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Thinspiration: “Back to The Future”

27 Oct


Upon being my thinspiration tall slender granite skinned model Corey Baptiste is also my skinspiration. There hasn’t been a photo of him yet even where his skin isn’t short of perfection. There are three things in this world I aim to keep tight; one being my face, two is kind of a no brainer; my waist and a strong three will be my wardrobe.

The latest issue of August Man photographer Chiun-Kai Shih and stylist Gregory Wein took all three aspect of what a man like me ultimate life goal is all about. I’ve never seen a man’s waist look practically invisible while still filling out a suit making me want everything in each pic. Corey Baptiste just gets what it is to be a gentleman in today’s era.

While I’m on the subject of fusing past aesthetics with present sensibility, gloss over the convergence of the modern precise tailored suiting with the pristine vintage subway cars. Both the suiting and scenery plays well together as they are sleek, clean with great personality.

Fashion is all about setting an atmosphere no matter the venus. This season when getting dressed keep in mind where you’re heading and the landscape as you are heading there as to how you want your look to play against the world. I get very enamored with men of all style choices whom look just speaks out. A really great ensemble or personal sense of style will always be noticed no matter where you are.

No one should blend in but who want’s to stick out like a sore thumb. Own your style and give onlookers a show.

But first, I’m stealing this look of those grey Thom Browne trousers with the camel coat and burgundy sweater by Bally. Simple yet effective.

After being amped by these images reviewing my closet before I go shopping has an all new meaning of “Back to The Future” for me.

BackToFuture2 BackToFuture3 BackToFuture4 BackToFuture5 BackToFuture6


Thinspiration: Concision, Precision, Decision.

7 Aug

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (1)
That awkward moment when you want to change your career but haven’t the wardrobe to support your workforce change. Now don’t get me wrong I have a lot of clothing.. a lot of clothing, but it seems more difficult than ever getting dressed for interviews that I’ve been wearing the same thing every week.

I’m always trying to reinvent myself physically, mentally, emotionally and style wise, even the space around me is up for constant change. Although, sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation to get up and go after the change you seek. Howbeit, the level of superficiality it may be we all need a little push.

That’s why “thinspiration” is so important to me. It’s not just about being skinny (which it really is) but it also consist of observing and collecting things that will help propel me into the universe that I feel best to elevate my quality of life.

I don’t need much but we all need a bit of motivation. Like with my wardrobe, of all the type of shopping I enjoy doing suit shopping is the most difficult. I don’t think I look my best in a suit. As well as, I’m not as convinced to wear one in the current horrific temperatures. This is why I count on Skinny-Jesus (my Google Now cards) and it’s daily devotionals. If you don’t know what Google Now is, it’s an intelligent personal assistant available on Android and iOS operating systems that basically keeps the most up-to-date information on your recent search history and send you card of related content. Here recently I’m enjoying the benefits of this app because I don’t have to search for thinspiration, it’s delivered right to me.

Prime example, this spread from Glass magazine was in my Google now cards this a.m. of two of my savored males models the even skinned beauty Corey Baptiste and the hard working beanstalk Tidiou M’Baye. Photographer by Mark Shearwood & styled by David Nolan in “Concision, Precision, Decision- Spring Colours & Cuts Men.” Inspired by french poet Victor Hugo this quote is simply perfect to what I dealing with right now. The use of this season’s premier men’s suiting helped to inspired me to do some rearranging of my closest to take stock of the things I have, don’t need and should get to create the look for the job I want.

Life & style is all about developing and maintaining beauty. No matter how you define beauty we all are inspired by something or someone in many ways. Let the things around you help inspire you to create the presence you desire. In turn you just may become someone else’s thinspiration.

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (2)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (3)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (4)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (5)

Thinspiration: Mister Muster

8 Dec

It’s Sunday!!! For me that means setting the standard for the upcoming week. Starting with a full on facial, a couple of hours playing my closest creating the week’s looks followed by an intense workout at the gym. As well as, making to-do lists after to-do lists and cleaning up the mess I created in order to get organized.

Back to the facial and clothes; If you’re needing a reason to get out of your warm toasty bed to steam, scrub, wash, masque, tone and moisturize well need no more. Creamy faced model Corey Baptiste’s skin is what chocolate bars aim to be. I have many ‘thinspirations’ for my body aspiration but when it comes to my face Corey’s is the ultimate. Dark, even and fluid don’t even being to describes the beauty of this man’s skin.

I practically only eat air to make sure my skin stay remotely this radiant. This spread of the polished skinned model in “L’Officiel Hommes Germany” shot by Neil Gavin has some cool fall looks that are sure to give you the boost you need to get off your butt and get ready for the week. We all know Sunday is just pre-Monday.

Make the most of the day, treat yourself, play with some color during this dreary time of year and workout! Don’t let the weather be your excuse to why you can go shirtless this upcoming spring.










Let It Go Fat A**!

