Thinspiration: George & Kyle for Double

6 Jul

George & Kyle1 (1)

Just in case you’re standing naked in front of your closet feeling bloated with nothing to wear checkoutGeorge Koh and Kyle Forde in the 27th issue of Double magazine.

This retro and Afro-centric story is the perfect summer thinspiration to find something funky and vintage to wear today featuring bold colors and fluid proportions. Shot by Andrea Spotorno and styled by Poppy Kain, respectively.

This spread gets me in the mood to go thrifting, something I haven’t did in a while. I must admit as much as I like to so show skin, voluminous shapes are really interest me here lately.

Howbeit, playing with oversize tops with streamlined pants (or the reverse) or simply playing with large prints, this look has its stylish positive benefits. For example, its very forging by hiding that holiday bloat, ventilating therefore, no pit stains and the right vibrant color makes your skin look even a clear.

George & Kyle1 (2)

George & Kyle1 (3)

George & Kyle1 (4)

George & Kyle1 (5)

George & Kyle1 (6)

George & Kyle1 (7)


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