Fitness Short Cuts: Calvin Klein SS16 #MFW

22 Jun

Calvin Klein Collection
During my 75 mins hot yoga class as I was trying not to break my neck holding crow pose while swimming in sweat, I realized I have a full body cross-fit workout to do later today and I haven’t even mapped out time to do my daily run. It was then I fully understood why big people are waiting on the overnight get skinny pill.

I like many of you just want to wake up skinny, with invisible love handles and a back of marble. After all, get fit quick is the American way, right?

Italo Zucchelli‘s latest runway show for Calvin Klein Collection exemplify how much we Amercian love the easy route. Americana never looked so clean cut and chic without being confusing or difficult as it do now. Accentuating the already muscled and toned models the easy everyday fabrics of khakis, denim and classic white tees help to create streamlined silhouettes, wide on top and slimmer on the bottom. Which was greatly help with semi flashy textiles and stunning precise craftsmanship cuts. Zucchelli’s genius attempt to reworked an American classic, (stonewashed denim) looked modern and minimalist.

This collection has the imagery of a person who wants to be fashion forward but find themselves being lazy when trying new things therefore, playing it safe.

You can either wait to purchase these looks next year are go out and create them now. Clean looks like this allows you to play with ornate jewelry, shoes, bags and hats, even funky eye wear.

Now, if getting striated thighs were this easy.


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