7 Dec

Romeo & JulietCorey Baptiste & David Abodji for Harper’s Bazaar UK ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Want to know why every holiday season you get huger than last? No it’s not the endless holiday desserts or bottomless glasses of eggnog nor the cold nights that provokes snacking while bundled up watching a movie. You gain more weight around this time of year because you can’t get over that loser so his non presence at your family and work holiday functions drive you to fill that void of a man that you’ll never have again with carbohydrates.

Just like there is a process to getting fit, same goes for getting over someone.

First, you have to figure why you can’t let go. Most of us are waiting on someone we don’t deserve based on unrealistic wants, others still enjoy sex with the low-life, and the rest feel like we can’t find better. Not to mention we constantly ignore the person right in front of our face that’s good for us.

Second, you have to consider what it is you’re letting go. Is the lost better than the gain? No more sleepless nights, anxiety of not know you are being considered as much as you consider and no more being dissatisfied with your love life.

Third, be honest with yourself to understand your part for why you continue to hold onto a hollow relationship. As well as, admitting your fault in the failure of the relationship. Many times we want to blame the world for our displeasure when we have just as much to do with the downward spiral as the lame we keep holding on to.

Fourth, cut off all communication with the loveless lover, including friends, family and frequent places you once patron together. Move on with your life you don’t need constant reminders, you can’t progress if you’re continuing to revisit old situations.

Fifth, get to know yourself and accept you for who you are in order to become who you aim to be. Relationships don’t define a person but the action you display while in one or out of one does. Some people grow howbeit, apart or together. You are not the same doe-eyed love hungry person now that you were when you first went out together. It’s okay to want new things that may not include your current status. Showing up alone to holiday soirees isn’t the worst thing in world. Yes, people may ask you where’s your date but that beats them gossiping about your uninhabitable dead-end relationship.

Sixth, don’t make someone else’s problems yours. The worst thing you can do is stay in a rut of a relationship for the matter of appearances or not to hurt someone’s feelings. That does a disservice to you and keeps the other party from finding a perfect match for them. That is why many relationships plateau because no one have a desire to move to the next level but don’t want to breakup in order of not being hurt.

The best way to get over a relationship is to get over you. Stop giving yourself reasons to stay and just sever ties, cut your losses and move on. We all choose the romantic lives we lead. So while you’re doing something you don’t want to do because you don’t want to deal with the reality you’re only ruining yourself for the next person. Stop being greedy, let them have someone else.

One of the many amazing things about being an adult is that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Take ownership of your life and act accordingly. If it’s not for the betterment or progression of your life then let it fall to the side. Like those ‘love’ handles.

Thin Tunes

25 Nov

Thin TunesCorey Baptiste in L’Optimum Magazine ‘Allures’

The temperature may be dropping but don’t let that keep your pants size from dropping too. It’s getting closer and closer to the day we’ve all being dieting for. I know your mouth and 1 percent stretch jeans have been waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.  So, if you’re lacking motivation to keep your fitness going then, your skinny savior his here!

I’m 22 miles behind this month’s distant goal for running and with my schedule picking up and bone chilling temperatures I have been tempted to cut my mileage down in the effort of staying warm. We all need a bit of ‘thinspiration’ from time to time, it could be as simple as your workout playlist. Today while I was trying to convince myself that it’s in my gut & thighs best interest to run six miles in 28 degree weather I made a new running playlist. These are some of my all time favorite jams that keep me pressing on when I just want to turn around, come home and drink my calories in hot chocolate and copious amounts of whipped cream.

My list is in order from warm-up to sprint then coast back to intense and cool-down. Check it out and let me know how it works for you.

Thin Tunes

1. “Still Da Baddest” by Trina
2. “The Beautiful People” by Christina Aguilera
3. “Fresh” by Kool and The Gang
4. “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth Wind & Fire
5. “Buttons” by Pussy Cat Dolls
6. “Stronger” by Britney Spears
7. “Rubbing On My Head (in the mirror)” by Mouse On Tha Track ft. Lil Boosie & lil Trill
8. “Wanna Be Starting Something” by Michael Jackson
9. “To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn
10. “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summers
11. “Power” by Kanye West
12. “Hands All Over Me” by Maroon 5

Don’t ever say I don’t support your fat a**!

Thinspiration: Double Checking

23 Nov

Double Checking
Well I’m packing to go home for the holiday and I’ve yet to find anything to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. If your family functions are anything like mine you know that your attire is more important and scrutinized than any fashion week or first day of school wardrobe. You haven’t seen those people in about year and all they have been seeing are Facebook and Instagram pictures of you trapezing around in awesome designer duds.

Of course they expect nothing less hence the reason they are probably out shopping right now. On top of that, because I only go home for three occasions: holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas), weddings and funerals my parents take this opportunity to flaunt me around to their church members, distant relatives and friends like I just finished the “Biggest Loser.” In other words: I have to look like a before and after picture.

For you guy who haven’t a clue what look to go for then skim this editorial of my two personal ‘thinspiration’ models Corey Baptiste & Sacha M’baye in the The FT-How To Spend It magazine titled “Double Checking” photographed/styled by Damian Foxe.

