Better Than a Crisp Salad: Salvatore Ferragamo SS16 #MFW

22 Jun

Salvatore Ferragamo
A good salad requires fresh moist Artisan lettuce and spinach, snap peas, crunchy red onions, juicy tomatoes and supple cucumbers with the perfect sweet but tangy dressing.

However, the best thing about a salads there’s no one way to make it as long as all the ingredients are crisp, fresh and the flavor melody works in harmony with your taste buds. Just as Massimo Giornetti’s use of skinny ties, boxy double breasted jackets, colorful X-Acto knife cut layered pieces and a prodigious use of fabrics will satisfy and make the skinniest person salivate for more.

Salvatore Ferragamo‘s cool 40’s and 50’s vibe is brought to the present with its sharp sportswear like collection in cool mustard suits, patchwork use of leather, neoprene and Python and a handful of graphic sweaters, like one that spelled out Ferragamo in glittery letters.

What makes this melody of aesthetics works so well together is the tailoring. Each aesthetic (collegiate, business casual and fine suiting) is brought together with it’s easiness. The current theme of fashion right now is comfort, for men. This collection is figure forgiving, cool and effortless.

Some looks can be for everyday or just to mix up your office wear. I love fashion that inspires while giving a reference point.

Filling & refreshing.


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