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“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 18

28 Sep

My 30th B’day is about a month away and in three days I will be putting my diet and workout routine into overdrive as I enter the next decade of my life stronger, faster, better and of course thinner!

My new personal life & fitness goal is to drop dead weight and become more discipline in obtaining the things I want the most by living a succinct and garbage free life.

If my personal thinspo isn’t enough for you to trash your terrible eating habits then check out the latest entry 18 of “Junk Food Journals.”

Chris Newman (1)

Chris Newman (2)

Chris Newman (3)
Hello, my name is Chris Newman (IG: Christophe_Mari). I’m from Washington D.C. and I’m 29 years old. I work at Vida Fitness in Washington D.C. I love to read books, listen to music, write, travel, shop, learn, deejay, play video games, and spend time with my friends and family.

Workout Philosophy: If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains.

Meal 1: 8 a.m.
– 10 egg whites.
– 1¼ cups oatmeal (dry measure) or 11⁄2 raisin bagels.
– 8 oz. orange juice or 1 cup mixed fruit.
Meal Totals: 669 calories, 58 g protein, 93 g carbs, 7 g fat.

Meal 2: 11 a.m.
– 8 oz. chicken breast.
– 1 small to medium potato.
Meal Totals: 409 calories, 56 g protein, 37 g carbs, 3 g fat.

Meal 3: 1 p.m.
– Whey protein shake (2 scoops).
– 6-8 rice cakes.
Meal Totals: 450 calories, 48 g protein, 58 g carbs, 2 g fat.

Meal 4 (postworkout): 3 p.m.
– 8 oz. turkey breast.
– 2-3 cups cooked pasta or white rice.
– 1 whole-grain roll.
Meal Totals: 1,096 calories, 78 g protein, 177 g carbs, 4 g fat.

Meal 5: 6 p.m.
– 8 oz. ground beef (95% lean).
– 1 slice low-fat cheese.
– 2 slices whole-grain bread.
– 1 piece fruit.
Meal Totals: 593 calories, 59 g protein, 57 g carbs, 13 g fat.

Meal 6: 9 p.m.
– Whey protein shake (2 scoops).
Meal Totals: 170 calories, 40 g protein, 2 g carbs, 0 g fat.

Daily Totals: 3,387 calories, 339 g protein, 424 g carbs, 29 g fat.

Cheat Day: 2 turkey sandwiches on wheat bread with mayonnaise orange juice and a cup of yogurt. 2 slices of chicken and veggie pizza with water.

Diet Trick: Drinking lots of water. At least 8 glasses a day to burn fat.

Problem Area: My abs are my hardest area to keep toned. I work on them everyday performing leg lifts and butterfly kicks.

Key to Discipline: Seeing the progress I want in my mind and setting a specific time to workout everyday. I also take selfies after every work out to inspire myself and others.

Workout Routine: Monday – Chest Tuesday – Shoulders Wednesday – Abs Thursday – Rest Fri – Legs Sat – Cardio and Biceps.

Christian Carter (1)

Christian Carter (3)

Christian Carter (4)
My name is Christian Carter (IG: AllOutOfHashtags), 34 year old southern man who has called Manhattan home for the past 10 years. I’m still the same 9 year-old southern boy who preferred day dreaming over dreaming while sleep. I’m funny, loyal and spend my life knee-deep in a downbeat, drinking margaritas and creating art of all kinds.

I started working out as a youngin’ after while watching the movie Aliens with my family my brother proclaimed that I was built just like the lead actress Sigourney Weaver. They’re jokes still play in my head every time I think I don’t have another set/rep in me. “Come through Sigourney”.

Workout Philosophy: Try anything once. Rock Climbing, Spin, hell… Climb a tree.

Breakfast: a Smoothie or Fresh Juice.

Lunch: Any and all things Mexican.

Dinner: Mexican or Sushi and a Margarita.

Cheat Day: I eat what I want and workout hard. Indulging in food you love isn’t cheating on the quest to a better you, it’s simply you enjoying your life.

Diet Trick: don’t know if I believe in the idea of tricks. What I will say is a varied diet is important. Most people eat a variation of 10 meals their entire life. This causes them to lose out on many important vitamins, minerals and fats.

Problem Area: Ive learned to not fight the God given structure and shape of my body. Always editing but I’m no longer giving it to the idea that any of it is a PROBLEM.

Key to Discipline: A healthy addiction to growth and change.

Workout Routine: Do something physical a every day.

Anthony Black (1)

Anthony Black (2)

Anthony Black (3)
I’m Anthony Black (IG: MRBLACKTALKS) 28 years old from St. Petersburg/Tampa Florida your typical serial monogamist who loves romance, Carrie Bradshaw, sarcasm, barbells, and Beyoncé. I work in sales in the multifamily property management industry in the sunshine state. Obsessive amounts of gym time & blogging keep me out of club and off xanax. Basically, I want to be hot forever.

Workout Philosophy: I’m a strong believer in my favorite hashtag, #TrophyHusbandGoals. It’s not about being idolized. To me, it’s all about being confident, feeling sexy, and knowing that I’m worthy of being placed on a mantle piece.

Breakfast: Since I workout in the mornings before work, I usually have a vegan protein shake, (pea protein, brown rice protein, & hemp protein mix), an egg & turkey sausage.

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad with a banana or Quaker protein banana nut oatmeal.

