Cooking! “Robert Geller SS/15 Collection.”

21 May

Robert Geller SS15

All I do is work, yoga class, work, run, work, weight myself and work! My new scheduled or lack there of hasn’t left me any room to play in my closet, online shop or make any trips to the mall.

My wardrobe or styling efforts has been a lot like my current eating habits- instant meals.

Not the chemically enhanced preservative laced heat and served sugar/carb laded lonely man meals. More so like, easy go-to quick and easy 30 minutes meals that really doesn’t take any effort and consist of things I’m more comfortable with executing. There is no room or time for exploration and taste-testing.

My off-work attire has been the same. On one hand it’s great to have a sense of style that is consistent and you know that works for your life, body, time and bank account. On the other hand, fashion is to be fun, exciting and should grow along with us.

Which brings me to Robert Geller’s spring/summer 2015 menswear collection.

I love menswear, I’m actually excited about this summer and all it has to bring from scantly clad ripped glistening men to the sleek streamlined stylishly dressed. Although, I want to participate in dressing up this summer I need a wardrobe that captures my personal style, that is somewhat cutting edge, easy to cultivate and allow for experimentation.

Geller’s collection is just that! I can don every piece in it, add some of today’s trends such as; mesh, long-line tees and monochromatic grey scheme or just take pieces from the collection and blend it with the items already in my closet. I’m enthralled by the joggers, sweatshirts and prints, only thing I would add is some great shoes and may a pop of color here and there.

Even though, Robert Geller was called out on his one note casting being that he referenced a time period (the 60’s) that was the beginning of the civil rights moment however, his collection was nothing close to one note. Sticking with his eccentric but modern and tailored aesthetic of loose refined knits, this collection was one of my favorites of New York Fashion Week. The most savored part of this collection is his “white noise” prints that was shown in cropped pants, well tailored bomber-like short-sleeved shirts and blazers. The hats are really the only “on-the-nose” 60’s references apart from the fit of the pants and boxy tops. A very contemporary collection that is cool but refined by it’s execution.

I enjoy being ‘thinspired’ to play experiment in my closet, it helps me expand my taste, take risque and get out whatever fashion plateau I may be currently in. Just leer over this collect and see does Geller’s approach to summer easy get you in the mood to cook up something new in your closet!


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