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Lockeroom Habits.

18 Sep

Olay Pro X (1)

First off I want a huge thank you from every single one of my male readers. I have become your almost skinny human grooming Guinea pig. Not to say I don’t like testing and reviewing new products to share with my readers, however my medicine cabinet is now worth more than my closet.

Anyways, during one of my usual Target trip to pick up water and nuts I somehow wondered to the cosmetic aisle… 192.87 dollars later I made it home with this Olay ProX Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System for $44.99.

Believe it or not I have never tried any at home microdermabrasion cleansing systems. Honestly I thought it was just something else extra to waste money on because I feel I can get a better, deeper, thorough, clean with my hands for cheaper.

Although, I now see what the hype is all about with these cleaning systems- they are perfect for the lazy! After a week trying this ProX Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System I can say I don’t see a huge difference but it is refreshing to wash my face with something new.

The Olay ProX system includes a 3 Speed Facial Cleansing System, Microdermabrasion Foam Head, Cleansing Brush Head, Thermal Crystal Polisher (0.68 fl. oz.), Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser (0.68 fl. oz.) and 2 AA Duracell Batteries. Also a diagram of brush weekly usage rotations between cleansing and microdermabrasion.

My Overall Result: Convenience! I like that I was able to just sit in my bathroom on the toilet watching YouTube and let the brush do all the work without getting the sink wet or mirror dirty. Microdermabrasion is known to scrub off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating and increase collagen production. So of course I was looking for dramatic improvements in the tone, texture, and color of treated areas. I must admit my face was just as clean, tight and even as my normal hand & product regime. Instead of dampen skin I lathered my face in coconut oil to offset scratching from the beads. Applied the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser to face then, gently massage on my face for 60 seconds on the top speed. Due to the Thermal Crystal Polisher being rather gentle than scrub, I used it daily.

If you’re looking to add something new to your skincare routine go ahead and get it but I suggest spending 50 bucks at Sephora and get more!

Here’s What Exactly Microdermabrasion Improves:

  • Oily or dull skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Clogged pores
  • Fine lines
  • Mild acne scars
  • Mild complexion problems (such as uneven pigmentation or poor skin texture)
  • The benefits of microdermabrasion also include enhanced circulation and lymph flow, which promote the internal health of the skin.

Why should men care about microdermabrasion? We shave regularly-  irritations and ingrown hairs are clear signs of an added stress to their skin. The skin damage is caused by the shaving itself, as well as by before and after shaving products. Therefore it’s ideal to keep the skin healthy before and after a scalping.

You’re welcome.


Anti-Filter Essentials

24 Aug

Skinspiring Essentials
This good skin life ain’t easy! I’ve learn just as my invisible waist progress in the gym, if you fall in love with the practice the results will come.

My goal is to have a fresh face and slim waist, sometimes it seems like one or the other. There are so many things to remember and make time for in a day. Most times my facial regime suffers because I’m always rushing or to tired. However, I come to understand that if you find a system and products that you genuine like using, clear even radiant skin is inevitable- and easy to achieve.

These five products I’ve been using all summer are my aid to filter free pics! I don’t dread my morning or night routine because I know these products work, aren’t harsh, easy to use and inexpensive.

No. 7 “Beautiful Skin” Foaming Cleanser: If it’s strong enough to take off a woman’s war paint, then it’s strong enough to clean my skin. Being that its a pump/foam it saves me time on lather and two pumps are the perfect amount to a thick cream rich all over clean. Both for normal & oily skin I have been using this for about three weeks and it keeps my skin refreshed. Because it’s so powerful I use it at night alone rather than including it in my full morning routine.

Simple Smoothing Facial Toner: I have four different brand of toners I use, two of them being extremely harsh on my skin, which I like. Although, when I do a full workout on my skin or after a shave I don’t want to burn my skin with a toner so I use this 100% alcohol free toner. It cleans, tones and get my skin ready for my moisturizer.

Garner Clean + Blackhead Eliminating Scrub: About two month ago I was out shopping for another scrub to switch out for my normal brand to keep my skin from becoming immune. I picked up the 1 fl. oz. version of the 5 fl. oz. The charcoal works wonders on stabilizing my oily skin and unclogging my pore.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask: I’ve been nursing this 0.7 oz. facial mask that Bosica sent me last year, because its the best facial mask I’ve ever use. It’s a peel that really snaps your pores closed, like baby bottom smooth. Slapping this on after a fresh cut and shaved will have me glowing in the dark.