Unless you were busy in the gym during fall/winter fashion week you’d know that the biggest print for males to rock this season is checkered howbeit, Hounds-tooth, Prince of Whales, tartan and tattersall. In case you missed it take a peek at Hilfiger’s collection.

I have been on the prowl for a checkered suit (in my price range of course) to dine in this Thursday. I don’t do too much eating but I do enjoy being the eye dessert while everyone is making a massacre of the dinner table and their gut. Checks are a classic menswear suit staple just like the grey suit but, like every classic it has to be updated every so often and the creations from these designers do just that. Whether you like to be engulfed in a fabric or show of your physique with a fitted look they got you covered even a variety of different weight and fabrics.

I feel like this spread did a superb job of capturing all the different styling aesthetic while showing off a singular trend. Check them out and hopefully you get ‘thinspired’.

Double Checking (1)

Double Checking (2)

Double Checking (3)

Double Checking (4)

Double Checking (5)

Double Checking (6)

Double Checking (7)

Double Checking (8)

Double Checking (9)

Double Checking (10)

Double Checking (11)

Double Checking (12)

Thinspiration: Top 5 Black Male Models

4 Nov

Well porkies, it’s Monday and this “Thinspiration” post can do either two things: 1, motivate you to get off your butt and be productive today howbeit, in the gym or at work or 2, kill yourself for your less than great stomach to butt ratio.

Obviously and historically the model industry is dominated by females however, every so often there are few men just as fit, beautiful and tenacious to break through that reverse glass ceiling on their way to becoming household names. Not to mention the monopoly of Caucasians casting over African Americans and other minorities.

Considering myself a menswear enthusiast I try to keep my eye on the many aspect of men’s fashion. So, this morning before my workout I was doing my stretches in front of my ‘thinspiration’ board looking for motivation as to what body part I wanted to target in the gym. It was then I realized there are a lot of black males making great strides in this limited (prejudice) market. To some this flagrant discrimination may discourage or disgust but being that African Americans have such strong buying power in the fashion industry when I see black males grabbing major deals from fashion houses I get a bit excited.

As well as, I use it as fuel to continue to do what I do (fitness, fashion, faith and financial) to my best ability.  We find motivation everywhere and sometimes you’ll find it in the most simple or vapid place i.e. fashion.

Being that I’m pro “Thin Lifestyle” I have my five favorite top black male models that are dominating the world of menswear. The men on my list aren’t great thinspiration just because they are fit and beautiful but it’s more their work ethic. With every editorial, runway show and magazine ad I come across I have consider how these guys are snatching up major notoriety and money in this slighted commerce.

David Agbodji David Agbodji: “The Body,” as I like to call him is my ultimate favorite model his versatility has helped him land major campaigns for high-end houses such as, Calvin Klein and Bottega Veneta  to commercial brands like Express and H&M along with consistent runaway work for Todd Snyder, Public School and J. Crew. Any men’s magazine you pick up I’m sure you’ll notice he has a spread in it, even women’s fashion magazine just check out this month’s issue of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar. He’s even taking a liking to stepping behind the camera shooting the cover photo and editorial for “Supplementaire” magazine.

Anorexic Escapades Esquire Spain (6) Sacha M’Baye: “The Poser,” strength is editorial and he never disappoint. Give him a great ensemble, put him in front of a camera and he’ll work it out. Whenever I’m out of poses to strike when outshining my friends in their own pics I turn to this guy. The London native is a bigger ham than Tyra, no pun intended. He also gets steady campaign work, did you notice him in the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target ads? The semi-pro footballer knows how to strike a goal.

Fernando Cabral Fernando Cabral: “The Walker,” have strutted from London, Brazil, Milan, Paris, Japan to New York. There isn’t a runway that he hasn’t booked. The unconventional beauty alternative look is what makes him the most sought after runway model walking for diverse brands like, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owen and Kenneth Cole.  I personally am in awe of his almost invisible sample size waistline and so are magazine editors I’m sure by the amount of editorials he’s in. Kate Moss who? I need to know what they are feeding them (or not feeding them for that matter) in Portugal.

Corey Baptiste Corey Baptiste: “The Beauty,” is the reason none of us should skip washing our face. If you think being a man and getting a facial is a faux pas then, no wonder you have elephant skin.  Why this guy hasn’t grabbed and skincare endorsements is beyond me. But he more than make up for it in editorials and campaign work. He’s the face of Michael Kors, walked for Armani and there isn’t a magazine that he doesn’t have a full spread in this fall/winter season L’Officiel Hommes Germany, Neiman Marcus (Lookbook/Catalog),  The FT-How To Spend It magazine, and W magazine, GQ UK and Italia. We do make them better in America.

Adonis BossoAdonis Bosso: “The Wild Card,” had no choice but to be a model, I mean his name is Adonis and boy is he. With a great body, smoothing skin and hipster persona the Canadian does a great job of walking the line of preppy and tough. The plethora of different designers agree as well if you didn’t notice how he was in EVERY menswear runway show and presentation during New York fashion week, a true supermodel.

If these guys don’t get you into a gym today or turn in those late deadlines then I don’t know how to help you. Go ahead and be fat forever.

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