Dinner: I have extremely limited patience and cooking skills so talapia, broccoli, & a glass of white wine is my go to dinner choice.

Cheat Day:This only happens when I’m drunk and it’s 2am, but my favorite cheat meal has to be a Taco bell, chicken quesarito–no siracha with a side of sour cream. In Jesus’ name.

Diet Trick: Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion & works as an appetite suppressant. I’ve also used those waist trainer-esque, belly wraps while working out. I’m no Kim Kardashian but I do think it made a difference with my mini muffin tops.

Problem Area: My stomach. Believe it or not, I can bloat like a house. One meal could be the difference between me having a six pack or a two pack.

Key to Discipline: I usually shame myself and feed my inner narcissist by following ridiculously hot people on instagram. That usually gives me the superficial motivation I need to get off my ass.

Workout Routine: I do a five day schedule. A chest day, leg day, back & shoulders, leg day #2, and biceps/triceps.


“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 17

26 Aug

The only bad workout, is the one you don’t do! If its thinpsiration you need, then check out what the fellas of “Junk Food Journals: Entry 17” had to share that keeps them motivated to eat healthy and workout consistently.

It very thinspiring you people with amazing bodies deal the many struggles as us who are aspiring to be a lean and ripped. What they all have in common is… Commit, Do, Rest and Repeat.

Alan John (1)

Alan John (3)
I am Alan John (Instagram: @iamalanjohn), a 26 year old model with Glamasphere Model Management and recently started presenting a tv show called Raptor Farm on Mindset tv channel 319 on DStv which airs every Friday at 7pm. I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa and I began training with a home gym set when I was still in High School. I’m also an actor and in the process of recording my debut album. You can email me for booking or inquiries on alanjohnworldwide@gmail.com.

Workout Philosophy: Learn/know your body type and how it reacts to food and weight training. Next, follow a workout program that is designed to get YOUR body to where you want it to. Then, like everything else, be consistent with what you eat and with following the workout schedule.

Breakfast: Oats (I add peanut butter for a protein boost) or 3 boiled eggs and 2 tuna sandwiches.

Lunch: Brown rice and grilled fish fillets.

Dinner: Mashed potato, chicken breasts and choice of greens.

Cheat Day: Fortunately I don’t have a sweet tooth, a cheat meal would be some fried chicken.

Diet Trick: Healthy eating has to be a way of life for it to make sense and to be sustainable. Stay hydrated at all times and when grocery shopping choose the healthy option so you have no option but to cook healthy meals at home.

Problem Area: Time Management – Life is hectic, this is one area where sometimes I drag myself to the gym no matter how tired I am.

Key To Discipline: For me its the end goal; I know what I want to look like and to remain looking that way so, I constantly remind myself and work extremely hard to make this a reality.

Workout Routine: A 5 day gym program in this order: Back, chest, legs, arms, rest day, shoulders and rest day.

Kofi Mensah (1)

Kofi Mensah (2)
I’m Kofi Mensah (Instagram: @Noriwayfarer) a wanderlust boy that loves new experiences and pushing new boundaries. I’m a Pescatarian, working towards becoming a full time vegetarian and eventual vegan. I live in NYC, but my soul is forever in the clouds searching for new destinations.

Workout Philosophy: I believe that you should work towards what you aspire to look like and what makes you happy. Not for anyone else, or you will eventually lose the motivation to work out. Rotate your exercises and don’t only depend on the gym or else working out will become a bit of a chore and mundane.

Breakfast: It varies between yogurt, granola, egg whites with spinach and some other vegetables. Always tea, with honey.

Lunch: I try to make this my biggest meal of the day. It depends on whatever I’ve made for lunch. Usually some tofu, or seafood dish with brown rice. Occasionally pasta.

Dinner: A salad; with some feta or blue cheese, pecans or walnuts, croutons, dried cranberries and other toppings. I’ll usually accompany it with a tall glass of red or white wine and water.

Cheat Day: I suppose I don’t really believe in a cheat day. Unless you’re competing for some body competition or in my case gearing up for a photo shoot, there’s no need to hold off eating something you really want. Just don’t go super crazy and stuff yourself and you’ll be fine. But if I did have a cheat day it would involve Talenti ice cream! I just recently have it of the first time and it’s easily my new favorite gelato!

Diet Trick: Stay hydrated, eat fruits and avoid too much processed foods.

Problem Area: My lower stomach and pectorals. They are the hardest for me to tone up.

Key to Discipline: Having some sort of routine. Knowing when you are going to the gym or when you’re going for a run, swim, etc helps you stay focused and reach your fitness goals.

Workout Routine: I love early morning workouts, especially at the gym when it’s empty. Anytime between 5am-7am is preferred. I rotate different sections of the body on a daily basis from lower abs, chest, arms, etc to ensure that I’m not over working a certain area, but at the same time giving proper time and attention to develop specific muscles. Hiking, tennis, running and swimming (not the best swimmer) but changing up your activities so working out doesn’t feel like a workout!

Mike Mathews (1)

Mike Mathews (2)
I’m Mike Junior (Instagram: @mikevslilmike), a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast in Detroit.

Workout Philosophy: Train like a superhero. As if the moment you walk out of the gym you’re going to be asked to save the world. (It’s the geek in me, lol.)

Breakfast: 6 egg white omelet, smoked salmon, sweet potato hash.

