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Thinspiration: In Glorious Costards

10 Aug


Monday has historically become the seemingly deadliest least motivational day of the for some, NOT ME. I personally like Mondays, however what better way to attack Monday other than with a killer suit.

Monday sets the pace for your week, whether you get up early for a hardy breakfast, intense workout or just get to work on time and get everything completed. Also, its the perfect day to start over or recommit to any damage the real enemy- the weekend may have sabotaged.

I’m a firm believer that if you look great you’ll fell great and in turn you’ll do great. So, as I was cleaning out my thinspiration folder I remembered I had this editorial from April 2015 GQ France “In Glorious Costards”.

I had to share this colorful and cool editorial featuring the slim perfect melanin filled skinned supermodel Fernando Cabral, photographer by Marc Philbert and styled by
James Sleaford.

I hope these mode suits and Fernand’so beautiful skin gets you motivated to prepare yourself with the right arsenal to stop Monday dead in it’s tracks.











Thinspiration: Stand & Watch

26 Aug

Dreaming of cooler weather; summer isn’t my favorite season by far! I love the fall & winter I’m thinner, more stylish and lighter.

Granted I sweat more in the summer which means more calories burned but I’m black and leathery than the entire Alexander Wang FW14 colection.

That’s why I love my “Thinspiration” posts very much, they keep me focused and ready for whats to come. I’m just standing in the shade and watching as Labor Day weekend approaches marking the end of Summer. Now I can began to plan my looks for fall/winter. With thinspo from Dries Van Noten, Kris Van Assche and Dior Homme fall/winter collections sported by the gaunt even darker than me male model Fernando Cabral.

Cabral silky evenly tanned skin is the perfect accessory to pull off every look styled by Mauricio Nardi and photographed by Johan Sandberg. Now I’m think my farmer’s tan may not be so bad.

This fall I really want to try fur and leather. I played with the notion of leather once last year and I kind of liked it but as I’m pushing myself to try new styles and aesthetics this shoot for Dapper Dan magazine “Stand & Watch” is a perfect start. Don’t know about the skirt/kilts but I’m ready for this 101 degree temperatures to drop. I’m so over wearing cut-offs and flipflops!






Thinspiration: Top 5 Black Male Models

4 Nov

Well porkies, it’s Monday and this “Thinspiration” post can do either two things: 1, motivate you to get off your butt and be productive today howbeit, in the gym or at work or 2, kill yourself for your less than great stomach to butt ratio.

Obviously and historically the model industry is dominated by females however, every so often there are few men just as fit, beautiful and tenacious to break through that reverse glass ceiling on their way to becoming household names. Not to mention the monopoly of Caucasians casting over African Americans and other minorities.

Considering myself a menswear enthusiast I try to keep my eye on the many aspect of men’s fashion. So, this morning before my workout I was doing my stretches in front of my ‘thinspiration’ board looking for motivation as to what body part I wanted to target in the gym. It was then I realized there are a lot of black males making great strides in this limited (prejudice) market. To some this flagrant discrimination may discourage or disgust but being that African Americans have such strong buying power in the fashion industry when I see black males grabbing major deals from fashion houses I get a bit excited.

As well as, I use it as fuel to continue to do what I do (fitness, fashion, faith and financial) to my best ability.  We find motivation everywhere and sometimes you’ll find it in the most simple or vapid place i.e. fashion.

Being that I’m pro “Thin Lifestyle” I have my five favorite top black male models that are dominating the world of menswear. The men on my list aren’t great thinspiration just because they are fit and beautiful but it’s more their work ethic. With every editorial, runway show and magazine ad I come across I have consider how these guys are snatching up major notoriety and money in this slighted commerce.

David Agbodji David Agbodji: “The Body,” as I like to call him is my ultimate favorite model his versatility has helped him land major campaigns for high-end houses such as, Calvin Klein and Bottega Veneta  to commercial brands like Express and H&M along with consistent runaway work for Todd Snyder, Public School and J. Crew. Any men’s magazine you pick up I’m sure you’ll notice he has a spread in it, even women’s fashion magazine just check out this month’s issue of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar. He’s even taking a liking to stepping behind the camera shooting the cover photo and editorial for “Supplementaire” magazine.

Anorexic Escapades Esquire Spain (6) Sacha M’Baye: “The Poser,” strength is editorial and he never disappoint. Give him a great ensemble, put him in front of a camera and he’ll work it out. Whenever I’m out of poses to strike when outshining my friends in their own pics I turn to this guy. The London native is a bigger ham than Tyra, no pun intended. He also gets steady campaign work, did you notice him in the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target ads? The semi-pro footballer knows how to strike a goal.

Fernando Cabral Fernando Cabral: “The Walker,” have strutted from London, Brazil, Milan, Paris, Japan to New York. There isn’t a runway that he hasn’t booked. The unconventional beauty alternative look is what makes him the most sought after runway model walking for diverse brands like, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owen and Kenneth Cole.  I personally am in awe of his almost invisible sample size waistline and so are magazine editors I’m sure by the amount of editorials he’s in. Kate Moss who? I need to know what they are feeding them (or not feeding them for that matter) in Portugal.

Corey Baptiste Corey Baptiste: “The Beauty,” is the reason none of us should skip washing our face. If you think being a man and getting a facial is a faux pas then, no wonder you have elephant skin.  Why this guy hasn’t grabbed and skincare endorsements is beyond me. But he more than make up for it in editorials and campaign work. He’s the face of Michael Kors, walked for Armani and there isn’t a magazine that he doesn’t have a full spread in this fall/winter season L’Officiel Hommes Germany, Neiman Marcus (Lookbook/Catalog),  The FT-How To Spend It magazine, and W magazine, GQ UK and Italia. We do make them better in America.

Adonis BossoAdonis Bosso: “The Wild Card,” had no choice but to be a model, I mean his name is Adonis and boy is he. With a great body, smoothing skin and hipster persona the Canadian does a great job of walking the line of preppy and tough. The plethora of different designers agree as well if you didn’t notice how he was in EVERY menswear runway show and presentation during New York fashion week, a true supermodel.

If these guys don’t get you into a gym today or turn in those late deadlines then I don’t know how to help you. Go ahead and be fat forever.

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