This Must Be How Fatties Feel on #NationalDoughnutDay!?!

5 Jun

ThotArt (1)

In my opinion and every slim taunt stylish talented art doyen the most fashionable, fun and radical art period was the POP ART period. With eccentric artist such as, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney and of course the leader and most well known for the brash and bold art period Andy Warhol is without a doubt the most influential period of this artistic decade.

Well let me help usher in the new art period of the millennials- THOT Art!

Thot Art- is all bout style, colour, sex, and body while keeping a sense of humor.

Today is like the best day every, thus far! I woke up with a really flat stomach, my boyfriend bought me a new phone and when I arrived home after getting off early on a Friday (WIN), there was this huge package outside my door.

Here’s the skinny… about this time last year I was on IG creeping per usual for… let’s just say ‘thinspiration’, that’s when I scrolled upon this amazing, provocative and vibrant talented artist Antwaun Wright. After double tapping every photo and shortly after following him I found his contact info and ask to commission a painting for myself.

Per artist style it took him about six months to come up with the concept being that my only instruction was for him was to look through my Instagram and use it for his inspiration, after another month and 3 drafts to prefect it- ooh la la. Then, it took me another six months to pay for it lol.

Finally, I have it and I couldn’t be more happier for the final piece. It’s simply beautiful. I love the colors,detail, theme and overall quality of the piece, he even have the canvas piece framed. It screams me; abs, ass, fruits and fitness. I’ve had a lot of things created for me solely based on my “personality/persona”, you’ve never seen me post about them because I wasn’t too thrilled over the outcome. Quite the contrary right here, this had to go on display right where everyone can see it, in my kitchen/dinning area with the rest of the groceries (wait, thats what it should be titled “Groceries”) I love it.

Instagram have become my favorite online store, from the fashion designers I buy from, beauty gurus, fitness experts and musician/artists there’s something for everyone and money to be made too.

If you want your own piece created or shop his gallery for other pieces, wallpapers and phone cases contact Antwaun:

Instagram: @antzinyopants
Twitter: @antzinyopants





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