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The Never Thinning Journey

1 Dec

Alex & Ani Eye of Horus Compass

Journey – an act of traveling from one place to another.

Life is one huge never thinning journey. Though, each path is different with varying results howbeit, romance, family, friendships, career or fitness we all are doing our best to figure the best path to our goals.

Before my boyfriend and I departed on our new journeys (another post for a fatter day) we bought each other these Alex & Ani bracelets to guide and protect us on our travels until we reach each other again.

The eye of Horus:The Egyptian god Horus representing protection and power. Warding off evil, preserving safety for eternity. The left eye is known as the eye of Thoth, keeper of hidden knowledge and mysteries.

The Compass: Providing guidance and navigation through life’s unexpected twists and turns. North represents home and infinite possibility. South embodies passion and the present. East signifies new beginnings and the future. West symbolizes emotion and the past. 

Here’s the skinny… I’ve taken some time off the site (let’s call it a cyber diet) because I have embarked on one of the biggest journeys in my life since going off to college 10 years ago; moving from Wichita, Kansas to San Francisco, California.

The goal of the ‘cyber diet’ was to reorganize, re-brand and relaunch Anorexic Escapades to make the site more presentable and accepting for all readers as well as, accommodate new opportunities that has been presented to me. Hugely, I didn’t think many people cared anymore and I was losing my voice, (th)inspiration & motivation as a writer so, I wanted to seek out a new point of view. Although, I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of comments, DM’s and emails asking where have I been showing that you guys really care about the content here. Hence the real reason for this weight-in.

Honestly, for the past four years I haven’t been completely happy with the results of my journey. I’ve had small triumphs along the way that I am very proud of but I knew they weren’t grand enough to push me further to were I aim to go. Even to the act of masking unhappiness with new (easily obtainable) goals in the hopes to curb my cravings of more adventure along my journey.

It’s funny how certain seemingly unrelated situations will jolt you into the position you are destine and desiring to be in. After, a tumultuous end of summer with my boyfriend I finally made the decision to make the leap into a new route in my life. Though, the landing may have been a bit rough here in San Francisco/Oakland I must say it’s the best thing that has happened to me.

When you aren’t happy with the most lithe thing in your life it creates road blocks in all avenues of your life, that’s why many of you are fat now. For me that dark and blocked off road is my career. I want to accomplish so much i.e., the success of this site, a men’s grooming book and to opening my own store as well as, becoming a successful commentator in the world of men’s grooming, fitness and fashion. I knew that I’ve reached my peak in Kansas and needed to branch off however, I was afraid to take the risk. Yes, I’m resourceful, resilient and coiffed a pretty nice resume over the years; not to mention I can string a couple of sentences together and hang a suit. But, I wasn’t sure if that was enough.

It wasn’t till I looked over my life thus far and come to the realization that in order to travel forward I must take a step forward (sounds simple huh). I’ve been in California for a bit over a month and though, it’s expensive, scary and exhausting; I’ve landed three cool jobs that all coincides with my career goals, finally found a cool “copacetic” place to reside and meeting some very radiant people. I love the creativity, music in the streets, Farmer’s Markets on every corners and overall organized chaos that this city brings. I’m not one hundred percent sure what tomorrow may bring but I have my schedule, a killer pair of trainers, fully load Clipper card and Google maps to help navigate through any unexpected detours.

Today’s skinny advice to you… Don’t keep asking God for blessings and not be willing to work. Success & happiness takes risk- get off the couch!





1 Feb


The person that believes control or being controlling is bad a thing is a person who is ok will either being controlled or extremely lazy.

Having “control” of your life shows discipline, direction and dedication. All the elements that will help you reach your goal and make your life more efficient and worth while.

It’s very easy to take the day off, skip a few workouts or have a cheat day that doesn’t get you to your goal but move you further away from it. The real workout is pushing through when you’re exhausted, schedule is overbooked or you don’t have the assistance/support that will make everything painless and much more straightforward. Control is the ability and character trait to curate and creative direct the happenings, wants, and needs in your life to compose the best livable lifestyle to your own personally liking.

Speaking from a prescriptive where I’ve been accused of being “too” controlling I know how self-involved and off putting I can be to people that aren’t comfortable with themselves or a bit lost. I know the life I want to live and I believe it’s my and mine only responsibility to make that a reality. Howbeit, a career, fitness or creative goal I don’t rely on anyone to make that goal achievable. Now, don’t get me wrong it’s OK to accept help, I mean the first rule to success is getting over yourself, however waiting on help will only delay you to your destination. As well as, being able to realize that not everyone will support my movement I understand the importance it is to muster up the motivation, self worth and exhaust all my resources to live the life I ultimately want to live.

