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Thinspiration: Matthew Davidson for Oak Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear.

2 Sep

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (5)
Can’t wait for Fall, then don’t! Summer is almost over according to the calendar but we all know fall doesn’t really get here till about late October. However, that shouldn’t stop you fashion crooners from chirping over the new fall looks.

As for me, my fall/winter body is still under construction therefore, my aesthetic will be a little more “cozy active-wear.” Clean lines, simple color palette and of course over size; basically cool weather gym clothes.

That’s why I’m excited for Oak Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear look-book starting slim framed model Matthew Davidson. If you’re starving for new looks then fill up on this collection. A few transitional pieces that will heat up your current look without making you sweat, some really great sweater to purchase now and wear later and the pants are very much figure forgiving just in time for Thanksgiving. I just would opt for a less sad shoes.

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (6)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (7)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (1)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (2)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (3)

Oak Fall 2015 Ready to Wear (4)


Thinspiration: In Glorious Costards

10 Aug


Monday has historically become the seemingly deadliest least motivational day of the for some, NOT ME. I personally like Mondays, however what better way to attack Monday other than with a killer suit.

Monday sets the pace for your week, whether you get up early for a hardy breakfast, intense workout or just get to work on time and get everything completed. Also, its the perfect day to start over or recommit to any damage the real enemy- the weekend may have sabotaged.

I’m a firm believer that if you look great you’ll fell great and in turn you’ll do great. So, as I was cleaning out my thinspiration folder I remembered I had this editorial from April 2015 GQ France “In Glorious Costards”.

I had to share this colorful and cool editorial featuring the slim perfect melanin filled skinned supermodel Fernando Cabral, photographer by Marc Philbert and styled by
James Sleaford.

I hope these mode suits and Fernand’so beautiful skin gets you motivated to prepare yourself with the right arsenal to stop Monday dead in it’s tracks.










Thinspiration: Stoned At Castle Rock

11 Jul

Stoned at Castlerock_013

One of my most savored and most monotonous memories as a kid was all the impromptu road trips we took during summer as a family. Living in the large state of Texas in 90’s when gas was .99 cents every family vacation was a road trip exploring the Lone Star State.

You’d think as an adult I would hate the open road however, I enjoy it. It’s cheaper than flying, I get to pack everything without a baggage fee and I get time to think.

Cut to me living in Kansas with a boyfriend that’s a photographer. I’m always trying to support his creativity while making small adventures for myself. I thought it would be perfect for us to get out an enjoy the scenery of the “plain lands”.

We took a 4 hour road-trip to Grinell, Kansas to check out the Monument and Castle Rocks, a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas rich in fossils. The chalk formations reaching a height of up to 70 ft. were the first landmark chosen by the US Department of the Interior as a national natural landmark. They are estimated to have been formed 80 million years ago are named as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.

What does one do when surround buy such natural beauty…be thinspired! I got out a strutted my tanned and under construction mid section around the site while my boyfriend snapped some shost.

I was self-conscious about posting these pics because my body isn’t near where I want it to be but I post so many thinspo about other fit males promoting self-love when I should take my our skinny advice.

Summer is all about being your own thinspiration! Besides what else was I going to with this Zara bikini?!

Photographed by: Theodolph Mason
Stoned at Castlerock_000

Stoned at Castlerock_014

Stoned at Castlerock_0015

monument rocks kansas (6)

Stoned at Castlerock_017


Stoned at Castlerock_003


Stoned at Castlerock_011

Stoned at Castlerock_002

Stoned at Castlerock_006

Stoned at Castlerock_007

Stoned at Castlerock_009

Thinspiration: George & Kyle for Double

6 Jul

George & Kyle1 (1)

Just in case you’re standing naked in front of your closet feeling bloated with nothing to wear checkoutGeorge Koh and Kyle Forde in the 27th issue of Double magazine.

