“Dancing While Shopping is Cardio!” #NYFW: Rag & Bone

18 Feb

Rag Bone FW15

It’s too freaking cold to run and now I’m regretting not renewing my gym membership because I NEED a treadmill like 10 miles ago! However, one must always remember that shopping is cardio too, and a couple of twirls in the dressing room and jamming out to the store music will help you burn those excess calories or you could just bench press all the garments you’ve been stacking on your arm as you comb the store for more garments before hitting the fitting room.

Rag & Bone get it’s! There’s no way around it, layering and oversized proportions are back. Though, I adore me a fit streamlined look, the effortless sportswear rugged pieces in this collection has a caught my eye. First off, what I love about this fall/winter 2015 lookbook are how the garment shown off by famed dancer Mikhall Baryshnikov with fellow dancer Lil Buck and a couple of other models who give the seemingly heavy pieces life.

This collection at first sight has a hobo-vagabond appeal to it with its layering and textile mixing, but as I look over again I’m getting an nice ode to the 90’s grunge and hip-hop movements in fashion. This collection is very on trend with young men now. How they are taking different pieces from many aesthetics and putting them all in one look. As this collection is much in material I can’t deny how chic it is. There is a very carefully curated appeal in the fabric choice, how the colors are standard as well as, how the collection rely heavy on the styling.

There are brilliant stand alone pieces like the overcoats and pants with it’s fluidity, appendages and richness. Also, each look is so perfectly styled that you can wear this collection exactly how it’s presented to us. It’s hard not to look or feel stiffed in your winter attire and Rag & Bone understands that with this warm jumbo collection this doesn’t forego movement and style.


One Response to ““Dancing While Shopping is Cardio!” #NYFW: Rag & Bone”

  1. PASHIONCASE February 20, 2015 at 8:55 am #

    Love the movement of the shoot!

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