“Here’s Why I Haven’t Ate Since 2:30 P.M. Sunday.” MFW: Neil Barrett

19 Jan

Neil Barrett FW15

Sweatshirt are to winter as t-shirts are to summer; easy, practical and flattering.

Since viewing his first runway show I’ve been a glutton for Neil Barrett‘s eponymous collection. A magnificent genius of blending sportswear with superb tailoring making athletic clothing more versatile.

With athletic-wear for anytime wear very much on trend and another definitive style of the decade this collection is forks down one of the best this season. Utilitarian, contemporary and purely dapper. When I think of the word “sharp” to describe a look, article of clothing or collection it embodies all that one would think; on-point, concise and a standout.

This sleek collection is sharp with its wonderful pants that are almost like tights while others are the a la mode pleated tapered slack that pairs well with boots (did you look at the gorgeous boots stomping down the runway.) The outerwear is out-of-this-world with its boxy unified cuts, lush lavish befitting of the season textiles and utilitarian structure & apranadages. The sweater are without mention of their magnificence! The way some are layered between crewnecks with turtlenecks, the intertwin of sweaters with jackets and how last season’s lighting bolts are now just as popping stars all showcase how the collegiate look and athletic look make up the current look of menswear mode. Let us all just relish at every two-toned overcoat that floated down the runway.

This collection makes me happy and forget I haven’t ate since 2:30 pm yesterday!


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