Coconut Oil: Super Skinny Food!

21 May

Coconut Oil Benefits (1)
According to every beauty blogger, fashion magazine and my Twitter/YouTube feed Coconut oil is new ultimate “superfood.”

With its unique combination of fatty acids the one true superfood has been proven to have profound positive effects on skin, teeth, hair, dietary functions, cholesterol, blood circulation…but first and foremost WEIGHT LOSS!

I mean, duh why else would I be writing about a food if it can’t make me skinny?! Among the metabolism benefits it has many other great health and beauty gains that may be why you’ve seen it pop up in everything such as, natural moisturizers, soaps, hair shampoo & conditioner, teeth whiteners and don’t forget you can cook with it.

Though, Coconut oil can increase your metabolism, kill your hunger and help your heart & brain. I’m a fan and now a consistent user because of what it does for my skin after a shave as well as, how white it get my teeth as a brilliant antiseptic with it’s powerful disinfectant properties.

I prefer it in the liquid over the solid, it’s less of a waiting game for it to melt however, it’s messier.
Coconut Oil Benefits (1)
When Radha Beauty sent me over a bottle (16 fl oz. $16.89) of 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil I was beyond ready to try it and knew I would be satisfied because of the current items I purchase with coconut oil in it. Fellas, this is ideal to apply after a shave over your regular aftershave (it doesn’t burn), as well as you can use it as a shaving creme by applying a hot towel to your facial hair, saturating the hair in coconut oil, letting it sit then shaving it off. It leaves my skin fully hydrate and even. I’ve also been mixing it with my charcoal face scrub to keep my skin from drying out during my weekly facial overhauls.

This bottle of coconut oil has become my go to from stir-frying to massages. If I don’t use it straight from the bottle I mix in in everything like smoothies, lotions and mouthwash.
Coconut Oil Benefits (4)
This is a multi-purpose product that will boost your current products or replace them all together.
Coconut oil is great at helping with skin hydration and elasticity, defending the skin in aging, sunburn and scarring.

It doesn’t stain, non greasy and odorless. I am a fan of coconut oil in my hair because it helps with breakage, split ends and smelliness. If you’re a runner, dead lifter or squatter I suggest buying a scrub and adding the coconut oil to it. I found that applying it to my feet after a 10 miles run it heals blisters and cracked skin simply by apply to my hands or feet and covering in socks!

Oh, if you’re suffering from dry skin, facial blemishes or an all-nighter I suggest applying a more than generous amount to your face at night before bed and let your skin absorb it overnight. Just watch what happens!


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