À la carte

7 May

NewStudio Kitch_018

Today a fellow blogger asked me for advice on having a successful site. I honestly didn’t know how to answer that question, only because I don’t think I’m successful at it yet. My mantra to this whole writing and lifestyle business is that I’m only as good as my last post.

Today’s society and its ever fledgling morale towards success is fueled by the “Next Big Thing.” With all of us in constant competition with one another and taxing ourselves by someone else’s personal struggle or success we aren’t able to leave our own fingerprint on the world.

The only way I can answer that question is that true success is measured by the goals you set, how effectively and smart you go about achieving them and how consistent you are at maintaining said accomplishments. You are the king, captain and chief of your own level of success.

No matter how superficial or genuine your aspirations in life are you can have it all as long as you are ready to sacrifice and put in the work to achieve them. It may take a while and results may not be instant but remember the Rock didn’t get ripped in a day.

Meanwhile…about today’s look! It’s spring here in Kansas which means, rain, wind and tornadoes- I love it! I can wear my favorite outerwear pieces and some of my most scantly clad workout attire. I’ve had this raincoat for about a year from Liz Claiborne originally $125 I got it for $65, its a perfect spring necessity. It’s light weight, has many pockets and cinch in at the waist! Today I wanted to done a crop top however, it’s was a bit windy so I paired this Hanes sweatshirt I cut up for yoga class with an oxford. The boots sealed the look, helping me stay on trend with fashion and the weather.

Photographed by: Theodolph Mason
NewStudio Kitch_010

NewStudio Kitch_025

NewStudio Kitch_016

NewStudio Kitch_033

NewStudio Kitch_037

NewStudio Kitch_042

NewStudio Kitch_049

NewStudio Kitch_057

NewStudio Kitch_047

Crop Sweatshirt: Hanes (cut up by moi)
Oxford: Hollister Co. $29
Rain Coat: Liz Claiborne $65
Denim: 511′s Levi’s $35
Boots: ASOS.com $99
Accessorizes: (rings Forever 21 bracelet Dillard’s)


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