say you are then no one can make you feel guilty.

I absolutely loathe when people tell me they’re fat because they have “health issues.” No Porky, have you considered you have health issues because you’re fat?!

That’s why I don’t sugarcoat anything because they’ll just eat that too.

It’s all about taking care of your temple. Your body is your temple and it’s the only thing in this world that you own and only get one of. As my birthday rapidly approaches I realized this more and more everyday how important it is to keep that into perspective.

Taking care of yourself is more than working out and eating right, it’s organizing and making your life efficient. As well as, challenging yourself, not skipping great opportunities and doing things for the betterment and progression of your life.

The topic during bible study last night was “I’m totally healed” Psalms 103:1-4. The gist of it is to be thankful and take care of your gift- your temple.

Taking care of your temple is also taking care of your skin, mind, spiritual, emotional and financial. Basically being a functioning well rounded adult. If you want a better life you have to do better things.

As we get older we have to accept responsibility for our current state of life in order to learn more about ourselves and achieve the things we desire. If you’re single it’s your fault you’re not lovable, if you hate your thighs then run, you hate your job- quit. You can have a lofty degree, great career and fabulous clothing but if you’re not healthy enough or mentally stable to enjoy it then what is it all for?

Challenge yourself to do something that will help you enhance your temple.

  • Read more than watching television.
  • Eat out but skip the bread, soda and dessert.
  • Volunteer at least once a month.
  • Commit to working out 3x a week.
  • Learn a new talent, hobby or trade.
  • Start a savings toward something you want.
  • Take that guy up on his date offer.
  • Go to an event or partake in something you wouldn’t normally do.

The reward of taking care of your temple is enjoying your time here on earth for as long as possible. I personally challenge myself to not let my life go in vain of my parents’ struggle. People only get offended and bothered by certain things people say because it resonates within them.

Today isn’t the day to do it tomorrow.

Skinnyday Wishlist!

18 Oct

I have 14 days till my birthday better known as my SKINNYDAY 10/31/2013. I have been fasting, doing extra crunches and running 6 miles a day to enter 28 a skinnier better person and for all this hard work I feel I deserve a few grand prizes.

I’m a rather amazing gift giver just ask anyone who has ever received a gift from me. I factor a lot of things in purchasing my friends and family presents such as, needs, desire and what I hate about the things they already have. I’m into making people lives better however, for the past few years I’ve been receiving some suck-y gifts from people that I have to respectfully decline.

I know you’re saying, how can I give back a gift that someone have took the time to get for you. Well its like this, I would rather you get your money back than leave me stuck with something I will never use or you will never see. Sometimes I feel like the people in my life don’t even know who I am or read my site. So much so that they have resulted to sending me gift cards (to places I’ve never been or seen.)

This year will be different! Back in January I decided to boycott all gift giving no matter the occasion or person until after my birthday. If I don’t get at least one birthday present that I like I will only be giving out Christmas cards with autographed pictures of me. For the oblivious gifter here’s my wishlist. Shop accordingly.

“It’s better to give than to receive” is a phrase some parent with horrible taste made up, poor kid.


I have had my eye on this bag for almost a year now. I need a bag that is durable, versatile for work, flying and everyday use and stylish than my cool but sometimes juvenile Jansport. I need a fashionable get up and go bag.

Leather Jacket

The two leather jackets I already have I am ready to part with, in return I want this for a better winter.

White Leather Chucks
Converse All Star Leather Hi - Men's

Chuck Taylor’s are men’s staple shoe and my white canvas pair aren’t right for fall/winter.

Plane Ticket To San Francisco

I plan on moving there at the top of the year and I want to visit one more time before I make the move official.

New Camera
Samsung - 20.3 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera

I run a blog I need one. This one or the Canon Mark ii or Nikon D600 whichever is the better camera.

Road Bike
Takara Men's Kabuto 23 Road Bike - BlackYellow

I sold my cruiser because it was too slow and I didn’t feel as if I was burning enough calories. I need more efficient ways to get thin.

