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The Never Thinning Journey

1 Dec

Alex & Ani Eye of Horus Compass

Journey – an act of traveling from one place to another.

Life is one huge never thinning journey. Though, each path is different with varying results howbeit, romance, family, friendships, career or fitness we all are doing our best to figure the best path to our goals.

Before my boyfriend and I departed on our new journeys (another post for a fatter day) we bought each other these Alex & Ani bracelets to guide and protect us on our travels until we reach each other again.

The eye of Horus:The Egyptian god Horus representing protection and power. Warding off evil, preserving safety for eternity. The left eye is known as the eye of Thoth, keeper of hidden knowledge and mysteries.

The Compass: Providing guidance and navigation through life’s unexpected twists and turns. North represents home and infinite possibility. South embodies passion and the present. East signifies new beginnings and the future. West symbolizes emotion and the past. 

Here’s the skinny… I’ve taken some time off the site (let’s call it a cyber diet) because I have embarked on one of the biggest journeys in my life since going off to college 10 years ago; moving from Wichita, Kansas to San Francisco, California.

The goal of the ‘cyber diet’ was to reorganize, re-brand and relaunch Anorexic Escapades to make the site more presentable and accepting for all readers as well as, accommodate new opportunities that has been presented to me. Hugely, I didn’t think many people cared anymore and I was losing my voice, (th)inspiration & motivation as a writer so, I wanted to seek out a new point of view. Although, I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of comments, DM’s and emails asking where have I been showing that you guys really care about the content here. Hence the real reason for this weight-in.

Honestly, for the past four years I haven’t been completely happy with the results of my journey. I’ve had small triumphs along the way that I am very proud of but I knew they weren’t grand enough to push me further to were I aim to go. Even to the act of masking unhappiness with new (easily obtainable) goals in the hopes to curb my cravings of more adventure along my journey.

It’s funny how certain seemingly unrelated situations will jolt you into the position you are destine and desiring to be in. After, a tumultuous end of summer with my boyfriend I finally made the decision to make the leap into a new route in my life. Though, the landing may have been a bit rough here in San Francisco/Oakland I must say it’s the best thing that has happened to me.

When you aren’t happy with the most lithe thing in your life it creates road blocks in all avenues of your life, that’s why many of you are fat now. For me that dark and blocked off road is my career. I want to accomplish so much i.e., the success of this site, a men’s grooming book and to opening my own store as well as, becoming a successful commentator in the world of men’s grooming, fitness and fashion. I knew that I’ve reached my peak in Kansas and needed to branch off however, I was afraid to take the risk. Yes, I’m resourceful, resilient and coiffed a pretty nice resume over the years; not to mention I can string a couple of sentences together and hang a suit. But, I wasn’t sure if that was enough.

It wasn’t till I looked over my life thus far and come to the realization that in order to travel forward I must take a step forward (sounds simple huh). I’ve been in California for a bit over a month and though, it’s expensive, scary and exhausting; I’ve landed three cool jobs that all coincides with my career goals, finally found a cool “copacetic” place to reside and meeting some very radiant people. I love the creativity, music in the streets, Farmer’s Markets on every corners and overall organized chaos that this city brings. I’m not one hundred percent sure what tomorrow may bring but I have my schedule, a killer pair of trainers, fully load Clipper card and Google maps to help navigate through any unexpected detours.

Today’s skinny advice to you… Don’t keep asking God for blessings and not be willing to work. Success & happiness takes risk- get off the couch!




“Junk Food Journals”: Entry 5

6 May

Is your motivation to workout and discipline to eat right wearing thin unlike your waist? Well, summer is less than 20 days away so get it together. If these personal thinpsirations don’t get you back in the gym then good luck with your struggle. The men of “Junk Food Journals” have been my waist saviors in reaching my summer body goal. Check out the nutrition tips, workout routines, personal stories and of course the amazingly svelte bodies.

Fitness is all about having the right tools to reach and maintain your goals. I find many people fail at attaining their ideal size because they are afraid to ask questions. Here are 3 guys who had meek beginnings and are sharing their gym triumphs, no need for questions when someone is giving you the answers free.

