Lunch Time: Parken & Ronen SS16 #NYFWM

27 Jul

Parke & Ronen SS16
During the last day of New York Fashion Week:Men Spring /Summer 2016 in between shows I was meeting and conversing with some fellow bloggers. A few of the bloggers opted out of seeing the Parke & Ronen SS16 show for a lunch break, reasoning being “they just make underwear.”

Quite the contrary, as I skipped lunch (obviously) I was telling the other skinny people that stayed around in the lounge that Parke and Ronen are the quintessential brand of Spring/Summer fashion. The duo Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel know what garments are needed for a stylish classic summer.

Their show displayed exactly what sets them apart from other New York Based designers, summer sometimes is less about the grandeur and couture but about being cool, showing skin and looking great.

This SS16 collection was very retro (NOT VINTAGE!), by melding psychedelia, flower power, and freedom into a dewy fresh and SKINspiring entertaining show that makes me want trade in my dri-fit for a good tan, 2 hours at the gym, swimwear and short shorts. With retro music to match the floral patterns that pollinated the entire collection: on a camo jacket to a teeny bikini (that I’m two juice cleanses away from purchasing) and an array of print mix-matching, all worn by hard bodied models in their Birkenstocks-socks combos.

Yes, their staple is swimwear however, Parke & Ronen did present a new less skimpy version to appeal to those who may not be summer body ready.

We (men) need a classic summer collection that has great go-to’s were we can mix and match with our couture pieces during the pool, beach and cookout functions of the season.


One Response to “Lunch Time: Parken & Ronen SS16 #NYFWM”

  1. Igee Okafor (@IgeeOkafor) July 28, 2015 at 5:26 pm #

    Spot on! This is a classic summer collection indeed which is what I wrote about on my blog about them capturing a whole look and essence instead of just trying to sell a swim trunk.

    Great and very well detailed review.

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

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