Could Complete Morons Be Sabotaging Your Diet?

16 Aug


Want to know why your last diet failed, because people are morons. Not you of course, I mean you have the self realization to know when your a** is getting a little too big. However, I’m referring to the selfish, annoying and mental delinquents that seem to drive you to eat with their inadvertent malfeasance (woah, I sound pretty smart when I’m annoyed and hungry.)

We all know to be successful on a diet or any workout program whether you are trying to build muscle or lose fat it takes discipline and dedication. What nutritionists, fitness trainers and countless diet books fail to mention of the causes to body blunders isn’t cheats day, poor food choices and skipping the gym but the people that you interact with during said diets.

Take me for example for the month of August I decided to give up sugar, dairy and people in the hope to shed a few more pounds before the end of summer and develop visible abs to flaunt on my upcoming Labor day vacation. Whenever I go on a diet that is more than seven days I cut off all people howbeit, romantic, close friends, coworkers or social media.

I don’t want to be around no one. I know for a fact that when I scroll my timeline or out in public and someone do (more so incapable of doing) or say something that just makes me want to gouge mine and their eyes out I turn to carbohydrates to avoid jail time or killing someone’s self esteem.

It’s proven that many people are emotional eaters, we eat in mourning (i.e. funerals, break ups or sad days) and in celebration (weddings, graduations or parties) so, it’s obvious that another person’s lack of common sense can cause a hunger attack and ruin your diet. To prevent this I just cancel going out with my friends and opt to get another workout in.

10 ways I keep dimwits from ruining my body.

  1.  Avoid Dates: Why do people consider dinner and a movie as the only way to interact with someone. You will not fill me up at dinner only to let it sit on my stomach and make its way to my thighs while we watch some movie you’re just going to ask me about throughout as if we didn’t start watching it at the same time.
  2. Don’t Answer Your Phone: It’s usually on the weekend your carefree (by carefree I mean chunky) friends want to invite you out to drink, eat and sleep late keeping you from your goal weight. Why should they care about your thighs obviously they‘ve given up.
  3. Cancel: I am not above canceling a romantic rendezvous, birthday party or game night because I want to go to bed early so I can get a 6 a.m. run in before it gets too hot outside.
  4. Save Your Advice: At least until after your final weigh-in, don’t listen to other people’s problems or help them correct their dismal life choices. They won’t listen anyway which in turn will cause you to eat some grease flavored meals to deal with their asinine decisions.
  5. Peer Pressure is For Acne Ridden High School-ers: Your coworkers or team members don’t care about your chubby face thus, they are going order pizza under guise of “working late.” Get your work done and leave.
  6. Save Sick Days: Everyone have a simpleton coworker, lunatic boss or piled up deadlines then, don’t use your sick days for actually being sick. Wait till you begin your diet and use them to stay away from the junk food area of your desk you massacre when your job starts to stress you out.
  7. A Fat Friend Ain’t Your Friend: Omg! I have a friend that signs up for a new gym membership every other month, constantly ask me for workout or diet tips and complain about how guys don’t look at him because he don’t have muscles. However, he never sees a diet all the way through and ignores my advice. That drives me crazy and I feel like he’s trying to pull me down like his sagging gut.
  8. Do It Yourself: People are just going to mess things up, save yourself the headache and do everything yourself till after your diet and I guarantee it will be easier to drive pass a drive-thru in rage.
  9. Fat Guilt: Jealous is a disease called obesity. Don’t let your friends or lover talk you into just “trying” something or shame you for reading the back of your container. It’s perfectly fine to choose the ab machine over a romantic night out (maybe that’s why I’m single.)
  10. Keep Your Ear buds Accessible: Even when there is no music playing I keep my headphones on, I don’t want people bothering me with their life.

Overall, frustration is how butterballs are born. Steer clear of people for a better rear.

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