Nathaniel Stephenson (1)
Nathaniel Stephenson (2)

My name is Nathaniel Stephenson (IG:@Nathanielnoir); I am a fitness YouTuber, fashion blogger and designer from Toronto. I was a very slim and slender guy that seemed to have trouble putting on weight. Growing tired of being “skinny” I started a nutrition plan about 4 years ago and committed to working out. I began to eat more and a lot healthier, as the months went on I started seeing significant results. Now I’m happier than ever with my physique, I feel good and look great in all my clothing. With patience and persistence anything is possible!

Workout Philosophy: “Eat clean and train dirty,” not only is it important to look great in or out of your clothing but to feel great in them as well.

Breakfast: 4 boiled eggs (yolk removed), two slices of whole grain bread with flax seeds, 1 cup of natural grapefruit juice and a bowl of mixed fruits.

Lunch: Oven roasted chicken very light seasoning, 2 sweet potatoes, 1 cup of fresh broccoli, 3 pieces of asparagus and 24 oz of water.

Dinner: Oven baked salmon, 1 cup of mixed vegetables, 1 cup of brown rice and 24 oz of water.

Cheat Day: I love, love, love chicken wings and wedges; with honey garlic and hot sauce on the side!!!

Diet Trick: I always try to imagine my summer body and think of how much better I’ll feel once I’ve reached an accomplished it. So then I won’t over indulge or if I do those are the things I tell myself, seems to help me jump back into the groove (if that makes sense). Also, 5 days a week healthy foods and lots of protein meats, 2 days a week mixture of high carbs a few fatty foods, love water have to have it with 90 percent of meals and I always have omega fish oil pills to help with muscle replenishment .
Problem Area: Shoulders

Key to Discipline: Following some of the best fitness trainers helps keep me inspired and motivates me to train for a better workout each and every session. Never expect results without hard work.

Workout Regimen: Monday: calves and lower back, Tuesday: arms, Wednesday: rest day, Thursday: glutes and hamstring isolation and Friday: core and arms, Saturday: rest day, then Sunday: chest and shoulders.
Zonz Junior (1)
Zonz Junior (2)
Zonz Junior (3)

Hi! My name is Zonz Junior(IG: @Diskozee). I am 25 years old, and I work as a Dean of Students at an elementary school in Brooklyn, New York. My life philosophy is to work hard and play harder. On my spare time I love traveling, working out, cooking and enjoy eating delicious food. I like to be healthy therefore I follow a rigorous workout schedule to keep me tight and in shape. The first thing I do when I hit the gym is run on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes depending on my mood.

Workout Philosophy: “Staying healthy is not a luxury, working out and eating healthy is a necessity”
Breakfast: 2 yogurt (with Probiotic).
Lunch: Meat, vegetables, grains.
Dinner: Meat, vegetables, grains.
Cheat Day: Brownie with vanilla ice-cream or pie with vanilla ice-cream.
Diet Trick: Drink lots of water, no soda.
Problem Area: Thighs.
Key to Discipline: Focus & determination.
Workout Routine: Monday: chest, Tuesday: back & biceps, Wednesday: shoulders, Thursday: legs and Saturday: chest and Friday & Sunday: rest.

Makeel Valentine (1)
Makeel Valentine (2)
Makeel Valentine (3)

Hi, my name is Makeel Valentine (IG: @imakeelyou), a student at North Carolina A&T, majoring in Sports Science. I am 21 years old and I love fitness. Although I haven’t been doing it for too long, I feel I have made much progress and have reach a lot of my goals. Can’t wait to learn more and increase my fitness level to the max.

Workout Philosophy: Find something that will motivate you to come to the gym or workout, once you find it, be determined to reach that goal and you will.

Before anything, I’d like to say that when it comes to nutrition I am not the best at it, I still am working on what I need to eat, and watch what I eat. But in all I feel I eat pretty well.

Breakfast: I hate breakfast, all types of breakfast foods to me are nasty, but I know it must be eaten. So I eat egg whites, pancakes, bananas, yogurt, and sometimes will make a smoothie for myself.

Lunch: For me, lunch is a very important meal. Since I usually workout in the morning up until lunch I must eat lunch. I eat chicken, brown rice, and broccoli.

Dinner: For dinner I usually eat some type of pasta, chicken, fish, and some type of vegetable.

