Someone Tell Fat I Have Office Hours.

7 Jun

Side Crow, aka Parsva Bakasana (3)

There’s something saudade about taking a pit stop during your 7 miles Sunday run (that you only allotted an hour to complete) because you found the perfect log to prop your cell phone up against.

After snapping this pic of my Side Crow, aka Parsva Bakasana I realized how much time management is important not only to being successful and productive but being fit as well.

I’ll be the first to admit that upon being a skillful multitask-er I am horrible with managing my time.

With getting fit and staying in-shape dauntingly being a part-time job we have to learn and commit to making time for the things we want most. In order to have an exciting social life, fruitful work life and being present for family, lovers and friends we have to take our lives by the belt strap.

Creating transparency and accountability creates success. Learning how to create a schedule and stick to it will definitely help you generate discipline getting the results you seek.

I first hand know how hard it is to stick to a schedule, as well as I hate putting time and effort into things without only to upset at the mirror, my closet and scale.

If you haven’t figured out why you can’t stick to a diet, fitness program or build the body you spend so much money on creating maybe it’s time for a schedule. A schedule give you a piece of mind, give you a finish-line and will help your rise earlier.

How To Create, Stick To And Benefit From A Schedule.

  1. Start by challenging yourself to create and stick to your schedule for five days straight.
  2. Albeit, an app (Google Keep is my favorite), organizer or Post-it note you need to invest in a tool that can always be with you and you’re willing to keeping up with physically.
  3. Jot/type all the things you need to get done that day from work assignment/events, personal errands to life happenings and of course your trips to the gym.
  4. Organize them in level of importance; what you can do now, delegate to someone else and do at a later date.
  5. Give them start and finished time.
  6. For your workout create a sub-detailed bullet point list of the target areas, routines, machines, classes and time you want to accomplish in the gym (or where ever you chose to workout).
  7. Check off things as they are completed.
  8. Add variety to your schedule. For instance, running for cardio can be every other day, a few yoga classes a week can breakup strength training and change your workout location from indoor to outdoor.
  9. Make every activity count! Turn social events into energy exerting activities i.e. invite friends to rock climbing, jet skiing, tennis, hiking or beginner boxing classes.
  10. Use your down time wisely. That block of time your have noting to do can be a nap for energy to complete the rest of the day or get that workout in early.
  11. Make sure you put *pack you gym bag* on the list, so you don’t have to waste time coming home to change.
  12. At the end of every night reevaluate the list, make the next day’s list and whatever you didn’t get done add it to tomorrow’s list.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to mentally stick to a list, calendar or schedule but I also know how beneficial and gratifying it can be when I’ve managed to get a good workout in before, after or in-between a hectic day.

Life is unmanageable as it is, but control the things you can to get to the place you want to be. I’ve noticed from all of the fit people I admire is that the manage their time wisely. You can have everything you want as long as you exhaust all your resources in doing so. A schedule will help with focus and self-will.

#WOOTD (Workout Outfit of The Day): Running tight are from Nike, has multi pockets for keys, phone and tissues. The shirt is also from Nike’s running collection, the color is loud for outdoor running (you can’t see but the stitching and pattern blocking give your chest and waist they visual confidence boost for a hard workout) and my Nike Knit 4.0 has undoubted became my favorite running shoe. Its like running in bare feet but with support. They fit like socks and form to my feet and ground.


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