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Just Try!

16 Sep

Baby Caturaṅga Daṇḍāsana
I originally took up yoga because I wanted a challenge. I did the gym, I went vegetarian even switch from running on the treadmill to running outdoors. Though, I got nice results from those changes they never really inspired or satisfied the sense of accomplishment and progress I needed. Only because I wasn’t trying anything new but just changing up what I was already doing.

The challenge I was looking for wasn’t just physical; it was internal as well. There are so many things I want from my life however, I talk myself out of following through with certain voyages because being conformable and only attempting what I know I can do is much more safer than going beyond my limit, failing or hurting something. Leaving me vulnerable, disappointed and feeling stupid for even trying.

Outside of the yoga studio this mediocre life of safety I built is a set of guarded rules I developed and safely followed in my romantic life, career and overall exploration of life. I grew up with the people responsible for me taking risk for me without considering me, that lead me down an unstable teenage life emotionally, economically, financially and mentally.

Therefore, the moment I became an adult and “in control” of my life I made the decision to do exactly what I am “supposed” to do and nothing more than I’m capable of to not live the life I was raised in.

Thinking I was putting myself in position of control I eventually deviated from the life plan I made because creating an obtainable life was better than risking an uncertain fulfilling life.

This restrictive way of thinking is prevalent in the way I date- only talking to guys for a limited time to not become dependent on their love or have to factor them in my life pass “whats your favorite color.” In my career- I would go after jobs that are easy to get that I knew I was overly qualified for having nothing to do with my true passion simply because they paid well. Even with the way I worked out; let’s not mention how I remained in Kansas for 10 years now beyond the four years of college I moved here for due to it being so cheap to live here and I wouldn’t have to struggle. On the outside I have the beautiful apartment, amazing resume, nice body, orderly finances and high confidence; on the inside I’ve been suffocating with a swelling feeling of worthlessness. With all the constant blessing obtained I know I’m happy but I’m still not going to risk a comfortable lifestyle on being happy.

Now my 30th birthday is approaching and I don’t know what was it all for! I feel like everything I have now and my need to control the every situation wasn’t worth my self-fulfillment.

As of last night I made a promise to myself to just try! It’s not about taking the risk, giving up control or coming up sort, it’s about taking yourself out of your comfort zone to get to your most desired goal.

Like with yoga, a year ago I could barely hold a plank for 5 breathes without being to-the-bone sore the next morning; cut to me today trying Baby Grasshopper for second time with ease upon the many new pose I’ve took a risk on learning all by just trying.

Life is scary, unsure and sometimes chaotic but what I’m learning over these last 10 years that it’s best to risk comfort than your happiness. Many of us aren’t living up to our full potential because chasing control is more important than living for fulfillment.

We don’t try because of what onlookers will think/say if we fall, or because we proclaimed one thing and decided to go for something else and don’t want to deal with “I told you so’s” or people constantly questioning our decisions. We fight ourselves daily to go with what we ought to do rather than what we want to do. The same will we muster up to do the “obtainable” thing we should use that drive to take a risk on whatever will make you genuinely happy. Because if you fail at least you tried and nothing beats a failure but a try.

From TODAY on forward, I’m going to just try. I’m over playing it safe or considering others’ opinions, I just want to be the best me for me.

I encouraging my readers to challenge yourself to try. Don’t just do what you know you can do, go beyond that and do something harder. Who knows you might end up with that firm butt and rock arm abs you keep praying to Skinny-Jesus for.

Now on to learning full Caturaṅga Daṇḍāsana!


It’s Not Always How You Start But How You Finish The Race.

1 Jul

Eka Pāda Ūrdhva Dhanurāsana
Half the year is in your rear-view and so are your underachieved or abandoned New Year’s Resolutions. Welp, there goes your dreams and aspersions of flat abs, bigger bank account and a better outlook on life…or not?!

You may have been slacking thus far or haven’t quite met that goal weight but there is still time to jiggly your fat ass into shape. Not just your gut but those other pillars in your life; family, romance, fiances and career & spiritual.

Whatever you haven’t done but want to do before the year is out in the efforts of becoming a better you and successfully embarking on a heather lifestyle, there is more than of enough time to quit living your life like a sloth.

The energy you’ve spent putting things off can now go into actually getting it done.

First, stop comparing your failed triumphs to others’ successes, especially if you haven’t a clue to their struggle or course of action. Secondly, stop crying over spilled milk; so what you’re still fat and broke! That doesn’t mean you have to continue on that path- EFFORT is key. Lastly, cut out all the excuses, distracting side affairs and unconducive people. You are the only one living your life therefore you are the only responsible for the happenings that take place in it. You get what you put in but to put in work you have to get up.

Whenever I’m beating myself up about all the things I haven’t finished or procrastinating about, I weight all the dealings I have productively and successfully completed and turn those winnings into fuel to get started on events and ventures to complete as I move fourth in my road to prosperity.

It’s okay to use others as motivation but is destructive to use others to scrutinize yourself. I may not have done everything I’ve planned to do this year but I know I’m a better more successful person than I was last year.


Start your race today!

#WOOTD Top; Nike Miler Running Singlet, a day-glow shirt that I don’t get tired of wearing. Compression Tights; Nike Pro Hypercool, I bought these two years ago but hardly wear because they are a bit to bright for yoga class but perfect for night running. Shoes; Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit, for sure my favorite shoe obviously. I wear these to work, around town and yoga.