Radha Argan Oil: Every since I found out about the many uses and effect of coconut and Aragan oil I have ditched my other moisturizers all together. Four to six drops of this Argan oil after a thorough wash or clean shave keeps my skin healthy, hydrated and smooth. Completely effective for inflammation or irritation after a shave or from acne. You can use it on your beard and hair to keep a healthy shine.

Fade the Fat!

24 Aug

Fade the Fat!

I bet when you saw this headline you thought I was going to be talking about some new easy weight loss secret? Nope, so get your lazy a** to the gym and skip a meal or two or three.

This post is actually about fade cremes. Well not fade cremes exactly but dark spot corrector.

I know some people (especially black people) have issues with fade cremes. There are a slew of physiological self-esteem reasons and effects as to why people use them or shouldn’t used them.

However, that isn’t my reality. Personally I don’t have any qualms with fades creme, color corrector or dark spot removers.

One of the many reason I use them, Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector in particular is due to breakout, scars and blotchy skin. My shoulders and neck is where I use it the most to much success. My shoulders became a problem when I first started to really workout, between the sweat, hormones produced by exercise and a bout with poison ivy I had some unattractive black spots on my shoulders. Also, from shaving the occasional nick, hair bumps and of course acne breakout once I got rid of the “mounds” of problems I was left with battle scars.

So I turned to this dark spot corrector. Meant to be just for the face, I use it for other ares too and it has been successful in evening out my skin tone, reduce the appearance of acne scars, and even fade areas of darker pigmentation. With pure Vitamin C the dark spot corrector exfoliates to accelerate cell turnover on the skin’s surface, overall giving me a nice glow.

I use the Skin Renew, after my nightly face wash. I apply the dark spot corrector to the problem areas followed by the Overnight Peel that also, helps even out skin while I sleep. When I’m not using it on my face I skip the peel. I’ve found the dark spot corrector is great for other body scar removal. I’ve been using the product for about a year when needed and it takes about a week to see results however, depending on how bad or big the area it might take a full bottle based on your commitment to treatment.

I don’t use fade creams when I know I’m going to be in the sun because it can cause sunburn or even more blotchy skin. I suggest before using a fade cream, consider how your skin may react to it. Some of these creams have been known to irritate those with sensitive skin and make skin more susceptible to sunburn. Before trying a fade cream to even out your skin tone or to get rid of acne scars, talk with your skincare specialist or doctor.

They make face cremes, dark spot corrector and skin lighten agents for all types of skin and areas howbeit, holistic, natural or clinical. Just make sure you read the bottle and if you don’t see results after the bottle is empty- discontinue.

Remember you have to commit, don’t just use every other day. An even skin tone makes you look a bit thin and chiseled. By bit I mean you actually have to be on some type of visible diet/workout routine to begin.

Gym Bag Essentials.

18 Aug

Gym Bag Essentials (2)
When you pack your gym bag it’s usually equipped with a change of clothes, workout gloves, resistant bands, ankle weights, towel and shake mix. All great for your workout out, but what about after or what if your workout is midday?

Howbeit, a busy day or just not succumbing to poor body maintenance beyond having a prefect physique every gym bag need those extra things that aide your overall appearance in-between your extended morning & night grooming rituals.

In my gym bag I have five essential items that help me with smelling great, gym hands, clear skin and perfect hair.

When I’m in a rush or opting for the gym over lunch before heading back to work these quick and easy products are essential in maintaining until I’m able to get home for the full grooming shebang.

Hands: Burt’s Bees Hand Salve has been my favorite hand cream to fight cracking, peeling and calluses due to weight lifting. Its preferred by farmers, hydrating and last all day.

Hair: Carol’s Daughter Hair Refresher is designed for curls, coils, kinks and waves but I use it for new growth and dealing with smelliness. To keep my hair from stinking and looking dull without have to do my morning prep I just spray this amazingly scented conditioner that deep moisturize and revitalize my hair.

