“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 15

12 May

Would you believe me it I told you I was doing this post from my bed in my underwear on a Tuesday afternoon? Good, because I don’t believe it myself! Today is my day off to which I don’t get many of because even when I’m off my 9-5 I’m still working. One important thing I currently working on is my fitness.

For the last 8 days I’ve been running 5-10 miles a day followed my a 75 min hot yoga class and end with ab& chest calisthenics. I’ve given up cheese & chips an with a pinched shoulder nerve and flat out tired I really don’t want to do anything today.

Although, I know I will hate myself when I’m not at my fitness goal at the end of the month. The only way to get where you want to be in life is to simply move forward and sometimes it may take a little push from someone else.

Thanks to these in fine feather and defines men of “Junk Food Journals:” Entry 15 I have a replenished desire to get up and go for a run in this amazing weather. Going through these guys’ Instagram I seen where they have and are still doing a complete overhaul of there figure. What is thinspiring me the most is how they keep the motivation to maintain.

We all fall flat of our fitness goal once we get to where we want to be and months later we are back at square one. Here’s you chance to devour all these men have to offer on how to build your dream body and keep it and continue to make it better.

Cameron Spells (1)

Cameron Spells (3)

Cameron Spells (2)
I’m Cameron Spells (IG: @ME_Cambam_), a twenty year old gym rat from Indianapolis Indiana. My dedication to health and fitness began when I looked in the mirror and realized that I was unhappy with myself. Although, perfection itself is impossible, working hard to get there sure makes a hell of a difference.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds Can Not change anything” –George Bernard Shaw

Workout Philosophy: I am a firm believer that overall health is created with a consistent balance of exercise and diet. “Eat Clean, Train Dirty.”

Breakfast: I have four eggs, oatmeal with strawberries, granola, and peanut butter toast with honey.

Lunch: My largest portion of the day. I’d have baked chicken, brown rice, asparagus and broccoli, along with my protein shake.

Dinner: Is always light for me. I’d have a tomato cucumber salad with salmon, and served with an olive oil vinegar dressing.

Cheat Day: Me sitting at home on the couch watching movies and having pizza and hot-wings.

Let’s face it diets are difficult. However over the years I have learned to substitute some of my favorite things with healthier options. For instance, instead of having chips and dip, I like to have apple slices with peanut butter dip.

Problem Area: My abs, I’ve always wanted to have a high V-cut so that’s a constant point of interest during my workouts.

Key to Discipline: “Consistent coaching builds habits.” Never settle for good, always strive for greatness. Once that is achieved, everyday will be better than the last.

Workout Routine: All of my workouts are done in volumes

  • 2 warm up sets.
  • 5 working sets.
  • Ending with a drop set.

Increasing the weight every set keeps your body from adjusting to the workout. This is done 4 days a week, and the 5th day is dedicated solely to cardio and toning.

Sleepingsatyr (1)

Sleepingsatyr (2)

Sleepingsatyr (3)
Isaac is my name (IG: @sleepingsatyr) and I am a white-collar millennial by day and a vegan Shaman by night. I’ve been a practicing vegan for over 3 years now and veganism to me is like magic. It can make your body physically stronger, healthier, more beautiful and resilient. It can give you mental clarity and emotional stability. Spiritually, it can even connect you to a world unseen by most.

Workout Philosophy: Every aspect of your life (physical fitness included) begins and ends with what you put into your mouth and digest. If your food is pure, your body, heart, soul and intentions are pure as well–you are pure.

Breakfast: A tall glass of water. Scrambled tofu, toast, and fresh fruit.

Lunch: A tall glass of water. Avocado and tomato sandwich.

Dinner: A tall glass of water. Black lentils and garlic kale.

Cheat Day: Vegan pizza and chocolate cake.

Diet Trick: Eat as much as you want for breakfast, but only a little for dinner. You will be able to burn off the breakfast calories throughout the day.

Problem Area: I have to pay special attention to my lower body in order to get the results I crave. It’s literally a fight against my genetics, but the solution is to be persistent and to set goals for my problem areas.

Key to Discipline: Imagine your body is a super dope luxury car. You have 3 gasoline (food) options regular, premium, and supreme. While supreme is more expensive, overall it is a lot better for your car than regular gas. You have to see your food as either high quality “supreme” or cheap unleaded gas. Ask yourself, are you really going to put unleaded gas into your Lamborghini?

Workout Routine: Sunday: arms and shoulders, Tuesday: arms, chest and back, Thursday: thighs and butt, Friday: legs.


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