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New Skinny Techniques: Alexander Wang SS16 #NYFW

26 Sep

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Now that the sweat of New York Fashion Spring/Summer 2016 has dried I can now start a new set of crunches as I recap my most savored collections of the upcoming season.

With the bulk of menswear shown this past summer during New York Fashion Week: Men’s I didn’t have much to gorge on.

Although, as cliche as it may sound I am really into the handful of offerings from Alexander Wang. With an (obvious and borderline redundant) ode to the the 90’s this collection marked the 10th anniversary of Wang’s eponymous label. Inspired by what Wang himself saw first hand growing up this collection is rife with street influences from skaters to the grunge movement. Noticeably more refined, with the help of silken fabrics as well as, more technical fabrics that he likely learned and honed in on during his time at Balenciaga.

I adore the sizing and proportions of this collection because one thing we love to hate about the 90’s were how big the clothes were. However, during summer when your summer body isn’t ready we all need a strong, cool collection that will hide any remnants from our lackluster gym performance during winter.

Not saying this is my most desired aesthetic, however I can appreciate the attention to design and tailoring in this urban offering.

Sometimes it take looking at new styles, tips and techniques to strengthen your own style.

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York


No FAT What-so-ever: Duckie Brown SS16 #NYFWM

25 Jul

Duckie Brown
If you’ve been following this site long enough you’ll know Duckie Brown is one of my top 5 absolute favorite American designers. I’ve been raving about their funky androgynous designs since their first collaboration with Perry Ellis in 2012. For the first time in my blogging history I had the magnificent pleasure to sit and view a live runway show from the duo during New York Fashion Week:Men Spring/Summer 2016.

The New York-based design duo (Daniel Sliver & Steven Cox), took a note from Europeans, were lace shirts were all the rage and took it a step further making their spring/summer collection all about sheer tops. In a short but poignant show of 19-looks the SS16 collection played to the designers love & strengths of proportion and gender.

What I respect and admire about this collection and duo’s aesthetic, is they’ve done this style of creating in the past but now at a high fashion level has since gone mainstream. Always keeping the masculinity with the volume, structure and color scheme all remained strong enough to showcase the feminine looks. Like the soft draped raglan top in highlighter-yellow, the white oversize transparent tee and blackish brown sheer long-sleeve jacket-like shirt with the zipper up the front. Each ethereal top was styled alongside contrasting elements that were sporty and athletic in nature, like large and fluid pants, puddling on the floor and secured via a silken belt as well as the paper bag cut pinstripe slacks and multicolored sneakers.

This is has sport, sexy and sharpness appeal that is everything you’ll need for next year! I’m still reeling over the fact that I actually seen this show live. My look Du Jour is the finale piece- the all yellow look, I just wish my skin didn’t look baked in the color.

Eat Your Veggies: Stella Jean SS16 #PFW

25 Jun

Stella Jean SS16

Here’s the thing… I love clothing, I really do but this time of year I hate putting them on, kind of like fruits and leafy greens. Per every celeb nutritionist and Instagram fitness trainer, we must consume them for the greater good of our summer physique.

Every once in a while there comes a collection this is good for you and you look great in.

Stella Jean offered a playful and healthy Spring/Summer 2016 collection. This collection is sleek but effortless while maintaining it’s summer fun theme. Lightweight clothing is what I look for during my summer shopping, then simple cuts followed by great colors to compliment my skin.

Stella Jean has a healthy dose of it all. Shirts were printed with images of various fruits and vegetables from pomegranates to bananas to kale. Meanwhile, silhouettes were relaxed and casual, with nary a tie to be seen which highlighted the desire of today’s man to be more nonchalant and less rigid their tailoring needs.

This collection has a coolness factor to it that manages to be sexy without being boastful. Match and miss-matching prints is the prefect way to take attention away from your body and put it on your style. However, to pull of these shorts you’re going to need legs like these model, so eat your veggies and do you lunges.

Smorgasbord: Dsquared2 SS16 #MFW

23 Jun


For about three seasons now, though I’ve been drooling and gnawing over every smashing collection I’ve been asking DSquared2 creators/designers Dean & Dan Caten for a new direction. Not something complete different from what we have come to love of the Canadian duo but more than the usual of vibrant colors, baggy cropped denim, sex and mix of Canadian outdoors & American western culture. However, this time they gave me a smorgasbord.