Lunch: 2 chicken breast, 3 hard-boiled egg whites, kale salad, side of fruit and a protein smoothie.

Dinner: large salmon fillet, asparagus and baked sweet potato.

Cheat Day: My favorite cheat day spot is a buffet style soul-food brunch in Detroit; Motor City Kitchen.

Diet Trick: Regular Detoxing. I do a major cleanse twice a year along with a daily detox tea. The cleaner your system the better it can process and absorb nutrients. It also keeps me mindful about what I’m putting into my body.

Problem Area: Legs. I have to work them twice a week to see growth.

Key to Discipline: Setting goals with deadlines attached to them. Whether it be getting ripped for a photo shoot, getting pumped up for an event, or most recently, prepping for my first physique competition, setting goals for how my body needs to look on a certain date helps keep my discipline strong.

Workout Routine: One of my favorite routines is working chest on the cable machine, I’m able to hit it at every angle and get a really good pump. My full chest workout is available at MikeJunior.co

Workout, Really? I Got Sh*T to Do?!

18 Aug

Fitness Hero (2)
Am I the only person that feels like a superhero when I can get a full body workout, run or fitness class in at the beginning or end of a busy day?

My downfall to fitness is TIME! Like many of you I have too much crap to do and going to the gym doesn’t seems appeasing to add to my to-do list when I’m instantly exhausted just constructing my daily list.

To achieve the your ideal body most fitness experts and nutritionist/dietitians will tell you its 70% diet and 30% fitness. However, that isn’t the case for me. I’m a vegetarian, I haven’t had a soda or bread since 2006, I workout 3-5x a week and yet I can’t get this midsection together to save my life. Still, when I have work, errands and other romantic/family obligation fitness is the first things cut or neglected when attempting to be superman at everything else in my life. What I have learned is that a fit lifestyle with desired results is 5% off time, 15% diet, 40% scheduling, 15% fitness and 25% commitment.

I’ve done posts about how important schedule is to your diet and workout routine. What I’ve also learned is though working out may seem more daunting than it really is, it actually will contribute to the productivity of your day and will help you to stay fit.

When I schedule my day just right and commit to everything on the schedule If I can get a workout in my day is put into overdrive. I’ve notice I have more energy to do the other tasks, I use my downtime wisely (less likely to take a break), my mind is more clear to focus (no forgetting things or having to redo things), I have motivation to make smarter eating/snack choices, as well as continue to commit to the fitness program.

It’s a ‘thinspiring’ and euphoric felling I get when I’m unconsciously/consistently/successfully staying the course of a fit life. I know how hard it is to fall down the rabbit hole when you’re not getting instantly results, when pressed for time opting for cheaper quick fattening food or putting off workouts to get other things done. But, with proper scheduling and commitment the rest will fall into place and will become second nature producing desired results.

If you’re not feeling energized, motivated or wish today just never happened- WORKOUT. It doesn’t have to be the gym; it could be a swimming, a bike ride, playing with the kids or calisthenics in the living-room.

The Nike slogan “Just Do It”, has a clearer meaning to me as far as fitness! Just like the other things we don’t want to do but have to just getting up and doing it is all it takes.

We all like that felling of completion, it’s empowering. Why not let your completion of a workout or having a successful day of crap-free food be your strength for future success, in all aspects of life?!

#WOOTD: Shirt & Tight: Nike Pro Combat MultiCamo Compression. Shorts: Nike Dri-Fit 5″ Distance Running.

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 13

4 Feb

You can’t get the body of your dreams sleeping. Wake up and go to the gym! -My Alarm Clock

As cliches as it may be, mine and I’m sure many of you reasons for getting and STAYING fit is to look AMAZIN’ this upcoming summer. However, the only way to get there is to be sure you’re doing it for more reasons than how others will receive you. Getting your health/body in order is a “damned if you do damned if you don’t” up hill battle. Not everyone will be excited or support your journey, many will ignore your plight of discipline to stay on track, while others will ridicule or flat out be jealous of your astonishing results. That’s why it’s important to be doing whatever lifestyle change you seek for you and yourself only.

The firmed bodied men of Junk Food Journals Entry 13 all share a common fitness trait, they are their own motivation. They have reached a desired goal because it’s how they want to live their lives and other’s opinions are only warranted if they are seeking the same self-motivation. I’m always preaching about how much we should be our own first reference of thinpsiration. But if you need that extra motivation to actually use that gym membership you wishfully purchased last month then, read what a gilded body coach, model and teacher are putting themselves through this winter readying for summer.

Troy Juni Barnes (1)

Troy Juni Barnes (2)

Troy Juni Barnes (3)
Troy “Juni” Barnes (FB:@troy.barnes.378) was an aspiring fashion stylist turned health coach. After relocating from New Orleans to Atlanta, I traveled to New York City to study Fashion Marketing at LIM College. While there as was an intern at Gucci on Fifth Avenue, at the end of my sophomore year I traveled back to Atlanta and started to create a name for myself in Atlanta by creating the lifestyle brand Rebel Society. In Atlanta I found myself gravitating towards fitness as a form of recreation. However, after seeing the results I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. I was introduced to the product Herbalife and decided to invest my body into a product that would not only perfect my physique, but also allow me to build confidence and character in others.

Workout Philosophy: I approach health the same way I approaches clothes. If you do not feel good about yourself, then you are not going to feel good in what you are wearing. Nutrition, like clothes, should empower and energize you! It will make you look beautiful and most of all it’ll make you feel great!

