Dinning w/ Friends. “The Visionary Issue.”

17 Mar


While you were overeating and postponing your “get back in the gym” date I had the extreme pleasure to be interview by Editor-in-Chief & creator of R. Legacy magazine Kedrick Walker.

For those whom been with the site since the first weigh-in or just joining my workout this article is the perfect first course to who I am, what this site is about and what is my goal for the future of Anorexic Escapades to continue to ‘thinspire’.

I am beyond honored to even be consider to be apart of this “Visionary Issue” among some uber dope, stylish and extremely slim young people who are blazing a trail in business, fashion, art and music.

It’s incredible when other people you are awed by see your vision. I root for everyone because I know how tough and alone the journey to “success” (or whatever that means) can be, as well as we are our own worst enemy. Therefore, when great people root me on I have more energy to press on.

Here’s to looking forward and never settling for the finish-line.

Visionary / vi·sion·ar·y / 1. a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

The Visionary Issue of R.LEGACY is covered by the beautiful and multi-talented, Maad*Moiselle. The issue will also include other visionaries such as The No Names, YoAstrum, Amado of Rhythm Addict and Antwaun Sargent.

-Kedrick Walker editor in chief.

Check out my feature in their live magazine here.

Images by Theodolph Mason






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