Cheat Day: I feel a cheat day is good for everyone working out. It’s almost like a reward for your hard work. I have a cheat day once a week.

Problem Area: My biggest problem is gaining weight, and strength. Since I do not workout with anybody I’m only relying on myself to lift weights and I am terrified of the weights falling on my. As far as gaining weight, I honestly don’t know how to. But I’m not complaining I will eventually get there.

Key to Discipline: The key to discipline to working out is motivation and determination. When I first started working out my motivation was getting abs and a great body. I was determined to get it. Now that I’m older and more mature in my fitness journey, my motivation is getting more fit and increasing my fitness level.

Workout Routine:
Workout 1
5 double sets (10sets total):
5 Cleans/ 5 Thrusters/ 5 Front squats.
10 kettle bell swings
50 meter run
10 Burpees
10 sit ups
50 meter run
Repeat with no break until you’ve done two in a row and on second one replace kettle bell swings with 20 jump ropes

Workout 2: Circuits
Around 160 meter track, 4 stations every 40 meters
1st station: 4 hurdle jumps 4 times
2nd station: 50 jump ropes
3rd station: in and out agility ladder 4 times
4th station: 10 Burpees
Two in a row then break, do 8 times.

Skinnyday Wishlist!

18 Oct

I have 14 days till my birthday better known as my SKINNYDAY 10/31/2013. I have been fasting, doing extra crunches and running 6 miles a day to enter 28 a skinnier better person and for all this hard work I feel I deserve a few grand prizes.

I’m a rather amazing gift giver just ask anyone who has ever received a gift from me. I factor a lot of things in purchasing my friends and family presents such as, needs, desire and what I hate about the things they already have. I’m into making people lives better however, for the past few years I’ve been receiving some suck-y gifts from people that I have to respectfully decline.

I know you’re saying, how can I give back a gift that someone have took the time to get for you. Well its like this, I would rather you get your money back than leave me stuck with something I will never use or you will never see. Sometimes I feel like the people in my life don’t even know who I am or read my site. So much so that they have resulted to sending me gift cards (to places I’ve never been or seen.)

This year will be different! Back in January I decided to boycott all gift giving no matter the occasion or person until after my birthday. If I don’t get at least one birthday present that I like I will only be giving out Christmas cards with autographed pictures of me. For the oblivious gifter here’s my wishlist. Shop accordingly.

“It’s better to give than to receive” is a phrase some parent with horrible taste made up, poor kid.


I have had my eye on this bag for almost a year now. I need a bag that is durable, versatile for work, flying and everyday use and stylish than my cool but sometimes juvenile Jansport. I need a fashionable get up and go bag.

Leather Jacket

The two leather jackets I already have I am ready to part with, in return I want this for a better winter.

White Leather Chucks
Converse All Star Leather Hi - Men's

Chuck Taylor’s are men’s staple shoe and my white canvas pair aren’t right for fall/winter.

Plane Ticket To San Francisco

I plan on moving there at the top of the year and I want to visit one more time before I make the move official.

New Camera
Samsung - 20.3 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera

I run a blog I need one. This one or the Canon Mark ii or Nikon D600 whichever is the better camera.

Road Bike
Takara Men's Kabuto 23 Road Bike - BlackYellow

I sold my cruiser because it was too slow and I didn’t feel as if I was burning enough calories. I need more efficient ways to get thin.

Sneaky Eating

22 May

What’s better than burning 1700 calories in one gym visit? Nothing duh, skinny is amazing enough.

Nevertheless, yesterday after leaving another awe-inspiring gym session I somehow wondered into Marshall’s. Well, really I was there to get my mom a belated Mother’s Day gift being that I opted not to get her one since my nephew’s birthday was on the same day (I haven’t got him a gift either.) Per usual I was overwhelmed by the sales that I ended up buying myself three pairs of new shoes and my mom nothing.

I figured Mother’s Day is over she won’t miss a gift besides I got her a computer for Christmas she has yet to use so, I’m good till her birthday.

Back to my awesome finds; while roaming around Marshall’s trying not to walk into the ice cream parlor next door and ruin my solid workout by becoming jiggly.

Side note: cheat days are for those who are ok with being a grease ball forever.