Skin: Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towelettes are brilliant at keeping your skin clear and clean. Just one wipe will remove salt and oil, deep clean pore and tone your skin without the full time of a water, lathering and wash routine. Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray has been my go to when I’m running errands after a workout and want to look refreshed rather than sweaty. The best easy skin hydration when using the hard water at the gym or simply when I want to refresh my face until I make it home.

Scent: Balla Men Body Spray not only works for your sweaty balls, stinky gym bag or just for a refreshing daily scent. I do a lot of gallivanting in my workout clothes and when I go for a run before yoga I don’t want to shower just to sweat again so, this keeps the person in downward dog behind me from smelling my dog like scent. Its a pleasant masculine scent that’s only overbearing on your funk.

What are your gym bag essentials?

How Do You Detox After A Fat Weekend?

5 Aug

After reading the title of this post I wouldn’t say a “fat-weekend” per say, but after a cheat day being that it’s Wednesday.

Anyone one that’s dieting and dating simultaneously knows it counter productive. Case in point- my current relationship. My boyfriend was off Monday and Tuesday which meant us hanging together both days, granted we managed to get in a 75 minute hot yoga class on Monday and a two hour and thirty minute workout at the gym on Tuesday. However, both days were followed by pizza, Thai food and Braum’s ice cream.

Now cut to me today, he’s finally back at work, I’m sore, hungry, feeling like a bag of laundry and about to hit the restart button on my diet and fitness program for the month. By ‘restart’ I mean my detoxing ritual I do after any binge or diet blunder I may partake in that will hinder me getting to my goal weight.

What my current body-detox consist of: a 24 hour green-tea diet, 10 mile run, 45 min express hot Asana yoga class and a 10-15 sit in the sauna.

However, my detox isn’t only focused on restarting the inside but the outside as well. After any long weekend or late night early morning I wake-up sluggish, bloated and puffy like the rest of you (hard to believe but true). What I usually do along with my body detox is a steam facial, mud masque and scrub however, I was introduced to this new interesting body care company- Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean Body Care is a company that takes coffee bean and infuse them with other organic skin nutrient ingredients to make a fortifying refreshing skin scrub. The perfect day after detox!

What’s perfect about this product is that it’s perfect for men and women. Strong and effective but produce supple results. For example, the formula I received was the Mandarin $17.95; Robusta coffee beans infused with, organic cold pressed coconut oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara sugar, organic Cacao and vitamin E oil.

The Benefits:

  • Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis.
  • Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes.
  • Coconut Oil will hydrate and moisturize your skin.
  • Cocoa and Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation.

The smell is just that of grounded coffee beans with a hint of ashes and a nice little sweet after note. The consistency is a bit pasty because of the coconut and vitamin E oil, which is good and as you apply it when wet its a very mentholated product that really open your pares and scrubs very deep without scratching or burning. Let it dry for five minute, wash and voilà!

Afterwards my skin felt soft, deflated and after using it for a week my skin is looking a bit even no thanks in part to my summer farmer’s tan.

I will admit that I don’t drink coffee but I definitely love putting it on my skin and now will including this with my weekly detoxing ritual.

Summer is Skin, Fitness is Full Body So, Skincare is a Workout.

12 Jun

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub 2

I’m here again with another grooming brand review &a tips to add to your gluttony of tools, merchandise and device filled medicine cabinet.

This it the time of year we are to be at our most optimum nude wise, from tight bodies, glowing skin to the right cut of garments to complement the latter two.

One of my new and best results product I’ve added to my manscaping routine is body scrub. Summer is all about going hairless, although in doing so it can reveals some bad skin.

Shaving can produce bumps, revels blotchy skin and old scars however, I have managed to alleviate that worry so all you have to do this summer is continue to worry about your calories burn:calorie intake ratio. Not only that I’m sure all of the working out may have you body sort and you need to find a relief, another reason why body scrubs are just as important as a face scrub (something else I’ve always raving about.)

I’ve been using body scrubs after a fresh shave for about four months now. What I like about doing that is body scrubs are ideal at relaxing and treating the skin after using a hair removal creme or a razor. Using a body scrub keeps my skin from getting irritated and helps removes dead skin cells resulting in even healthy glowing skin. After seeing what a coarse scrub does to my feet and hands after a full mani pedi I noticed that using a body scrub also, deflate swelling and puffiness in my mid section.