This surf themed Spring/Summer 2016 collection had a plethora of layers, from Native American patterned ponchos, gigantic over-sized pants over running tights to layered mesh razor tanks and the most notable (kind of tired but I get it) layer: tattoo bodysuits. Denim being their staple and money maker there was plenty to choose from ranging from supersized and baggy to cowboy inspired. Their collection have a very grunge Malibu or Venice beach surfer’s vagabond ambiance to it. Sporty, utilitarian, edgy, messy but cool.

As I exclaim in every post I write about the twins, they know how to entertain. The flamboyant gimmicky show may have grown a little stale on some lovers of the brand nevertheless, nice to see. There is plenty of edgy, current mode and creativity here but these looks can be easy duplicated for much cheaper alternatives from Asos to Urban Outfitters. A Dsquared2 label or the dream to look as smoldering as the models can only go so far for so long.

But right now I’m in total love with the traveler theme of this collection. Everything I want in my summer active-wear, if you are looking for refinement and streamline tailoring veer Neil Berrett’s SS16 collection.

Summer is very much traveling, fun, skin, color, ventilation and style. A “free” collection.

Better Than a Crisp Salad: Salvatore Ferragamo SS16 #MFW

22 Jun

Salvatore Ferragamo
A good salad requires fresh moist Artisan lettuce and spinach, snap peas, crunchy red onions, juicy tomatoes and supple cucumbers with the perfect sweet but tangy dressing.

However, the best thing about a salads there’s no one way to make it as long as all the ingredients are crisp, fresh and the flavor melody works in harmony with your taste buds. Just as Massimo Giornetti’s use of skinny ties, boxy double breasted jackets, colorful X-Acto knife cut layered pieces and a prodigious use of fabrics will satisfy and make the skinniest person salivate for more.

Salvatore Ferragamo‘s cool 40’s and 50’s vibe is brought to the present with its sharp sportswear like collection in cool mustard suits, patchwork use of leather, neoprene and Python and a handful of graphic sweaters, like one that spelled out Ferragamo in glittery letters.

What makes this melody of aesthetics works so well together is the tailoring. Each aesthetic (collegiate, business casual and fine suiting) is brought together with it’s easiness. The current theme of fashion right now is comfort, for men. This collection is figure forgiving, cool and effortless.

Some looks can be for everyday or just to mix up your office wear. I love fashion that inspires while giving a reference point.

Filling & refreshing.

Skinny Vibes: #LCM Coach

17 Jun

coach ss16

Coach showed their SS16 collection during LCM once again, highlighting not just that they’re an international label but, also hoping to be associated with the joie de vivre that seems to surround all the British labels that show during LCM. It also helps that their head designer, Stuart Vevers, is British.

To describe the SS16 collection in three words; I would go with quality, quirky and with 42 looks- quantity.
Awash with bold animal prints and colorful designs, all seemed rooted in the psychedelic 70s. Staying true to what Coach is known for luxe accessories, this collection included some rather superb leather jackets and shoes that are so on trend with today’s shoe enthusiast male.

The patchwork jackets and furry slippers are my most desired pieces. This collection has a safari feel, that is still ready-to-wear with an overall disheveled vibe. Another collection that shows that its okay if you don’t have it all together, you still can look great even when you’re late. I’m drawn to the comfortable and cool heir this collection puts out.

As a person that is always late, I rely on and love easy simple constructed garments that still have standout aspects about them that don’t cause for much deliberation when styling, pairs well with denim & solids and work well in fitting my body.

The cuts alone will make anyone feel less self-conscious about their body.

“The Clavicle Bone Diet.” NYFW: Duckie Brown

18 Feb

Duckie Brown FW15

Fashion is suppose to motivate your gym exploits! I get that winter is cold and all we want to is not freeze to death before making it to ours jobs to be worked to death.

All I have to say is when I die bury me in the Duckie Brown section at Nordstrom.

I have become a fan of the duo at Duckie Brown play on women’s wear for men. With deep V-necks dainty fabrics and traditionally feminine hues this collection will not only make a guy feel pretty but move motivation to continue with the push-ups and arm curls. I enjoy how to waist of the pants gather at the natural waist but is roomy in its tailoring. This collection walks a fashionably thin line of slouchy and sexy.

While the silhouettes are feminine with Chinese influences of kimonos there still is masculinity present with its military influence in the tailoring. This is a very European collection from the American designers that I wouldn’t mind pulling off next year. This collection make me want to get my clavicle bone in prime over expose condition. I will be underfed and cold but after I pull off my coat when I make it to the office you all will be jealous!

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