Use Your Fails to Fuel Your Skinny.

25 May

baddha parivrtta ardha chandrasana

While everyone is out on the hunger hunt to find some BBQ in celebration of Memorial Day, I’m out here playing catching with my waist-line.

I work hard for this piece of a body that I have managed to maintain and I’m not about to ruin it with a celebration fatness. Which leads me today’s quick thinspo post… “Happiness is tied to your determination not your expectation.”

I beat myself up a lot because there are time I feel like no matter how hard I work or how many goals I set I can never get to where I feel I should be howbeit, weight, body definition or economic success.

There have been a lack of personal fitness posts on my site because I don’t feel that after 3 years on my thin journey of consistent diet, exercise and healthy living I still haven’t arrived to the body of my ideal destination.

I feel like a hypocrite to be giving readers advice when I’m not happy with my own results. Although, after this afternoon’s yoga class and right before my mid-day run I had an hunger pain or epiphany (same difference.) The reason I haven’t received the results that I aim for is because I not pushing myself further as well as, I’m more concerned with living up to my mental expectation that when not materialized is effecting my determination.

I believe we all are victims of this; we set out to achieve a goal by organizing, scheduling, making preparation and trying our best to stay consistent but the moment when we “weigh-in” to check our progress if our goal isn’t met we just give up. I know it can be discouraging when your hard work, time and effort isn’t producing results, but I’ve come to learn that if you have the determination to not let road blocks or shortcomings stop my course they only options is success.

We have to count every victory! Even if that victory is short or small or not what we initially set out to conquer, if not we will never get off the couch.

I realized that I spend a profound amount of money on workout clothing that I never showcase on So in a new effort to keep motivated, create more site content and continue filling you guys up with thinspiration. I’m going to start doing #WOOTD (workout outfit of the day) posts.

Today’s look is a Nike ensemble; the top is apart of a matching Nike Pro Combat thermo set that I paired with my biking/running tights. The weather here has been quite crappy but I didn’t let that stop my workout. The top kept me cool and helped keep me from getting soaked by the rain. I love these Nike Dri-Fit tights because they are a thicker than normal compression tights for added support and the pocket on the butt, roomy enough for my phone and keys for a hands free run. *Runner’s Tip: You should not clench your hands in a tight fist, but neither should you run with open palms or a “doggy paddle” motion to prevent wasting energy.* My shoes are Nike Tailwind 7’s I prefer these when training over running however, I didn’t want soggy socks.

In conclusion, we can have everything we want and have great success at it only if we retain the ability to turn our fails into fuel.


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