Slick, Smooth & Sculpted.

7 Apr


Shaving isn’t a monolithic sport! Just as getting fit isn’t. There are many challenges to maintaining your beard, goatee, mustache or 5 o’clock shadow. No matter what your facial aesthetic preference is we all deal with ingrown, razor burns and bumps at one point or another during our shaving ritual.

Try as I might I haven’t found the cure nor has other men skincare enthusiasts to get the perfect shave or skin therefore afterwards. However, I am always up for discovering and sharing my skinny secrets to getting a slick, smooth and sculpted shave.

At this point in your shaving career you should know all about razor burns and the benefits of a non-alcohol moisturizing aftershave.

If you’re African American with coarse facial hair then you know all too well the disadvantages of shaving with a razor, that’s why I have switch to a depilatory for my beard removal. Even with that it important to hydrate my skin before and after a shave to get a close and bump free shave.

That’s why I was so stoked when I was sent this 100% Pure Argan Oil by Radha Beauty. Radha Beauty is known for their pure & natural oils skincare line that combine high performance with natural and healthy ingredients. This time it’s the oil extracted from the nut of the argan tree.

Argan is brilliant for hydrating and revitalizing the skin. For men the most important time for skin hydration is before and after a shave. Before my shave I used the argan oil to weaken my facial hair to get close to the hair. After my shave I found that the argan oil worked best as an aftershave to moisturize my skin.

Dry skin is terrible after you shave because it promotes ingrowns, rashes and peeling. Not only is this argan oil great for all things like hair, face, hands and body revitalization, for men this is the perfect product to replace your current aftershave. It’s odorless, alcohol-free and freaking WORKS!

Fellas you have to add this product 100% Pure Argan Oil by Radha Beauty (4 oz for $49.95) to your shaving regime. Right now its on sale at Amazon for $15.89.

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