Summer is Skin, Fitness is Full Body So, Skincare is a Workout.

12 Jun

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub 2

I’m here again with another grooming brand review &a tips to add to your gluttony of tools, merchandise and device filled medicine cabinet.

This it the time of year we are to be at our most optimum nude wise, from tight bodies, glowing skin to the right cut of garments to complement the latter two.

One of my new and best results product I’ve added to my manscaping routine is body scrub. Summer is all about going hairless, although in doing so it can reveals some bad skin.

Shaving can produce bumps, revels blotchy skin and old scars however, I have managed to alleviate that worry so all you have to do this summer is continue to worry about your calories burn:calorie intake ratio. Not only that I’m sure all of the working out may have you body sort and you need to find a relief, another reason why body scrubs are just as important as a face scrub (something else I’ve always raving about.)

I’ve been using body scrubs after a fresh shave for about four months now. What I like about doing that is body scrubs are ideal at relaxing and treating the skin after using a hair removal creme or a razor. Using a body scrub keeps my skin from getting irritated and helps removes dead skin cells resulting in even healthy glowing skin. After seeing what a coarse scrub does to my feet and hands after a full mani pedi I noticed that using a body scrub also, deflate swelling and puffiness in my mid section.

Adovia Mineral Skin Care sent a jar of their Dead Sea Salt Scrub for which I was thoroughly satisfied with it.

Before being gifted this product I was using other scrubs from different brands I’ve grown partial to. The success of those made me kind of reluctant to try this brand.

I wasn’t disappointed by the “ocean breeze” scented scrub; its very oily (more oil than salt) but the salt is very fine and allows for generous coverage. Most scrubs are more gritty however, after a shave you need hydration and this scrub gives me that. I like the smell, but to most this smell may be too strong and perfume like, although I usually do a once over with my regular bar of soap so I don’t have that strong scent afterwards. Because of the extra amount of oil you may get it every where and the jar becomes hard to seal tightly, so best to keep it in the shower until gone.

Obviously this product is geared towards women but with guys shaving just as often using something with high quality of sea salt is very beneficial at replenishing minerals which are critical to our skin metabolism.

If you are looking for and “body after shave” of the sorts to both combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging, calming the nervous system, help with muscle stiffness and energizes the body, then give this a try.

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