Taste Coach: Igee Okafor

8 Jul

Thinspiration is literally everywhere, from the streets, the internet to the television , radio and even eavesdropping during brunch, (look, it beats actually eating.) However, in this case networking played a huge part in this particular thinspo.

A while back I did a #5days5guys1item style challenge to showcase mine and other male bloggers styling talents. One of the guys I asked to be apart but had other obligations happens to be this week’s “Taste Coach” feature- Igee Okafor. I came to notice Okafor as I was looking for other bloggers to collaborate with, I was referred to his Instagram: @IgeeOkafor and WOW, this guy is perfect! He’s handsome, great skin, neat and dapper as well as, his blog is just as well presented as he is.

As this week’s style chef he’s serving up a heaping platter of “taste” in the world of male style blogging. I had to learn more about this guy.

I enjoy meeting and learning new things about menswear and men’s grooming. It’s more than awesome when you meet others that are savants as well. I had to share our interview besides, what’s the point of knowledge if you don’t share it.

Igee Okafor (1)
I am Igee Okafor, 21 years old originally from Nigeria, living in New York City and I am a lifestyle enthusiast. www.igeeokafor.com is a site curated by me that portrays my enthusiasm for culture as a whole – jointly and in significant detail.

How was IgeeOkafor.com formed?

IO- “Igee Okafor” has been a process. From what I remember, I had always wanted to start a blog ever since I discovered lookbook.nu at around 15 years old. At first, it was a superficial thing I believe. I was 15 years old and it was my second year in high school. I wanted to look my best at all times. Kids were horrible to each other back then about what they wore and I did not want to be associated with that so, I did my best to look presentable at all costs. I went on lookbook to find inspiration and to see what other guys were wearing. Funny enough, I started becoming very selective about what I wore. I did not look like the people who dominated the site but somehow; I still managed to gain compliments from a variety of people. My unique selections prompted me to identify my taste, which I quickly discovered was very different from what I was seeing on lookbook.nu. Not to say, I did not like what I saw, I just wanted to see something different. Something or someone that did not look like everyone else but still appealed to me. That was when the idea of starting a blog to share my own perspective came to me. Unfortunately, I did not have enough confidence to execute that idea. I was only 15. I thought, “Who would care?” So, I held off until 2013. I had just turned 19 years old I believe. A Nigerian female blogger liked my instagram photos and she contacted me to be a guest blogger on her site. Without hesitation, I accepted her offer and we went to work. After a while, my mother encouraged me to start my own. I was a little hesitant but after she gave me very sensible reasons, I took her advice. She paid for my website, I worked on my presentation and I put it out in March 2014. At first, I was very skeptical about using my name for the site because I did not think it was illustrious enough but because I was so impatient and excited to put it out, I went for it and I have loved it ever since.

What is your site about?

IO- The better things in life. I’m joking! But really, it is just a platform for me to share some of the things I love with hope that people will be able to relate to or learn from. Kind of like a less overwhelming and more personalized GQ, Esquire or Details. I share my taste in my menswear, music, books and more. Luckily enough, I occasionally collaborate with other brands to bring my readers material I feel will be useful to them.

What are you most enthused about on your site?

IO- I would say just been able to create common conversation with people from different parts of the world because that allows me to broaden my horizons. As a creative enthusiast and as a person. You can never stop learning and growing. Perspective is all.

Igee Okafor (1)
Any other interests or career outside of your site?

IO- For those who do not know. I am actually a Marketing major. So, there’s that. Also, from a very young age, I have always been interested in musical theatre. I have always had a huge appreciation for the arts generally and I hope one day, I can become a part of it. Music, Movies, all of it.

What is the ultimate goal of your site?

IO- That is a question I get often and funny enough, the reasoning is people think the site is kind of a business for me. Which it is kind of is, depending on the angle you want to look at it from. Originally, I started it because I wanted an online platform to connect with a wide variety of people based on subjects I was passionate about. Doing this for a year and a few months, I realized I ultimately just want to have fun while also, galvanizing people with material they can learn, grow from or be entertained by – because the truth is, one day I might fall out of love with blogging and decide to shut everything down. I forbid it but if that is what happens, I want to look back and see that I did not entirely waste my time.

Who is the guy that your site is directed to?

IO- An all-rounder. A guy who is just as enthusiastic about menswear as he is about the variety in culture.
Igee Okafor (2)
Who is your style inspiration(s)?

IO- I have so many. With social media, it’s almost impossible not to get inspired by anyone. I get inspired other bloggers and the random people I see outdoors everyday. I will say I am very fond of men’s prep starting from the 1920’s. It is so classic and, so clean. Leonardo Dicarprio’s character as Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby is inspiring, Michael Jackson was great, Nick Wooster is fantastic, and Marchetti Simone is very cool. It’s hard to call out just one person.

Three words to describe your style.

IO- Clean, Sharp and, Cohesive.

How do you pick locations to shoot your OOTD posts?

IO- It is usually very simple for me. I meet up with the photographer at a particular location and we walk around and see what we can find.

What goes into a style post?

IO- The outfit of course, a great location, the photographer that will make the vision come true and a comprehensive write up.

Igee Okafor (2)
Misconception you found out about style blogging now that you’re one?

IO- I thought it would be a piece of cake. Most would agree when I say it looks very easy when looking in from the outside. Most people actually don’t know how tasking it can be to create content readers will respond to.

What does “taste” mean to you?

IO- Taste is a signature quality one possesses. This quality highlights self-expression. Staying true to yourself, your aesthetic, and what you believe in without the opinions of others interfering and altering it.

Most savored look you’ve posted or not posted?

IO- That’s a very hard one. I love them all.

Most distasteful look?

IO- As it pertains to me, maybe all my looks up until Fall 2014. Generally, I will say ill-fitting clothes.

Igee Okafor (3)
Grooming tip you benefit the most from?

IO- Showering twice a day.

One thing in your wardrobe you recycle often?

IO- My denim jacket.

Three grooming tips for men this summer?

IO- Keep your hair clean 2. Great cologne is quintessential 3. Moisturize.

One guy closest you wish you could raid?

IO- That’s a difficult one. Sapiens Electio, Brendan Fitzpatrick & Badara Ndiaye. One of the three.


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