Eatable Skin!

9 May

Evian Facial Spray
Every now and again we all need a quick refresh to get back on track to rid ourselves of all the crappy things we partook in on our journey to clean and clear skin-town located right outside svelte village.

This summer are our bodies are to be beach ready and should our skin. In order to pull of these crop-tops, transparent shirt and short shorts our skin have to be just as toned & even as our glutes & biceps.

But with dust, smog and global warming that will be a feat that isn’t beyond your medicine cabinet. Not to mention adding skincare into our work, social and gym schedule is daunting enough. Excluding being outright lazy we have a lot working against our epidermis this season.

Take this afternoon for example, its Saturday; I have to work, run some errands (fit in a haircut) and of course get a workout in if I want to be in slim shape for Saturday night’s festivities. With my always “on-the-go” attitude I rarely have time to stop and repeat my entire morning or nightly facial regime.

If you’ve been following me long enough you should know and come to rely on the fact that I’m always seeking out clean skin alternative for the fellas even if its targeted towards women. Women have all the easy fixes for their skin however,the ultimate unisex skincare remedy for men and women is water. Water hydrates, clean and protects our skin.

It’s been proven this water control our calories, energize our muscles and help our kidneys. Water is the real super-food, if you can call it a food (I know I do).

Albeit, as strong and versatile water it’s just as powerful for fighting dehydration, aging and acne on our skin. Rather you’re having a long day, can’t stop at home to freshen up or need a quick grooming prep after the gym just as convenient water in a bottle has been to us, them same applies for water in a can.

I received a can of Evian Facial Spray (5 fl.oz. $12.50) from the company originally introduced in France in 1962 at the request of doctors for use on burn patients. It was the first facial water spray in France and was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States in 1978. Because of the current world-wide awareness of the Evian brand name, and the 36 year efforts of the USA exclusive distributor (The Wilkes Group Inc. in Old Lyme, CT), Evian is the only facial spray to be carried by many prestige retail groups including Nordstrom and Sephora. It is also offered in common places like Walgreens, Wal-Mart and

Predominantly known to refresh and revitalize women’s makeup, I found this to be an awesome midday treatment for me too!

The ph neutral spray works on all skin types to moisturize, hydrate and tone the skin for that extra boost of healthy radiant skin to help you make it the second half of the day.

You can put it in your gym bag, desk or overnight knapsack for instant results. Apart from simply refreshing the skin I found this spray to help restore my pH balance, control my oily skin, help continue to moisturize and prevent ingrown hairs. All it contains is water! I wouldn’t recommend this being your only source of skincare but it sure will aid in skincare needs.

I would say this product is for the guy who care about his skin but just haven’t the time in his schedule and its perfect for summer as an instant cool down.

Skin so instantly supple and juicy its bite worthy!


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