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À la carte: Street Style Edition

3 Dec

The Bay Modernist (1)

My first week in the Bay area and I had the pleasure to be snap by street style photographer Katrina from “The Bay Modernist” (Instagram: @thebaymodernist).

Believe it or not this is my first street style capture EVER! I am horrible at taking photo when I don’t have creative control or not all that satisfied with my look. Ask my friends or search Facebook, you’d be hard pressed to find a tagged photos of me. Nope, nah! Won’t catch me slipping trying to capture me from a fat angle!

While I was in the Oakland Jack London Square area Katrina took interest in my look. Nothing I’m wearing is particularly new or special but It’s extremely nice to know someone appreciate the effort I took in pulling this look together. The most savoring thing about moving to a new city is that EVERYTHING you own is new again! Sour thing now is that now I can’t wear this anymore because its on Instagram now!

The Bay Modernist (3)The Bay Modernist (4)The Bay Modernist (5)

The Bay Modernist (2)

Cable Knit Sweater: American Living JCP $62

Extended Tee: Reign + Storm Pacsun $27.47

Denim: 511′s Levi’s Dillard’s $39.99

Ankle Strap Boots: Zara $129.99

Accessories: Charmed & Wrapped Bracelets Alex & Ani, Watch & Studded Cuff Micheal Kors and Skull Cuff Urban Outfitters.



New Skinny Techniques: Alexander Wang SS16 #NYFW

26 Sep

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Now that the sweat of New York Fashion Spring/Summer 2016 has dried I can now start a new set of crunches as I recap my most savored collections of the upcoming season.

With the bulk of menswear shown this past summer during New York Fashion Week: Men’s I didn’t have much to gorge on.

Although, as cliche as it may sound I am really into the handful of offerings from Alexander Wang. With an (obvious and borderline redundant) ode to the the 90’s this collection marked the 10th anniversary of Wang’s eponymous label. Inspired by what Wang himself saw first hand growing up this collection is rife with street influences from skaters to the grunge movement. Noticeably more refined, with the help of silken fabrics as well as, more technical fabrics that he likely learned and honed in on during his time at Balenciaga.

I adore the sizing and proportions of this collection because one thing we love to hate about the 90’s were how big the clothes were. However, during summer when your summer body isn’t ready we all need a strong, cool collection that will hide any remnants from our lackluster gym performance during winter.

Not saying this is my most desired aesthetic, however I can appreciate the attention to design and tailoring in this urban offering.

Sometimes it take looking at new styles, tips and techniques to strengthen your own style.

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2016 Collection in New York

Taste Coach: Igee Okafor

8 Jul

Thinspiration is literally everywhere, from the streets, the internet to the television , radio and even eavesdropping during brunch, (look, it beats actually eating.) However, in this case networking played a huge part in this particular thinspo.

A while back I did a #5days5guys1item style challenge to showcase mine and other male bloggers styling talents. One of the guys I asked to be apart but had other obligations happens to be this week’s “Taste Coach” feature- Igee Okafor. I came to notice Okafor as I was looking for other bloggers to collaborate with, I was referred to his Instagram: @IgeeOkafor and WOW, this guy is perfect! He’s handsome, great skin, neat and dapper as well as, his blog is just as well presented as he is.

As this week’s style chef he’s serving up a heaping platter of “taste” in the world of male style blogging. I had to learn more about this guy.

I enjoy meeting and learning new things about menswear and men’s grooming. It’s more than awesome when you meet others that are savants as well. I had to share our interview besides, what’s the point of knowledge if you don’t share it.

Igee Okafor (1)
I am Igee Okafor, 21 years old originally from Nigeria, living in New York City and I am a lifestyle enthusiast. www.igeeokafor.com is a site curated by me that portrays my enthusiasm for culture as a whole – jointly and in significant detail.

How was IgeeOkafor.com formed?

