No One Likes Salty Nuts.

26 May

Balla Men Powder

Here’’s a simple calorie free, sugar free, gluten free and fat free recipe for your nuts- GROOM YOUR JUNK!

Of course you know what deodorant is for, I would definitely hope so for your sake and the people around you or going down on you sake. After your most intense workout howbeit, before work, midday or before a night out apart from your underarms we have to stop odor and sweat on the other 98 percent of our bodies.

Especially with summer on the horizon it would be awful to spend all that time in the gym during the winter to stink during the summer.

I’m excited that Bálla for Men got me covered!

Bálla for Men Powder is the perfect main ingredient to not only look salivating in your summer looks but smell delectable too. Balla powder is targeted at your junk but works on any number of places. Such as: In your loafers, gym shoes, on your chest, in your shorts, on your hands and on the back of your neck. This greatly scented powder help with clamminess and chaffing in warm weather or during workouts (give you a better grip). The powders come in three different varieties, Original, with an oak/musk scent, Tingle, with a mild mint fragrance, and Fragrance-Free.

I revived the Tingle (100g $17.00) formula, to much pleasure. I mainly keep it in my gym bag but during the winter when I would don my leather pants and it would get a bit too heated the talcum was the prefect relief. It’s a masculine but refine scent that doesn’t just cover up the musk but eliminate it all together leaving a cologne type after smell. The asbestos-free, paraben-free, alcohol and aluminum-free not only helps with smell but keeps me dry.

My bottle is almost empty because apart from the obvious use of the talcum powder I use it as a dry shampoo being that I have dreads, it’s great at removing excess sand after a trip to the beach or park, cool my satin sheets when it get too hot and after Nair-ing my chest/balls/stomach its brilliant at cooling my skin. All I do is sprinkle about tablespoon of powder in my hand and pat onto desired location or simply sprinkle some directly onto my skin.

There’s every reason to be thin this summer but no reason to stink!

But it here!, Grooming Lounge and BirchBox/Men.


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