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The Cook Sabotaged My Diet: Balmain SS16 #PFW

29 Jun


The craftsmanship alone should make us all fast in prayer to Skinny-Jesus for such a subprime blessing!

The Paris-label’s first ever men’s runway show did more than delivery; it severed, stuffed us and sent us back to the gym for some extra bench-presses.

Balmain‘s creative director Olivier Rousteing showcased a plethora of “toy soldiers” or militarism inspired luxury sexy garments. Structure and military themes have always gone hand in hand in previous collections from the designer, this was no different. Although, this time we got a hint of middle eastern garb included, there were a buffet of paratrooper pants, structured jackets and boot-sandal hybrids. Rousteing also, played with knits and macrame to create interesting layers amidst all the lushly fabrication and sometimes embellished designs. The draping/wrapping of the tops are outstanding and the knotting of rope to create the provocative non-body forgiving see-through tops are going to be top of every ostentatious fashion connoisseur next year. I can see even rappers getting in on the utilitarian guild.

Though this collection give me more fall than spring/summer it still manage to be strong, sexy and gaudy similar to Versace but with amazing architectural like tailoring.



29 Jul

Balmain ss15
Ever wonder how you can put broccoli, celery, spinach, blueberries and green apple into a Ninja® and it creates something so deliciously sweet and actually great for dissolving your love-handles? Yeah, that was me this morning when I was blending my breakfast. As I was gulping down the alge green like smoothie I began to ponder the same concept on fashion.

Take my personal style for example, I don’t have a definite aesthetic however, I know I can pull some things together to create a good look for whatever occasion. I take inspiration, pieces and colors from all types of style to create my look. When I look through some menswear collections you can clearly see the type of man they are designing their clothing for. Even when they are inspired by a time period, sport, hue or culture the craftsmanship taste level are strong and poignant that it resonate loudly with the man who is to don the garments.

Well, that could be said for Olivier Rousteing’s (Balmain’s creative director) Balmain Men Spring Summer 2015 collection/lookbook. I’ve never seen so many different elements mix together so finely in a collection that still is cohesive, stylish and elevates the brand overall. Previous seasons with Balmain, I’ve like certain aspect of the collections be never as whole. Balmain is known for its intricate and gorgeous craftsmanship, this collection is no different. Inspired by athletes of the 70’s, Navajo culture, and Motorcyclist all are infused to create a look for the urbane male of today’s street style culture.

This collection squeezed out the best components of each thinspiration to create a very detailed, intense and moving collection of art like garments. A lot of collections are directing their lines towards the young urban men that are purchings high-end clothing and toughing it up making it more wearable and cool for everyday life. Balamin seen this and took the hard work out of it for the purchasers. The intricacy of the beadwork on the jacket are beautiful and phenomenal, the shoes are just great all the while tough and fashionable and there are still relaxed sweaters & hoodies that are versatile and less over-the-top. Take a look at the patchwork colorblocked joggers, how relaxed-seasoned.

With sylphlike model Dudley O’Shaughnessy as the face of the brand’s collection he’s is the perfect model to drive home this discretion Rousteing is take the brand.

“There’s something authentic, masculine and, yes, sexy, in the look of the great athletes of the 70s” – Olivier Rousteing (Balmain’s creative director)

This is a collection that can be worn day or night, and dare I say it… some piece are classics. There’s no doubt that activewear will be huge next year in menswear so it’s wonderful that style and craftsmanship with still be apart of the more than relaxed aesthetic.

Bland or Full? #PFW

17 Jan

I don’t know if it’s me or the Parisians…

I know they are known for they light eating and forever skinny clothing but this is another season of scarce stellar runway shows from Paris. After two days of shows during Paris Menswear Week fall/winter 2014 I managed to only like 9 of 23 complete shows presented thus far. I will state that I have seen a few savory pieces here and there but nothing to motivate me to drop another pants size by next September. Maybe I’m just being too greedy with all that was served at London and Milan. You tell me.

Craven fw14
I love when American culture inspire designers overseas. This collection by Carven reeks of the 1920’s NYC gangster scene refined. I like the muted color pallet and rich textiles. Not as eccentric as his previous collections Guillaume Henry still showed the subtle charm of his interesting aesthetic. The plaid and nude injection of ‘color’ helps maintain the moodiness of the garment without making it too dark.

Frankie Morello FW14
The duo Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti are known for their quirky urbane menswear designs for Frankie Morello. With a great mix of sportswear and suits this collection steered away from the duo’s love of color and graphics but keeping the street/schoolboy appeal. Pristine tailoring and proportions this collection also included some social media referencing with it’s hashtages. Notice the blankets??? Next season’s outwear.

Dries Van Noten FW14
Dries Van Noten‘s collection is for the guy who likes layering, standing out and being dapper at the same time. I haven’t seen a consistent use of mix media textiles & prints in a few seasons. I would have never expected a vast funky collection from this brand however, I like it. I see the Japanese influences that make me consider this collection “artsy vagabond chic.”

Louis Vuitton FW14
Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton brought a more oceanic vibe to this collection verses the western approach of last season. Personally, I think this collection is a refreshing look for the brand, it’s more laid back and less ostentatious than previous seasons. Still in Vuitton fashion it is ultra luxe with smooth coats, cozy but stylish sweaters and another collection that shows ombre and color-blocking will still be in vogue next year.

Valentino FW14
Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are in the pack with other slim fitting structured designers who paired down their traditional sleek collections for a more sportier look. The geometric patterns, loose tailored pants and custom-fit denim help showcase this new dressy causal aesthetic. Though in true Valentino fashion sizing and tailoring wasn’t sacrificed on the clean yet ridged collection.

Raf Simons Ruby Sterling FW14
American artist Ruby Sterling collecbrate with Raf Simmons for this boisterous collection. The chunky shoes, bleach splatters and ceramic like patchwork along with artsy applique showed a excellent blend of art and mode. The coats/jackets and bags are masterpieces alone!

Alexander Wang FW14
Alexender Wang quite honestly does sporty street-wear the best. Kids these days like the mix of causal and moto and the oversize garments with streamline tailoring make this collection as desirable as previous collections. Looking at this presentation you see not only one style of guy in these looks but really taking in the clothing you can see some vast array of fetching pieces. The knits, leather, fur and hint of construction worker take this presentation to a inviting edgy place.

Balmain FW14
I’m beyond stoked that ninja theme is gone from Balmain! Still the military and rocker infusions are prevalent, Olivier Rousteing suckered me in with softer overture of these looks. I just can’t contain myself over these grandiose jackets. From embroidery, animal prints and military graphics to the fur, knitting and leather I wonder why don’t Balmain just makes jackets.

John Lawerence Sullivan Fw14
My first time seeing a John Lawrence Sullivan show I am impressed. Another ode to the sixties this collection was brought to the future with “not-so-skinny” suits and flamboyant metallic fabrics.

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