Adovia Mineral Skin Care sent a jar of their Dead Sea Salt Scrub for which I was thoroughly satisfied with it.

Before being gifted this product I was using other scrubs from different brands I’ve grown partial to. The success of those made me kind of reluctant to try this brand.

I wasn’t disappointed by the “ocean breeze” scented scrub; its very oily (more oil than salt) but the salt is very fine and allows for generous coverage. Most scrubs are more gritty however, after a shave you need hydration and this scrub gives me that. I like the smell, but to most this smell may be too strong and perfume like, although I usually do a once over with my regular bar of soap so I don’t have that strong scent afterwards. Because of the extra amount of oil you may get it every where and the jar becomes hard to seal tightly, so best to keep it in the shower until gone.

Obviously this product is geared towards women but with guys shaving just as often using something with high quality of sea salt is very beneficial at replenishing minerals which are critical to our skin metabolism.

If you are looking for and “body after shave” of the sorts to both combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging, calming the nervous system, help with muscle stiffness and energizes the body, then give this a try.

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GYM Hands.

4 Jun

Nail Care (1)
I had a bad habit of biting my nail from grade school right up till my freshman year of college. The more I got into grooming and menswear I because very self-conscious about my hands.

One of my most savored feature on a man besides his teeth are his hands. From a firm hand shake to a nice ring/bracelet combo and don’t forget callus-free well manicured nails.

One of my girlfriends a while back brought it to my attention, “Oliver, no wonder you’re so lean, you only eat fingernails.” That disgust yet true comment made me give up the nasty and tacky habit right there.

Now today, though I have kick my distasteful oral fixation and with my reemergence back in the weight-room I now have gym hands!

Taking care of your hands should be apart of your grooming ritual just as, skincare, manscaping and haircuts.

To keep my hands firm, tight, clean and well groomed during my gym-escapades these are 5 tips I apply to fight dead tough crack skin and ridged fingernails. Remember, if you can see you have crusty hands so can everybody else.

Nail Care (2)
Scrub’em: To keep your paws from looking dehydrated, feeling like sandpaper or to prefect that grip on your weights invest in a good hand scrub. I prefer to use a foot scrub on my hands because its more abrasive. It helps relieve calluses, dead skin and swollen hands. I use a scrub once a week or after every manicure. A prefect at home scrub; mix sea salt, olive oil, and a citrus-based fruit (lemon, lime, or orange) into a bowl; massage it through your hands, working each fingernail at a time, concentrating around the cuticle and nail beds where dehydration and dryness show first. Or coconut oil and brown sugar.

Cheat On Your Barber: Make you manicurist your side chick. Just like you search for and loyal to your barber find a good manicurist and stick with them. A manicure is about $15, that’s less than your haircut, you can go weekly or bi weekly. They will do the all the hard work and give you a great hand massage at the end.

Get Buff: For a neutral more masculine look/finish go with a buff over topcoat. A buff last weeks longer than polish and not as flashy. For easy to do at home pick up a four-in-one nail board at any drug or grocery store.

Push Don’t Clip: I prefer my manicurist to clip my cuticles as well as, I have gotten very good at clipping my own cuticles but doctors says it not healthy to clip cuticles for risk of infection. Therefor, its bust to buy an cuticle pusher and cuticle remover. Just to keep the nail bed aesthetically pleasing without the blood or hang nail. Also, don’t forget to pick up some cuticle oil/creme moisturizer to restore the nail and prevent that ugly lining.

Wash Not Bite: I shouldn’t have to tell you hungry hippos that your hands touch some of the most disgusting things daily such as, money, your phone, pets, door knobs and passed around containers. Unless you want mouth blisters or a stomach virus, wash your hands.

To preserve your new hand routine in gym you could invest in a good quality pair of workout gloves. However, I know some don’t like them because they weaken your grip so I suggest, talcum powder. For those stubborn calluses file them down with an emery board, rub Burts Bees Res Q Ointment or Almond Milk Hand Cream and wear socks on my hands to bed. Also, just like your feet your hands work hard too so they need to be soaked and massaged after a long day.

You’re Welcome.

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