Breakfast: The most important meal of the day. It BREAKS the FAST between your last meal & sleep. Which jump starts your metabolism. My breakfast consist of my Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake, Oatmeal with Granola (Fruit & Nuts) & Herbalife Tea which gives me that boost of energy to beast my day.

Lunch: Homemade Pesto Pizza on a bed of Spinach Leaves with Shrimp or Chicken.

Dinner: Slow cooked Lamb Chops with Quinoa & Broccoli

Cheat Day: PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA & Dorito’s with Queso Dip?

Diet Trick: I don’t believe in Diets! People go on diets to hit a goal & once that goal is accomplished, 9 times out of 10 they fall back into old habits. I teach my clients to embrace the “Lifestyle Change” don’t give up all the things you enjoy. Just cut back some & do everything in moderation.

Problem Area: ABS! Why? Because they come and go. During bulking phases I intake more food, some less healthier than others & my abs always suffer. But it’s a bitter sweet thing because I get to put on mass.

Key to Discipline: The key to discipline is Personal Development. You have to exercise the mind just as much as you exercise the body. A STRONG MIND EQUALS A STRONG BODY! I listen to motivational messages everyday to keep a positive mindset. Because in life we’re going to be challenged, and if you’re weak minded you’re going to FAIL. But even when you fail, FAIL FORWARD.

Workout Routine: I workout 5-6 times a week. I break the days down by targeting different muscle groups. At the beginning of the week I target my weakest areas and towards the end of the week I hit the strong areas. Back & Shoulders on Mon, Legs on Tuesday, Arms on Wednesday, Legs & Abs on Thursday, Chest on Friday and Saturdays is a full body workout.

Antonial Barnes (1)

Antonial Barnes (2)

Antonial Barnes (3)
I’m Antonial Barnes (IG: @ant_the_model) a 24 y.o. from San Marcos, Texas. I’m a musician, I can play Jazz Piano, Marimba, Vibraphone, Drum-set, Congas, and want to learn the violin. (Interesting personal fact) my favorite animal is a penguin. I got into fitness when I used to be 135 lbs and always wanted muscles. So me and a buddy made a promise to start working out and lifting heavy weights and stayed dedicated. My buddy left for the army after 3 months of working out together and ever since then I just been going on my own. Stayed dedicated- bam, lol!

Workout Philosophy: Don’t try to be number 1 in someone else’s eyes, but strive to be number one in your eyes.

Breakfast: Since I try to gain weight I eat a big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast, fruit smoothie, banana, and sometimes oatmeal.

Lunch: A turkey sandwich with a serving of chips,water, and a banana or lean pasta dinner (frozen food like bertolli.)

Dinner: Grilled, baked, or breaded chicken (not fried), with beans and rice.

Cheat Day: ANYTHING!!! lol

Diet Trick: Eat a big breakfast so you won’t be as hungry for lunch and dinner.

Problem Area: Sweets lol, I love cake and cookies and I try my best to stay away from them. Also, trying to gain muscle. Gaining muscle is very hard so don’t get discouraged when you don’t see it in time. You can only gain 13lbs of muscle naturally each year so it will take some time.

Key to Discipline: Keep at it. When you feel too tired to work out, take some pre-workout and head to the gym! I do not believe in sets because it makes me feel bad if I don’t complete it so just do an exercise until you cant do it no more…take a break….then do it again.

Workout Routine: I work out a certain body part a day like.
Mon: Leg day, Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises (with weights,) Jump Rope, Treadmill and Leg Press, Leg Extension.
Tues: Chest Day & Abs, chest, Bench Press, Incline Press, Decline Press, Butterflies, Push ups, Cable Crossovers, Abs, Ab wheel, Standing/Kneeling and Cable Crunches.
Wednes: Back Day, Lat Pulldowns, Bent over barbell rows, Bent over long bar rows, Renegade Rows, Pull Ups
Thurs: Arms & Shoulders, Arms, Barbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Cable Curls, Triceps/Bench Dips, Lying Triceps Press, Triceps Pulldown (rope), Shoulders, Arnold Dumbbell Press, Decline Shoulder Rise, Front Dumbbell Rise, Shoulder Shrugs.
Fri: All Around/Full Body. Do a Little bit of everything!
Sat: If able I redo my chest day workout (since I want a bigger chest.)

David Quarles (1)

David Quarles (2)

David Quarles (3)
My name is David “Sancocho” Quarles (IG:@sancochin89) I’m a Copy Editor by day, Zumba® Fitness instructor by night, and a Men’s Physique competitor by hobby. I come from a hodgepodge of cultures, so in regards to maintaining being fit, food is a BIG challenge! I’m four years in to my weightless journey of 296lbs to 174lbs, and I’m loving every moment of it.

Workout Philosophy: Workout like no one is watching. Pay attention to yourself, your form, your safety, your progress. Everyone else will either cheer you on, or despise your progress. Either way, your progress is just that…YOURS. You can use your story to inspire and motivate others. Yet never become overly concerned with their opinion…it might just stifle your progress.

Breakfast: 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg, 1/2 – full cup grains and first of many sips of my first gallon jug of the day.

Lunch: 8-10oz. of chicken breast, 1 cup of greens (any choice) and 1/2 – full cup grains (I usually have brown rice or quinoa.)

