Almost Missed Happy Hour: #LCM Christopher Shannon

16 Jun


Focus on getting invites to New York Fashion Week: Men, I haven’t been keeping up with London Collections Men Spring/Summer 2016. As they has in fashion, its okay to skip a meal…

One designer that has become a regular I feature on this site is Christopher Shannon, he’s like my comfort food. This collection makes for the perfect indulgence. Ideal for summer with its stand base color plate with striking pieces of spunky pops of color, funky D.I.Y. spin on construction and sexy active wear meet loincloth shorts.

This collection has a very exciting outdoorsy sporty theme but I find more interesting in the Armour like shapes, patch work and tailoring. The voluminous shapes of the technical fabrics drives this gorgeous view even further.

I love active wear during the summer, it’s cool, conformable and practical, beside I spend most of my times outdoorsy or in the gym so this is my uniform until late October. Not to mention we all are “on-the-go” and barely are holding it together, which I completely see Shannon conveying this narrative with his disheveled models and sharp but faux pulled together clothing, totally me.

The short are right up my ally with all the running I do, the flowing fabrics of the pants serves for premium ventilation as do the extreme zippers still staying stylish. The duct tape, bikini tops and high slit shorts give this collection it’s personality. Summer fashion for me right now is all about showing off my best body part, not sweating out my look and versatility from the gym to the movies. I get every I could ask for in this collection with an extra helping of fashion!

Christopher Shannon know that short shorts and a long sleeve shirt makes your legs look a miles long. Brilliant fashion meets fitness collection. The last two looks are my absolute favorite.


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