Mid-Month Thinspo.

15 Jun

prasarita padottanasana c

75 minute hot Asana yoga class completed, 2 hour 12 mile run finished and 30 minutes arms & abs calisthenics crushed! 2244 calories burned later… I’m hungry and sore but I look great! We’re halfway through the month of June, have you accomplished anything or dragging your lard ass till the 31st?

Today is officially the first day of rest of your forever delayed life. What I love about the mid-months are that they give me a chance to check in to see where I am in achieving my goals and to readjust whatever isn’t working.

Whether I’m behind or right on target, the mid-month checks and balances give me the thinpsiration to press on to the finish line or simply get my firm ass in gear ( I know you see it).

For example, in my yoga practice I want to be able to go into full Prasarita Padottanasana c (Wide Legged Forward Bend C) by Friday. I am able to add that to this month’s list of goals because I’m already at the mile goal, bill goal and posts goal! I order to keep momentum I can’t rest on my laurels.

There is only one way to get to where you desire to be; try! Need some thinspo to getting over the mid-month hump???

Sorry Crap You Should Stop Doing Right Now!

  1. Putting off things for tomorrow what you can do today.
  2. Hanging out with people without goals.
  3. Going to bed without a game plan for the next day.
  4. Not saying NO.
  5. Following someone else’s path you have not real idea of their course.
  6. Resisting the urge to push yourself.
  7. Refusing to ask for help.
  8. Not doing your research.
  9. Cheating!
  10. Looking at how hard something is before starting.
  11. Waiting for opportunities but create them.
  12. Being selfish.
  13. Immersing yourself so deep into other you forget your focus.

#WOOTD: Top; Nike Miler Running Singlet, I run outdoors do day-glow is a must to staying alive! Compression Shorts; Nike Pro 6 Hypercool Compression, the side vents are everything and they make butt look stellar. Shoes; Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit, if you don’t own a pair of these you don’t know what comfort is, they are great for running and outdoor yoga for balance.

Someone Tell Fat I Have Office Hours.

7 Jun

Side Crow, aka Parsva Bakasana (3)

There’s something saudade about taking a pit stop during your 7 miles Sunday run (that you only allotted an hour to complete) because you found the perfect log to prop your cell phone up against.

After snapping this pic of my Side Crow, aka Parsva Bakasana I realized how much time management is important not only to being successful and productive but being fit as well.

I’ll be the first to admit that upon being a skillful multitask-er I am horrible with managing my time.

With getting fit and staying in-shape dauntingly being a part-time job we have to learn and commit to making time for the things we want most. In order to have an exciting social life, fruitful work life and being present for family, lovers and friends we have to take our lives by the belt strap.

Creating transparency and accountability creates success. Learning how to create a schedule and stick to it will definitely help you generate discipline getting the results you seek.

I first hand know how hard it is to stick to a schedule, as well as I hate putting time and effort into things without only to upset at the mirror, my closet and scale.

If you haven’t figured out why you can’t stick to a diet, fitness program or build the body you spend so much money on creating maybe it’s time for a schedule. A schedule give you a piece of mind, give you a finish-line and will help your rise earlier.

How To Create, Stick To And Benefit From A Schedule.

  1. Start by challenging yourself to create and stick to your schedule for five days straight.
  2. Albeit, an app (Google Keep is my favorite), organizer or Post-it note you need to invest in a tool that can always be with you and you’re willing to keeping up with physically.
  3. Jot/type all the things you need to get done that day from work assignment/events, personal errands to life happenings and of course your trips to the gym.
  4. Organize them in level of importance; what you can do now, delegate to someone else and do at a later date.
  5. Give them start and finished time.
  6. For your workout create a sub-detailed bullet point list of the target areas, routines, machines, classes and time you want to accomplish in the gym (or where ever you chose to workout).
  7. Check off things as they are completed.
  8. Add variety to your schedule. For instance, running for cardio can be every other day, a few yoga classes a week can breakup strength training and change your workout location from indoor to outdoor.
  9. Make every activity count! Turn social events into energy exerting activities i.e. invite friends to rock climbing, jet skiing, tennis, hiking or beginner boxing classes.
  10. Use your down time wisely. That block of time your have noting to do can be a nap for energy to complete the rest of the day or get that workout in early.
  11. Make sure you put *pack you gym bag* on the list, so you don’t have to waste time coming home to change.
  12. At the end of every night reevaluate the list, make the next day’s list and whatever you didn’t get done add it to tomorrow’s list.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to mentally stick to a list, calendar or schedule but I also know how beneficial and gratifying it can be when I’ve managed to get a good workout in before, after or in-between a hectic day.

Life is unmanageable as it is, but control the things you can to get to the place you want to be. I’ve noticed from all of the fit people I admire is that the manage their time wisely. You can have everything you want as long as you exhaust all your resources in doing so. A schedule will help with focus and self-will.

#WOOTD (Workout Outfit of The Day): Running tight are from Nike, has multi pockets for keys, phone and tissues. The shirt is also from Nike’s running collection, the color is loud for outdoor running (you can’t see but the stitching and pattern blocking give your chest and waist they visual confidence boost for a hard workout) and my Nike Knit 4.0 has undoubted became my favorite running shoe. Its like running in bare feet but with support. They fit like socks and form to my feet and ground.

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