Dinner: 8-10oz. of chicken breast or fish , 2 cups greens, Hopefully I’m finishing up my water!

Cheat Day: The largest pizza I can find from any local Pizzeria.

Diet Trick:I love carb cycling. Never let your body get used to your activity or way of eating. I’ll low carb for 2 days and increase carbs on the 3rd day. This method will help raise your metabolism and allow your body to burn fat while giving your body some good fuel to power through your workouts!

Problem Area: My lower back a.k.a love handles. I accumulate most of my weight here as I’m on a weight gaining cycle and its usually the last place I lose the weight. Clean eating, higher water intake and frequent cardio usually helps me take care of that problem. But when I cheat, my love handles tell all!

Key to Discipline: I know my goals and where I want to be. The only person in control of whether or not I achieve my goals is me. Therefore, I can either be a help or hindrance to myself. I choice progress! Too, I know from where I’ve come, and I know I don’t want to go back there!

Workout Routine: I do fasted cardio in the morning before work; usually consisting of 30min. on the elliptical or treadmill. When it’s warm out, I like to take that workout to the track! I teach a Zumba® Fitness class almost everyday, so that takes care of my second round of cardio. Between cardio sessions, I weight train. I break down each day into different muscle groups: chest and triceps, back and abs or a whole workout centered around legs. It depends on the day and mood. I, too, have now incorporated swimming at least 4 times a week. Talk about a total body workout!

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 12

19 Nov

Cheers to all of you who haven’t started slacking in the gym just because it’s cold outside, you’re going to look great next summer! Don’t believe me, well here are three strong reasons to stay motivated in “Junk Food Journals:” Entry 12.

It’s so easy to put a workout off or skip a day however, when you step on that scale you’re going to regret it. This is the worst time of year for our guts so don’t wait till New Year’s to get it under control.

While you’re trying to kill time before Scandal airs or sitting around on the computer watching other people look great, get up off your flabby a** and tone it. You’re Welcome!

“Cut out a “time waster” and replace it with exercise.” -James Paylor

Evan Martin (1) Evan Martin (1) Evan Martin (2)
I’m Evan Martin (IG: Datboie_79)  and I have always been athletic and played many sports in high school, including football and basketball. I’ve never had a weight issue. I just never liked being thin and skinny. In 1999 I started lifting weights in the gym to put on size. When I started to see great physical changes I then decided to make fitness a part of my everyday life. Health and fitness is my #1passion every day I strive to be a better version of myself both mentally and physically.

Workout Philosophy: My workout philosophy is to make training an everyday part of my life. It is just as important as making money, eating food, and taking showers. You cannot live without those three things and you cannot live without fitness. Fitness to me, is a lifestyle not a hobby.

Breakfast: Fruit, bananas/apples and some oatmeal. Also I would have a protein shake.

Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich with whole wheat bread and some protein bars.

Dinner: Tilapia, chicken, and brown rice and whole wheat bread with spinach.

Cheat Day: Chips, cookies,pizza.

Diet Trick: I believe you can eat whatever you want within portion reasonable sizes. Just burn it off by doing a workout after the bad food you ate.

Problem Area: It was my legs, now no real problem areas.

Key to Discipline: Stay consistent, stay focused and stay disciplined! Always make time for fitness by making a schedule for yourself to train/workout.

Workout Routine: The majority of my training is done at home. Everyday I strive to do different workouts. Some days will be calisthenics, some days it will be cardio, and some days it will be weights…always mixing things up, is the key to getting true results and fighting off plateaus/boredom.

James Paylor (1) James Paylor (2) James Paylor (3)
My name is James Paylor (IG: SHILOHHERITAGE). I enjoy shopping, spending time with my family, and working out. I try to keep a positive attitude and mindset.

Workout Philosophy:  Go hard and give your all but don’t over do it. Know your limit!

Breakfast: Because I’m thin, and I want to gain weight, I have grilled cheese with bacon and gator tots with water just about everyday.

Lunch: Anything with carbs.

Dinner: Repeat lunch.

Cheat day: Bluebell Oreo Cookies n Cream Ice cream.

Problem area: It’s very hard for me to gain weight in the top half of my torso just under my chest.

Key to Discipline: Don’t over think analyze or yell to the world about going to the gym because I find it puts too much pressure on me to keep it up … Cut out a “time waster” and replace it with exercise.

Workout Routine:
Mon: Legs , glutes, quads.
Tues: Shoulders and abs.
Wed: Cardio/abs.
Thurs: Back and biceps.
Fri: Chest and triceps.
Saturday & Sunday : Rest (maybe 30 mins of your choice of body part.)

Adriel Adams   (1) Adriel Adams   (2) Adriel Adams   (3)

My name is Adriel (IG: AAADRIEL)and I am 28. I started taking my fitness seriously April 2013. I was 240 lbs, about a 43 inch waist and I just decided that’s not who I wanted to be or what I wanted to look like. It took me about 4 months of STRICT dieting and workouts to lose the weight and gain muscle over fat.  Currently I am trying different things out to gain some lean mass. I don’t know much about fitness lol. I just ask a lot of questions, follow a lot of people who inspire me and go hard in the gym and with the dieting when I can.