Control (1)

MY dreams nor yours shouldn’t solely rely on “support” or inspiration from others who are setting out in cultivating their OWN dream life. Be YOUR own motivation, know what it is you want and do the hard work.

I know I can’t get my ideal abs and slender thighs by waiting for a trainer, making excuses why I can’t go running because of the temperature or deterred by my slow progress. I have to want and expect more from myself to take charge in being controlling and proactive in getting there. Same with my career, I want to be more productive and gain more notoriety but if I don’t work on my work ethic, knowledge and create a formula that will produce consistent favorable outcomes I will never have a sound mind or elevate pass my current plateau.

Also, with being controlling or gaining control one must be able to listen and pay attention to what is going on. This will either help you eliminate problems or better use the gains that are flourishing from your controlling ways. With control comes great problem solvers, listeners and project managers.

Being controlling isn’t a bad thing, it’s a trait that we all need to embody. I’m controlling from my look right down to my home and everything in between because I never want to be in a position of someone else screwing up my dreams.

Control (3)

The worst thing that could happen to me is my success depending on someone else’s willingness to support me. Be your own support, personal trainer, creative director, stylist and educator. Get out there and arm yourself with the tools you need to take control of your life.

Speak up, tell people what’s not working for you and what you’ll like to happen. It’s the only way to eliminate dead weight, get what you want and draw a line in the sand with how you except things to go.

Only you have to live your life so LIVE it, take control.
Control (4)

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Finding Focus.

9 Sep

Naomi-Campbell_Vogue-Brazil_Anorexic- Escapades
Why is it that Mondays are always the day that we start to rethink our lives? My alarm went off at 8 a.m. as it does every morning to prompt me to start my morning run however; I was confined to my bed attempting to avoid another week of dealing with my CDD (Career Deficient Disorder.)

Not to brag (but I am) I am good at a plethora of things I mean, check my résumé. I’m one of those people who see something they like, research it and do it. Every job I’ve had I went in at an entry level and exited at management level then off to another completely different career path that peak-ed my interest. Though, I have acquired many skills from my work experiences fashion has always been at the core of each position.

Howbeit, with my 28th birthday quickly approaching I frequently find myself filling with anxiety comparing my life toady to where I expected myself to be 10 years ago. What’s even more paralyzing is that I am always giving rather great advice to others that are dealing with similar life plateaus.

Being the weight whiz I am if this was an issue dealing in my waistline then piece of cake, literally. I think what’s hard is taking my own advice.

It’s funny how the universe finds a way to speak to you through helping others.

Take this afternoon for example; (that provoked this post) my neighbor was on his balcony playing his guitar and I stopped to talk. Something I never do because I don’t like getting to know my neighbors. He’s around my age during the conversation he explained that he’s at a point where he don’t know what he’s doing with his life or how to start it.

He asked, “How do I find my focus?” I was taken aback by that statement only because I never heard that before. I’m use to people trying to stay focus on a dream or trying to stay with one dream (me.)

I assured him that he will find his focus and to chill on the added pressure. Our twenties are all about figuring it out. I personally don’t want to be one of those people that wait till their mid-thirties or forties to change career paths or wait till they have a family depending on them then have a mid-life crisis.

Finding your focus is rather simple: narrow down what you’re good at, hone in all you attributes to propel it, research/study the craft and follow through with it.

We create our own self-doubt when we compare ourselves to peers that we feel are doing better, not knowing their complete situations or own personal career struggles.

Choosing a focus is picking a struggle. If there’s something you want to achieve you have to be able to accept the good with the bad. If you’re going to struggle let it be something that the reward is worth the haul.

After that heavy conversation I went back into my apartment to focus on something lighter, fashion week. As I was scaling the September issue of “Harper Bazaar” I read a write-up by David Blasberg on supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Now, I don’t condone celebrities as idols for many reasons however, I do use them for thinspiration from time to time. Upon the many reason Naomi Campbell is one of my idols isn’t her ageless beauty, brilliant body, health regime, amazing skin or resilience to the bad press and poor mistakes she has made but to her work ethic.

Naomi at 43 years old has managed to remain in high demand in an industry that discards people at a certain age. She not only is the standard of her predecessors but looks better than her counterparts that are half her age.

What I hold in high regard to Campbell’s career is how she manages to stay hard working. I feel that she never seem to have lost her focus or had to deviate to a new career path due to her mistakes, age or comparison to her peers.

I was smacked in my face by this realization. There are many things I want to achieve before the end of this year (specifically.) I’m always setting mini challenges although; I think it’s to avoid my aversion to my huge aspirations that sometimes seems unachievable. As of today I am ready to focus. It’s not about knowing what you need to do it’s about applying it. No more blurred lines for me.

It’s crazy how my own advice has helped me out.

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