This retro and Afro-centric story is the perfect summer thinspiration to find something funky and vintage to wear today featuring bold colors and fluid proportions. Shot by Andrea Spotorno and styled by Poppy Kain, respectively.

This spread gets me in the mood to go thrifting, something I haven’t did in a while. I must admit as much as I like to so show skin, voluminous shapes are really interest me here lately.

Howbeit, playing with oversize tops with streamlined pants (or the reverse) or simply playing with large prints, this look has its stylish positive benefits. For example, its very forging by hiding that holiday bloat, ventilating therefore, no pit stains and the right vibrant color makes your skin look even a clear.

George & Kyle1 (2)

George & Kyle1 (3)

George & Kyle1 (4)

George & Kyle1 (5)

George & Kyle1 (6)

George & Kyle1 (7)

Thinspiration: Outer Reaches

18 Jun

OuterReaches (1)
Jacob Sutton snaps Armando Cabral for Bergdorf Goodman‘s Spring/Summer 2014 men’s catalog in sporty tailoring set against the great outdoors, all styled by Bruce Pask.

This editorial may be from last summer, nevertheless still stunning. The prefect skin, fitness and style thispo right before the weekend!

OuterReaches (2)

OuterReaches (3)

OuterReaches (4)

OuterReaches (5)

OuterReaches (6)

Thinspiration: F#@K Clothes All Together!

6 Jun

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (6)
Wait, what, hold on! I take back everything I’ve posted today about dressing up or dressing down, style, personality and minimalism or whatever loaded of crap I was spewing. (I haven’t at since 10 p.m. yesterday, I’m obviously tripping.) I’ve just decided that, there is no need clothing when the gym is better than the mall.

This perfectly bodied specimen Dale Fraser has the ideal outfit/look for summer- abs, pecks and legs with the most delectable of accessories, tattoos and body hair.

Why am I so pressed about finding the right attire to speak to my sensibility and weather friendly when a Greek sculpted body trumps any runway show or menswear sale?

Canadian model Dale Fraser photographed by Wong Sim on the spectacular beaches of Bali, Indonesia; with grooming by Angie Anggoro goes to show you that this summer there are only two thing we need to do; take care of our skin and do our mother f#@king crunches.

His proportions rival any Kenzo, Thom Browne or Lanvin collection, his unblemished skin is the right juxtaposition to his bushy but not too coarse beard and body hair.

This entire spread makes me want to do crunches till I get muscle spasms. We worked all fall/winter (some of you may be late to the party) to be beach ready even if it’s by the community pool. There is no reason to be focused on finding our “fashion voice” when there is water to be posed in like these mesmerizing and gym-inspiring photographs.

If nude isn’t your forte then, this editorial should thinspire you to go bikini, banana hammock and swim trunk shopping. Like dude, you don’t even have to manscape with a body like this. Summer really is all about less is more.

I’m done for today, I got to get my life and my chest together.

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (1)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (2)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (3)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (4)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (5)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (7)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (8)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (9)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (10)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (11)

Dale Fraser by Wong Sims (12)

Thinspiration: Shaun Ross for Boycott

6 Jun

Shaun Ross for Boycott (1)

Here’s something for you menswear couture lovers. Shaun Ross is the cover boy for the second issue of Boycott Magazine.

If minimalism or going for a paired down look isn’t enough to satisfy your taste then, fill up on these images shot by Fanny Latour-Lambert of the latest men’s SS/15 garments du jour.

Granted the Thom Browne looks may be a tidbit outlandish you still can’t deny yourself to indulge in his approach to fashion, (business minded clothing, architecture structure tailoring and graphic novel whimsical.)

The other looks styled by Simon Pylyser are filled with fantasy and style all the while great to compete with the weather and curb our fashion appetite. I mean did your peep the Kimonos, achromatic enveloping numbers and floral top that definitely have me rethinking my previous post about minimalists.

Who cares if I ruin these pieces with pit-stains, fashion is about having a blast! Sweat is just calories exiting my body anyways. Viva la extreme couture!

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