Workout Philosophy:  Workout until failure, work out the whole body (don’t skip legs it makes a difference in all your other workouts) ask lots of questions, and be consistent. Understand that everyone comes from different places and everyone won’t understand your struggle.  Some people are larger trying to get smaller and others are smaller trying to get larger. Talk to people that have been through your struggle.  If you decide to get a trainer find someone who is genuinely interested in fitness. Never pay someone for training  that hardly trains themselves. Never sign up for one of those services in which you get a different trainer every time you visit. Your trainer is your friend and your mentor. He/she knows when you bullshit and know when you are giving it your all.  They know your max and your minimum. They start to care about your results as much as you do. I recommend to workout with someone that is into men’s physique not just personal training. Trust me that makes 100% of the difference. All in all, you can try it without a trainer first! There are so many other resources.

Breakfast: Egg white & plain oatmeal.

Lunch: Chicken, vegetables and a yam or brown rice.

Dinner: Meat: Fish/chicken/99% lean ground turkey. Vegetables: Anything green. Carbs: Whole grain items or yam.

Cheat Day: Cheat day 🙂 We all deserve a little ice cream LOL. But we pay for it. When I dont cheat I see it. When I do I see that too.  Cheat meal is buffalo wings. When I am really on top of my diet the food doesn’t tempt me BUT I have a sweet tooth! THE SUGARS are the WORST! I try to not allow myself to get too hungry because that’s when the craving starts. Also, I never go to the grocery store hungry. Its a setup! Everything looks delicious.  When I do have a snack I make sure its not breakfast and not dinner. I also try to make sure its on a day in which I am drinking a lot of water and a higher intensity day like leg day or cardio and chest day. If I am going to a family event or BBQ, I try to eat something before I go. That way if I do eat, its not much and I’m not craving the peach cobbler or the apple pie lol.

Diet Trick: I think I struggled the most with diet when I didn’t know what I could and couldn’t eat. Walking in the grocery store and trying to figure out if some particular item was OK or if it wasn’t. I learned really fast to keep it simple. Don’t try to play the line of “ok” and “not ok”. It just confused me and stressed me out. KEEP IT SIMPLE, chicken, fish, 99% lean meat is good. Everything else is not.  If you’re trying to lose weight I personally recommend staying away from red meat.  I avoid processed meats (and foods), like chicken nuggets or Tyson chicken tenders, they are not ok. For carbs; only whole grain pastas, whole grain rice and baked yam. Use different seasoning for your meats to make it taste different.  Eat more meals but smaller portions. Healthy fats can be your friend. As you even out your portions and start to consistently eat 4 and 5 meals a day you will start to become hungry. That is a GOOD sign because that means your metabolism is increasing. Have a few almonds with your meal at the end. This keeps you from being hungry. There has been so many times that I waited to eat the almonds and I ate the whole bag LOL. That’s not good. If you eat them at the end of your meal they will help you before you get hungry. I try to keep my sugar and fat intakes lower. 100% juices and even fruits have lots of sugar and you do need sugars but just remain aware of how much your eating in the day. Drink lots of  water (lay off the sugar in coffee and drinks, read the back) . **Do not carb starve! it is bad for you, it decreases energy, it creates a starving feeling and your body starts to break down protein for energy instead of carbs, and that means the protein you are taking in is not being used to build muscle**

Problem Area: TIME. Time is an issue for me. Making time to eat the amount of meals and having time to make them. The best thing to do is cook for 2 and 3 days at a time. In the event you can’t, don’t go to your local fast food. Find grocery store get a rotisserie chicken and a bag of steam fresh veggies. If you need your carbs then you can get a yam or Uncle Ben’s whole grain 90 second rice.

Key to Discipline: Don’t depend on others to go with you. Take pictures so you can see where you’re coming from and where you’re headed. If you’re not headed in the right direction then you will be able to see that. If you’re progressing in one area over the other then, you will know. When you’re working out you wont notice your progress unless you have older pictures to reference. (Morning pictures are the best) Don’t be afraid to ask someone on Instagram or read on how someone  achieved their results and what else can you do to achieve the same. Follow fitness people. There are lots of tips and tricks and lots of inspiration online. Always remember the reason you started to workout!

Workout Routine: Right now I set days. Chest/triceps day, leg day, back/biceps day, and shoulder/calf day. I try to workout the complete muscle by choosing 5 or 6 exercises per muscle.  At about 4 sets and 10 reps of each exercise. For right now chest  day I do incline, decline and regular bench press. I also do dumbbell fly’s and usually pick something else. I have my routine and once it becomes too routine I do the same exercises in a different order. Same thing applies to all the other parts and days 5 different exercises 10 reps each.

Add This Your Ab Workout.

13 Nov

Billy Jealousy Slimming Solution  (2)

They say abs are made in the kitchen and maintained in the gym however, between pizza Monday’s at the gym and the half off coupons hanging on my fridge door obviously I have the wrong ingredients.

Although… what if I told you that you’re sugar & carb cutting and crunch counting can get some extra definition while in your bathroom?

If your midsection is anything like mine no matter how many doughnuts, dairy landet treats I skip or ab machines I live on my abs are only visible when I’m dehydrated or make a limited of time appearance after the 500 crunch session for about one gym selfie. This is the most un-motivating thing for someone who spends their mornings and nights trying to get their stomach as tight as possible.

Even though it’s cooler outdoors and eating season is two weeks aways this is the most important time of year to stay ready for next summer. Which means collecting all the proper ingredients for abs of steel before hibernation.

