À la carte: Day Three #5days5guys1item

5 Mar

Expresso (1)

Day three of #5day5guys1item style challenge and I’m convinced that if I get committed to my new workout as I am about wearing these shoes everywhere for every occasion I just may reach my goal weight before this everlasting snow melts!

I’m really having fun with this challenge it’s pushing me to explore my closet, organize my day more according to get these posts done along with my other daily goals, and help show people that it’s not about quantity is about quality… who am I kidding size & scale always matter. BUT it’s also about creativity and commitment.

Most mornings when I run errands before work I would normally just head out in my workout gear but of course this morning I ditched the running shoes for my Zara oxfords. Today I wanted to go with my natural aesthetic of active-wear yet cleaned up.

These grey Arizona joggers match perfectly with this Hanes hoody, I added a kaftan and leather jacket to help blend the oxfords better. To celebrate my “active-city-chic” look I stopped at the coffee shop Espresso to GO GO downstairs below my apartment and treated myself to their delicious thunderbolt latte. I’m overly pleased with today’s look.

If you missed my last two looks follow me(@bougiehippie) on Instagram as I put some more miles on these oxfords along with the other four men participating in the #5days5guys1item challenge.

The Guys:
Antonio Guerrero (@thestylewarrior_) Shirt.
Kedrick Walker (@rockedfeller) Accessory.
Roberto Johnson (@itsrobertojohnson) Outerwear.
Askia B (@askiaabdull) Pants.

Expresso (2)

Expresso (4)

Expresso (3)

Expresso (5)

Moto Jacket: TopMan $144
Hoodie: Target Hanes $9.99
Kaftan: Zara $59.90
Joggers: JCP Arizona $19.99
Shoes: Zara $129


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