IO- “Igee Okafor” has been a process. From what I remember, I had always wanted to start a blog ever since I discovered lookbook.nu at around 15 years old. At first, it was a superficial thing I believe. I was 15 years old and it was my second year in high school. I wanted to look my best at all times. Kids were horrible to each other back then about what they wore and I did not want to be associated with that so, I did my best to look presentable at all costs. I went on lookbook to find inspiration and to see what other guys were wearing. Funny enough, I started becoming very selective about what I wore. I did not look like the people who dominated the site but somehow; I still managed to gain compliments from a variety of people. My unique selections prompted me to identify my taste, which I quickly discovered was very different from what I was seeing on lookbook.nu. Not to say, I did not like what I saw, I just wanted to see something different. Something or someone that did not look like everyone else but still appealed to me. That was when the idea of starting a blog to share my own perspective came to me. Unfortunately, I did not have enough confidence to execute that idea. I was only 15. I thought, “Who would care?” So, I held off until 2013. I had just turned 19 years old I believe. A Nigerian female blogger liked my instagram photos and she contacted me to be a guest blogger on her site. Without hesitation, I accepted her offer and we went to work. After a while, my mother encouraged me to start my own. I was a little hesitant but after she gave me very sensible reasons, I took her advice. She paid for my website, I worked on my presentation and I put it out in March 2014. At first, I was very skeptical about using my name for the site because I did not think it was illustrious enough but because I was so impatient and excited to put it out, I went for it and I have loved it ever since.

What is your site about?

IO- The better things in life. I’m joking! But really, it is just a platform for me to share some of the things I love with hope that people will be able to relate to or learn from. Kind of like a less overwhelming and more personalized GQ, Esquire or Details. I share my taste in my menswear, music, books and more. Luckily enough, I occasionally collaborate with other brands to bring my readers material I feel will be useful to them.

What are you most enthused about on your site?

IO- I would say just been able to create common conversation with people from different parts of the world because that allows me to broaden my horizons. As a creative enthusiast and as a person. You can never stop learning and growing. Perspective is all.

Igee Okafor (1)
Any other interests or career outside of your site?

IO- For those who do not know. I am actually a Marketing major. So, there’s that. Also, from a very young age, I have always been interested in musical theatre. I have always had a huge appreciation for the arts generally and I hope one day, I can become a part of it. Music, Movies, all of it.

What is the ultimate goal of your site?

IO- That is a question I get often and funny enough, the reasoning is people think the site is kind of a business for me. Which it is kind of is, depending on the angle you want to look at it from. Originally, I started it because I wanted an online platform to connect with a wide variety of people based on subjects I was passionate about. Doing this for a year and a few months, I realized I ultimately just want to have fun while also, galvanizing people with material they can learn, grow from or be entertained by – because the truth is, one day I might fall out of love with blogging and decide to shut everything down. I forbid it but if that is what happens, I want to look back and see that I did not entirely waste my time.

Who is the guy that your site is directed to?

IO- An all-rounder. A guy who is just as enthusiastic about menswear as he is about the variety in culture.
Igee Okafor (2)
Who is your style inspiration(s)?

IO- I have so many. With social media, it’s almost impossible not to get inspired by anyone. I get inspired other bloggers and the random people I see outdoors everyday. I will say I am very fond of men’s prep starting from the 1920’s. It is so classic and, so clean. Leonardo Dicarprio’s character as Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby is inspiring, Michael Jackson was great, Nick Wooster is fantastic, and Marchetti Simone is very cool. It’s hard to call out just one person.

Three words to describe your style.

IO- Clean, Sharp and, Cohesive.

How do you pick locations to shoot your OOTD posts?

IO- It is usually very simple for me. I meet up with the photographer at a particular location and we walk around and see what we can find.

What goes into a style post?

IO- The outfit of course, a great location, the photographer that will make the vision come true and a comprehensive write up.

Igee Okafor (2)
Misconception you found out about style blogging now that you’re one?

IO- I thought it would be a piece of cake. Most would agree when I say it looks very easy when looking in from the outside. Most people actually don’t know how tasking it can be to create content readers will respond to.

What does “taste” mean to you?

IO- Taste is a signature quality one possesses. This quality highlights self-expression. Staying true to yourself, your aesthetic, and what you believe in without the opinions of others interfering and altering it.

Most savored look you’ve posted or not posted?