A few weeks ago I reached out to grooming company Billy Jealousy.

Founded in 2004 by Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso, Billy Jealousy has become an icon in the grooming industry with their line of ‘Cosmeceutical’ products that has been scientifically designed to help cleanse and promote the health, texture and tone of our skin. Winning major magazine awards from such prestigious publications as Men’s Health and Esquire. Today Billy Jealousy products are sold and used throughout the world, from Singapore to Auckland, NY to LA, London to Johannesburg And PETA approved.

I wanted to try Billy Jealousy’s SIX-PACK slimming solution (8 oz / 236 ml $44) to see if it would help get me closer to my desired waistline. “Six-Pack” a powerful restorative cream that helps your lymphatic system detoxify your body and remove fat, while natural caffeines enhance lipolysis (the breakdown of fat).

For starters I applied the slimming solution to my abs twice a day after my shower along with continuing my daily crunches and watching my diet. After about three weeks of using the product I must admit is help a bit. Now this isn’t for any delusional person that thinks it will give you abs overnight or quit your workout regime and just apply the cream.

This solution is for people that want a little more definition. What I did while starting out with the product is a 24 hours water and green tea cleanse to get the best results from the product. Because, while the main ingredients of KOLA NUT, GUARANA, BLADDERWRACK, SEA KELP: stimulants, firm and tone appearance of skin and METHYLSILANOL CARBOXYMETHYL THEOPHYLLINE: clinically proven lipolytic (fat-burning) effects they all do it from the outside and most times it’s best to start with the inside.

I want to be clear, I didn’t see drastic change but I did have way less bloating than usual and the firmness after a workout didn’t go away.

I love when science and health come together to effectively make someone feel better about themselves. As stated on the label it does tone, tightens and chicles your midsection just don’t expect it to create something out of nothing.

Other things I like about Six-Pack was the pleasant scent, light lotion like consistency and no greasy residue to ruin my shirts. This product would be prefect for those two week before spring break when going shirtless is crucial to your entire workout progress.

This isn’t a miracle lotion but merely an aid in creating abs that look like a pack of Hawaiian bread and not feel like it.

“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 11

30 Oct

If you could get full and stay fit off workout mantras then Entry 11 of “Junk Food Journals” will definitely keep you from devouring all the Halloween candy and tide you over till Thanksgiving. These hale bodied strapping men have all the knowledge and supreme thinpsiration on how to keep at and obtain the body of your dreams.

If you are a person just beginning your fitness journey or have gotten lost then binge on this! After reading these hearty entries I got a little more clarity on my currently fitness funk. From the aspirational to simply maintaining, each of these guys have a goal they are set on achieving. Its very motivating to know the bodies you admire the most started just like you.

Savor this quote,

“Be a better you mentally, physically, and health-wise than you were the day prior.” -Donnie Dae

MarkAnthony (1)

MarkAnthony (2)

MarkAnthony (3)
Hi! I’m MarkAnthony Ball-Ortiz (IG: AntonioTheStark). I’m 23 years old and living in Washington, DC. Growing up I’ve always been active, I played soccer, hockey, water polo and did karate. I became interested in weight training in high school when I made the varsity team. From there it’s been a very long on and off process. Since joining the Military in 2010, I’ve been addicted to going to the gym and staying fit. I workout 6 times a week with Sundays being my rest days. My overall fitness goal is to be Mr. Olympia in the Men’s Physique division.

Workout Philosophy: “Even Mr. Olympia had to start somewhere.”

*mind you, I eat 6 times a day because I have to gain weight. To be honest, my diet is a mix of what I’ve found from bodybuilding.com and some men’s physique friends.*

Breakfast:2 eggs, oatmeal, a bagel and a protein shake.

Lunch: Grilled chicken/salmon, brown rice and asparagus.

Dinner: Steak, rice, corn (cos I like it) and broccoli.

Cheat Day: Sundays… pizza and wings.

Diet Trick: NEVER missing a meal. Forcing yourself to eat sucks but you HAVE to. It’s a key part to fitness.

Problem Area: Chest. I have no weight in that area so gaining a chest is near impossible. I have to routinely do chest every other day.

Key to Discipline: I always ask myself, “how bad do you REALLY want this? You want this rain/snow/cold weather stop you from being Mr. Olympia?”

Workout Routine:
-M: Chest, Tris, abs.
-Tu: Back, bis, abs.
-Wed: Legs w/ body weight chest exercises. (IE: push ups, dips, etc.)
-Thurs: Shoulders, abs.
-Friday: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training.)
-Sat: Chest, tris, abs.

Timothy Morrison (1)

Timothy Morrison (2)

Timothy Morrison (3)
Hey, it’s Tim here (IG: Thelasttitanofmars.) DMV native. 25 Years Old. My fitness journey started about three years ago, I was unhappy and needed a change and so I joined a gym and it’s been the best thing to happen to me since. Fitness is life. “I live and love to eat everything. Like a food fanatic”

Workout Philosophy: “Go as hard/fast as you can for as long as you can.”

Breakfast: Oatmeal- steel cut preferably. Slow digesting and full of protein. Add a little fresh fruit for flavor.

Lunch: Tuna salad, sandwich wraps or whatever. Quick to make and easy to prepare for when you haven’t meal planned. Go for the chunk white albacore!

Dinner: Chicken or salmon and a little brown rice and broccoli. Broccoli is my favorite.

