GYM Hands.

4 Jun

Nail Care (1)
I had a bad habit of biting my nail from grade school right up till my freshman year of college. The more I got into grooming and menswear I because very self-conscious about my hands.

One of my most savored feature on a man besides his teeth are his hands. From a firm hand shake to a nice ring/bracelet combo and don’t forget callus-free well manicured nails.

One of my girlfriends a while back brought it to my attention, “Oliver, no wonder you’re so lean, you only eat fingernails.” That disgust yet true comment made me give up the nasty and tacky habit right there.

Now today, though I have kick my distasteful oral fixation and with my reemergence back in the weight-room I now have gym hands!

Taking care of your hands should be apart of your grooming ritual just as, skincare, manscaping and haircuts.

To keep my hands firm, tight, clean and well groomed during my gym-escapades these are 5 tips I apply to fight dead tough crack skin and ridged fingernails. Remember, if you can see you have crusty hands so can everybody else.

Nail Care (2)
Scrub’em: To keep your paws from looking dehydrated, feeling like sandpaper or to prefect that grip on your weights invest in a good hand scrub. I prefer to use a foot scrub on my hands because its more abrasive. It helps relieve calluses, dead skin and swollen hands. I use a scrub once a week or after every manicure. A prefect at home scrub; mix sea salt, olive oil, and a citrus-based fruit (lemon, lime, or orange) into a bowl; massage it through your hands, working each fingernail at a time, concentrating around the cuticle and nail beds where dehydration and dryness show first. Or coconut oil and brown sugar.

Cheat On Your Barber: Make you manicurist your side chick. Just like you search for and loyal to your barber find a good manicurist and stick with them. A manicure is about $15, that’s less than your haircut, you can go weekly or bi weekly. They will do the all the hard work and give you a great hand massage at the end.

Get Buff: For a neutral more masculine look/finish go with a buff over topcoat. A buff last weeks longer than polish and not as flashy. For easy to do at home pick up a four-in-one nail board at any drug or grocery store.

Push Don’t Clip: I prefer my manicurist to clip my cuticles as well as, I have gotten very good at clipping my own cuticles but doctors says it not healthy to clip cuticles for risk of infection. Therefor, its bust to buy an cuticle pusher and cuticle remover. Just to keep the nail bed aesthetically pleasing without the blood or hang nail. Also, don’t forget to pick up some cuticle oil/creme moisturizer to restore the nail and prevent that ugly lining.

Wash Not Bite: I shouldn’t have to tell you hungry hippos that your hands touch some of the most disgusting things daily such as, money, your phone, pets, door knobs and passed around containers. Unless you want mouth blisters or a stomach virus, wash your hands.

To preserve your new hand routine in gym you could invest in a good quality pair of workout gloves. However, I know some don’t like them because they weaken your grip so I suggest, talcum powder. For those stubborn calluses file them down with an emery board, rub Burts Bees Res Q Ointment or Almond Milk Hand Cream and wear socks on my hands to bed. Also, just like your feet your hands work hard too so they need to be soaked and massaged after a long day.

You’re Welcome.


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  1. Manu June 4, 2015 at 3:04 pm #

    I think this is my weakest point, moreover I am a teacher and I am in contact with chalk… which I loathe!

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