IO- That’s a very hard one. I love them all.

Most distasteful look?

IO- As it pertains to me, maybe all my looks up until Fall 2014. Generally, I will say ill-fitting clothes.

Igee Okafor (3)
Grooming tip you benefit the most from?

IO- Showering twice a day.

One thing in your wardrobe you recycle often?

IO- My denim jacket.

Three grooming tips for men this summer?

IO- Keep your hair clean 2. Great cologne is quintessential 3. Moisturize.

One guy closest you wish you could raid?

IO- That’s a difficult one. Sapiens Electio, Brendan Fitzpatrick & Badara Ndiaye. One of the three.

Binging!: Dries Van Noten SS16 #PFW

29 Jun

Dries Van Noten SS16

I had a rather productive weekend, as well as a rather flush Monday. Now I’m here being out on the the last two day of Paris Fashion Week: Men Spring/Summer 2016. Though, I’ve seen some brilliant pieces from the Parisian shows, I’ve yet to see a plethora of full, consistent, well curated and innovative collections.

I love when fashion week overwhelm me with thinspo to want to revamp my look and get me out of these gym clothes. However, there were some great trends happening on the runway and interesting muses for menswear.

Such as, Dries Van Noten‘s SS16 collection. Using Marilyn Monroeand Salvador Dali as muses for the Belgian designer. The busty Hollywood icon was emblazoned on suits, shorts and knits that signature smile and mole. Also seen throughout the collection was a lobster, in red or sequined on a suit, references Dali’s surrealistic creations. In true Dries Van Noten fashion the show consisted of; animal prints, luxury and a bit of dandyism.

A huge trend on the runway this year is loose and fluid tailoring, like the robes that fluttered in the wind as wiry models paraded down the runway. The tops are my motivation, the tee, billowy dress shirts and form fitting jumpers are sexy, classic and versatile.

Dries Van Noten gets it right every season so no wonder I liked it. I should of named this post “Comfort Food.”

Fitness Short Cuts: Calvin Klein SS16 #MFW

22 Jun

Calvin Klein Collection
During my 75 mins hot yoga class as I was trying not to break my neck holding crow pose while swimming in sweat, I realized I have a full body cross-fit workout to do later today and I haven’t even mapped out time to do my daily run. It was then I fully understood why big people are waiting on the overnight get skinny pill.

I like many of you just want to wake up skinny, with invisible love handles and a back of marble. After all, get fit quick is the American way, right?

Italo Zucchelli‘s latest runway show for Calvin Klein Collection exemplify how much we Amercian love the easy route. Americana never looked so clean cut and chic without being confusing or difficult as it do now. Accentuating the already muscled and toned models the easy everyday fabrics of khakis, denim and classic white tees help to create streamlined silhouettes, wide on top and slimmer on the bottom. Which was greatly help with semi flashy textiles and stunning precise craftsmanship cuts. Zucchelli’s genius attempt to reworked an American classic, (stonewashed denim) looked modern and minimalist.

This collection has the imagery of a person who wants to be fashion forward but find themselves being lazy when trying new things therefore, playing it safe.

You can either wait to purchase these looks next year are go out and create them now. Clean looks like this allows you to play with ornate jewelry, shoes, bags and hats, even funky eye wear.

Now, if getting striated thighs were this easy.

Thinspiration: Shaun Ross for Boycott

6 Jun

Shaun Ross for Boycott (1)

Here’s something for you menswear couture lovers. Shaun Ross is the cover boy for the second issue of Boycott Magazine.

If minimalism or going for a paired down look isn’t enough to satisfy your taste then, fill up on these images shot by Fanny Latour-Lambert of the latest men’s SS/15 garments du jour.

Granted the Thom Browne looks may be a tidbit outlandish you still can’t deny yourself to indulge in his approach to fashion, (business minded clothing, architecture structure tailoring and graphic novel whimsical.)

The other looks styled by Simon Pylyser are filled with fantasy and style all the while great to compete with the weather and curb our fashion appetite. I mean did your peep the Kimonos, achromatic enveloping numbers and floral top that definitely have me rethinking my previous post about minimalists.