Cheat Day: usually Sunday. I am careful not to overindulge these days so it’s usually something small.


Problem Area: Lower back.

Key to Discipline: “You want to look good naked right…”

Workout Routine:
-M: Hamstrings Glutes Tri.
-Tues: Back and Biceps.
-Wed: Chest.
-Friday: Shoulders calves forearms.
-Sat: Go forth and play.

Donnie Dae (1)

Donnie Dae (2)

Donnie Dae (3)
My name is Donnie Dae (IG: Donniedae) I am an artist involved in filmmaking, writing, and modeling. I am an ectomorph (which means it is hard for me to gain weight) and am very much into fitness. Beyond being an artist and gym-rat, I love to read and watch movies (preferably surreal or old black and white horror films), and I am a big comic book geek (especially love my indie books)!

Workout Philosophy: Take pride in your body & self and improve yourself. Be a better you mentally, physically, and health-wise than you were the day prior.

Breakfast: I tend to have a big bowl of oatmeal with chocolate protein powder. If I have some time in the morning, about two hours later I’ll either make eggs or peanut butter sandwiches, about 4-5 of them. I also like to have some fruits (at least the ones I’m not allergic to).

Lunch/Dinner: I tend to stick to meats, mostly chicken. I love grilled chicken. I also have brown rice. I stay away from white rice, it helps that I don’t like the taste of it. If I had chicken for lunch, I’ll probably have fish (or tuna) based dinner. Or if I had fish for lunch, I’ll switch it up with some chicken. I also like to have some veggies. Here and there I’ll have me a beef or chicken patty and I love me some jerk chicken (which I don’t have as often as I’d like)!

Cheat Day: I tend to give myself a cheat day every once or twice a month. I’ll probably have a few slices of pizza or the spicy chicken meal from Wendys with a large frosty and large fries, haha. If I go to a diner, you can bet I’ll be having an order of fries with my meal (which is usually a bacon burger). I’m not really a fan of sweets, so cookies and cake or junk food is not an issue for me. My taste buds don’t seem to care for them so that works in my favor. Same with juices and soda. I don’t generally like juices too much and I hate soda. I tend to generally stick to mostly water. Despite the high sodium, I also love V8 veggie juice.

Diet Trick: As an ectomorph, I have to eat a lot in order to maintain any gains of mass. That also means that I have to consume a good amount of protein. Protein drinks and casein protein powders are a part of my Diet Tricks. Also, I tend to carry a large bottle or jar of nuts with me to consume in between meals or when I’m hungry and outside. If you really know me, especially in my personal life, you’ll see me a lot of times consuming peanuts from a jar as if I’m drinking from a bottle. I’ve even inspire people to do the same, haha.

Problem Area: My legs are by far my problem area. They are stubborn as all hell, especially my calves. I can be very self-conscious about them. But I’ve been working on them a lot more and trying to intensify my leg workouts. There has been progress but they don’t develop as much or as fast as my upper body. I will say, though, that within the past few months I have grown to love working out my legs and the usually dreaded “Leg Day” for most people has become my “Favorite Days of the Week.”

Key to Discipline: Well I know I suffer from having a male body image issue or complex, whoever one brands or calls it. I was teased as a kid for being skinny and even up to college I would still be bothered by comments about my body (even though I still worked out). That has affected me to this day where I look into the mirror and still see that skinny frail kid so I’m always trying to “perfect” my body or get bigger in some form. I can be a little self-deprecating but I do know I have come a long way and that helps me to push and keep motivating myself.

My best friend and workout partner is also a key to my discipline. Days I may not have the drive, he pushes me and I’ve come a long way due to that. My pops is also a fitness guy and he was the one who got me into weight lifting and exercising to begin with, so he also acts as a motivator.

Another key to my discipline is also having pride in myself. While I may see that skinny kid, I can still see myself in another form where I can say that I do love my body and I love how I’ve been able to sculpt it. I love to do research on fitness and that helps with motivation, especially looking at my peers around me in the modeling world/circle. Being into modeling has pushed me not only due to my peers, but also fans or the people who look up to me and follow my work. I’ve had plenty of messages from people who tell me I inspire them and motivate them and that makes me feel good because as an artist, hearing you inspire someone really makes you feel great and makes you feel like people understand you in a certain fashion.

My advice for Discipline: Be proud of yourself, even if you may not feel your body is on point. Be proud of yourself but push and push to be a better person mentally and physically than you were the day or two priors. Keep breathing, keep appreciating, keep learning, and keep growing. Hell, even think of yourself as a Sex God who needs to maintain his or her power, if that helps.

Workout Routine: I work out for about 3-6 days a week. On one day I’ll focus on biceps and back while I focus on chest and triceps (or shoulders) the next day. Abs and leg work outs for whichever of those days. But that being said, those being my general “base” routine days, I tend to switch my routines around in order to confuse my body and get results. I try to switch the different work outs for body parts that way those parts don’t get too accustomed to a specific work out. I also like to give myself a “Neglect Day” which is where I’ll use that day to work out on body parts that I find myself neglecting or I have neglected that week for a particular reason. I’ve been doing legs about 2-3 days a week now (or whenever my legs recover, I jump back into a leg work out). I’ll also mix calisthenics with weights or sometimes just do a body weight and calisthenics day. Before each and every work out I stretch for about 20-30 minutes and try to improve on my flexibility.

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