Thinspiration: Adonis Bosso for Hello Mr. Magazine

21 Mar

Hello Mr. Magazine (1)

What the F! do you wear when you don’t even know what time of year it is??? The calendar shows that it’s spring however, It still looks like Winter. When I left the house this morning for my run it was winter, by lunch fall and now as I’m looking through my closet for something to wear tonight- it 70 degrees!

I’m not complaining too much because I don’t think I’m body ready for spring noways.

If where you stay the weather is only thinspiring sweats and a cheat day then DON’T! To keep your Saturday productive fashion photographer David Urbanke captures the court side story for Hello Mr. magazine with model Adonis Bosso from DNA Models. In charge of the eye-catching styling was Anthony Pedraza. Hair styling was handled by Janice Latore, while the makeup was work of makeup artist Jarius LaMont.

Being stylish is about being prepared, being fit is about being prepared. Don’t let the weather ruin your mood, wardrobe or workout schedule. Hopefully this spread will not only make you want to get dressed to do some spring garment shopping but to keep svelte as Mr. Adonis Bosso himself. Use this Saturday to spring clean your closet to make room for new menswear, meal prep for the upcoming week, and map out your target points/workout schedule for the next seven days as well.

You’re welcome!

Hello Mr. Magazine (2)

Hello Mr. Magazine (3)

Hello Mr. Magazine (4)

Hello Mr. Magazine (5)

Hello Mr. Magazine (6)

Hello Mr. Magazine (7)

Hello Mr. Magazine (8)


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