Thinspiration: “Daouda Sonko for Relive”

6 Feb

Daouda Sonko for Relive (1)
Since launching this site I realize that in my never ending starving quest to reach the utopia of The Thin Lifestyle my many tips, advice and opinions of all things thin has reveled that skincare has become one of the most successful aspect of the site.

It’s very rare that I find a guy ‘beauty’ blogger that is interested or well versed in MEN skincare. I love fashion and being thin just as much as the next svelte dapper gentleman but I believe that taking care of my epidermis is just as important to my look as my shoes, outerwear or waist size.

Today’s thinpsiration is not only well needed motivation to get in the gym but to get in the bathroom, drug store or dermatologist to scrub, peel, and shrink my pores. With a little fashion of course.

So, while I was laying across my plush warm bed procrastinating today’s yoga class and 5 mile run I scrolled up these stunning images that will definitely thinspire the laziest man to wash his face extra hard tonight or NOW.

Photographer Giuseppe Vitariello captures Relive‘s Fall Winter 2014 advertising campaign starring the handsome Daouda Sonko. In charge of art direction was Francesco Fidati with hair by Alessandro D’Onofrio and makeup by Sara De Virgilio. Production is courtesy of Offskemes. Assistance by Donato Losurdo.

These images are so thinspiring mainly helping me understand how forgetful and sometimes monotonous maintaining your skin can be. Great skin isn’t just finding the right facial wash but also, considering and regulating your diet, exercise and chemical balance. Getting even balanced skin is just as hard as getting ripped abs and sometimes they can counter act against one another. That’s why these sleek, smooth and smoldering images have reboot my desire to be as dedicated about my complex as I am about my calorie intake.

For more skincare help check out my “Purge” section.

Daouda Sonko for Relive (2)

Daouda Sonko for Relive (3)

Daouda Sonko for Relive (4)

Daouda Sonko for Relive (5)


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