Who cares if I ruin these pieces with pit-stains, fashion is about having a blast! Sweat is just calories exiting my body anyways. Viva la extreme couture!

Taste Coach: Adonis Wooten-Herron

28 May

Cultivating your specific level of “taste” takes taste-testing, which means subjecting yourself to all different types and levels of desirable offerings. Your standard or grade of taste shouldn’t only come from one medium. There are so much thinpso around us daily as well as, other stylish cultured men who are masters or coaches (in their own right) willing to share their experiences, desires and most savored secrets with us to help build upon our own appreciation.

Many of us are stimulated through our eyes, and though for me writing is not only a huge stress reviler but also, very inspiring sometimes I don’t have the time or interests to read my own writing more over anyone else’s not matter how profound or thinpsiring it may me.

That’s why the world of vlogging (video blogging) has been a skinny God send. It’s saves & kills time, entertains and educates, all the while giving me all the fuel I need to build upon being the best me possible. Vlogging is great at helping informing you about new brands, artists or current events or just giving you that mental pick-me-up that you may need to make it through the day.

One of my new favorite style/lifestyle YouTube channel is one by a guy whom I swear is my doppelganger! He’s gorgeous, slim, lives in Kansas, stylish and a vegetarian like myself that love’s menswear. Can we be more identical besides being actually identical?

In this edition of Taste Coach Series: Adonis Wooten-Herron I finally was able to interview Adonis about his idea of taste and everything about his channel. Check out his offerings.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
My name is Adonis Wooten-Herron, 21 years old from Kansas. I am currently a senior in college majoring in Marketing with an apparel & textiles minor. Fashion, lifestyle, and just…talking & reaching people has always been passions of mine. I finally stepped out on faith and began my journey on YouTube with my channel AbsolutelyAdonis (corresponding with my Tumblr: Absolutely Adonis) which have been such a significant part of my life within the last year. The name simply describes me: I am and always will be myself and I’m absolutely okay with that and absolutely accepting of that. My overall goal from YouTube is not to become “famous” or be a “celebrity” but to simply give myself a creative outlet and to give people who look like me (and who don’t) a chance to be adequately represented in a space that’s dominated by women and Caucasians. I’m here to share fashion tips, life tips, advice, pretty much everything I can offer I’m here to share with you. Hopefully people feel at home and can take this amazing journey with me and my channel!

How did you get into Vlogging (video blogging)?
AA- I was watching Raven Elyse & Paul Zedrich on YouTube and would always say “I can do this…I can build a channel just like they did..” So, I randomly bought a camera and never looked back. I wanted to see someone who looked like me on YouTube…it’s rare: a black male giving fashion tips and lifestyle advice. I wanted to create/fulfill a lane that wasn’t being utilized.

What would you say your specialty or what you’re most enthused on talking about?
AA- Of all the things I talk about on my channel I get the most excited about my Chatty Vlogs. I talk about everything from identity, race, being yourself, and life in general. I think I prefer those over my fashion and lifestyle videos because they allow me to be real, raw, honest, and allow me to show my passions outside of the stereotypical YouTube “fashion vlogger” framework.

What should readers come to Absolutely Adonis looking to view?
AA- Expect to see a little of everything: Lookbooks, Chatty Vlogs, Health Videos (I’m a vegetarian), College Tips, Money Management, Skin Care Videos, Hauls, Daily Vlogs… you name it. I really pride myself on being a diverse channel, and providing content for everyone to watch. So, If you’re not into fashion then I have health and lifestyle videos…if you’re more into daily vloggers I offer that too. I’m a one stop shop.

What topics do you enjoying recording about the most menswear, grooming or life rants and why?
AA- As far as recording goes I love recording everything. I’m just simply excited to be in front of the camera, it’s freeing and so comfortable for me. Every video I film is enjoyable for me because I honestly am excited to sit down, take a break from my everyday busy life & work and just talk to whoever plans to watch/listen.

What factors most influences your style?
AA- I look a trends and see what’s popular and try to add my own spin to it. Being trendy isn’t a bad thing…it really shows your passion for fashion and the industry. You should always take something so broad and make it your own.