Instead of buying a hot fudge brownie sundae with two scoops of pecan praline ice cream I procured these Puma Lab II FB, Calvin Klein Devin Blue Oxfords and Perry Ellis Saddle Oxfords for a total of $59.95.

The Pumas were originally $65 I got them for $19.99, the Calvin Klein originally $140 I paid $17.98 and the Perry Ellis originally $60 I paid $21.98.

See what happens when you don’t spend your money on junk food, you get to spend your money on more important things like shoes. These are some fun and stylish shoes appropriate for spring/summer. Once again skinny always win. Let’s just hope my mom doesn’t read this post and see where her Mother’s Day gift went.

Who am I kidding she would have to open her computer I BOUGHT in order to know.

Calvin Klein Oxford, Perry Ellis Saddle, Puma Lab II Fb

Shoes over Carbs.

21 Dec

Many who know me knows I am very frugal and have dedicated this year to saving by spending money on fiscal smart purchases as I’m saving to buy a new car at the top of next year. One of the many things I do to save money is budget. I make a budget for everything and give myself a weekly allowance of 50-100 bucks. In this allowance I have to make it work for everything I need for that week including food. Yes you read that right I do buy food…sometimes.

As I was leaving work yesterday after organizing 3 major closets for 7 hours I found myself hungry like F#@K CARBS hungry, too tired to go home to cook I decided to get a veggie sub from Subway. Howbeit, this Subway is located right by a Burlington Coat Factory. I hardly every go there only to find home-decor items or coats- go figure. I figured since I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping I could see what I could find. Cut to me roaming around the store ignoring the loud rumbling in my belly when I saw these Moccasins.


I love moccasins, I have 3 pairs but I don’t have a hard sole pair for the winter. Low and behold I seen these amazing pair of shoes from boat shoe company Sebago with Vibram soles, most known for their awful fivefingers running shoes. I couldn’t believe my luck picking up the only pair that happen to be my size at $39.99. Then on my way to the cash-wrap I seen another pair of boots by the same company tucked away by the holiday candies (must have been a fatty who left them distracted by all the goodies) for $24.99.

I was beyond stoked. Until I left the store and realize I just spent all my weekly allowance.

Long story short- I saved on the shoes but failed to get dinner and went home without food or my nephew & nieces’ Christmas gifts. Oh well these boot will look amazing this weekend in Dallas.

Who needs food, the load of compliments from these shoes will fill me up just right.

Anorexic Escapades GIVEAWAY!

15 Dec

Banded Collar Jacket - Brown Duck

Last month denim company Pointer Brand gifted me two awesome banded collar jackets. In a collaboration with Pointer Brand I’m doing a giveaway. Though, I am in utter love with my Woodland camo jacket I am willing to part with the similar jacket in “Brown Duck” to one of my lucky thin readers. My favorite thing about this jacket other than it being a size medium and still swallowing me whole making me look smaller than I am is how light weight, roomy and stylish it is. I know the grunge/nouveau hipster look is very much in vogue and this is the perfect piece to complete that look. It’s a brand-new size medium (chest 38-40) Pointer Brand jacket yours just by liking Pointer Brand on Facebook, Following me on Twitter and leaving your name and email address in the comment section. The last day to enter will be 12/22 and the winner will be picked at random.

Don’t be a lazy fatty, enter today!

Is Your Monday Bananas Too?

19 Nov

Enjoy your life! “Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

No one likes Monday’s and how befitting of all days I wore my banana socks -bananas huh?! The 3 dollar socks from Target pair smashing with these blue oxford Carver’s by Hush Puppies I got for $90.00. However, today of all Mondays people are having a tough start of the week even myself. Every social media outlet I’ve scrolled through today people were defeated by the day before it began. With the Thanksgiving holiday days away I want to let people know life is completely what you make it, create and be thankful for the positive. Do not complain about something you have the power to fix. We choose to be sad, upset or negative. Use those tough experiences as a guide to know what not to do next time or what to do better next time.

I was late to spin class, missed the UPS guy, traveled across town only to find the seamstress was closed, missed an appointment and was passed by 2 buses. Though, I was bummed I just came home, took a nap and got back at it shifting my day completely back to my advantage. I’m quite sure anger weighs more or causes weight gain, either way it isn’t for me.

Look on the bright side, I’m thin! So I’m thankful.

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