Thinspiration: Stoned At Castle Rock

11 Jul

Stoned at Castlerock_013

One of my most savored and most monotonous memories as a kid was all the impromptu road trips we took during summer as a family. Living in the large state of Texas in 90’s when gas was .99 cents every family vacation was a road trip exploring the Lone Star State.

You’d think as an adult I would hate the open road however, I enjoy it. It’s cheaper than flying, I get to pack everything without a baggage fee and I get time to think.

Cut to me living in Kansas with a boyfriend that’s a photographer. I’m always trying to support his creativity while making small adventures for myself. I thought it would be perfect for us to get out an enjoy the scenery of the “plain lands”.

We took a 4 hour road-trip to Grinell, Kansas to check out the Monument and Castle Rocks, a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas rich in fossils. The chalk formations reaching a height of up to 70 ft. were the first landmark chosen by the US Department of the Interior as a national natural landmark. They are estimated to have been formed 80 million years ago are named as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.

What does one do when surround buy such natural beauty…be thinspired! I got out a strutted my tanned and under construction mid section around the site while my boyfriend snapped some shost.

I was self-conscious about posting these pics because my body isn’t near where I want it to be but I post so many thinspo about other fit males promoting self-love when I should take my our skinny advice.

Summer is all about being your own thinspiration! Besides what else was I going to with this Zara bikini?!

Photographed by: Theodolph Mason
Stoned at Castlerock_000

Stoned at Castlerock_014

Stoned at Castlerock_0015

monument rocks kansas (6)

Stoned at Castlerock_017


Stoned at Castlerock_003


Stoned at Castlerock_011

Stoned at Castlerock_002

Stoned at Castlerock_006

Stoned at Castlerock_007

Stoned at Castlerock_009


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