Skinny Vibes: #LCM Coach

17 Jun

coach ss16

Coach showed their SS16 collection during LCM once again, highlighting not just that they’re an international label but, also hoping to be associated with the joie de vivre that seems to surround all the British labels that show during LCM. It also helps that their head designer, Stuart Vevers, is British.

To describe the SS16 collection in three words; I would go with quality, quirky and with 42 looks- quantity.
Awash with bold animal prints and colorful designs, all seemed rooted in the psychedelic 70s. Staying true to what Coach is known for luxe accessories, this collection included some rather superb leather jackets and shoes that are so on trend with today’s shoe enthusiast male.

The patchwork jackets and furry slippers are my most desired pieces. This collection has a safari feel, that is still ready-to-wear with an overall disheveled vibe. Another collection that shows that its okay if you don’t have it all together, you still can look great even when you’re late. I’m drawn to the comfortable and cool heir this collection puts out.

As a person that is always late, I rely on and love easy simple constructed garments that still have standout aspects about them that don’t cause for much deliberation when styling, pairs well with denim & solids and work well in fitting my body.

The cuts alone will make anyone feel less self-conscious about their body.


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