I see that you love doing haul videos, what gets you ampted to spend all your money, lol?
AA- Hahaha! I come from a family that is so good with their money. They save a ton, but they never deny themselves things that make them happy or that will benefit them. I save majority of my money but I love rewarding myself and making myself a priority. If you want to feel good you have to look good, right?

What set your videos apart from other style video bloggers?
AA- I can only speak for myself and my channel but I think I really focus on offering a wide variety of topics and ideas and a consistent uploading schedule. Over the past year I put out 3 videos a week, so I try and focus on consistency, progress, and quality. Also, I’m a black guy pushing his way through a female saturated and majority Caucasian dominated market. I just do this for the fun, the joy, and as a hobby I’m not being fake about it. When you do YouTube just to be “famous” it shows in your videos, and I never want that to happen.

Who is your style inspiration?
AA- Honestly, random photos on Tumblr inspire me the most…it’s weird to say but Tumblr.

Three words to describe your style.
AA- Minimal, Urban-esque, Clean cut.

How do you pick your topics to cover/shoot?
AA- I’ll ask people around me for some ideas lol or look around YouTube to see if I can find something. A lot of the time ideas just pop in my head and I go from there!

How long does it take to tape and edit a video before posting?
AA- It will usually take me about 15-30 minutes to film and 1-2 hours to edit…then 30 or so minutes to re-edit and skim over it…then I post it!

What does “taste” mean to you?
AA- To me taste just refers to your interest and your personal style.

Most savored video you’ve posted?
AA- Omg! There are so many I can’t choose lol.

Most distasteful topics you’ve taped or deleted?
AA- My very first video, God…I wish I could delete it, but there’s just no point…it was wretched!

Favorite place to shop?

Four things you’ve purchased to get you through summer?
AA- Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Birkenstocks. Vlog Camera. Asos Short Shorts!

Fashion faux pas you hate that guys do?
AA- Long Nike sock with cargo shorts.

Other YouTubers your follow or ‘thinspire’ you?
AA- Paul Zedrich
Raven Elyse
Nicole G.
Jair Woo
Drew Scott
Vicky Logan

Absolutely Adonis (2)
One thing every guy should come to your channel to learn?
AA- Come to my channel to learn by example how to be the best person you can be. Coming to my channel there’s so much to gain and be exposed to, fashion, skincare, health…all of that. Come to my channel just to have a good time.

What have you noticed negative in the video blogging world?
AA- I learned that everyone has a comment, and not every wants to see you grow. I also, learned that everyone wants to be on YouTube but everyone doesn’t have the passion or the right motives behind what their doing.

Who is your demographic?
AA- I try to keep my videos neutral in content but I think mainly it’s for guys: High school – Up. No specific race targeted. The funny thing about it though is there’s almost an equal amount of females and males subscribed to my channel lol. So, who knows who I’m making videos for anymore!

Positive responses you’ve received.
AA- I received love from Raven Elyse and Paul Zedrich and tons of others that just say that they watch and comment on my videos it just shows me that other bigger YouTubers are noticing my content. I think the best thing though, is the comments from my subscribers, they truly are an amazing support system.

Are you into menswear runway, if so most salivating worthy ss15 collection?
AA- Wang, Acne Studios (FAVE), Givenchy, & McQeen…my lord

Has it been difficult maintaining or building an audience?
AA- I wouldn’t say it’s been difficult, but it’s been a journey. Produce the content you want to produce and people will follow on their own timing.

Where do you want to take your channel?
AA- I want my channel to continue to help me grow as a person. As time progresses videos will get better and more people will subscribe but I think right now I’m just more focused on right now, and just taking it one video at a time!

What is the goal of your videos as a whole?
AA- I want people to laugh, smile, and think when they watch my videos. As long as someone leaves my videos with something they can apply to their lives then, I’m good.

Skincare routine or treatment you can’t go a week without partaking in?
AA- My Daily Skin Care Routine (Summer) video lays it all out in detail!

Grooming habit you refused to break?
AA- MANSCAPING. *drops mic*

-Thanks Adonis for being apart of the series and letting my readers know a bit more about you!

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