Pick a Struggle: Skinny Waist or Crusty Face.

1 May

Large pores or a large waistline; pick a struggle! You can’t be overweight with a crater face at the same time. The world is too cruel for that.

Therefore, if you outright refuse to ditch the carbs and start the crunches then, at least shrink the pores.

A new product I’ve been using to draw out excess oils (due to my oily skin, excessive workouts and hair products) and environmental impurities (dust and grime season) for my skin is Pure & Essential Minerals’ Dead Sea Mud Mask.

I personally like mud masks in general for the pores because of their cleansing and shrinking abilities, however with this dead sea mud mask it has shown to be really good at drying up pimples too. Not to mention the healing properties found in dead sea mud as well as, how soft it makes my skin afterwards.

Once a week during my daily facial routine I apply a thin layer of the mud to my face, let dry for about 5-10 minutes and wash off. Another trick I’ve been doing; during the week I use it as a face wash by adding a dimes size to my palm with a wet face and scrub in a circular motion. Upon first application the mask did sting a bit, but I personally don’t believe anything is working if it isn’t burning. The mask has a minty smell that could have been the eucalyptus oil and hickory bark. The mask didn’t over dry leaving face looking revitalized, tighter and smoother.
I think if you’re looking for a mask that will detox your face and shrink your pores then this is it. It isn’t over priced, smelly or toxic. All the ingredient included you can pronounced and find it on Amazon (6 oz $24.77.)

Other bonuses I got from this product is that it help clear a patch of dry skin and blemish I procured from a razor cut. This mask can be use to pull out blackheads.

Overall, I recommend this product for guy with oily skin, shave frequently and have skin conditions such as eczema.

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