6 Apr

Skin Week

After two long weeks of being a real life skinny Guinea pig (the only time you’ll see pig & skinny in the same sentence on this site) I will be giving reviews on all the awesome (some less than awesome) skincare brands that I’ve been sent to try & review to tone, clear and balance my skin for spring/summer.

The last things guys remember to consider or take of regularly is our skin. Even and balanced skin is just as important to looking and feeling great as our workout, wardrobe and diet. Not mention hair cut!

The brilliant thing about healthy skin is that there are great over the counter organic products that we can incorporate in our life to maintain the prefect complexion with the prefect biceps and ab flex.

Check back to “Purge” section all week as I post individuals reviews of all the products in the image above on how well they work, what areas they treat best and other tips and tricks to being blemish free this season.

Good skin is a reflection of your diet, hormone balance and workout routine. However, when that isn’t enough we all need a little help and that’s what I’m here for, to provide you with an amazing reflection.

From oils, face masks and serums to eye creams and detox teas, I got you guys covered! So to get skin that wins you have to check in!


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